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12 hours ago, kokodus said:



@mouse007 Take care and rest well!!!! I need to catch up on I'll never let you go. I'm only on 5th ep. 


Thank you! I’m on antibiotics now s hopefully it will get better soon. 


Ive already seen all 17 eps that are available on Viki and I love it so much I cannot wait for the rest of the episodes. 



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@kokodus Lol I know that you are in love with Deng Lun now.... I just wanted to gossip about Ashes of love with you ...hence completed in record time...now I am watching it again n again.. Specially till Mortal realm..those were good days... I really despised Ronyou...i don't know I have read people do feel sad about him too... But I am kinda person who feels that becoming better is in our hands...not the other way around.. you know the guy who played ronyou is the same guy who played He Yichen (younger) in My sunshine... he is good..




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1 hour ago, lynne22 said:

This is the song that's playing in the background while I'm reading my report..

there was a time I loved inuyasha! memories. :love:


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