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  1. I'm not watching the drama at all but I peek at viewcounts, this drama is doing very well despite its online reviews being on the negative side (cursory look on weibo, douban and bilibili). There are lot of people that don't look at those three sites, and don't mind the old tropes or over the top plot elements (that beginning that chased away half of its audience...) and plenty of hit dramas have mixed reviews. Aside from the complaints, I heard the action is very good, because the production team is known for filming this kind of dramas. This drama's trajectory looks like it'll be
  2. For your non BL fans that doesn't frequent weibo or douyin, yes. Weibo + douban is your fandom space with most concentrated amount of BL fans, bilibili have lot of them too, but fair amount will use weibo too, and they lean towards animations rather than dramas. Douyin is your general public, but it's hard to pop out against all the other drama promo + short video content. Whereas everyone that would your site will see the banner on landing page. It helps draw in extra audience that completely doesn't frequent online spaces but will silently watch dramas. This is little more appare
  3. lol i'm not, I just spend a lot of time strolling through cnet, and I'm more interested in production stories/data analysis. idol drama can be bit derogatory, but sometimes it's neutral term, hard to say. I just call dramas like Winter Begonia serious dramas, since the relationship isn't quite the focus and the background/tone of the series is more melo. i believe Guardian is low budget? But I've never seen it nor have i seen budget figures for it. i think a lot of fandom doesn't believe the reason either, and I totally get fandom worrying about it, but that's what t
  4. @linhlinh111 Good analysis, but I just want to note some minor corrections and additions. Farewell My Concubine was actually co-production with mainland and it was actually shown publicly in mainland too, I believe NRTA at the time really liked it. None of Farewell My Concubine, Happy Together or Lan Yu are considered BL, they are part of the LGBTQ genre. I note the distinction, because while BL certainly took influences from these classics and BL has help normalise gay somewhat, it's a highly romantised genre and its written form have fair amount of problematic tropes just like BG
  5. The drama he mentioned doing at 9mil is from 2007 and 20ish episodes. It doesn't mention Imperial Coroner's actual cost, where did you get that number from? there's no way it's 10mil. 2017's low budget dramas (shorter too) were minimal 20 to 30m, so I don't think it's lower than that. Wang Zi Qi/Prince An is a year above, he delayed his graduation and did thesis presentation this year. His classmates are back for photos because they didn't get to last year due to COVID. He's two years older by the way, I think he took 2 gaps years off or something? They are both busy filming dra
  6. The novel doesn't have any concrete period iirc, as most novels tend to do, since writing it into certain period means people might nitpick it + more research. When adapting into dramas, a lot of production team will try to tie the drama to certain period to make it more grounded, it provides a base for what era clothing the characters should wear. In this drama's case, it provides a much more solid background to tie the story, which makes it much more realistic. Late Tang has its powerful eunuchs, regional military governors (Leng Yue's grandpa is one, what do they translate it as?) often hav
  7. For those confused about the family tree, ML's great grandpa Tang Mu Zong (died at 30 from immortality pill poisoning) had three sons that went on to become emperors, Jing Zong (first prince, emperor for two years, killed by eunuch at 17), Wen Zong (second prince, emperor for 14 years, after Gan Lu Incident, he was basically under house arrest and became ill then died at 31), Wu Zong (fifth prince, emperor for 6 years, died from immortality pills at 33). The current emperor Xuan Zong was picked by the eunuchs cos he was pretending to be mentally unstable and they thought he'd be ea
  8. The dubbing probably has to do with significant dialogue change, it's somewhat noticeable at times. Long Ballad finished on demand last week, and VIP this week that's why. I'm still fairly surprised that Imperial Coroner got no.1 though, there's several higher budget dramas airing at the moment, they aren't doing too well but they aren't doing THAT terribly either. Coroner outperformed expectation for it, its non update days viewcount is higher than first week's update days, there's significant drop in this week's non update days but it's still doing fairly well. Ten
  9. Yeah I think the uncle feel makes it feel creepy. If he was younger, he'd mostly just be annoying. I kind of wish the drama didn't play up the coincidence and SML interference so much, ah well.
  10. She signed up with the company really early (late 00s) and she probably didn't look too much into the contract or she trusted the company a lot so the company has full rights of the manhua/content she created. Apparently the working conditions and such were absolutely terrible there, so she tried to cancel her contract/pull out, but she couldn't get back the rights of the manhua so it's on hiatus. Tangent, there's been lot of stories about platforms buying out novels extremely cheaply and then sell it for extravagant amount for IP development (dramas, manhua, game adaptations), most well known
  11. He's very much of an uncle lol...I don't know why they picked this actor, he literally became well known in dramas 20 years ago, so I always feel like I timetravelled when I see him. He's 50 and ML's actor is 22 so lol.
  12. I binged this last two days, it's so much fun!! It uses very classic tropes from mmo novels, even though PuBG is technically more esport and the novel came out when esport novels were on the rise but mmo novels were almost non-existent. SO MUCH ALMOST but not there in ep 3? ~ 10, omg it's frustrating but it's also kind of the fun part of the story somewhat. I think it's stretched bit too long for drama, It might have been better if the drama was 20 not 31 ep (?). it's probably not as bad as the novel, but I haven't read it. It's been on my reading list and then...I forgot about it
  13. It was released at the same time as ep 30, idk where you normally watch your dramas, (I watched it on iqiyi mainland) As for the dubbing, I think their reasoning was Jing Tian sounds too sweet.
  14. I know several dramas that do auctions for their props and costumes, some of them are donated to charity afterwards. As for WoH's auction, there's several people that admitted to price jacking sooooo yeah, while I'm happy that they are donating to charity + getting some money back for investing + more fandom engagement, this is also somewhat exploitive, I wish Youku released some nice small merchandise instead tbh?
  15. There's an alternate ending, it's about 30ish minutes, just in case you didn't know, it follows half way through ep 30.
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