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  1. It's been rumoured to air for awhile, still waiting for it. You can try its sort of prequel on Netflix, Qin Empire: Alliance. It's about this Emperor's great great grandpa, it's the second entry in the series while this is the fourth, the entries are all about different people so watching them in order isn't strictly necessary.
  2. Tencent vip all their videos pretty soon, iirc it was a week in 2017, last year I think I saw like a day gap but I'm not too sure about it. So it's really not that personal, the 2 billion mark will mostly help convince investors and producers.
  3. Someone already mentioned that it only counts the Chinese version, but just for cursory interest, I'll add onto it. I think Tencent made it watch for 20 minutes without speed up and sound on = 1 (same episode still only counts as 1, just cos it's 40mins doesn't mean it's 2, it's just to make sure you watch enough of the episode and not some bot), so regular audience will contribute 24 views. It's also kind of interesting to check out view count for paid episodes to see how many "loyal fans" were willing to pay extra on top of vip. The current view count method only applies from 2019 onwards I think, the previous ones also counts watching trailers and such, which made the view counts much much higher, so I don't recommend comparing with dramas from few years back. Honestly, it's best to just compare within the year, since in 2020 vvip is now common, which put off a lot of people and will undercut a lot of drama's view counts. e.g. watch them on illegal sites when it's out for vvip, but never go back and rewatch those episodes on Tencent's site.
  4. Yeah that one. It retained its novel name, the drama's Chinese name is "The Silent Truth" or something. Like this one is..."Hidden Corners"? Yeah I know it's a taiwanese drama, but douban counts it for year end Chinese (the language) dramas judging by last year's, it's just starting in late 2019 disqualify it for 2020. (Last year's no.1 was The World Between Us which was also a taiwanese drama)
  5. Worth noting that it has a douban score of 8.9, started with 9.2 I believe, it's the best rated mainland drama in 2020, and would be no.1 at year end if something else doesn't pop up and beat it (Someday or One Day has a better score than it, but it started in 2019, so IDK if it counts, probably not). Douban generally don't give 9+ for mainland dramas, you get there by climbing slowly through the years (most of the current 9 dramas), the last suspense drama that got a 9 was Day & Night (I think 9 is overrated for that drama though). I was going to do a general impression post, but I found it really difficult to do without spoilers. I will say that I found it really frustrating to watch the kids at times, because they would do dumb things, but they are the sort of things a child could plausibly do, so I can't blame the writers for it, damn. The kids and other actors all did a fabulous job and I really love the OP and some of the EDs. The author also had another novel adapted into a drama few years ago called Burning Ice, it feels fairly different and I think it's more flawed compared to this, but rather enjoyable nontheless. He has a third drama adaptation that's upcoming, also on iQiyi, featuring Bai Yu & Liao Fan, hopefully sooner rather than later.
  6. The IP was sold and launched production some three years ago, I don't know if it's the current production team (probably not), but ZRY was rumoured back then, enough that the novel author mentioned him on his weibo. JoL's gap is partially planned I think (prolonged popularity IP for further merchandising + see if first season is successful to determine following level of investment). It always seemed like they would take half a year pre-production + scheduling, I think they could have saved time if scriptwriter got the script ready, but lol they dumped multiple projects on him and he usually write by himself instead of with a team. AFAIK his last few years looked like late 2016/2017 JoL (got the rights in 2017, filmed in late '17 ~early '18, broadcasted '19), late '17 ~ early '18 Young Blood (head writer, filmed early ~ mid 18, broadcasted early '19), '18 Douluo Dalu (filmed early '19?, unaired), '19 Sword Snow Stride (he was struggling with it last May when Young Blood was airing). Apart from Young Blood, the rest are all big IP held by Tencent and produced by Xinli. /hello I read way too much background info for certain drama productions, thanks for coming to my ted talk.
  7. Let's see, the Chang'an set I mentioned is rumoured to have cost 50mil rmb, so about 7mil USD? The total cost for the drama is close to 600mil rmb, so about 85mil USD. They made the money back by selling to Youku (chinese online platform) + various stations and platforms around the world (Amazon in US iirc), I believe they made a profit. It's definitely one of the more costly projects, the Rise of Phoenixes I mentioned before cost similar amount, but made profit from tv station + iQiyi (online platform) + Netflix for international release. The drama didn't do well domestically, so it was the platforms that lost out. The director Song Xiaofei is a former film cinematographer, so mhmm let's see how he goes with directing. I totally forgot ZRY is guest starring in Guo Qilin and Song Yi's drama lol.
  8. The story is based on a fairly well known novel by priest, the author also wrote the novel Guardian is based on. I'm excited to see Tan Jianci finally getting lead role, since I really liked his performance in Advisor Alliance and he was the bright spot in 2018's Never Gone. I skipped out on the new Handsome Siblings so I haven't seen Chen Zheyuan, fingers crossed the script and production team is good.
  9. Unfortunately I think Chang'an's sets have been taken down, which is a shame since it's such gorgeous set. Oh sorry, I mean JoL actors that's also in this drama. There's no information on returning actors for JoL since as you can see couple of them are here, Fan Xian's brother and sister are in another newly announced historical drama so we'll likely have to wait till they start filming JoL to see if we get most people back for JoL.
  10. No worries, happy to share what little I know There's multiple of them yeah, a significant portion of dramas are filmed at Hengdian as you noted, but yeah there are number of other studios, and they often will travel across the country to film outdoor scenes. The Hubei one I mentioned is the one used in the movie Legend of Demon Cat (they built it for it so it's fairly new, and the location is fairly remote), also seen in the Rise of Phoenixes and Novoland: Eagle Flag. Xiangshan I mentioned is pretty well known and established studio, Ten Miles of Peach Blossom & last year's Longest Day of Chang'an was film there, although I should note Chang'an's team built a lot of their sets from scratch. Oh, on returning actors, we have JoL's Si Lili (Li Chun), 2nd prince (Liu Duanduan) and our little Fan Xian (Han Haolin). Side note, one of the most popular drama this year was the recent suspense thriller Bad Kids, featured Rong Zishan as one of the protagonists, he's also part of this cast, very promising kid at only 14.
  11. Joy of Life was filmed in a studio in Guizhou which meant they could get most of the cast's original voices. Maybe this one will too? Or they could hit the Tang city in Hubei mhmmm. Oh wait looks like they are filming in Xiangshan? (same province as Hengdian, different place) The book is fairly beloved and popular, the scriptwriter is Joy of Life's Wang Juan (he was writing this when JoL s1 was airing lol, he worked on JoL s2 afterwards), production team is also same as JoL, Tencent Pictures + Xinli. Get a better make up and lighting team please!!! The story have been noted to be fairly difficult to adapt and pass NRTA, so I hope Wang Juan managed somehow. It's also a fairly long story but there's no sign for multi-season yet, so this is going to be tricky. ZRY should head for JoL after he finish filming this.
  12. Lunar calender it's May 10th, it just falls on June 30th this year. The date was from someone approximating his birthday from the drama (how the moon looked on his birthday + particular flower), the writer acknowledged it so it's his official birthday now.
  13. Most similar to this I think would be Gank Your Heart, gaming (esport in this case)/romance, the otp are less perfect and they go through bit of misunderstanding in the beginning though. If you like mmo and Yang Yang, maybe King's Avatar, there's no romance, only team camaraderie though. On light hearted romance, modern drama I'd rec Put Your Head on My Shoulders, bit slice of life-ish but the otp is rather quirky and adorable. Historical probably the Romance of Tiger and Rose, the romance is main point of the show, with fair amount of meta/writing jokes and commentary on gender roles here and there. Far more removed but I want to throw it out there in case it's your cup of tea, you can try realistic down to earth ensemble high school drama My Huckleberry Friends, more focus on friendship and growing up than romance though. Then there's a fun adventure historical drama featuring lots of plot twists with a fantastic cast Young Blood, and areally charming historical drama Joy of Life which focuses on imperalism clashing with modern ideals.
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