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Lee Dong Gun x Jo Yoon Hee (Jin Sil Couple)


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Since I have no interest at the moment to watch any other dramas so I decided to rewatch the drama again, also HT and the radio show where LDG guest.  Somehow I feel that LDG n JYH are acting their real life romance in the drama.  In ep 27 DJ said watching YS fills him with joy and happiness.  In HT LDG said people said he's boring and that's why seldom invited to variety shows.  But as I watch him on the radio show he seems to laugh and talk a lot, like very happy. He even made JYH laugh at lot too! I feel JYH can bring out 'the innocent' he lost and help him to become a more joyful person.  Maybe that's what LDG finds in JYH.  In the beginning of ep 28 after DJ found out  YS like him, YS asked if it's okay to do this, what if she makes things hard for him. Then DJ said it's true they are facing a lot of obstacles but if we can resolve them one at a time, as long as their feelings for each other don't change, nothing will matter, we can beat them all.. it's like what LDG n JYH are facing in real life now.  When Ho-bang was still in YS womb DJ told baby that he was surprised to be charmed by YS (actually in drama his ex is more beautiful than YS yet he wasn't charmed by her) so I believed LDG never expected  to develop feelings for JYH since he at that time was supposed to be in a real relationship with JY. In ep 54 DJ was 'jealous' that a guy was trying to hit on YS and he told Hobang never fall in love with a beautiful girl with a baby-face.  It;s true JYH has a baby-face esp in ep 26 when they were talking in the snow and close-up can really see her babyish look.  Actually when I was watching the scene (over and over again) my thoughts were like I am sure LDG must noticed how pretty JYH is.  Also in the ep where they are putting stickers on their wedding invite card, DJ stuck a red heart on her cheek and that close-up shot you can see her baby face.  There are many other scenes/dialogues that seems more real  than reel.  Now my only hope is that their feelings don't change becos of 'pressure' from haters.  I will only watch JYH future dramas but (sorry) not LDG cos I don't want to see him with other lady partners (fear,- you know what right?) Seriously don't want JYH to be hurt!  Wish all goes smoothly for them!

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This is the second part of my DJ-YS recap :tongue: It is super long because the middle-part of the drama is the most beautiful part. I wish this could ease some of us who is still on Wolgyesu-withdrawal-syndrome and in need of LDG-JYH off screen news LOL

** Love Story of Mr.Pretty Eyes & Ms. Shiny Eyes **

Chapter 2 (19-36/54)

GP threatened YS, YS stressed out and cries in the pantry, DJ saw her and frustrated on how kind and stupid YS is, he went out and bought toast for YS
YS send a small note to DJ said that she called MS and he is doing fine
They went to fabric hunting in the market, having lunch together, and DJ bought her a couple shoes, DJ kneeled down to tie the shoelaces, because YS was wearing skirt
In the fabric store YS put the fabric on DJ shoulder and took his photos
DJ take YS home and YS put on the new shoes happily
The next day GP send his goons to force YS visit him in prison. YS borrow their phone to tell the tailor shop, DJ was the one who gets the call, when one of the goons talked to DJ also. DJ was worried and speed up his car to the prison. There he find YS walking in the side of the street, so deep in thought she even didn't realize DJ car was there. 

This shoe-lace-tying scene still gives me this romantic feeling every time I see it :blush:

DJ was about to open the door and meet YS but he hesitated and decide to not do it
he just drives slowly behind yunshil and follow her even when she ride the bus home
DJ finds out from Mrs Geum that YS was stressed out and catch a cold, he buy a lot of medicine and give it all to YS
DJ visit his father and ask what his father like from his first love, he said it was her smile. DJ then think about YS and smile
The next day YS was absent from work, DJ went to her house finds out that YS was unconscious, he hold her thinking that she faint, YS woke up and DJ drop her to the floor. DJ brings porridge and spoon it for her. YS cries, touched by DJ kindness, she bring the dishes out to wash it since the pipe is broken. DJ brag that he will repair it but it fails and they are wet, DJ ended up wearing YS biggest shirt. The semifinalist of the suit competition is announced, DJ pick up he phone and tell them all they made it to final. YS hug DJ spontaneously, DJ was so nervous he had to sit and loosen up his tie.

When YS cries over DJ's porridge -- she is truly touched by DJ kindness, and who doesn't love their first hugging scene where DJ lost his breath over YS's innocent hug LOL :tongue:

DJ went to the pantry to get some water, YS went after him but DJ avoid her.
YS give the embroidered arm piece to DJ and want to fit it to his arm, DJ became nervous and ask YS to go
They celebrate by drinking beer, DJ & YS went home together, DJ said don't worry if YS is drunk he will piggy back her home. YS got a call from GP mom, DJ finally tell YS not to sacrifice herself and think about her own happiness, saying he is pitiful for her
DJ walks her home and put his shawl around YS neck. YS thank him for the shoes yesterday, and ask why DJ never wear the shoes. DJ answered how can he wear sneakers if he wears suit everyday. YS asked then why you bought them in the first place? DJ was upset and say I bought it for jogging and humming "stupid" LOL DJ say to YS that he often think about her and she said she also feel that herself is pitiful. DJ say "its not only about that...but..." he is not finishing his sentence YS say that she is fine. dongjin said why you always say that youre fine, im not fine, thats the reason. 
Late at night DJ was waiting for a call from YS, YS actually want to call but hesitate, DJ finally call YS and say how could she not worry of him. 
They finished the semifinal and there HJ tell YS about GJ asked her to get YS a job, but DJ defend her saying she is valuable employee and wouldnt trade her with anyone in Messa

I love the scene where DJ put his shawl around YS neck, YS innocent face and DJ upset face like he think "how come she doesn't realize all the affection I gave her" :wink:

Wolgyesu win the suit competition, DJ shares lot of smiles with YS which make HJ jealous
DJ appeared on the fashion show
At the Lee house there is a celebration dinner, YS was helping with a food tray but DJ say it's too heavy and always offer her help, this raised TY and TP suspicion and even commented that they act like a newlyweds
DJ was about to take YS home but TY offered her first, GJ look for YS because she already wrap up some food for her. DJ offered himself to deliver it to YS house, but he could not find her home because YS was having coffee with TY so he waited and fell asleep
YS woke him up, he panicked and awkwardly making excuses, left TY with a conclusion that DJ likes YS, TY told YS about it and YS said it is impossible.
The next morning DJ greet YS asking why YS seems not fit, YS said she could not sleep well because she thinks a lot. DJ offer her coffee and make her one. YS open DJ camera and see that it's all her picture inside. She courageously ask DJ is it true that DJ likes her

The 4 gentlemen fashion show, love to see them four, really an eye candy :wub:

DJ dropped his coffee cup to the floor, startled of what YS had said, YS said sorry for mistakenly interpret her feeling, they became awkward and DJ keep a distance of her
not offering to take her home, avoiding eye contact, finally YS confronts DJ by saying is it a shame for you to be mistakenly thought of liking me

The scene where YS ask DJ is it so shameful to be mistakenly thought of liking her makes me shed a tear, it was rising from her low self esteem and DJ was shocked knowing how fragile she was :heart:

DJ and YS on a cold war
One day they were about to have lunch but YS was left behind on the tailor shop, DJ notice a black car similar to GP's in front of the tailor shop
he rans to the tailor and found YS hairpiece on the floor while the black car is already gone
he rush to get his car and speeding up to the prison
he called YS many times and left 2 voicemail, the first is saying that he will be there to help YS from GP goons and the second is saying that he doesnt care for her out of pity but because he likes her. Apparently YS was having a small accident and in the clinic to treat her wounds 
her cellphone was off so she borrow phone and tell mrs geum that she is fine
mrs geum tell DJ that YS is already at the shop
DJ rush to the shop but didnt found YS, mrs geum tell him that YS is out to the service centre to repair her phone
DJ runs to find YS before she listens to his mailbox and found YS walking while listen to her phone, right on the last sentence
they stood to each other and DJ confess "just like you've heard, yes i think i like you"

Isn't this scene beautiful...the color of the leaves, the color of their coats, and how DJ confess his feeling 4 times in a row, just lovely:heart:

ep 25
DJ confess her love to YS but YS didnt take it seriously, YS keep saying it is impossible, panicked, bump into a tree. YS was keep overreacting at the tailor shop, she went to the pantry to drink a cup of water, DJ went after her, makes YS choked, YS said "i need some time to think so please dont come near me" she rushed out and bumped her head to the door
DJ smiled to himself "she'd pass out if i told her that i like her one more time"
YS is sewing but her hand's shaking so much that she couldnt insert the thread into the needle
DJ smiled seeing she act that way, whisper to her ear: you're being obvious by trembling like that
YS shooed him panickly and he chuckles happily
DJ come into the tailor and show off the new website of wolgyesu
there was a photo gallery where DJ was smiling to YS
YS panicked and say that it shouldnt be posted, afraid that ppl will assume absurd thing about them.
DJ said to YS "i was planned to keep it a secret until you have your answer but you brag the fact that i like you, it looks like you're going to let everyone know, stop making it so obvious about it"
DJ inviting everyone to have dinner at Lee house but YS said she had dinner plan with her friend, DJ later find her eating ramen in 7/11. DJ then impulsively buy lots of thing in the market, including a teddy bear doll, left it at the cashier, DJ knock the glass window saying good bye to YS
the cashier give the stuffs DJ bought to YS
she reached her phone and hesitate whether she should say thanks to DJ but the phone ring first and DJ ask why didnt she call to say thanks
YS put her lotion after shower and look herself in the mirror saying
"he has been surrounded by pretty and wealthy girls, why would he like me?"
before bedtime DJ call again and put up a dry joke saying "lets meet up at 2 am" "2 am?" "in our dreams"
YS asked how could he like her, because in the past he hated her and even make fun of her hair
DJ: well i did, but i guess my heart changed
YS: what kind of person am i now?
DJ: well after i get to know you, i found out that you are sweet, pure, innocent...
YS: stop! and she is so embarrased
In 2 am both of them cant sleep and DJ said to himself that it must be because he promised YS to meet at 2 am
YS also couldnt sleep and she finally hold the teddy bear doll DJ gave her to sleep
In the morning DJ was waiting for YS near her house, but YS turned him down by keep rejecting him

In the last scene, DJ was super duper cool isn't he? Although he was upset, there is something about his charisma here that charmed me :heart:

YS : you know my situation, i am not in the position of liking someone
DJ : is it because of GP? let make this clear i might cross the line but whether it is me or other ppl that you like, GP should not be an obstacle because legally and emotionally GP is not your husband you are not his wife in any way. do you understand? youll need time to think as i did, i was too rush, i wont force my emotions on you or rush you and i wont hate or blame you for not feeling the same way as i do, take all the time you need to think and tell me when you're sure
i'll respect your decision even maybe its not the answer i want
it wont stop me from...liking you and wanting to protect you
YS walked behind DJ slowly remembered GP threat, she quietly sob when dongjin look at her, they both walked silently to the shop
YS boiler was broken, DJ secretly call his friend to mend it
DJ call GJ to ask YS sleep at Lee house, DJ offered his room to her
DJ teased her that she already know where his room is (the day when she was drunk and sleep beside DJ)
she then went inside DJ room and look around, found a photo album of DJ childhood, school days, and finally wedding photos, she wonder why he still keep the wedding photos after the divorce
late night, DJ heard YS is out of the house and he also went out, bring an extra coat
DJ: what are you doing here its cold
YS: what about you?
DJ: i couldnt sleep thinking about this and that, is my room uncomfortable?
YS: no its not that
DJ: its not your first time sleeping here
YS: i was drunk back then, pls forget it
Dongjin put the coat on yunshil and yunshil say thanks
DJ: are you not sleeping because of what i said to you?
YS: its not entirely that
DJ: i wont tell you to make a quick decisions, i want you to give some thought on what you really think about me. i failed in a relationship once, i didnt want to rush into decision this time, i thought a lot before i said what i said, so now its your turn
to think, promise me that you will
YS: i will
snows start to fall
DJ: well it looks like i do many things for the first time with you, seeing the first snow, staying out in the temple, and confessing my love for the first time. i dont say this to pressure you, 
YS: where you never in a relationship before?
DJ: i had feelings for someone but this is my first time but you were the first person i ever confessed my feeling to, my life has been a one way road so far, do you think i'm lying
YS: no, its not that, the truth is it was my first time too, it was my first time hearing a proper love confession
DK: its settled then, were both clumsy because we both new at this, so lets understand each other, OK?
YS stare at him for a long time and smile and nod

The snowfall scene is so beautiful, how they finally know each other and promised to be understanding. The eye gazing between them two :heart:

ep 27
YS said to herself while sleeping in dongjin's room, is it okay for me who has so many flaws to like him, while DJ said to himself:
YS has the innocence that i lost years ago, now i just want to be her
shoulder to cry on, a warm heart that envelops her and protect her
in the morning all was going outside and only DJ-YS left at home
YS wokes up at 11 am and find dongjin already set up her breakfast
DJ cook egg for YS, he said he had enough by eating 2 eggs already
YS: why work so hard? i can eat anything
DJ: "i dont like it when you say anything or something, i want you to be treasured, treated with respect"
YS: "i dont know if i'm a person that deserved to be treasured
DJ wash the dishes, GJ dislike it and scold YS
DJ runs to YS asking whether his mom saying makes her sad
she said that it was actually a wake up call for her because it actually wont happened and it will be to greedy for her to like him and cant choose between him or his family which she consider her own
DJ ask are you not interested in me at all
YS answered that it would be a lie, but now its clear that we couldnt be together
DJ watch her go and say: we havent begin yet but she already run away
In her house YS finds out it was DJ who requested the repair
she went into her room and hug the doll DJ gave her and cries
she said she took the right decision but why she keep crying
At night DJ texted yunshil to come into the tailor shop to talk
YS was not going but thinking that DJ will wait until she comes so she finally go
HJ suddenly appear in the shop and met dongjin, she was asking what day is it today to dongjin since its their wed anniv day, DJ completely forgot about it and HJ is so upset
HJ return her wed ring and DJ received it painlessly, YS arrived and notice them talking in the shop
she planned to go but she keep poking in between bushes when DJ saw her and asked HJ to leave
DJ teased YS for eavesdropping but suddenly YS just cries and cries: "why you met her if you like me?" DJ shocked and ask whether it makes her upset. YS said she didnt know what she feels, she just cant stop crying. DJ hug her and say "do you know why? its because you like me"

Another fav scene, where YS finally incidentally know her true feeling towards DJ. And how DJ hug her and tell her the reason why. :wub:

ep 28
"thank you for liking me" DJ caresses the crying YS
they both in the shop, YS was so embarrased she dont want to see DJ in the eyes
she say that she is afraid she will cause so much trouble 
DJ: "there will be obstacles but they will overcome it one by one as long as their our dont change"
when YS reached her rooftop, DJ text her "do i look good from behind" and made lame joke again by making heart shape with his finger but YS couldnt see so finally he make love pose by both arms. YS laugh and he ran away embarrased
the next day DJ fetch YS in front of her house and drag her away from mrs.geum
they took the other way and DJ say that his hand is so cold while waiting for YS and asking for her hands
YS rejected but he took her hands and put it inside his pocket
he told her to walk closely, if she wont, he threatened to carry her
After work they both meet outside, DJ asked for her hands and say they are so cold, he rub her hands and warm it with his breath and put inside his pocket, YS looked so happy and they chat along the way, DJ prepared a suprise dinner which he cooked by himself and failed
and watch movie on YS place, DJ teased her that he used to be known as mr.pretty eyes
after the night ends, DJ met the GP squad and being threatened
The next day DJ called YS that he will be late to work, he drives to the prison and meet GP

My fav scene was the hand-rubbing moment, somehow it really shows how DJ really cares for YS :wub:

DJ confronts GP, DJ was calling YS at his way home but GP already called YS, YS was confronted by GP telling that DJ visited him how she could be so ingrate when he already made so many sacrifices for her, GP even asking how could DJ like someone like YS? YS act brave, admitting that YS loves DJ and even DJ will play with her, she wont regret it. GP threatened to burn the tailor shop and make DJ crippled. YS greeted DJ in front of the tailor shop asking why DJ go there without her. DJ was comforting YS, SD saw it. Since then SD + TP start to suspicing them dating.
DJ take YS out to the beach want to give her rings and necklace, but the plan was failed because the giftbox was dropped to the ocean, DJ runs to take it and wet his pants
They eat in a seafood restaurant, DJ was wearing the owner's husband pants and it was way to short, YS laughed at him and take pics, she said she will look at the photos when she is sad. They starts to eat and DJ asked YS to feed him. 
DJ change his shoes into couple shoes, DJ took pic of their feet together in couple shoes. Since they were wearing the same shoes, DJ asked YS to go back to the beach but YS refuse since they have to go home before dinner. 
At night, DJ called YS asking is she already asleep, DJ said he is only 3 mins from her house. DJ arrived and said that he wants to give her the ring+necklace, the plan was ruined since he dropped it in the beach. YS was so touched and starts to cry. DJ said she should not cry over things like this. DJ put the necklace on YS neck and walk closely to her. YS was closing her eyes ready to be kissed, but DJ stopped there and say he was having a flu, if he kiss her now, she might got the flu. YS said "I have a good immune system, so I am not easy having flu, so it's OK", then they awkwardly getting close but DJ was disturbed by YS eye stare so DJ asked YS to close her eyes, YS obeyed, DJ smiles at her like she was the most precious thing in the world, strokes her hair and he kissed her gently. 
After the kiss, DJ teased her saying "If I know that you want me to kiss you that bad untul you want to caught a cold I would've kissed you sooner". YS was so embarrased and they start to tease each other. GP mom came and fumes at them.

Oh the sacred kiss, I quote some of @bajing beautiful sentence up there, because yes when DJ smiles at her, my heart did skip a beat...:heart:

YS told DJ to go home, DJ was objected and say he will stay here but YS insist that DJ should go home. YS talked to GP mom and feel terrible, finally GP mom is drunk and YS can call DJ. DJ really want to visit her but YS said not to. YS said that it was all because of DJ. DJ thank YS for mustering her courage. YS thank DJ, that although it will be not easy, DJ still wants to lover her. After the call, YS send DJ pic this afternoon when he wore the short pants at the beach, YS said to him don't be sad, she will be sadder when he sad. DJ reply with the couple shoes pic, saying they are walking together to the same direction.
Meanwhile YS was reminiscing her happy moments with DJ and said to herself "I'm happy now, I can't give up, I will focus on myself"
The next day DJ fetch YS at home and asked how is GP mom. GP mom was drank and YS already set her breakfast. YS say she is not alone it is hard but it's bearable. DJ asked YS to take a roundabout route, asked for her hand, put it inside his pocket and walk. YS asked DJ about his flu DJ said its okay. DJ is worried about YS. YS said she had hard immune system. DJ say it sounds like she wants another kiss. DJ was about to kiss her again but YS threatened him that she won't kiss him again. DJ obey and suddenly kissed YS hand, and give YS his hand to be kissed. And tell YS why she always reluctant but always do it in the end. YS wondered is is the right thing to do to keep him close in a risk he will be hurt, but YS decide that she will only think about herself. DJ said the best thing she could do for him is to put herself first. DJ said his lips must has super power because it makes YS brave in just one night.
At the tailor shop, GP mom already wait and confront all of them. Finally SD SN and Mrs Geum knows about their relationship. Finally YS stood up against GP mom and GP mom slapped her in the face. GP moms was handled by SD SN and Mrs Geum. YS runs and cries in DJ hug. DJ take YS to the park and let her sleep on his shoulders. The sun was shining and DJ was protecting her from sun light with his hand (so romantic), YS finally wakes up and say his shoulders must be stiff. He asked YS to do cute gestures and they start to tease each other. 
GP mom went to Meesa to ask for help in releasing GP, but GP met HJ instead, HJ finally knows that it was DJ and YS. She remembered how DJ was defending her when HJ met YS in the competition. HJ drives to the tailor shop, just when she is about to go out of the car she saw DJ and YS walk together happily. She left without meeting him.

The hand-kiss scene, and how DJ protect her from the sunlight just blown me away...kudos to the writer for this heartwarming scripts...:heart:

They went in the tailor shop and apologize to SD and Mrs Geum for the hard time
Mrs Geum asked how long they have been dating. SD asked why YS like DJ, DJ was not a friendly guy after all. YS told SD that DJ is so romantic and funny. DJ was embarrased and tell her to stop bragging about him.
GP mom calls YS, DJ take the phone and talked to GP mom, saying he is not afraid to her. GP mom is heading back to the farm because she has job to do.
DJ take YS to buy a new phone and a new number. They had lunch, DJ told YS to put him in speed dial no1 and to change his name LDJ to Darling/Honey/Yeobo/Mr.Pretty Eyes for he saves her name as Ms.Shiny Eyes.
Back from the tailor shop, SD and Mrs Geum was pretending of having an overtime so DJ ask YS to go home together, DJ even take her coat and bag and put her coat on. DJ YS walk home together talked about DS-TP, YS compliment TP but DJ comments about her bad taste in men, YS said if her taste is bad, how about DJ? and DJ bought a new digital padlock on YS door. YS teasing him for the hydrant incident and they laugh together. DJ asked YS to go home together and visit GJ. At home, YS was putting on her makeup first but DJ said it is not necessary. Inside there is HJ, HJ greet DJ as "yeobo" and YS, YS decide to go home, DJ chase her and ask her to come back. YS tell him to go back because he had a guest. YS walk home by herself. DJ went back and meet HJ.HJ asked why DJ is so mean to her and ask DJ to reunite with her and ask if he is meeting the convict wife. DJ confront her and say he doesn't want it. 
DJ then visit YS at her house, she was cooking ramen and mad. She touched the hot pan, DJ rushed to flush it with cold water, DJ teased her that she is thinking about him, YS was mad. DJ told her not to break the yolk but YS break it anyway LOL. She eats the ramen by herself, DJ asked why she didnt offer him any, and she choked, when DJ teased her she finally cried saying that she is mad and jealous of HJ. DJ say that it means she loves him, and he also feel the same way when YS talked about GP . Then DJ ask for her ramen, YS was up to bring him the chopstick, DJ said they even already kissed, why they couldnt share the chopstick? They drink chocolate outside and YS complaining of how coward she was, and she is going to be brave from now on. DJ was pleased. Suddenly YS kissed DJ on the cheek, DJ was startled and YS said didnt I say I will be brave. They look in each other eyes lovingly.

The very first time YS took the initiative to show her love to DJ and I just love DJ shocked face, it was a mixture between embarrased, shocked, happy, proud LOL :wub:

DJ and YS drink together in a hawker stall, there YS ordered chicken feet, DJ was reluctant to taste, but she insisted when she feed him. YS compliment him for being so mature and grown up. Suddenly GP goons came to insult them. Outside they talked about not hiding anything from each other and DJ compliment her for being so brave. YS suddenly realize DJ button is missing. They went home to YS place. DJ was asking if he should take his shirt off. YS said not necessary and she can sew it on. YS was so close sewing the button and DJ look at her with his trademark look, then YS suddenly lean her head to the front to bite the excess thread. DJ couldnt stand not to hold her and pull her into his arms, he said thank you for everything, he is overly happy to be together wih her.
In her room, YS was mad thinking about HJ still called DJ yeobo. She keep saying "how could she called DJ yeobo since they already divorced". Suddenly DJ called and YS spontaneously call DJ as "yeobo". DJ was overly happy and teased her all over. He keep teasing her by calling her yeobo and ask her to hurry get married. YS said she was thinking about something and DJ ask whether she think about their marriage. YS was so embarrased.
The next morning DJ fetch YS and called her yeobo. YS still embarrassed and tell DJ to forget it. DJ tell her he was soo happy, YS couldnt sleep because she was afraid DJ think YS is so desperate of marrying him. DJ tell her that it is him instead who wants to get married soon, he wants to have a daughter as pretty as her. He asked for her hands and YS automatically put it in his pocket, he teased her for being already used of it. At the tailor shop they finds out that the shop was ruined by GP goons. DJ went to meeting with Jeil dept store, before that he asked YS to give a kiss on the cheek before he left. he teased her by saying "i'm all charged up" leaving YS shy.
GP goons call YS and threatened her about DJ and the tailor. YS hurry to the prison, there he met GP and HJ. YS confront HJ in the end of the ep.

The button-sewing scene and yeobo-call are also my fav. Again a very good timing and moment from the scriptwriter, and amazingly executed by LDG-JYH. The way LDG saw JYH while she was sewing...:heart:

DJ asked SD where is YS, SD tell DJ, YS is going to the prison. DJ is waiting for her in front of the tailor shop. DJ asked where is she go. YS tell him that she met GP telling him to stop disturbing them. YS also tell DJ that she met HJ in the prison. DJ was startled. 
Jeil called DJ asking for a presentation so he had to stay late and extra hours to prepare the presentation. DJ tell YS to wait at home.
YS went home and find GP mom at her place, she insist to stay at YS to watch her daily life. YS decide to leave her alone and left the house. She walked and meet TY, she told TY the story of GP mom. YS stay at the sauna. DJ called her saying he already in front of her house asking her to cook ramen but YS refuse saying the ramen is out. DJ asked to himself whether YS is already bored of him. She then asked DJ to meet her in a convinience store nearby. There DJ feed YS and YS cried. YS say she is thankful for he is so kind and attentive. DJ say she will cry a lot for he will always treat her with care. DJ walk her home but she came back to the saune afterwards. HJ called DJ saying she apologize and regretful, DJ appreciate her for saying that but its already too late, its not easy reheating a feeling thats already cold. HJ mock YS and DJ defends her. DJ hang up saying she is drunk and should go home safely.
TY called DJ telling that YS has nowhere to go since GP mom is in her house. DJ go to the sauna, calling YS saying that he already in front of the house, YS say she will be there immediately to deliver kimchi. YS runs and bumped into DJ in front of the sauna. DJ mad at her why is she not telling him. YS said she didnt want to make him worried. DJ take YS to a luxurious hotel telling her he couldnt let her sleep in a sauna, pls obey just once to make him feel safe, and reserve a suite room for her. Just when they about to enter the lift, they met HJ.

Super love how DJ cares so much of YS, even book the suite room for her, and loove to see HJ face too :tongue:

HJ was mocking YS saying all she got is her body etc...DJ defends her and told HJ to watch her mouth, and said to YS dont let it get into you, and shooed HJ aside. In the room DJ was explaining things to YS since it's her first time entering a hotel room. YS said it was so expensive, DJ say that she is the most precious thing in the world for him, even he himself is on list no 4. YS was asking if all the mini bar is free to eat, DJ say he already pay for everything. DJ left asking YS to kiss his cheek and DJ also kiss her cheek goodbye. She tell DJ how will she manage to sleep in a room so nice and DJ teased her how about him staying there, just kidding.
HJ was drunk and so upset she went home to Lee family house. DJ was so upset knowing about it.
The next morning HJ apologize to DJ, HJ asked him what time he went home and is he sleeping with her. DJ say it is none of her business. DJ say that she knows nothing, since she never been in love.
DJ asked for his parents for a room for YS to stay.
DJ fetch YS at the hotel. He saw YS packed everything in the fridge in her bag. DJ said he was lying so that she eat everything she wants freely. 
DJ was busy preparing YS room by redoing wallpaper and flooring
YS tell DJ that she will sleep in sauna that day. DJ said he already finds a place better than a hotel. YS suprised when DJ take her to his place. GJ was asking YS whether YS know DJ is dating with who. While YS was doing the dishes, DJ is installing the window shutter. He is exhausted an sleep on the floor. YS comes in finds DJ asleep in the floor. She took a pillow for his head but he put his head in her lap instead. YS was thinking to herself whether this is a dream or not, DJ take her hand and also talked to himself, their story will have a happy ending.
DS-TP wedding, DJ was asking if YS wants to get married in a place like this, YS said yes, and DJ say he wont have to propose then, but YS said no, DJ said he will propose to her. 4 men were singing, and when DS-TP saying their vows, DJ squeeze YS hands. YS caught DS flower bouquet and DJ catch TP boutonniere.
After the wed, GP mom was out there and starts to cause trouble but managed to be brought to the tailor shop by TP and SD.

The scene where LDG lay his head on JYH lap, loooove it! Such a warm and comforting gesture from both of them:blush:

MS asked DJ to keep DJ-YS relationship as secret from GJ. YS was waiting in her room when DJ came in telling her that his father is only confused. YS feel burdened and guilty. DJ asked her to just think about both of them. DJ teased that YS catch the bouquet, they ought to get married within 6 months. YS was worrying about MS and apologize to him, but MS said you cant control who you fall in love with. Later GJ was mad at DJ-YS for she saw DJ helping YS doing the dishes. DJ was about to involved in but MS asked him not to. DJ visit YS in her room, brings some beer to celebrate new room and comforting her because she is sad of GJ sayings. DJ said to her he is jealous of DS, imagining his life after married with YS. 
DJ was about to leave the room, but he said although they live in a same house, it feels like he misses her even more then hug her, saying he doesnt want to leave. He teased her how about he sleep there and leave early in the morning, YS reluctant and DJ accusing her of thinking improper things.
GJ begins to suspice YS as DJ gf and confirms it with HJ. In the end of the episode GJ called YS to go home without DJ and told YS to break up with DJ and leave the tailor shop.

YS was crying so bad, met MS outside. She then meet DJ in the tailor shop, DJ asked her to go to christmas eve dinner. YS is still so sad and pretend to look happy in front of DJ. She lied she was out with a friend. 
DJ took her to a romantic dinner, YS told DJ she didnt deserves it DJ said she is the most precious jewel. there he prepared a gift marathon for YS.
First it was a coat, hat and gloves and finally shoes. DJ said it was his mistake, people say if one give a pair of shoes, the person will run away, so he give her another pair to make her come back.
Since YS looked sad, DJ asked whats wrong but YS just smiles.
Outside ppl are looking at them, DJ said it's because YS is so pretty, he ask her to do a selfie
Back at the house, YS thank DJ for giving her the best christmas of her life
DJ later send her a message saying "you are so pretty today, merry christmas"
The next day YS are thinking a lot, and finally decide to leave DJ but she ask GJ to give her time
Back at the tailor shop, DJ is waiting for her asking why she was out for so long
DJ ask her to come home together but YS is asking her for a favor...to be a model for her first suit
DJ said his body is too perfect to be a model for free, YS said she will make him ramyun
Then YS starts to measure DJ, when she measure his back, she couldnt hold her tears, but she manage to hide it from DJ, DJ gaze to her so many times, making it harder for YS

The romantic dinner, how DJ spoiled her with the gifts, and how pretty YS in the coat, hat and shoes. Too bad she could not enjoy them since in her mind she knows she have to go soon. While the suit-measuring scene, beautiful yet heartbreaking in the same time. 


That's for now, I think the next one, recap of ep 37-54 won't be posted until the next weekend because I will have a busy week ahead. Love you all chingus! :heart::heart::heart:

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22 hours ago, luvsdramas said:

For those who have not seen this yet. @pinkdicentra created this labour of love of the on-screen scenes of DJ-YS and shared it on the wolgyesu thread on V-Day, found  on pg 120 of that thread. Copying it here so that there's one more place it can be viewed. 

"Before my break, I have a valentine's day gift to the DJ-YS shippers. Remember a while back when I made a large set of gifs of their moments? During the last peak of the roller coaster ride, I decided to continue those gifs. And because of my OCD, I had to go back to the earlier episodes and finish up those too. Now I have a total of 81 gifs. I've made a tumblr page especially to host this excessive fangirling. If any gif-worthy scenes appear in future episodes, they will be added. Not sure if this is supposed to be an antidote or rather the pouring of salt on the wounds of desperate DJ-YS skinship-seekers, but here is the link: https://wolgyesu-momentsoftruth.tumblr.com/

A bit of trivia: Korean viewers refer to DJ-YS as the 진실 (Jin Sul) couple, which means truth. It is also similar to 真實 (Zhēn shí), also meaning truth or real in Chinese."

Thanks @luvsdramas for your plug of the site! I was waiting for the KBS World Youtube videos in order to finish the gifs for the last two episodes. Everything is now complete. I also found a way to see it in reverse order (the actually story order from ep. 1 to 54) using this url: https://wolgyesu-momentsoftruth.tumblr.com/tagged/the-gentlemen-of-wolgyesu-tailor-shop/chrono

A little bit more on why I said I thought LDG and JYH are equals in the relationship as compared to DJ and YS. LDG said before that he hoped his future partner would be someone who could help lead him because he is too introverted. JYH and LDG have similar personalities, but she is also blunt and takes initiatives when needed. In an interview just before the dating news Ji Seung Hyun said that the couple got his daughter a ring for her 1st birthday. I think Pyo Ye Jin also mentioned in her instagram that they gave her gifts for her birthday. I don't think LDG would have done these things if it wasn't for JYH's lead. Maybe I'm feeling like a mother-in-law, but I feel that JYH would make LDG a better person, haha.

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5 hours ago, pinkdicentra said:

A little bit more on why I said I thought LDG and JYH are equals in the relationship as compared to DJ and YS. LDG said before that he hoped his future partner would be someone who could help lead him because he is too introverted. JYH and LDG have similar personalities, but she is also blunt and takes initiatives when needed. In an interview just before the dating news Ji Seung Hyun said that the couple got his daughter a ring for her 1st birthday. I think Pyo Ye Jin also mentioned in her instagram that they gave her gifts for her birthday. I don't think LDG would have done these things if it wasn't for JYH's lead. Maybe I'm feeling like a mother-in-law, but I feel that JYH would make LDG a better person, haha.

Omo~~~jinja? This just made my day? Since I'm an obsessive plan, can you share the source of the interview? 

Count me in about the mother-in-law thingo, I feel like JYH is my future daughter-in-law LOL

Same like @Frances Teo said above, I have NO MOOD for another drama yet, so I re-run Wolgyesu myself, watch HT (I enjoy watching it so much) and also KBS Volume Up radio...

I really wish JYH know about our existence (a bunch of ppl who are rooting for her) maybe any chingus here have idea on how we could send her maybe a letter or gifts? I already googled the address of KBS radio station but I am afraid if I send the package from here, it will take ages and risky not being delivered properly. IF any of us living at Seoul maybe we can collect the messages, put it into a booklet and send it to her :wub:

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If I were to pick the most and only one favourite scene of LDG-JYH, it would be the near ending scene in ep43 when both were busy with their wedding invitation cards. Everything in that scene is PERFECT for me. The soft tone projected in the whole scene gives a warm and romantic feeling. The music score is so sweet and just volume up right on cue when LDJ stretched out his arms wide asking his Ms. Shiny Eyes for embrace and NYS smiled happily throwing herself into his arms. Both of them were smiling blissfully looking forward to their future as a married couple. The slow-mo of scene editing when they were in each other tight arms leaves the whole scene a timeless and everlasting imprint.  AWWW :wub: I totally love this scene. It always runs in my head every time I think of our DongHee couple.

How about you guys, if you have to choose only ONE scene that you love the most of LDJ-NYS, which one you pick and why? I'm curious to know. kekeke

EDIT: @delphinium8593 you go girl .. how could you do that .. our OTP moments in each scene... it's clearly a painstaking process if not a labour of love, I don't know what to call. Thank you chingu.

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Seems like LDG send flowers to JYH fellow at KBS Cool FM :wub:

And here's Google translate link for above news


I put the translate in spoiler. Need someone to translate it cause you know Google translate make people more confused lol


Actress Lee Dong Gun has presented a flower to a radio program by actress Cho Yun-hee, a lover.

The comedian Kim Young-hee told his SNS on the 6th night, "Please accept the first flower from a man, Donggun's brother-in-law for a sister who has a horn tightly." Yun Hee's envy. "Raise the volume of Cho Yoon-hee. I posted a picture of the chapter.

In the photo, Kim Young Hee and comedian Hong Hyun-hee are staring at the camera with flowers from Dong Gun in the studio.

Also, other photographs contain flowers from Dong Keun. On one side of the small but colorful bouquet is the message "Thank you and love you.

On the 28th, KBS Cool FM 'Raise the volume of Cho Yoon-hee', DJ Cho Yoon-hee directly mentioned his love for Dong Gun. Joon yun-hee laughed at the listener's message that he should be careful of Hong Hyun-hee's Kim Young-hee in the corner on Monday.

On the other hand, Hong Hyun-hee and Kim Young-hee appear as a fixed guest on the Monday corner of "Raise the volume of Cho Yun-hee"


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Their reactions are hilarious! Even if you don't know Korean, you can still hear them referring to LDG as "hyeungbu" (actually in Kim Young Hee's instagram post above you can see the 형부 reference).

@delphinium8593 The first article with Ji Seung Hyun: http://tvdaily.asiae.co.kr/read.php3?aid=14879249931214642002

I think he mentioned again when he was on the radio show with her last week so it was in several articles after that. http://star.mbn.co.kr/view.php?&year=2017&no=146784&refer=portal

From the snippets of info I got, I think he teased JYH and asked if they went to the jewellery store together. JYH said no, she went as a representative.

Pyo Ye Jin's instagram is now set to private so can't see the post anymore.

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just watching again the BTS of Tailor & they both looking happy! :)

@delphinium8593 awesome chronology of the tailor episodes, i can't recall if i already thank you but if not once again thx chingoo for your time/effort & altho i hvnt finished rdg i sure will continue with it! i miss the drama of course!

chingoos here's what i started watching & dunno if some of u already watched it as it's still airing


the family drama is I'll Take Care of Your Father"  am still not sure if i will like it coz it's really heard when u hv comparison but it's with Kim jae won who was also teamed up with our JYH in Scandal. so far it's good but again not sure if i'll go on with it! :wub:


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Pic from drama wrap up party:

LDG's enthusiasm in this picture makes me want to share this thought I have with those who've been fans of LDG for a while. This isn't necessarily a shipper question, but since there's not really anyone at the individual actor thread to discuss this with...I feel that in the last few months of filming Wolgyesu, LDG was the happiest he's ever been since his debut. Does anyone else feel the same way? That's the impression I got based on whatever dramas, old clips, interviews, and photos that I've seen of him. The last time I could sense a genuine happiness from him was during the 2004-2005 period, but even then it doesn't seem to compare to the kind of happiness that he was able to portray through DJ in the drama. I really hope he can continue to be this genuinely happy.

Also, I have some paparazzi style news to report. I'm not bold enough to write it without the spoilers, so:


LDG and JYH were spotted together twice this past weekend. First at the COEX Mall near the megabox movie theaters (source: donga comment board), and second at a restaurant in Itaewon-dong (source: naver blog). It seems like Koreans are respectful with celebrity couples, so no pictures.


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@pinkdicentra great spoiler news! Such good news that they shouldn't be in spoilers... please keep the updates coming. If I were to bump into them at a mall, I would be awe-struck :wub: we wouldn't mind pictures from these spotters, really.. it would increase the happiness level of their supporters! 

Yes I can definitely see the happiness in LDG. It's the Jo Yoon Hee effect and the life lessons of Wolgyesu. Hopefully JYH is The One he has been waiting for and looking for. 

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@pinkdicentra I am a recent fan of LDG since Wolgyesu drama, and I dug up his previous drama to watch (boyfriend type b, stained glass, sweet 18, super daddy, marry him if you dare) and before last eps of Wolgyesu, the last time I see "sparks" in his eyes was back in sweet 18 dramas, there he was still so young and his acting wasn't as good as now. So yes, I never seen he is so happy on-screen. About the off screen, he always put a cool and calm image in interviews, which I came with a conclusion that he is an introverted person and always maintain his cool image (like DJ did in eps 1-30 LOL) but then I saw the pic you upload up there and "wait? Is this LDG?" He seems so free and happy! Yes i wish he finally finds his true happiness. 

Watching the KBS volume up last night really made my day. And yes just like one of chingus here said, JYH is super happy and I never thought she would let LDG to do that publicly. I thought she would like LDG to do it discreetly (ooops maybe it's YS in my mind, but not with JYH)

Thank you again @pinkdicentra I post on the messages that even a wink from LDG to JYH i would like to know *possessive* *obsessive*

I hope they make it this time *crossed fingers*

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JYH is not as beautiful as many korean actresses but her beautyis like sunshine, a breath of morning fresh air, sparkling, refreshing, brightening, captivating and a delight to the eye!! That's why I like her the moment I saw her in the drama MHHAF.  Maybe LDG's life has been brightened since meeting her.  Wish them all the best:heart:

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@delphinium8593 you've been busy with all these old LDG dramas! Anyway, LDG will be on Showbiz Korea on March 8th. I'll only post the news pics in his individual thread since it's his individual interview, but just dropping in to give everyone here a heads up. Supposedly they will talk about the drama which of course includes JYH.



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LDG is so caring. I love how he sent the two ladies flowers to calm them down after hearing that they were mad at JYH for not telling them about her relationship with LDG. The two ladies were pretty funny too. 
I'm sure JYH is texting other people too but whenever I see her on her phone during the radio show, I can't help it but to think that she is texting LDG. Her smiles when she's texting or on her phone shows that she is indeed talking to him. :D I love knowing that LDG and JYH were spotted together going on dates. Ah, I love them so much. Can they just get married already? lol I love how happy LDG looked in the picture for the wrap up party. He's so silly. :D So he's gonna be on Showbiz Korea on the 8th? You just know that they are going to bombard him questions about this relationship with JYH. I can't wait to see shy and in love LDG. :wink: 
As for the weekly entertainment clip on KBSWORLDTV, the title said "THIS WEEK'S HOT CLICK." That means that a lot of people probably watched the raw one for it to be the hot click video of the week. Wow, this couple really is garnering people's attention. Saweet. 
Thanks for sharing all these awesome stuff about this beautiful couple, ladies. I, we, all really appreciate it. 

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On KBS volume up, I loved the way JYH hugged the two ladies too. Poor girl, she must've been worried about her relationships with others too because of the dating news, especially them, rather than the cheekier and probably less sensitive male guests. I'm so happy to hear the news shared abt LDG's interview on Showbiz Korea Arirang. So this means it has been recorded, yeah? I hope it will be Lina Kwon who interviewed him previously when he did Super Daddy. She's a great interviewer! 

U know, drawing a comparison from reel to real, DJ was very clear from the beginning that he wanted marriage. I really hope this is the case for LDG too, even though I understand it's pressurising for the fans to bring up marriage expectations when the adorable couple are still getting to know each other more deeply.

i translated the Donga article on them being spotted at Coex mega theatres. The person says they had their hands together, JYH was wearing a blue coat and LDG had a 'hat' (Most likely a cap?). They walked towards Samsung. And that LDG's head looks small and he didn't look too tall in real life. No manager, just them both. :wub:But that it is obviously them. And also the restaurant in Itaewon-dong appears to be a smokehouse/ Western grill eatery. 

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I guess these days are happy days for us, eh? We got to see LDG romantic side last night, and tomorrow we are expecting LDG to talk about JYH (I hope so, won't expect too much though, since he said back then he will keep it on the down low)

Agree with @Frances Teo I know she is not as pretty or perfectly beautiful like other actresses but she has something that capture my heart LOL she is just so special. Maybe it's her inner beauty shines out, and her kind personality. Love it when she giggles in the end of some sentences on KBS volume up. 

Thanks to @luvsdramas for the idea! *translating the article too* never been so happy about 2 ppl I don't even know in real life I must've been crazy and hypnotized by their charms LOL

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