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  1. Homeland obsessed here until they messed with Quinn. I can barely get through Season 6 so I abandoned it completely. Thanks for this!!! I've been wondering where they filmed the show.
  2. Hello! I've had Soompi for a few years now and I had no idea this page existed!!! I LOOOOVE 2 Days 1 night season 3 and have been following them from the very beginning! I'm so happy I found this page lol I plan to visit Korea in December and hoping to visit KBS station on a Friday for a very slim chance of seeing if the 2 days 1 night cast will be there to film the opening scene lol again-very happy to have come across this and hope to post again soon!
  3. This made me cringe. UGH he's despicable I really hope there's a time jump and An Jeung-Wan is included in the drama.
  4. So sorry if this was mentioned in the past but does anyone know which year Mr. Sunshine is supposed to end at? Was it 1907 or was it never specified? Just wondering bc I thought it would be interesting if they include the assassination of Ito Hirobumi Also - did they mention what happened to Lord Jeung-Mun after he was rescued? I might have missed it
  5. Thank you for pointing this out, I woke up this morning feeling grateful that I live in a country where there is no war but I also reflected on the countries that are currently suffering. I also liked how you pointed out AS' cousin! She gained my respect when she refused her husband. Speaking of gaining respect: I also found a new respect for one of the young noblemen following LWI around. I doubted him seeing as how easily scared he would get for thejr cause but in the end, he really proved his loyalty to his friends and to their cause. Will be back later to post thoughts on Ep 20!
  6. Thanks so much for sharing this! I just finished up 19 and was reeling from all the casualties of the episode. Anyone else felt this episode was an absolute bloodbath ?! It was crazy! I was literally holding my breath the moment AS's aunt yelled "HuiSong!" I actually thought that it was the end of him! Loved how it was AS and RA That saved him! Favorite scene would have to be Lord Go visiting AS while she was locked in the shed. His apology to her for the things he said was beautiful. So happy that this was included before his passing. Just when I thought I couldn't despise LWI more, ep 19 proves me wrong. Every single time he appeared on screen, I couldn't help but cuss at my TV. Loved the scene where the emperor smacked the crap out of him. I absolutely hate when LWI can get away with the crap he says ugh! Loved how they showed how much KH emphatized for the victims of LWI. Lastly, my heart breaks for Gunner Jang
  7. Loved this because he did deserve to walk through it with dignity - he didn't need to get involved and essentially warn Lord Go about what happened to the letters and yet he did it. Other thoughts on this weekend's episodes: - loved the character development from HS. With him assuring AS that he has a plan as well as accepting the fact that someone else is in her heart was amazing. Finally deciding to have a purpose in his life by opening up his newspaper business was great! - loved the dream sequence of EC and AS in America. She looked beautiful and they looked so happy + in love - loved how the Queen was protrayed as intelligent and strong! How she believes that women should also be educated - loved the part when Hina realized that Lee Jung Min knows where her mom is and she cussed out "That SOB" LOL made me laugh, true to her feisty nature - speaking of Lee Jung Min, if anyone else here watches the American tv show Homeland, I'd say that his character bears a lot of resemblence to Saul. In that, he will go through all lengths and use anyone in order to protect the country he loves - loved loved loved the ending where the letters are sent through the RA + Gunner Jang!!! That was SOOOOOOOO cool! Shows how stubborn, resilient, and strong Lord Go is and where AS got these traits from I cannot wait to see what happens next! I hope more of the RA now that the EC / AS romance is essentially out in the open
  8. It's midnight right now where I'm from and I should be heading to bed but OMG I had to leave a quick comment on here about how amazing episode 14 was! The high rating is definitely well deserved. What an absolutely stressful episode, I literally was on the edge of my seat the entire time! Ahhh loved loved loved the moment when AS started translating Joseph's letter to EC as a way to console him! Had me in tears
  9. Ahhh thank you for clarifying - that scene makes so much sense now lol Also thanks for sharing this, again, the scene about how he told her not to turn around makes so much more sense! Yes! This drama is so beautiful and interesting that my husband is also hooked with me and he never cared for dramas before this lol Loved the rest of your post and agree with it as well. I'd like to add that one of the reasons why I love this drama is how unpredictable it is. Yes it follows some sort of kdrama structure but at the same time, it doesn't. You don't really know what's going to happen next. The characters are written where there's an added layer to their personalities. The writers show that there's more to them than meets the eye, as we've seen in the last episode. The development of the story and the characters goes beyond the typical storyline and it keeps me coming back for moooore lol
  10. Thanks for bringing this up! I totally forgot to mention the Ronins in my last post - that was another of my favorite scenes from ep 12. I loved how they made time to explain briefly the meaning of being one of the Ronins. I think DM mentioned that they don't care about each other only that they still have use for one another. I don't think that's the complete truth, I think he said that to scare that douchebag that was messing with them. In truth, it looked like DM found the family he had always wanted with Yujo and gang. Especially since he cared enough to tell Hotoru to not turn around as he sliced one of the guys for hitting her. Totally love how they showed emotion behind Yujo's character as well. It shows that he's also human and not just a killing machine. I really hope they show more Ronin story.
  11. Episode 12 has to be one of the most touching episodes. Loved the face off between the two strong female characters! I also loved how they met up later on to come to an understanding of what happened that night. That "will they be clawing each others eyes out" tension was there, it actually made me really anxious lol We find EC and AS finally come back together with an understanding that their moment together is not forever so why not just enjoy each other's company; treasure each moment together while they still can? The courtship in the show was adorable and beautiful, it put a smile on my face the entire time they were having their exchange but it kept reminding me that neither DM or HS had a chance HS showing how different he is from his father and grandfather was also great. Asking the store owner to continue buying from the water seller (?) showed that there's so much more to him than his jokes and flirting. My favorite scene was DM visiting the temple and his conversation with AS' parents. The vulnerability he showed as he poured his heart out to them was beautiful and painful. You can really feel how much love he has for AS. His flashback on having AS be the first person he ever cut with his blade was moving. Ugh this entire episode was amazing, I can't wait until we get to see more of the righteous army fights tho. ps: apologies for the run on sentences
  12. Thanks bringing this up, when I was watching ep 10 I couldn't help but wonder if AS would repeat her parents' actions. From what I've gathered, her parents ran away and got married secretly and then were a part of the fight against traitors and to protect Joseon. It seems like her parents are of different social classes. That's what I've gathered from the little info we've got of AS' origins. I have a question though: the look that AS gave to EC and he was afraid - was he referring to the look of pity or was it the look of despair as she might have realized that she adheres to the "rule" of different classes? Changing gears: I love the mirrors scenes as well @loversbridge - imo, it looks as if the director wants to show how similar these 2 souls are. Hina cares about money as much as DM does - ie: when she told the ex-foreign minister's mistress to give her the bag of gold in exchange for her silence. Another example is when Hina had the nerve to tell the king to pay for his coffee lol another example of their similarity is their lack of loyalty for Joseon or Japan. Lastly, the similarity in that the person they love/have feelings for refuses to see the love they have for them. Hina for EC and Dm for AS Changing gears x2: favorite scene from ep 10 is when the poster finally acknowledged EC as the boy he saved 30+ years ago. Such an emotional scene of acceptance for EC from someone in Joseon.
  13. I totally agree, I actually don't even sense their age Gap when they're on the screen! Love how he's slowly opening up and showing his feelings for her. He's conflicted but at the same time he can't help himself
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