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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2019] Novoland: Eagle Flag 九州缥缈录


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Chinese title: 九州缥缈录
English title: Novoland: Eagle Eye

Genre: Action, Fiction

Episodes:  56

Director: Zhang Xiao Bo (To Be a Better Man 好先生)

Broadcast Period: 7/16/2019



Chen Ruo Xuan

Liu Hao Ran

Song Zu Er

Maggie Jiang

Wang Ou

Xu Qing

Zhang Feng Yi


Lü (Lv) Guichen (Liu Haoran) is the heir of the nomadic Qingyang tribe, and is sent to the Eastern Land as hostage. He meets Ji Ye (Chen Ruoxuan), an unfavoured illegitimate son who is training to become a warrior, and Yu Ran (Song Zu’er), the princess of the Winged tribe. The three become close friends, and the boys’ feelings for Yu Ran soon turn romantic.

At the same time, powerful warlord YingWuyi (Zhang Fengyi) has been maintaining a firm control over the Emperor, giving him unprecedented power over the nobles. Lv Guichen, Ji Ye and Yu Ran decide to join the decisive battle against Ying Wuyi at Shangyang Pass, but unbeknownst to them, an even darker conspiracy is yet to unfold.

Cr mydramalist

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Additional Links:

Novoland: Eagle Flag 九州缥缈录 Raw Episodes

To Be a Better Man 好先生 Official Drama Thread

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I saw this comment on the Tribes and Empires page. 
Credit to member"Erudite" for the information about this drama:

* = Novoland: Eagle Flag (NEF) and Wings of Winds

Before Tribes and Empires (TAE) released their first dramatic trailer in 2016, they had already worked extremely hard for more than one year unbeknownst to most people at that time.

The situation with NEF is much like TAE in early 2015, but a major difference, the Novoland IP has exploded, but the requirement for secrecy in production and shooting remains.

In comparison with Tribes and Empires's budget of between RMB300 to 400 million (45-60 million USD) for 75 episodes, "Eagle Flag" has been given a budget exceeding RMB500 millon (75.6 million USD) for 56 episodes.

Sources in Chinese for budget:

The 2nd link indicated that Legend of Fu Yao will have a budget of rmb500million, but NEF will be the most expensive TV series ever produced by Linmon Pictures.

Prior to shooting, NEF already had 14 months of preproduction, with a crew of over 1000 people finished constructing structures at more than a dozen locations, including building a "city" at the great plains we saw in Tribes and Empires (TAE).
(Taking place more than 600 years before TAE, there was a Northen Capital in NEF).

These were the original shooting schedules for NEF (might be off by a few months)
Xinjiang : 2017 Sept - Nov
Xiangyang: 2017 Oct - 2018 Feb (main filming location for Nan Huai, the 2nd greatest human city in Novoland)
Xinjiang : 2018 Mar - Apr
Beijing : 2018 Apr - May
Scotland : 2018 Jan (yes, in UK)

Source in Chinese for shooting and some cast bios:

So far only 14 members of the main cast has been revealed. As late as Oct 2017, open casting calls for auditions of some minor characters were still being published. Liu Haoran (Nirvana in Fire 2) and Lareina Song (The King's Avatar)played the human and winged tribe leads.

The Chinese Baidu for Novoland: Eagle Flag is the source for cast info and other items:

Finally a nice short clip on revelation of cast and crew:

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On 1/18/2018 at 1:16 AM, SyntaxError said:

I really like Liu Haoran in NiF2 but the fact that the producing company is Linmon gives me pause (same as with Legend of Fu Yao).

Is this a bad company? 

Looking forward to it! Hoping for a good script. I'm having Haoran withdrawals. 

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Ah... I just realised who Chen Ruo Xuan is. He's the lead character in Psychological Crimes. Very convoluted series but interesting after a twisted fashion. A kind of Luther meets Criminal Minds. CRX seems to be another genuinely talented young actor.


He and Liu Hao Ran are shaping up to be quite an intriguing combination.

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9 hours ago, rhaps said:

There are many bad adaptations, and the previous Novoland adaptations didnt perform too well. I'm worried about the script/storyline.

As long as like the script, I'll be happy with it:D I guess all we can do is wait. :mellow:

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On 3/20/2018 at 11:37 PM, rhaps said:

Yeah, he was Fang Mu in Evil Minds. I'm so curious to watch his performance. Honestly, I only like him in there. I dont like his other dramas after that. And, what makes me even more curious is how he will act as the 2nd lead in this drama. I heard that his character is supposed to be a badass and a fighter, which sounded different with his usually calm quiet characters. On the other hand, LHR's character is the gentle and weak(physically) one here. 



There are many bad adaptations, and the previous Novoland adaptations didnt perform too well. I'm worried about the script/storyline.

It seems that he's in Seige in the Fog as well... Murong Feng I believe. The lad does get around. 


Anyway, if I do decide to watch this installment of Novoland, it will be for Liu Haoran. I abandoned the Tribes and Empires ship around Episode 40 something. Sound and fury... but not much movement. I'm not optimistic about Eagle Eye and I detest this new trend of incomplete C dramas.

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A clip about the architecture, etiquette, weapons, costumes etc. They are not CGI. The transition effects are only used in this teaser. 


Filming clip of the male lead Liu Haoran.


It said this is the OST (no mention of singer's name)....but i am not 100% sure. Anyway it uses a previous clip about the chars and some poster pics. The eng sub explain abit on the story. 


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I would watch this for the cinematography alone to be honest. It's absolutely a feast for the eyes. Gorgeous set pieces and outdoor settings. Very much along the lines of Tribes and Empires. And of course for Liu Haoran as well. I loved him so much in NiF 2 and this looks like plump role for him. Seems like we'll be getting him undubbed this time round.


Great looking trailer.

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