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  1. I absolutely love their characters and wouldn’t mind a season 2, but I would Iove to see 一下cp in another drama together. At least a romance (slight comedy) base drama. It would be great if it was a modern drama too. I’ve been rewatching UTP like crazy this summer. The love for this drama and couple is still burning. lol Still praying and waiting for the two to reunite.
  2. Lol it’s because it’s been the same voice actor dubbing him this whole time. His voice actor has a really nice voice, definitely suits JL. JL’s real voice is super cute and matches him too. lol I’m just waiting for the eng sub for this last Friday’s episode of 向往的生活. They had more interaction in the second episode/part. It was nice to see them talk, even if they were only short convos. And he’ll eachother out too. I can’t believe this episode was the last 一下夫妇 content we will have for awhile. Still praying they win those awards on Weibo so that we’ll at least get something from the two again. I’m still also praying for another drama of the two even if I have to wait for years just to get it. lol
  3. Yeah, the air date for 6/18 real! The first MV by JL himself just came out!
  4. Looks like this drama will be airing soon bc it’s already listed under the ‘coming soon’ section on the iQIYI app. JiaLun is on a roll! I’m glad they’re finally airing his dramas now while he’s hot.
  5. Lol, for real. I don’t even have that many devices to stream. They doing God’s work. Hahah! I name my favorite actors after each month based on when I watched their drama. Hahaha! Li Xian is my June boyfriend, Deng Lun is my August boyfriend although Xu Kai temporarily took that name last August. Now RJL is my May boyfriend, although originally my January, winter boyfriend. LOLOL Is this drama a happy ending or no? Hmm.
  6. LOL Getting 嘉伦 the views he deserves. MangoTV is literally making videos of both LuYi and Ye Chong in one and I’m so done. But I highkey love it. They are really not letting DaRen go like that. Lu DaRen is the only RJL character that deserve rights (to be consistently) mentioned. LOL
  7. lol RJL is there too! I’m so excited to see this episode next week.
  8. RJL probs isn’t base in SH although I’m sure he goes there once in awhile for work. I’m not sure what his schedule is like but it depends on when you’re going too. Watching UTP again and I just love how comfortable the two were in their relationship post-confession. They were not awkward with each other nor were they shy. They treated each other like normal, which made it bearable to watch aka no cringe. lol
  9. Something like that. They basically just spend two days and a night out in the rural with the hosts then return home. One episode can consist of multiple guests coming in but ofc at separate times. If SWL already went there then would one of the nights be only RJL and TSY as the guest and possibly a few other people too aside from the hosts? Hmm.
  10. RJL finally appeared at the airport so most definitely gonna see the two on the show. So excited to watch it. Hopefully it won’t be too long until then.
  11. lol I’m well aware. I just want to see them on the same screen again, that’s all. I’m rewatching UTP again for the thousandth time and I swear I find something new every time. lol
  12. Whether confirmed or not, I hope it happens tho. It’ll be nice to see them both onscreen again.
  13. Yea, now we just have to wait for official announcements for the release of their dramas. It’s a pity that they didn’t strike the iron when it’s hot like yueyyo said. Hopefully the airing date won’t be too far out from now. Anyways, we’re going to get more 一下cp contents coming up! RJL and TSY are filming for the show ‘Back to Field’! They’ll be with SWL and a few others. I’m so excited to see more of these two interact.
  14. Ugh, so annoying. lol I was looking forward to watching it. It did mention 4/9 in the trailer. I could’ve swore it did. But people are speculating that ‘Love A Lifetime’ (it was “Love and Revenge’ lol) will probably air in 2021 but I’m not sure either. They should’ve just aired RJL’s dramas bc of how hot he is right now. TSY too. That’ll garner a lot of views and likes.
  15. Although I’m not too fond of RJL’s look in here, he can still pull it off. So handsome. Extremely excited for the drama to air. People are speculating it’ll air in 2021 tho.
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