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  1. img source: Wuxia ID Details: Chinese title: 射雕英雄传之九阴白骨爪 English title: The Legend of the Condor Heroes: The Cadaverous Claw (previously 9-Yin Claw) Genre: Wuxia Traditional Producer: Director: Fu Yuan Screenwriter: Shuangyi / Cao Honghong Network: Tencent Video Broadcast Date: June 10, 2021 Cast: Kevin Yan Yikuan as Huang Yaoshi Ruan Ju as Mei Chaofeng Gèng Dēngpéngcuò as ōuyáng Fēng Hé Chǎngxī as ōuyáng Kè Huáng Xīyàn as Chén Xuánfēng Wāng Xiǎomǐn as Féng Héng Synopsis:
  2. image source: Wuxia Details: Chinese title: 雪山飞狐 English title: The Hidden Fox (previouslly The Fox Volant of the Snowy Mountain) Genre: Wuxia Traditional Producer: Lu Yang Director: Qiao Lei Broadcast Date: TBA 2021 Cast: Zhào Huáwèi as Guī Yù Chén Yǔsī as Ruò Lán Ray Lui (Lǚ Liángwěi) as Táo Bǎisuì Chúnyú Shānshān as Bǎo Shù Chén Zǐhán as Zhèng Sānniáng Yáng Yì as Zhōu Yúnyáng Zhào Zǐchōng as Sài Zǒngguǎn Fù Jiā as Cáo Yúnqí Wú Yìjiāng as Hú Yīdāo Zhèng Hàon
  3. that older girl you see probably his adopted sister, the main character doesnt know that his parents are both not his real parents until one day later. the lead girl (couple of MC) is childish, like to play, the first one who initiate chase the boy, a member of beggar gang, yeah she has some common things as Huang Rong
  4. english subs is already available up to episode 3 for me, so far so good, will continue to watch it
  5. no official news yet. many of JY's works are similar to this situation, i think broadcast network afraid of the rating, as current viewer prefer romance-priority genre or BL adaptation
  6. just info for the actor/actress Lin Yu Shen = Yang Xiao in hsds 2019 Liang Jie = Su Yin in handsome siblings 2020 Peter Ho = Sword Dynasty, Sword Master Qin Jun Jie = Legend of Chusen 1,2 , listening snow tower, etc Hei Zi = 4 different ROCH adaptations, Xie Xun hsds 2019
  7. image source: wiki-addicts Details: Title: 飞狐外传 /Fei Hu Wai Zhuan (based on the novel by Jin Yong) English title: The Young Flying Fox Genre: Wuxia Traditional Director: Lian Yi Ming Episodes: TBA Broadcast Date: 2022 Team Production: Consultant: Zhang Jizhong Screenwriter: Bai Yi Cong Producer: Zhao Jie Art Director: Liu Jing Ping Cast: Qin Jun Jie as Hu Fei Liang Jie as Yuan Ziyi Xing Fei as Cheng Lingsu Lin Yu Shen as Miao Renfeng Peter Ho Ye Xiang Ming Huang Meng Ying Liu Yu Feng Hai Lin
  8. this drama is adapted from novel by Wen Rui'an , who famous for his "the 4 constables (the four)" series
  9. you dont really need to watch other novolands, as they are independent, not related to each other. There are hundreds novoland novels, 7 original authors, with extension a total of hundreds authors. This one is based on novel by Zhan An.
  10. so here is the latest news. there are 3 (yes three) upcoming Fox (that adapted from Jin Yong's novel). the first one is Young Flying Fox , a TV series produced by famous Zhang Jizhong, will start shooting march, 2021 . Main broadcast network : Tencent the second one is Fox Volant of the Snowy Mountain, a 45-episodes TV series that produced by a company name Huace dan IQIYI. Starring: Zhang Kaitai, Jiang Zhenyu, Zhang Chenghang, & Jiang Yuan. probably the fastest one to be released. the third one is Fox Volant of the Snowy Mountain movie vers
  11. nice work. btw if eunuch Hong is one of the 4 grandmasters, why he is put outside the rank of 4 grandmasters?
  12. The Legend of Youth Chu Liuxiang , which is Cai Juntao's version, just released and aired a few days ago (there are 3 new Chu Liuxiang adaptations in total). total episodes for the Cai Juntao's version is 24 episodes.
  13. Details: Chinese title: 武当一剑/Wudang Yijian English title: The First Sword of Wudang Genre: Wuxia Episodes: 42 Director: Lu Qi (路奇) Broadcast Period: April 13th, 2021 Broadcast Network: CCTV-8, Kukan Drama Channel Based on novel by Liang Yusheng Cast: Yu Liao Yi as Geng Yujing Chai Bi Yun as Zheng Qiao'er Zhou Hang as Diongfang Liang Sun Jia Yu as Lan Shuiling Ma Xiao Wei as Wu Xiang Yang Meng as Zheng Tiegang Song Jia Lun as Ge Zhenjun Wei Li Si as Geng Jingshi Jiang Hong Bo as Lady Ximen
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