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  1. Shipper thread started! As I said in the drama thread, I initially didn't want to be the thread starter for this. Because I didn't want people to neglect LDG and JYH's individual threads, I thought it would make sense that I make this one too (then I won't feel guilty for giving reminders every so often). FYI, Dispatch put out an article after the news: http://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=433&aid=0000026370
  2. Jo Yoon Hee Profile Name: Jo Yoon Hee, 조윤희(Hangul) Birthdate: 1982.10.13 Birthplace: South Korea Height: 170 cm Education: Dongduk Women's University - Broadcasting and Entertainment Blood Type: O Filmography (Drama) 2002: SBS Orange 2003: MBC Love Letter 2004: MBC Best Theater "Butterfly" 2004: KBS2 Snow White: Taste Sweet Love 2006: MBC Love Can't Wait 2007: KBS2 Drama City "GOD" 2008: KBS2 Drama City "LoveForSale.com" 2008: MBC Spotlight 2009: KBS2 Hometown Legends "The Grudge Island" 2009: KBS2 Hot Blood 2009: SBS Smile, You (cameo) 2010: MBC Golden Fish 2011: SBS Lie To Me 2012: KBS2 My Husband Got a Family 2013: Naver TV Love in Memory 2013: tvN Nine: Nine Time Travels 2013: MBC Scandal: A Shocking and Wrongful Incident 2014: KBS2 The King's Face 2015: KBS2 The Producers (cameo) 2016: tvN Pied Piper 2016: KBS2 The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop Filmography (Film) 2003: The Last Supper 2004: Taegukgi 2008: Living Together, Happy Together 2009: 4th Period Mystery (cameo) 2012: Doomsday Book 2014: The Con Artists 2015: Joseon Magician 2016: Luck Key Music video 1999: I Believe (Lee Soo-young) 2000: For You....(Lee Ji-hoon) 2001: Doll (Lee Ji-hoon feat. Shin Hye-sung) 2001: Charari (Lee Soo-young) 2001: Bus Stop (Lee Soo-young) 2001: Fantasy (Lee Soo-young) 2001: Cafe (Lee Soo-young) 2002: La La La (Lee Soo-young) 2002: Debt (Lee Soo-young) 2003: Goodbye (Lee Soo-young) 2003: Left Alone (Lee Soo-young) 2003: I Still Bite My Lips (Lee Soo-young) 2003: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (Lee Seung-chul) 2004: Gwanghwamun Love Song (Lee Soo-young) 2006: Confession (4Men) 2013: Goodbye in Once Upon a Time (Eric Nam) Radio 2016-present: KBS Cool FM Jo Yoon Hee’s Volume Up Awards 2010: MBC Drama Awards – Best New Actress (Golden Fish) 2012: 5th Style Icon Awards – New Icon (My Husband Got A Family) 2012: KBS Drama Awards – Best Couple Award (My Husband Got A Family, With Lee Hee-Joon) 2012: KBS Drama Awards – Best Supporting Actress (My Husband Got A Family) 2013: 6th Korea Drama Awards – Top Excellence Award, Actress (Nine: Nine Times Travel) 2016: KBS Drama Awards – Excellence Award, Actress In A Serial Drama (Laurel Tree Tailors) Official Sites Instagram King Kong Ent Profile Last Update: 2017.02.16 PM me or make a note on the thread if you want something edited. Thanks to the original thread starter. Source: Wikipedia
  3. PROFILE Screen Name: Lee Dong Gun, 이동건 (Hangul), 李東健 (Hanja), イ・ドンゴン (Japanese) Original Name: Lee Dong Gon 이동곤 Baptismal Name: Emmanuel Lee Birthdate: 1980.07.26 Birthplace: Gangnam District, Seoul, South Korea Height: 185cm Blood type: A Religion: Catholic Education: Seoul Whimoon High School, Seoul Institute of the Arts - Department of Broadcasting and Entertainment, Hanyang University- Department of Theatre and Film (Incomplete), Kyung Hee Cyber University – Culture and Art Management Date of Debut: 1998.04.28 (after singing audition in 1997) FILMOGRAPHY (DRAMA) 1999: KBS2 Ad Madness / Kwangki 광끼 2000: MBC Three Friends 세친구 (sitcom) 2001: KBS2 Can’t Help Being Born Well! 잘난걸 어떡해 (sitcom) 2002: MBC Friends 프렌즈 (Korea-Japan co-production) 2002: MBC The Thought of Wearing Rubber Shoes on the Wrong Way 고무신 거꾸로 신은 이유에 대한 상상 (Music drama special) 2002: MBC Ruler of Our Own World 네멋대로 해라 Viki Dramafever 2003: MBC Ling Ling 링링 (Korea-China drama special) 2003: MBC Forever Love 죽도록 사랑해 (weekend family drama) 2003: KBS2 Sang Doo! Let’s Go to School 상두야 학교가자! Dramafever 2003: SBS A Problem at My Younger Brother’s House 흥부네 박터졌네 (daily drama) 2003: MBC Noh Chun-Huang vs. Ahn Mong-Ryong 노춘향 vs 안몽룡(TV special) 2004: KBS2 Sweet 18 낭랑18세 Dramafever 2004: SBS Lovers in Paris 파리의 연인 Dramafever 2004: SBS Stained Glass 유리화 2006: SBS Smile Again 스마일 어게인 2007: Mnet If in Love Like Them 사랑한다면 이들처럼 (Music drama special) 2008: MBC When It’s At Night / Night After Night 밤이면 밤마다 Viki Dramafever 2013: KBS2 Marry Him If You Dare / Mirae’s Choice 미래의 선택 Viki Dramafever 2015: tvN Super Daddy Yeol 슈퍼대디 열 Viki 2016: IQiyi Hello Mr. Right 老师晚上好 (Chinese webdrama) 2016: KBS2 The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop / Laurel Tree Tailors 월계수 양복점 신사들 (weekend family drama) Viki KBSWorld 2017: KBS2 Queen for Seven Days 7일의 왕비 Viki 2018: JTBC Sketch 스케치 Dramafever 2018: SBS Fox Bride Star 여우각시별 2019: KBS2 Angel's Last Mission: Love 단, 하나의 사랑 2019: TV Chosun Leverage: Fraud Control Operation 레버리지: 사기조작단 FILMOGRAPHY (MOVIE) 2002: Family 패밀리 2005: My Boyfriend is Type B B형남자친구 2007: Love Song 애가 (Short music film for singer The Position’s "Love Song" album) 2007: Love Now / Changing Partners 지금 사랑하는 사람과 살고 있습니까? TBD: Encounter 邂逅 (China) DISCOGRAPHY (FULL ALBUM) 1998: Time to Fly (released in Japan 2005) A Beautiful Start 아름다운 시작 Youtube When I am Not in the World 내가 세상에 없을땐 Youtube Last Goodbye Youtube Proposal 프로포즈 Youtube Separation of the Soul 영혼의 이별 Youtube Hope My Wish to Reach the Sky 나의 바램이 저하늘에 닿기를 Youtube If Together 함께한다면 Youtube The Shadow 그림자 Sad Trust 슬픈 믿음 Youtube Paper Airplane 종이비행기 Youtube 2000: Much More (released in Japan 2005) Whenever It Is 그게 언제라도 Youtube Memory Because We Stay Forever 우리 영원해 Alright With That Only 그걸로도 괜찮아요 Sorry미안해 No 아냐 To My Lovely Lady 내 아름다운 그녀에게 This Line I Do Not Even Know 이런줄도 모르고 Proposal 프로포즈 (Techno Remix) 2008: My Biography My Biography Youtube Kanashimi Ni Sayonara 슬픔은 안녕 (Korean Version) Youtube Boku No Subete Glass Goshi Ni Kieta Natsu 유리창 너머로 사라진 여름 (Korean Version) Youtube Shooting Star Kotoba Ni Dekinai 말로 할 수 없을 만큼 (Korean Version) Tsuki Akari Youtube Your Song Youtube Saigo No Ilwake 마지막 변명 (Korean Version) Anata Ni Aitakute Missing You 보고 싶어서 (Korean Version) Youtube Tsuki Akari 달빛 (Korean Version) Youtube OST / SINGLES / FEATURES 1999: El Dorado엘도라도 (cover, Ad Madness/Kwangki OST) Youtube 2002: My Love (Ling Ling OST) Youtube 2003: Two Persons둘이서 (Forever Love OST) Youtube 2003: My Lady (Forever Love OST) Youtube 2004: Friend 친구 (Stained Glass OST) Youtube 2005: And I Love You So (cover, My Boyfriend is Type B OST) Youtube 2007: Love Now (Love Now / Changing Partners OST) Youtube 2007: Friends (feat. for The Position / Lim Jae Wook) Youtube 2008: Tsukiakari / Moonlight Youtube 2008: Salad Song (feat. for Yoon Eun Hye, Samsung fridge CF) Youtube 2009: Believer (Japanese drama サギ師リリ子 OST) Youtube MUSIC VIDEOS 2005: Tardy Love (Eun Hyul) Youtube 2007: A Day (Position) Youtube 2007: Last Farewell (Big Bang) Youtube 2007: Don’t Love Her (Lee Hyori) Youtube 2009: Tomorrow (4Tomorrow) Youtube: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 MUSICAL 1998: Wandering Stars 방황하는 별들 HOST / MC Around 2000-2001, a variety of broadcast including (titles are approximate): MBC Radio Lee Dong Gun and Lee Jae Eun’s Click1020! MBC Music Broadcast MBC All Star Song SBS Music Entertainment SBS Happy Party KBS Music Enter KBS Freedom Expression 2011: Friends FM (South Korean Defense Institute) COMMERCIALS (SELECTION) 2001: High Mart (multiple versions) Youtube 2004: Orion Snacks (multiple versions) Youtube: Version 1, Version 2 2004: Lotte Health Beverage 2004: Favore Home Shopping Youtube 2004: KT Nespot Swing cell phone Youtube 2004: Instant Ramen 2005: GS Home Shopping (multiple versions) Youtube: Version 1, Version 2 2006: 99 All About Nature Youtube 2007: Hyundai Motors Tucson Youtube 2008: Hicar Auto Insurance 2008: Korea Tourism Organization Youtube 2017: All New Malibu Youtube VARIETY SHOW APPEARANCES (SELECTION) 2003: KBS Happy Together Ep. 96 (September 11) 2004: SBS Ya Shim Man Man Ep. 53 (March 29) 2004: SBS Ya Shim Man Man Ep. 75 (August 23) 2005: SBS Ya Shim Man Man Ep. 95/96 (January 17, 24) 2005: KBS Happy Together Ep. 167 (January 27) 2005: SBS Kim Yong-man & Shin Dong-up’s Favorites Ep. 40 (February 1) 2007: SBS Ya Shim Man Man Ep. 222 (July 30) 2013: FNC Cheongdam-dong 111 Ep. 1 (November 21) 2014: FNC Cheongdam-dong 111 Season 2 Ep. 3 (March 27) 2016: KBS Happy Together Ep. 467 (September 29) KBSWorld 2018: SBS My Ugly Duckling Ep. 106-107 (September 30, October 7) 2018: KBS Happy Together Ep. 567 (December 13) AWARDS 2004: 2nd Andre Kim Best Star Awards – Best Star Award 2004: SBS Drama Awards – Top 10 Stars 2004: SBS Drama Awards – Excellence Award, Actor in a Special Planning Drama (Lovers in Paris, Stained Glass) 2004: Dong-a TV Fashion Beauty Awards – Best Dressed 2005: 41st Baeksang Arts Awards – Most Popular Actor in Film (My Boyfriend is Type 2008: Seoul Hallyu Festival – Plaque of Appreciation 2008: 25th Korea Best Dresser Swan Awards – Best Dressed Actor 2008: MBC Drama Awards - Excellence Award, Actor – When It’s At Night 2015: 4th APAN Star Awards – Hallyu Star Award 2016: KBS Drama Awards - Excellence Award, Actor in a Serial Drama (The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop) 2017: KBS Drama Awards - Excellence Award, Actor in a Medium-Length Drama (Seven Day Queen) AWARDS NOMINATED (SELECTION) 2005: 42nd Korean Bell Award – Best New Actor in Film – My Boyfriend is Type B 2008: 45th Korean Bell Award – Best New Actor in Film – Love Now OFFICIAL SITES FNC Profile Page Facebook Weibo OTHER SITES Daum Fancafe (Donggunazooms) Naver Profile Wikipedia: English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese Dramawiki, AsianWiki Viki, Dramafever IMDb, Douban Baidu Profile, Baidu Bar Last Update: 2018.08.01 Information was gathered from the various sources listed above. I've tried to be as comprehensive and accurate as possible. However, if there is anything you want to add, delete, or edit, please PM me or leave a note on the thread. Special thanks to the original thread owner rafaelle as well as past and present Lee Dong Gun fans who uploaded all the Youtube videos.
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