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❤ Ji Sung ❤ 지성 / Drama 2022 : Adamas


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The joy and commitments of Korean actors upon experiencing fatherhood


From long-term parent to first-time father, these Korean actors all share their happiness and seriousness of being a father. 



Ji Sung

Ji Sung and Lee Bo young have always been regarded as one of the most happily married couples in Kbiz. When he first became a father, the actor shared that, every time he went outside for work, he always knew his wife and son were waiting for him; hence, he always tried his best to quickly return home to his family. Ji Sung also says that he does not immerse in his role too much so that when he is off work, he can fully be with his family. 

ji sung Not only a great actor, Ji Sung is also devoted to his child

As for his daughter, Ji Sung says that he already experiences living a happy life through the smallest things. Specifically, just by watching a cartoon with his child is enough to make him feel satisfied.


However, as an actor himself, Ji Sung also comes across difficulty balancing his working schedules and times for taking care of his home. 

ji sung

Ji Sung says that when he was about to join a new film project, he still showers his kids, feeds them and tuck them at night. The male actor also sleeps with his children at 8 p.m. everyday and wakes up at 3 in the morning to do other work. 



(skipped unrelated.....) 



source https://kbizoom.com/the-joy-and-commitments-of-korean-actors-upon-experiencing-fatherhood/

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*** Over the summer, tvN has had one hit show. "Alchemy of Souls"  I thought all along, next to this will be "Adamas". But elsewhere on tvN, the drama situation is unclear.  "Adamas" has weakened in the network's Wednesday/Thursday slot. The drama has never been able to exceed its premiere ratings of 3.502%. These numbers may be passable but they likely weren't what the network was hoping for as they look to expand for more dramas starting this month.  :coolshades:

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*** Nothing than the acting talent by Ji Sung who plays the twins in "Adamas" is so impressive. He is able to brilliantly show off their distinctive nature, even to the most delicate thing from their movements and actions we, viewers can tell how different they are, even though they are a character played by the same actor. You can tell how involved he is in both characters as none of them are lacking in presence or delivery. "Adamas" ranks in the Top 10 On Disney+. Based on the data retrieved TODAY, August 26th, it ranks at number 3 in Indonesia and Taiwan, number 4 in South Korea and Hong Kong, number 6 in Japan, and number 9 in Singapore.   :heart1:





Thriller K-Drama "Adamas" Is Beyond Entertaining With Its Suspense Filled Moments And Ranks In The Top 10 On Disney+



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This event from 2013 Chinese Film Festival (Seoul), but I just saw this video for the first time..  :o


Ji Sung passed Song Hye Kyo and greeted her.



Bring back this old video of Lee Bo Young and Song Hye Kyo have chit-chatted in 2013 APAN Star Awards.  :)




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Drama viewership ratings for the week of Aug. 22-28, 2022

LINK here : Dramabeans




Wednesday, August 24      
If You Wish Upon Me 5 KBS 2.9%
Adamas 9 tvN 2.8%
Good Job 1 ENA 2.3%
Thursday, August 25      
If You Wish Upon Me 6 KBS 2.4%
Adamas 10 tvN 2.9%
Good Job 2 ENA 2.2%
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Drama viewership ratings for the week of Aug. 29-Sep. 4, 2022

LINK here : dramabeans





Wednesday, August 31      
If You Wish Upon Me 7 KBS 2.3%
Adamas 11 tvN 2.7%
Good Job 3 ENA 2.3%
Thursday, September 1      
If You Wish Upon Me 8 KBS 2.4%
Adamas 12 tvN 3.0%
Good Job 4 ENA 3.2%
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***  “Adamas” is heading into the final week of its run at No. 1! Last night, September 8th, the drama saw a slight dip in viewership from its previous episode: According to Nielsen Korea, the latest episode of the drama scored an average nationwide rating of 3.0 percent. However, the drama still remained the most-watched Wednesday-Thursday drama of the night as it geared up for its final two episodes.   :blush:

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*** "Adamas" continues its impressive ranking streak on Disney+ as it ranks in the top 7 in 6 Asian countries. As we slowly get to the end of the series, the search for the real Adamas is not the only thrilling chase in the story, there are many intriguing mysteries that many are trying to uncover and many more people who deserve justice.  Who do you think will find the real Adamas first? Do you think the twins will succeed with their plans?The series continues to gain massive popularity online as many viewers take to social media to express their appreciation for the series. Based on the data retrieved  TODAY, the 9th of September 2022, it currently ranks in the top 7 in 6 Asian countries on Disney+. It ranks at number 3 in Indonesia and Taiwan, number 4 in Hong Kong, number 5 in South Korea, and number 7 in Japan and Singapore. Please note that while FlixPatrol has access to


data from a huge majority, it does not have access to data from all the countries in the world.   :hypehype:




"Adamas" Ranks In The Top 7 In 6 Asian Countries On Disney+

photo source : Kpopmap



"Adamas" Ranks In The Top 7 In 6 Asian Countries On Disney+



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