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  1. My feels when I saw PMY posted a photo on her IG while KJWis travelling to Paris.... Delulu mode
  2. What kind of pattern have you noticed? I'm just so happy that both posted today on their IG and it makes my heart flutter
  3. Did anyone notice this adlib acting of Ryan when he tries to kiss the palm of PMY hands, I felt it was not part of the script and look at how he caress the hair of PMY . I think this is one of the favorite things he does to Deukmi
  4. First time to watch this video of the story conference. Am I the only one who missed this before?
  5. @lighthearted Your observation was accurate it was posted the same day, well I guess this kind of coincidence of posting is healthy for us. I'm looking forward for more spazzing
  6. I just hope we can spazz in this thread even delusional ( just a little bit ) just to make this thread active and also to attract more shippers who were not able to watch it before but since this thread will appear on their timeline it can be great to make this active also. Whoever gives negative feedback here about our ship I guess we need to tell them to respect our opinion the same way we respect their opinion as well. Sometimes when we share thoughts in this thread those silent lurker will soon give their time to share some spazzing observation. This is just my opinion. Sorry if I offended some people here i just want us to be free to share our thoughts for those readers who are curious about LaBit Couple in that way we can also promote them together and individually
  7. Yes it famous in Korea and it is healthy also since most of the ingredients are raw vegetables
  8. PMY is not really active on IG while working in a drama I guess but I noticed how she keeps posting a lot on her IG when she is on a vacation that is the reason she was not able to post for 3 months because her schedule was really tight even KJW seldom post while he was filming the drama. Celebrities tend to post more when they have no other commitments so that their supporters will still be updated on their lives as a celebrity.
  9. I can't help to be delusional after seeing PMY to be like this with both KJW and LMH who we all know was her ex boyfriend before and they end up being a real couple after acting in the drama together
  10. I can't help not to ship them . I love their interactions on their BTS. To be honest I like all the ships of PMY except with PSJ. I just watched the first 2 episodes of the drama and end it immediately but with Her Private Life it was so refreshing to see a Kdrama that is matured on their relationship
  11. I just finish watching the episode 1 and i can't wait for the next episode to be subbed. I have watched The Guest and since I'm still coping with the feels on the finale, I decided to watch and try this drama and It good that it feels different from The Guest although it was all about exorcism but still I can find some twist on the story. Great acting from the main leads.
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