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516 :blush:


anyone watch Australian Open 2019? Novak Djokovic wins men’s single title HOHOHOHOHO.. my boyfriend :relieved: a bit sad because he defeats my 2nd husband, rafa :wub: I am so satisfied and stop watch tennis too intense since 2011. It will be my husband or my boyfriend who will win men’s single title in grandslams wkwkwkkw ^_* so I move on to kdrama LOL 


talking about abs.. I admire his abs since 2008 HAHAHAHAHA :wub: @supergal99 Come here baby..


Come to mama, darling.. :love: ho ho ho ho ..



If I’m to having a baby boy, I would name and babtized him as Rafael or Raphael ^_* .. Rafael is the name of an angel. A healer angel. And it’s the name of rafael nadal :heart:

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@Lmangla :D I agree. Escaflowne was great. 

4 hours ago, angelangie said:


OMG SAILORMOON!!!!! :D this is also one of my favorite!!! :D 

have you tried Skip Beat? it is really good...i promised!!!


Heard about it... hehe.. If I'm not mistaken there's a drama made out of this manga right?


@sushilicious Awww THAT PIN is cutee... My friend also have a doll of that character lol...


3 hours ago, angelangie said:


actually all you need to choose is ....you want to live your life happily or you want to be sad?


i choose to be happy....

I agree with you.... 




Btw.. where's @dotonly?



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506 :no_mouth:


reading Crazy Rich Asian.. but seems the writer does not really know where the ebony comes from actually. He wrotes “an expensive ebony desk from Makassar.” .. if he means Makassar, South Sulawesi of Indonesia then he does not do the observation before writing about ebony. There is no ebony desk from Makassar. Ebony only grows on the mountains of Central Sulawesi. And we produced Ebony in here. Before the ilegal logging issue. Now people can not just cut Ebony Tree. It is against the law. Hmmmhhhh

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3 hours ago, Sejabin said:

+2 :relieved:



is that girl I seeee?

starring straight back at meeeeee

when will my reflection showwwwww

who I am insideeeeee? :bawling:


be sure of yourself.....if u are not sure of yourself no one will as the one person who know u best is yourself search within yourself and u will know who you really are



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