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  1. We’re on the same page on this, my takes on this are the disclosed chat logs were seems incoherent, some parts was seems omitted to put GHS on the bad side. None of us knows the authenticity of that chat logs, unless Kakato talk issue it with their company letter and seal with the company stamp. Dispatch joining this chaos is purely promotional. For me GHS did the right thing on bringing this issue before her bad richard simmons husband( I’m sorry I don’t know his name), GHS is all by herself now, no agency to do damage control because they already takes side. Let’s keep our support for her and pray for her comeback. She is one of the good actress, for sure an agency with good people will welcome and embrace to get another chance.
  2. These assumption might be right, since they didn’t announce definite date of release of season 2. :((
  3. Yay!!!Watched all 8 ep of love alarm in one sitting. Hope Netflix to release season 2 ASAP. Team Sun Oh here by the way
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