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[Drama 2017-2018] A Korean Odyssey/Hwayugi 화유기

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YEEEEEEEESSSS  - Son Oh Gong finally holds his bride in his arms once again (a bride who is wearing a royal wedding dress). Judging from OG's scarf this scene will follow the confrontation with the Wi

It took the Hong Sisters 13 long years to write a bed scene but they managed to  do it right on their first try. I might have issues with their writing in this show but this whole moment was FREAKING

Oh no.. with everyone hating on the ending, i think i wanna step out to defend it a little. initially without the subtitles, the ending seemed like a whole mess. But if u really just focus on our OTP

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I'm disappointed. Is they want us to wait for the next week with that ending?

BJ is possessed by an evil spirit. OG is possessed too. SM is so sad, and she feels bad (and actually I'm sorry for her)

What kind of episode was it like? 

No, really what is going on here????

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Omg... It's going to be hell of a roller coaster next weekend. Hope OG comes to his senses soon. I think if he has the GGG, the owner is still Sumni so hope it's still really affective than the seduction. Sumni still have a chance to save him if she knows something is wrong. Matter of fact, she should just kill him or he kills her so we can have another story with no demons and just our OTP. I'm so sick of this torture and pain! 

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And now I really understand why this drama has 20 episodes. There are 8 episodes left and honestly I can't imagine how they will deal with all this problems: BJ, the evil spirit, GGG, the end of the world, MW's endless love, the death bell, their bad fate. I'm already out of my mind. It all seems crazy to deal with it.

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I wonder if this is going to be the catalyst for OG's true love for SM to surface....or is it just going to wreak more havoc ;-; - maybe both ;-;

Anyways, I'm going to leave these episodes for next week ;-; too hurt to watch them *sigh* 

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Another demon tried to seduce OG and he fell into the trap? <_< I hope it won't last for long because seriously I can't see OG falling in love with another woman (especially with BuJa because for me they are like bro and sis). I hope MW, SM, and others will come to help OG back to his senses and get rid of that demon. Btw, how is BuJa's real soul? Is she trapped somewhere? PK has to save her!! 


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and considering we need to wait for a week ...


see my prediction comes true. 

It is just like chibiusa becoming black lady and seduced her own father . 


Now OG got possessed and he will be controlled by that shaman coffin demon ...


i could say that this week’s episode especially ep 12 is my LEAST favorite. 

When I watched the scene where OG is instantly not fooled while he saw evil buja (in fact only he recognised right away that buja is possessed) and also when he hit evil buja’s head I feel soooo happy . 



But then...

he got possessed by the end of ep 12 and to add more fire, Evil buja sit on his lap in a seductive way.Argh!


AAAAAARGHHHHH. I cant bear to watch the scene. 

Probably will skip it when i watch it with subs. 



Seriously, hong sisters, please solve this flower coffin shaman demon thing on ep 13 next week. Please dont drag it until ep 20 ( i am really afraid they are gonna make this evil spirit to control the presidential candidate - with evil human on her side, and evil OG and her other side— Evil buja is unbeatable. 


JSM you need to do something to get OG back to you . I hope next week’s ep will be filled with SM’s sacrifices to get OG back to the right path...maybe involving  dangerous scene plus blood and unbearable pain from our heroine? 




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@stroppyse thanks for the translation. 


Yes I agree it is a sad episode but it is peppered with sweetness too! I particularly liked this scene that you just translated because

1. SoG was honest about him being hurt by SM but he also in his own way tell her it's okay.

2. SM's way to make up to him was to hug him tighter to tell him she didn't mean to hurt him.

3. SM's honesty.. That she needs him and she is insecure about removing GGG.. She doesn't want to lose his love.

4. SOG's response to her honesty is.... I LoVE You... Don't have to remove if u don't want to..


Can you imagine Monkey King being this considerate?


For the rest of the episode, he didn't stay away from her despite the fact that he could be seriously hurt by her! He watched over her and saved her a couple of times...


Luckily she didn't remove GGG! I believe it is the key to getting SOG out of the spirit's curse next week. 




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27 minutes ago, stroppyse said:



I think I saw that subs are out, so just a couple of translations maybe. As sad as this scene is in some ways, the Hong Sisters' flair for playing with words is shown naturally even in OG's sarcasm.


And, SM's realization that she inadvertently hurt him. :( Then again, this is just a sad, painful episode in general.

subs r out for ep 11.. plz translate ep 12.. whatever you feel like


did mawang tell her sthg important today in that 1-1 meting?

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