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  1. I see some difference between preview in today's episode and the preview that is uploaded in the Youtube by TVN, the mom embracing younger YJ in the credits of today's episode for next week that appears to be the younger version (actress Lee so kyung) WHILE in the preview that is uploaded in the Youtube the mom in the flashback appears to be the current actress (aged -mom Kim Hye Ok) Is it editing problem or they decide to keep the current mom (Kim Hye Ok) acting in the flashback version as well?
  2. I think if we based the story from the drama only and from the episodes we had watched so far (Esp in ep 4) we can clearly see how considerate YJ is AGAIN toward his family. When YJ checked on his tablet and SY came to offer coffee and started to show his over curiousity toward YJ secretary, we as the audience could see that he indeed tried to rub in his all seemingly nice forgiving kind of attitude and lending a hand to YJ as if he wanted to say “hey, I have forgiven you for your horrible act toward me so please you need to behave well and should be thankful that I didnt feel resentful toward you” and like I said earlier, YJ recognised his older brother’s hidden message rightaway and responding with this question: “for someone who was able to forgive me , why did it seem like that you rubbed it in too much?” I personally liked this respond from YJ but his brother seemed to be the one who always dwelled on the past and act selfishly. What he did toward YJ by seemingly talking nicely and etc etc its not an act of forgiving, rather he just wanted to make YJ to ALWAYS be aware of the past, to make YJ always FEEL BAD and to make sure YJ knows that YJ is the blaming party for what happens now —SY becoming a writer and not in charge of their company, because the kidnapping incident occured due to YJ abandoning him at the redevelopment area. (See ep 6) and also, another scene which depicted how considerate YJ is also seen when SY hit him and at the last moment where YJ wanted to hit SY back, he refrained himself and instantly looked at his parents specifically his mother who cried because both of her sons fighting against each other. Basically YJ didnt want his parents to feel sad and hence he didnt fight back and chose to be silent and leave them.
  3. I’d like to give a thought over YJ behaviour vs SY behaviour.. At the end of the day, SY
  4. In ep 4, YJ and MS have and discussed what kind of opening event that suits and will look appealing to public and then MS gets the idea to have book concert event and invite an author to hold fansigning or stuff like that. ...and guess whom she tries to get in touch? none other than Morpheus aka YJ's brother , Lee Seung Yeon. She sent an-email already to Morpheus and even identified herself as Kim Mi So , secretary of YJ. That's why i bet SY (next week) will instantly agree to meet her in person and also perhaps would agree to hold a book event in the art centre (to YJ's annoyance) Interesting plot to look forward next week, aside from the webtoon depiction which is very similar and exceeds my expectation
  5. Upps, i think i need to correct myself regarding ur comment Yes, its the same house for secret garden filming. Also the place that they use 9 years ago as “US” apartment /hotel was indeed another recent tvn drama location
  6. Hi, you're welcome chingu. This is my understanding so far regarding your question
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