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[OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun Couple (JiBong/JiJi Couple)


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Lmao just how many massages did he give her a massage on the set? There are at least 3 times that were caught on cam lmao: the first one where NJW was just fired from his job as a prosecutor, the one where NJW had a nightmare and the following one lmao 

He also sang for her more than once too lmao

Personal massager and serenader

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Hello~ I'm new and haven't really figured out how to navigate this forum but nice to meet you all. :Pandabulous:

Can I just say that I'm crazy about this ship. It's been years since SP and I still can't get over them. I needed a place to scream out how I feel about this couple. Thank God I found this. :heart3:

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I wonder what he said exactly because I don't know korean at all and in english translation it was "nothing special ( nope )" as his answer if he has a gf. Strange. As I see it nothing special means smth else than nope. Nothing special can mean he's meating a girl but that is not that kind of relationship to call her his gf. Nope means just no, strict and simple, he's not meating any girl. 

Let's presume he said he doesn't have a gf just to hide the fact he has one becoz of his fans. Ok, but it wasn't a live stream. It was prepared before. So what's the point to release this question ? They could just talk about smth else, there was no need to talk about gf, marriage and so. If he indeed has a gf I see only answere. He's just a naughty boy who likes to joke. He knows the question if he has a gf and who is she is a hot one and just wants to tease fans. 

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For me why so fast to answer the question and just one word in korean. And then the video was cut then his friend tells about his married life and how they become a couple of his wife ..and we know wookie want private relationship but his friend didn't know (its just a big question for me or he really want a private just two of them lol just delulu) back to rational I need to investigate again his facial expression lol..have a nice day

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On 10/3/2020 at 5:47 AM, pauliza said:

Hand in hand you & me ,today ,tomorrow & forever :heart:


credit to the owner

in the youtube video you can clearly see him using his tongue on 1:46.. 

nowadays kdramas have started recasting lead pairs.. why is no one casting these two together? 

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Please not quote videos, thanks!
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