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  1. don't binge, you'll have to wait for a week for more episodes if you do! hahahaha i think it's because his hair in Joy of Life look kind of...questionable, the lighting isn't as good either. It wasn't recieve too well with initial broadcast due to age of the entire cast + story (they expected more due to zzy participation/investing + investment level + production team, smarter schemes, less tropey plot), but there's some that end up liking the otp and the acting. It's probably the webdrama drawing the most attention right now, tv dramas have two well rated and reasonab
  2. I'm way way way behind but i think it's fairly unlikely as well. He doesn't have one in the novel and there's no reason to give him one in the drama. The otp semi adopts about 3 kids (for different reasons) in the novel, this could be one of them.
  3. she betrays her because she's in love with the third prince, there's just less reciprocation (even if accidental). and yeah I watched him in My Best Friend's Story recently (featuring Liu Shishi and Ni Ni), and he fits that role more, I think he looks better in modern dramas. He's more of a outgoing fun guy than elegant prince. You are right, no one is really fit to rule the country. Young prince could work, they could help till he's an adult and then retire? Late Eastern Jin so 400ish, royal family's Ma is likely Sima historically. Wang and Xie clan were at heigh
  4. I remember seeing somewhere that the new ending is they live a nice life outside of court, which is for the best. I'm leaning towards this ending since overthrowing dynasty is little iffy to pass NRTA sometimes, and so far Xiao Qi's ambition is downplayed in the drama. Drama otp do things to protect themselves and they are essentially thrown into power struggle, rather than actively seeking power in the novel (which is also use to protect themselves, just pre-emptively). She's a concubine in the novel, but it was different circumstances. (novel spoilers below) I ki
  5. It goes beyond the anime so it feels less anticlimatic, ends the same as manga. The manga is probably still the best but I did like this adaptation a lot. It'd take a little getting used to, and they did change some stuff, so don't expect one to on adaptation. I actually rather like some of the changes they made and really loved how they handled certain events, so do give it a try!
  6. Historical dramas, especially more serious ones that involves politics tend to be harder to get pass NRTA. There's rules for them but they keep changing, and sometimes it's highly dependent on your connections, certain producers can get stuff pass much easier. So a lot of times, companies/dramas end up over self-censoring and we get an inferior product. There really isn't much in this drama that's risky though, apart from one plot point that I think they changed. I think it's far more likely they were trying to get it to air on TV, and it was too expensive for tv channels to risk i
  7. 15 is the age they have the coming of age ceremony back then, and also the age girls marry, so that's basically why. She's bit naive and innocent at the beginning due to being adored by literally everyone around her, but she does become fairly mature pretty quickly and goes through lot of character development as it goes. I just mentally +10 to everyone in the drama (if anything, it was her brother that pulled me out of the drama....), as long as they don't keep mentioning her age, it's alright? As long as ZYW keeps doing decent dramas, he'll gain new fans, so don't worry about it.
  8. I read the novel few years ago, it's a story I could appreciate from a distance but never quite loved, a story that's pretty well suited for adaptation though. I'm on ep 4 I think? it's alright so far, gorgeous cinematography, I'm ehhh about the casting and it's not just the age that bothers me. Zhou Yiwei is surprisingly well fitted for the role, I didn't really expect him to. Zhang Ziyi's aura is too strong, the first ep when she was having a coming of age ceremony, it looked like she was becoming an empress XD I also don't think second male lead was cast well, but I'll live. Story-wise, I k
  9. HAHAHAHAHAH I didn't really look at his hairline but you are right AHHAHAhah. Hilariously enough, Chang Chen was rumoured to have been considered for the role, he ultimately went with Love & Destiny, which is a xianxia. These two dramas share the same stylist, William Cheung, who's an award winning stylist for hk movies in the 90s. He did I think a lot of the styling (usually only for protags) for big budget historicals in the last 5 years? Most of them have them pulling their hair way way back. Love & Destiny and this was filmed in the same year (finished filming in the same month),
  10. I don't think it's for you then? I found the beginning pretty easy to get into, the larvish cinematography helped a LOT. I watched it half like a fake documentary on daily lives in Tang dynasty at the beginning to be honest. The pacing slows down after a while and the drama didn't actually need 48 ep IMO. It's a drama I could appreciate from a distance but never quite love, even though the drama was definitely my thing on paper, multi-party struggle with layered characters and different motivations, rich setting and gorgeous cinematography and a thriller on top of that. Zhou Yiwei is amongst t
  11. Zhang Ruoyun finished filming Snow Stride Sword but he's filming a movie right now, judging by the schedule, he'll likely be there till early March (assuming no breaks, but February has Chinese New Years). I think the Grand Princess Li Xiaoran also started filming a drama (with Wallace Chung), Emperor Chen Daoming is rumoured to film a spy drama with Jin Dong thanks to Dragon TV but I don't see concrete news, Chen Pingping Wu Gang has been filming a drama with Huang Zitao since October. Other people might be wrapped up in other projects too but I haven't really looked. JoL's rumour starting da
  12. I'm watching it, the starting episodes are rather slice of life-ish, and I think it's rather flat (in the sense of not dramatic and chill) so it's hard to really talk about. We are at major turning point with the current episodes, which is fun. I think when they were adapting the story, they made the time bit fuzzy but didn't take Suo Suo into consideration, her background make sense in the novel because she was 18 or something, in the drama, it kind of doesn't really make sense? Everyone are extra nice to Suo Suo at work too, and her career kickstarted too easily IMO. There's some
  13. I finished the drama, I think the middle lasted too long, so it looks like the focus were all on relatively unnecessary stuff. Zhang Luyi definitely appeared too early, could have appeared in ep 20, if that's too late for the drama, then they shouldn't have stretched the beginning for 20 ep (even though it's some of the better bits of the drama). He's a miscast imo, he looks way too old for the role (especially when most of your drama is when Ying Zheng is in his 20s), I know younger actor might not act that well or hold themselves enough as a king, but there's actors his age that looks younge
  14. Gosh the pacing is utterly awful in the middle, Lao Ai's arc lasted way way too long. I expected Lv Buwei to be relevant for half the drama, like he's relevant for half of Ying Zheng's life, but it looks like he's around most of the drama. This is rather disappointing, since a lot of Ying Zheng's achievements are after unification, they do set up for some of it (sprinkled in dialogue here and there), but I definitely wish that was the focus, much like Zhengguo Canal seem significant enough to be a mini arc. We are well on our way to unification though plot-wise, even though historically the ti
  15. NRTA donated bunch of dramas earlier the year, around Jan/Feb to Hubei TV, they aired later the year. This latest donation is a surprise. It has to do with noise pollution + budget issue. To record onset, it has to be real quiet and you can't make mistakes in terms of dialogues/emotions, which means higher budget. Fair amount of production company have deals with dubbing companies, pro dubbers dub really fast and comparatively cheaper, it's also harder to schedule around busy actors/actress for them to dub themselves. Sometimes it has to do with the voice not fitting character,
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