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  1. i am not reading the novel yet, in TV adaptation/live-action drama, they strengthen the love relationship between xiao yan and xiao yi xian in donghua/anime, they strengthen the love story between xiao yan and yun yun in manhua/manga/comic, they strengthen the love story of xiao yan and medusa how about novel?
  2. 380 million? is that information accurate? one of Jin Yong's work, the Legend of the Condor heroes, has less than 1m characters (900k+) , i dont think Novoland Eagle Flag is 400x thicker than LOCH
  3. after the marriage of asule and yuran, QingYang should send the cavalry (50k?) to xiatang as a part of deal, but they didnt send any . if the qingyang-er didnt want to send , why they agree with the deal from the beginning?, that's make Asule spent so many years in vain in eastland btw, does Yuran know martial arts? it seems that early chapter she know martial arts, later... she transform and become like a lady who doesnt know at all
  4. @liddi so in the end, the consent between xiatang and qingyang was in vain? the marriage of Asule and Yuran also become useless? after a few years, Xiatang still never send provision to qingyang, and qingyang never send the cavalry like their early agreement btw , 4 generals of eastland, who is the last one? did he make an appearance in the drama?
  5. nope... Mydramalist always list dec, 31 when they dont know the air date
  6. Su Shunqing is a spirit race? i think the drama never said that?
  7. didnt u say XZ was still a kid in the novel? that's mean she is under-age when married?
  8. so do you think this one or tribes & empires is the better one?
  9. that chess game in novoland, really exist in the real world? also the small flute that asule play
  10. what is the relation between baili jinghong and baili ningqing? cousin? nephew?
  11. i think i have heard somewhere that there are total 3 seasons
  12. distant cousins. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Demi-Gods_and_Semi-Devils_characters#Duan_Yu's_family_tree
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