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  1. I still love the show, but it is hard watching the main leads have a lot of scenes with the second leads instead. I’m hoping they’ll at least give us more scenes of the main leads together but they’re not. XX has been nothing but annoyed and indifferent towards GYZ the whole time. i don’t even know how XX came to like him when she’s been with SJS 90% of the time and is more interested in him. I hate how we’re supposed to assume the main lead’s relationship and interest towards each other are mutual later just bc they shared a room and bickers all the time. Right now it’s only GYZ who likes her and who has been more open about his interest towards XX. XX doesn’t even give 2 cents for GYZ and it breaks my heart. She can’t blame GYZ for saying he doesn’t trust her. SJS doesn’t even trust her about the whole “who’s behind all this”, which is understandable too, and she’s not batting an eye at all. I really like her character but the writers definitely know how to make her less likeable at times too. I’m hoping for better and more scenes between our main leads alone in tomorrow’s episodes.
  2. I've been watching this drama and decided to come comment as well. lol I skipped so much, I didn't even realize QMT found out XX is a girl...? Didn't even know SJS knew XX was a girl too. I'm thinking that with SJS protecting the other lady, ODA, this is where it'll kind of strain SJS and XX's friendship. Please just go back to GYZ even though he annoys you. lol I love GYZ's jealosy and his crave to get her attention. He's such an annoying brat but he really likes XX, to the point of trying to copy SJS's personality. LOL The only biggest disappointment is the lack of screen time between the ML's. They have wayyyy to many scenes with the other leads. We're already at the halfway point, so I hope that they start to develop the ML's relationship. I love their bickering but they barely have any civil talks. XX is starting to kind of like GYZ, right? Some times she confuses me. lol
  3. Hey all. Silent lurker here. I don't know if this was ever brought up, because I was not about to go through 277 pages just to find it. lol Anyways, I was on an app and stumble upon this slang term. I was very surprised. I thought it was super smart of the author to name PMY's character 성덕미, because "성덕" (even though 성 is her surname) means a "successful fan". It is a slang word (derived from 성공한덕후) used to describe someone that has been a long-time fan of an idol(s) and then later sees the idol closely or becomes their friend or spouse. Basically describing our precious 성덕미. lol
  4. Those LunZi and YangZi antis are the reason why we cannot have anything thing in this world. I tried really hard to fangirl over their interactions at the award show, but it was hard to fangirl also because it's true that YZ looked like she was kind of giving DL the cold shoulders. He would constantly look at her and talk for a long time and then you would see her give him only a few words back without really glancing at him. She only smiled once in awhile with him. It was quite painful to watch because of how much YZ has to distant herself from DL to not receive any negative response from the fans. In the end it didn't even matter because the fans still gave her a hard time. It sucks that their close friendship has to go this way when in public compared to when they used to be open and free with their friendship in public. This reminds me of a Thai onscreen couple that I love dearly. After they got really popular as an onscreen couple and loved because of their friendship onscreen, but they really hold back a lot now with their holding hands and being quite touchy (as friends), which makes me sad. I really hope that LunZi is fine and still super close behind the scene and that all this no talking is all for public only.
  5. I'm sitting here thinking, "When will we get another LunZi drama that is just filled with romance and lots of long kisses? The steamy and loving kind of kisses that DL has with his other co-stars...?" lol I hope someone pairs the two up soon. It's been so lonely in C-drama without LunZi. I really hope their next drama would be a modern one at least.
  6. I'm rewatching episode 56 when Jinmi crush the snow after XF rejected her confession. So I'm finally understanding that scene, to an extent. We see that XF starts to puke blood after catching a red snowflake then it goes to show Jinmi talking about how the "love token" frost of her soul that she gave him was a weapon after all. It can't hurt others but it can hurt her. We saw how XF had called it useless as it can't be used as a weapon when she first gave it to him. She gave him the frost love token to which he had put it in his soul. When she crushed it, it hurt both of them regardless of him returning it as it already became a part of him. JM thought that it only hurt her but that wasn't the case only. It turned out to be a weapon that did hurt both of them in the end. Or another thing could be because of the elixir that JM gave him that RY messed with. XF coming into contact with cold, aka snow, will trigger the pain that's why he puked blood. I'm sure many of you already figured this out, but I can't believe it took me this long to realize it. LOL I still love both YX-DL and AOL so much. I find myself rewatching all my favorite scenes like a few times a week. I can't get enough of Lunzi. lol
  7. Oh my gosh! Where'd you buy your posters of the drama? Official posters or unofficial?
  8. Someone please create the thread for this beautiful couple because I'm excited (and ready) to hear all y'alls theories and news about these two beautiful people! I'm super obsess and in love with them right now. I'm also having major withdrawals. Hehhe.
  9. Despite the few disappointments from the second half of the drama, I still really like the drama. Even though I didn't really like Princess Demon and Mu Ci's long story, I still like their characters 'cause they played their character so well so it was tolerable. lol Night made me so much upset so that I found his character was unredeemable but dang, it's kind of hard to fully hate Night too. Haha. Uncle Moon Immortal and Pu Chi Jun were the life saver of the drama. They were the OTP's best wingman and fan ever. I really love their desire and many attempts to bring OTP together even though PCJ thinks otherwise at times. lol Xu Feng and Jin Mi was what kept me going. Even though the ending was satisfying, I still feel like there was still something missing. I mean, I still loved it. I just don't feel entirely complete, not 100% satisfied. Just 95%. lol The last few episodes really made me tear up for each characters. My heart literally broke when they showed PCJ cry when Jin Mi died. He was her best friend, the greatest confidante one could ever ask for. It's a pity they did not show him or Uncle Moon Immortal after that scene. I really wish we got to see a bit more of them after that, to know that they're happy and doing well too. As for Sui He, she's done many evil things but the way they killed off her character at the end was extremely disturbing. I mean, she's reaping what she sowed but I couldn't swallow that scene at all. As for Night, I really hope he learned his lesson and will learn to start over. It was kind of sad seeing him all alone in heaven realm with just him, his deer and the girl guard. Looks like it's not as busy and jolly like it once was even though the previous emperor and empress was a joke. Jin Mi, she's been one pitiful character but I love her perseverance when it comes to XF. It kind of sucked not seeing her grieve XF's death but the change was fine. It was nice seeing her come to realize her love for XF and taking risks to amend their relationship despite XF's anger. Now, for Xu Feng. I can't believe my poor baby has to suffer so much throughout the drama. He's literally the most pitiful character ever. My heart broke for him so much. He had to suffer seeing Jin Mi dying in his arms 2x's. Heck, maybe even 3 times. Also, he had to wait thousands of years to reunite with her. What kind of ill-fated love is this? My heart broke when she came back alive from his tear only to disperse again. He was so desperate for her in that scene. It was such a painful scene to watch, in a good way. The ending when he came back for her was sooooo stinkin' cute. Oh my gosh. I watched that scene like 1000+ times, but every time I watch that scene I'm reminded of their behind the scene banter moments. It just ruins it for me but of course in a good way too. lol I still want that behind the scene clip of YZ attacking DL as they were sitting down. I really want to know what went down 'cause she looked pissed when she hit him. LOL But seeing a less accessorized XF was something new. It was a shame that he gave up his throne but it was also understandable. I really love and miss his higher up looking days, especially as demon lord, but he looked so pure when he's just in normal attires and living a normal life with Jin Mi and his son. Ah, I will really miss this drama. It's been one heck of a ride with these two and Night. Hopefully they'll release the DVD soon. I really want one too. If someone finds out and knows where I, we all can purchase it, that'll be great. Also, what I found funny is that XF has been trying to avoid war with the demon world for thousands of years when he was in the heaven realm, but war broke out between both realms when he became the demon lord and partially because of him. He didn't even seem to care that there's a war between both realms. Like, who would have thought? LOL But the war scene was gold. The CGI was amazing. I couldn't stop watching that scene, but I thought they did my XF dirty. He's suppose to be the god of war, but he was literally getting his butt whooped by Night. I mean, I understand it was because XF was at a bigger disadvantage due to the pill's side effect but dang. I still felt cheated. LOL I'm hoping and praying we get another YZ and DL drama soon too. I'm fine with either type genre for their next drama together, but please just let the drama be good and not a drag (or poorly written/produced). These two look so darn good together. It's crazy how they can have such great chemistry on and offscreen as close friends. I've seen many friends unable to illuminate such chemistry both on/offscreen even if they're close friends. YZ and DL, they're such a goals. Friendship goals. LOL I don't plan to watch any of their other dramas, sadly. Until then, I'll be waiting for another DL and YZ drama.
  10. If only Night was as playful and silly like shown in today's episode when Pu Chi Jun faked be him, I would've loved him more. It was so cute seeing him like that even though it wasn't really him. Too bad that wasn't how his character was created to be like. lol It's a pity that they made his character more evil and obsessed with JM in the drama. I can't think of a way he can redeem himself, to make me as a viewer think his ending is justifiable. Maybe it's just me but I didn't feel sad for the floral realm people when Night attacked them. It's partially their fault for believing Night was such a great and nice man that they kept pushing him onto JM and forcing her to stay away from XF. I mean, it's not their fault for not knowing either but just saying, karma. I'm so excited for the marriage scene and just the ending. We're literally 4 episodes away from the ending and there hasn't been a single OTP scene the last 3 episodes. It's really making me depress since there's still more to uncover and one scene literally takes up like the entire episode. lol I don't agree with what all 3 characters have done as they all played a part of what took place and were at fault too, but I do understand and pity them three. Aside from them, Uncle Moon and PCJ are the true MVP. I wish I had a friend like them, especially PCJ. I really admire his love, care and loyalty to JM. He's truly the greatest friend she could ever ask for. I believe all three are playing their characters really well. Heck, even the whole cast has been doing great portraying their characters. DL plays an amazing Phoenix. He has expressive eyes, which I love it when actors can express through their eyes. That's already talent right there. lol I love Leo as Night. He really suits this type of role. He is doing a great job displaying a hurt yet "cruel" person. You know they're good when you can't help it but to really hate their character. I still like Night and pity him to an extent, but he hasn't been on my good side lately. lol Yang Zi is cute as JM. She's doing great so far as I can feel the pain the undergoes every time. Or am I just too emotionally invested that I feel everyone's pain now? lol Ah, just waiting for that happy ending now 'cause i'm tired of them breaking my heart all the time.
  11. Pu Chi Jun's little love story was cute. That I don't mind. I'm glad that Mu Ci killed that bad demon guy but seriously, they prolonged his and the princess's story just for him to die at the end? Like, I expected that but seriously? They could've got that out of the way and done with a long time ago to be honest. Sorry y'all. I just felt cheated today with no OTP scenes. lol I'm only surviving the end of the drama now because of OTP and the HE like some of y'all said. I understand why JM will choose to marry XF regardless of the fact that he "hates" her. She still kept sneaking to demon realm and chose to see him even when she knew he was mad at her and "hated" her. She's the persevering type, more now since she will eventually find out that Night was not a "good" person to begin with. She's not going to give up her love for XF even though she's tired out mentally, emotionally and physically. She may agree to marry Night but we all know she still loves and want to be with XF only. As for tomorrow's episode(s), I'm going to give XF the benefit of doubt for everything he's going to do. Whether he was aware that it was JM who was the bride or not. lol But yassss. Please really be married!
  12. Xu Feng is probably aware that JM is the bride but he likes to act like he's unaware. He obviously wants to proceed with the marriage with JM by acting like he thinks it's SH. We all know he's a stupid bird when it comes to love, but he's definitely not stupid in general. lol I lowkey, highkey wish the marriage goes through though but we all know it's going to get interrupted with the war. And oh my gosh. I remember someone mention how DL needs to put some chapstick on those dry lips of his and now I cannot unsee it. I can't stop staring at it. It's that distracting! Also, they're giving Pu Chi a love story so late into the story. Like, why are they doing this to us now?! We're trying to just get our OTP's scenes from the novel without a rushed ending!
  13. If yesterday's episodes made me sad, today's episodes made me even more sadder. I can't imagine tomorrow's episodes. lol It's not that XF's being clueless about SH being evil or that he was saved by JM. He's too caught up in his "vengeance" and hate (yet love) for JM, yet he's still trying to play it safe too. I think that at this point, XF just doesn't care if SH is a bad person and the one that killed JM's parents. To him, it doesn't change the fact that JM betrayed him by accusing him to be the murderer of her parents and stabbed/killed him. JM did send him so many mixed messages during their time in heaven realm, always confusing him - telling him she'll marry him then say nevermind she's going to marry Night instead. He felt played. I mean, I don't blame JM. It was the unfeeling pill and Night restoring it that caused her to feel that way. It's just that her telling him that she loves him and that she's sorry, is too abrupt for him. He doesn't know if she's being real with him or not anymore because of what he underwent with her previously. Love is blind and so is hate. My heart broke for JM though. When he returned her token back to her and she didn't want to take it back. Those painful tears she shed. I felt that. lol I'm excited fro tomorrow's episodes. I hope they did switch the brides. Hehhe. What annoys me is that they're still adding a few unnecessary scenes. I love the Princess but her story with Mu Ci has got to end. How long are they going to prolong this? We only have like 4 episodes left to cover OTP's scenes.
  14. Dang, today's episode got me emo. lol All main leads basically reaped what they sowed. Deng Lun, I mean, Phoenix looks soooo darn hot as the demon lord. Black really looks good on Deng Lun. I love it when he's just laying there on the chair drinking whatever he's drinking. Oh man. He looked yummy! LOL I must be the only one but I absolutely love it when the main male lead makes the main girl jealous due to the hurt she caused him - vice versa too. Maybe I just love angsty drama in dramas. lol I feel for all characters. It pained me to see Jin Mi hurt from XF's rejection and cold shoulders, but I don't blame XF for acting that way toward JM either. It's a shame that we didn't get the 2nd mutual cultivation but it's whatever. I still enjoyed today's episodes, but I am more excited for tomorrow's episodes. I know we don't have much episodes left, and it breaks my heart that we're only getting so much scenes of OTP left. I can feel it in my bones that the last few episodes are going to be quite rushed and choppy from the looks of it. It's a pity that this drama could've been the one had they not dragged it a bit. Sigh. Nonetheless, it's still a great and enjoyable drama. I just realized that Yang Zi is like 16 days younger than Deng Lun. This is so rare for a lot of co-stars to only be that far apart in age from one another. What kind of fate or drama is this? LOL Oh, the part when JM tried to restore the phoenix flower tree was so heartbreaking. Because she lost her sight to see colors, did she think that the phoenix flowers really grew out and was alive? I wasn't sure if she was crying tears of happiness or tears of pain...?
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