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  1. Aww, I am glad that my rant help you get over the ending a lil bit. And yes to all the wasted screen time *shake head* and double yes on mourning the great loss of this potentially good drama. It was set to become one of my favorite, until.....it wasnt.... Let's just have a hug of solidarity and move on from this drama. I will miss this thread and all of you. Thank you for everything everyone. Until next (hopefully better) drama!
  2. I actually had a small hope that watching the finale with sub will make the ending felt less jarring, but nope, watching it with sub, made me felt angrier. Some may feel that I belabor too much about the ending, but I felt that I need to articulate why I felt so cheated by the ending just so that I can get over it. So here goes. I know that the drama got cut from 40 eps to 32 eps, but imho it's no excuse for this haphazard ending. 30 but 17 was also got cut by the same number of episodes, but somehow managed to give its viewers a satisfactory ending. The key word here is satisfactory. I have long given up on great ending in kdrama. I have watched probably around 100+ kdrama, but have probably only less than 10 dramas that I felt have perfect endings and none of them are romance dramas, heh. So what I am trying to say is that I have quite a low bar for a drama ending. I dont expect a super perfect ending, but I do want an ending that felt earned and fit the overall tone and message of the drama. 30 and 17 managed to do that despite the cut. Yes, some story thread sort of left by the wayside (e.g. where was RA at the end of the drama?!), but it still managed to give us some sort of a cohesive and satisfying ending. And how did it do that? By focusing on things that are important and the best part of the drama, which is SR and WJ journey to healing. Now compare it to this drama. The writer, despite the cut, decided to instead focus on the redemption of IW, a character that most viewers could care less. It's probably fine had it not done in such an inefficient ways (how many scenes do we need of IW snaking around with the head of the mafia?!!) and kept to the minimum, i.e. got it resolved in one or two episodes. Instead this arc got dragged on until the first 25 minutes of the finale. What drove me almost insane, this focus on IW was made at the expense of the main characters' journey. I was hoping for more growth in YR and SY as characters, both in romance and non-romance aspect (e.g. I want to see YR bloom into a competent worker!). But ever since the drama took an "IW-turn", the growth of YR and SY went sort of into a halt, because now the most important thing is the redemption of IW. It's probably forgivable had this story arc told with more finese, but, good Lord, what a sloppy writing! (e.g. how lame was the resolution? nobody go to jail after that stunt?!!!!) The last 6 episodes of the drama felt schizophrenic and incoherent, one side we have the very human struggle of YR, SY and people in the airport; and on the other we have this power struggle which involves the mafia. The strength of this drama has never been on its plot, but on its depiction of the daily struggle of the characters that populate this universe. The IW-turn practically sucked out almost all of the warmth and contemplative tone of this drama. On top of IW's arc, the last scene of the finale felt like a huge slap for me. I have always thought that the drama is about the journey of SY and YR to accept and love themselves for who they are. The last scene practically nullify all this growth because I am not sure that SY has learned his lesson that he is worthy to live and be loved even when he is disabled. He virtually went into an exile and came back once he was "whole" again. So what's the point of all the angst and rumination about self-worth for the past 15 episodes?! If at the end, we are back to square one? Am I the only one who see this as a huge disappointment? I think I wdve been mollified if we're shown that SY indeed has learned his lesson and he wears his wearables for practical purpose instead of because he felt that he has to in order to feel "normal". Which of course we cdnot not get this because IW's arc is more important than showing us this *grumble grumble*. To add insult to the injury, his recovery process was done without YR in the picture! WTH drama?!!! I seriously dont get what message that this writer is trying to convey in the last episode. That YR and SY can work as a couple only if SY wears his wearables? Then why do we have YR practically begged him to live for her without his wearables no matter how difficult it will be? or is this an indictment of the Korean society? that SY can only come back to the country when he no longer need to be on wheelchair? Isnt this all running counter to all the messages that the drama has made so far? What are you trying to say writer?!!!! *breathe in, breathe out* Having said all of this, I am still grateful for this drama for making me fall in love with LJH and CSB. I have always love LJH as a movie actor, but this is the first time that I fell for him as a romantic hero. And CSB has carved a huge presence in my heart with this drama. Their chemistry is almost out of this world. Even as the drama took a frustrating turn, their chemistry remains strong and impactful. There is a sincerity in all of their interaction that everything seems to stop whenever they share their moments. Despite the ending, I would like to remember this drama for it's beautiful romance between these two characters. For that, thank you for bringing these two actors together. I hope sometimes in the future we can have a reunion between LJH and CSB in a better romantic drama, with a better ending please!
  3. Ahahaha......*flipped table* Edit: ok, i have calmed down a bit. Seriously, k-drama writers need to be sent to "how to write a satisfactory drama ending" school. Too many of them have failed. I have such a lousy luck with kdrama ending in the past month, first third charm and now this. Thank God that The Guest had such a strong ending, otherwise I may have to swore myself off kdrama forever. But for now, I am staying away from k-drama romance. Too many of them got derailed at the end. What a way of ruining the beautiful story and awesome cast. I want Lee Je Hoon and Chae Soo Bin together in a different drama that's worthy of their talent. Not this halfbaked story thrown in our face in the last hours of this drama life. I had faith in you writer!!!
  4. It boggles my mind that, in the penultimate episode, this writer decided to focus on the weakest part of the drama (anything related to IW) instead of its strength (anything N.O.T related to IW). I know that kdrama writers have quite uneven records in terms of creating a satisfying ending, but seriously, WTF show?! (sorry for the angry rant, but I need to get this out of my chest )
  5. I was expecting to be angry at SY for being so stubborn about his own health in this episode. But his conversation with Mr. Jang shed so much heartbreaking insights into his psyche. I am still very angry, but not at SY. Instead I am so furious at the society that has made him felt so insufficient for what he perceived as not being "whole". How bad it mustve been for him to choose possible death over going back to his old life on a wheelchair. I was practically gasping at his desperation and drive to just live in the moment. Bless YR and her heart for trying her best to be with and for him. Yes, she was bumbling around with her effort, but that's just so YR. I trust that she will not lost her way in regards to this matter. Despite her bumbling way, she seems to always manage to get through SY's defense and get to the heart of the matter. I hope tonight episode will focus on YR's efforts to make SY realize that he will be loved and perfect as he is, with or without the prosthetic. This drama made me wonder the state of disability rights in South Korea. I actually did some research on this, and I have to say that the drama depiction may not be too far from reality: - http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20170917000140 - https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/09687599.2017.1321223 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51zUKR0camI&list=PLqXeWt98fEwoDYHJePfF46uz_hq3Z9VZN&index=73 I hope this drama brings more awareness about the challenge that people with disability faces in South Korea. I am glad that the rating for this drama is quite good. I hope this will have an impact on the way people perceive this issue. Still hating the whole mafia arc (I'd rather have those screen time used for other people, even for Manager Gong!), but I guess I have to just brace myself since the writer appears to be hellbent on trying to redeem IW, sigh.....
  6. This drama has tons of glaring problems (like seriously, many of the airport cases are not quite realistic), but what it does right is in the characters that populate this drama. The drama somehow managed to imbued warmth throughout its run, and I appreciate the contemplative tone that it has taken. On top of the awesome characters, I think what the drama has done best is in creating one of the most moving romance progression in my recent memory. It's rare to see a kdrama OTP who is so balanced in their relationship. Both of them are so giving towards each other. And there's something about YR and SY as a pairing that somehow makes something as ordinary as holding hand become such a momentous moment. All their romantic moments, either big or small, always felt so sincere and heartfelt. I think this week's episodes belong to YR. I was completely moved by her bravery to face her demons (in the shape of a bully); plus her patience and understanding towards SY. One thing that I appreciate about YR as a character is her simple kindness to people. For example, when she witnessed DK and YJ fighting after he let the mafia guy got away, she helped the housewarming party happened to cheer YJ. But she's not expecting thanks from YJ for doing that. Similarly, when she stood her ground and not ratting YJ's name to Team Leader Choi, she's not expecting thanks or anything from YJ. She did all of those just because and without any expectation. I remember that the homeless man once said that she has a pure soul. And I agree with his assessment. Her biggest flaw is her insecurity that can be all consuming for her. Which is why having people like Team Leader Yang and SY as a calming force for her nervous energy is the best growing process for her. Both of them know how to direct her in a positive direction without making her feel small and incompetent, or emasculating her agency. Case in point, when Team Leader Yang gave her the pass. Even though she gave YR advice, she lets YR decides on her own what is best for her. Stripped from her constant need to prove herself due to her self-confidence, YR is actually quite astute in reading about people (except probably reading ES true intention. But ES kind of bring it to himself by squandering his chances). Which is probably why she can understand SY at almost telephatic level. It's interesting how similar SY and YR's confession is. When SY confessed, he did not expect anything from her. He gave her space to think through her feelings. Similarly, when YR confessed, she also didnt expect anything from him. She gave him space to decide what he wants. This is probably one of the healthiest relationship that I have witnessed in kdrama. Yes, SY is hiding things from YR, but YR sort of have gut feeling about it and she understands, through her past experience, that everyone has something that they fear to let other people know. I really like the title of the last episode so much: knowing your pain vs embracing it. She may not know the full extent of his pain, but she damn sure tries hard to embrace them. It takes a special kind of bravery to be able to do that. Lastly, because this is becoming such a long post, my suspicion about YR being adopted is getting stronger and stronger. I wonder whether this is the secret that she's so afraid the girl bully to divulge . But I still cant seem to understand why. Unless getting adopted is also something frowned upon in Korea, which, if true, is very sad. I also wonder whether this drama depiction about how people in Korea treat people with disability is correct or close to reality. If it is, it's such a sad sad affairs. I hope this drama brings more understanding about this problem in the country.
  7. I understood only partially, but I practically bawled at YR confession scene. It's very beautiful but also very sad. My heart ached so much. I really want to hug them both and tell them everything will be okay, sniff... and kudos to both LJH and CSB. The way their acting complement each other gave me a shiver. That scene is just pitch perfect with all the right emotions. I am in awe at their mastery of their craft.
  8. I hope you're right. No, I need you to be right!! I rarely see a kdrama where the OTP went through thick and thin together without giving up on each other. I hope this drama buck the trend. Let's cross our fingers. Looking forwrd for tonight episode. I hope we will get some fluff because I kind of miss seeing YR and SY just being adorable.
  9. Crap, is this an indication that we're gonna have noble idiocy from Yeorum? I am having a very very very very very bad feeling about this... Also, I love Lee Dong Gun as an actor, but dear lord his character here is making me want to claw at his face. IW is such an unsymphatetic villain. I hope he will not be redeemed at the end. But this is kdrama, he most likely will, heh..
  10. I am very bummed that we have only one episode this week. Mostly because this kind of interruption usually affects the flow of the story, in particular the cliffhangers. Darn you SBS! Now, to the episode. I love the implied parallel between SY and YR. Both of them have fear of people's gaze and judgment, but they cope with it in such a different way (probably due to differences in their experience). SY copes with his disability by regressing into his shell and putting people at arms length. YR, on the other hand, choose the opposite way, by putting on a brave front and being kind of in the face with other people. But both of them have tons of fear and insecurity stemmed from people around them that they havent gotten over with. And I expect their romance will slowly help heal the wound in their hearts by meeting someone who likes them for who they are. I love how YR makes SY becomes more open, while SY makes YR more grounded. That, my friends, is how you make a good romance. This recent development about YR's family makes me super curious. It's surprising to know that she has been abandoned by her parents given how loving her relationship with both her father and mother appears. I wonder whether she's adopted which then explains the abandonment issue? But that does not explain why her family was subjected to unwanted scrutiny by people around them. I mean, having an adopted daughter (if she's adopted), does not seem a huge reason to warrant curious gaze. Hmm...curious-er and curious-er...I am excited to see where this writer will bring us with not only SY's journey, but also YR's. I do wonder though whether their attraction is partly explained by their instinctive connection regarding their fear. Given her experience, it's no surprise that YR has enough sensitivity not to probe about SY hands and very respectful of his boundaries. And gosh, can I just repeat how much I love how she appreciates SY for his awesomeness in normal things, like being a good cook?! The more I watch this drama, the more I find not only SY, but also YR, to be more and more lovable. I just love both of them, flaw and all. They both so squish-able!! Let me cap this long post by saying that this drama makes me appreciate the two lead actors even more (I have a soft spot for both of them before this drama, but I have now become a huge fan of them both). I love the way they emote with their eyes. This drama can be quite subtle in the characters' interaction where a lot of things are not said and need to be read between the lines (or rather between the gazes, haha). So I am glad that both leads have such expressive eyes. In the hand of lesser actors, I dont think these two characters can be this appealing and have this kind of sparks. So kudos to both actors. Can't wait for next week! I better get my 2 episodes!
  11. In case there's a misunderstanding, I actually am not trying to convince you. The aim of my post is just simply to put my 2 cents in writing to provide a different point of view as I felt there are rarely post about YR as a character. I apologize for using your post as a spring board and hence may make you feel that my post directed specifically at you. You are entitled to your opinion as well as I am to mine. So no worries if you think YR is so undeserving of SY, while I think the opposite
  12. Aww..dont be too hard on my baby YR :) Hello everyone, I decide to de-lurk to write this post of "in defense of YR", heh. I know many viewers felt her annoying. But I, on the other hand, find her character to be quite endearing exactly because she's far from perfect. And I actually love what this writer is trying to do with her character so far. Slowly we see that there's more to her than the first two episodes have shown. I think her insecurity and desire to prove herself became her undoing as it send her in a wild goose chase, full of questionable and reckless decisions, for the sake of an acknowledgement from her superiors. And I do wonder whether this is born out from the treatment of the superiors from her previous department. I surmise this because of the scene where she got her pay docked for two months. Later on we knew that it's because the drunk customer sexually harassed her. But the higher-up so ready to throw her under the bus, and I am suspecting that this was not the only time that the higher-up ended up sacrificing her, as also evident from the case where she was forced to apologize, or even kneel down, to the rude congressman's daughter by the director. As the episodes go, and once she let her insecurity slowly go, I find her to actually not as horrible worker as I initially imagine. For example, when she was late after hiding her luggage, she reported to mr. Gong that she has ordered the barriers and will check the order before mr. Gong even ask her. And I like that YR has such a soft heart. When everyone says that there's nothing that they can do to reverse the immigration decision about the couple from the Philippines, she's the only one insisting that they should do something. And lastly I love how chill she can be sometimes, like when NJ told her she doesnt have to act cool on her own, which is actually quite rude given how much YR tried not to rat her, YR only smiled and asked whether DK and NJ want to join her and ES for a beer. In short, this girl has tons of charms in my eyes. On what SY sees in her, my 2 cents is that because she's always treated him like a human, not some enigma to be solved. Yes, SY has had a crush on her the moment she stepped in the cafe, but I think his feeling really grows beyond just a crush after knowing her more. And how can he not fall more for her. She's probably among a few people who consistently treats SY like a person first before anything else. After knowing that he's the same guy that helped her in the accident, she sincerely thank him and her behavior with him stay the same. She didnt treat him any different, she still bickered with him and even called him a jerk (undeservingly if I may say). After knowing about him not being able to feel pain in his right hand, she still fussed about the said hand and told him that she wont tell anyone about it. And she respected him enough not to ask him about what caused his hand to be the way it is. One tidbit that I really love about the bus scene is when she kept to herself when she realized that SY didnt plan to acknowledge her in the bus although sitting practically next to her. After the confession, I love how her insecurity about whether she's deserving of his feelings comes not from his "super power" but from his competencies at work that she considered far too superior compared to her. And when she knew about his disability status, how much I love that she still ask why her, indirectly implying that she still feels the same about how she fell short to be at the reciving end of his affection. His worth didnt lower, i.e. becomes closer to her, even after she knew about his condition. For all of these reasons, I can totally see why SY falls further for her. She sees him as an ordinary human, who has special circumstances yes, deserving to be treated as a person, not some impossibility that needs to be crushed (in IW's case) or mystery that needs to be probed (in Mr. Choi case before SK put a brake on him). Sorry for the long post. But I tend to get carried away when I am passionate about sth, just like YR, haha.
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