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❤ Ji Sung ❤ 지성 / Drama 2022 : Adamas


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*** Lee Bo Young uploaded these photos on his IG. In the photos she is seen with several of her acquaintances. Ji Sung had left a message on the post. In the comments section, Ji Sung wrote a sweet message in which he praised his wife’s


beauty. Ohhh.............how sweet Ji Sung was. They are one of the best couples.   :wut:

















"Why are you so pretty? You’re a natural when it comes to Instagram!"

— Ji Sung






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10 K-Dramas Turning 10 Years Old This Year



There are some shows that have a timeless appeal, a high recall value to be visited time and time again. From the classic rich boy/poor girl love story to an otherworldly romance between an alien and a superstar, or some dynastic intrigues led by a queen, these stories have entertained us down the years. So here’s a look at 10 K dramas which turn 10 years old this year!



Secret Love




This drama tells the turbulent love story between a man in pursuit of revenge and a woman wrongly accused for a crime she didn’t commit. Jo Min Hyuk (Ji Sung), a wealthy and good-looking man, has been living in an empty shell post the tragic death of his girlfriend. Kang Yoo Jung (Hwang Jung Eum), on the other hand, has served a prison sentence after taking the fall for her boyfriend. Though Min Hyuk is now engaged to Se Yeok (Lee Da Hee), he is unable to get closure since his girlfriend’s demise. And though Yoo Jung is trying to get her life together post her jail term, she realizes the biggest hurdle on her way to get her life back is Min Hyuk. Min Hyuk sees her as the reason for his misery and leaves no stone unturned in making things tough for her. But despite his reservations, Min Hyuk finds himself falling for Yoo Jung, and the two discover some bitter truths from their relationships of the past.

“Secret Love” is an absolute rollercoaster that comes with a tautly gripping storyline. The show keeps up the momentum, never once flagging in its pace, which keeps the viewer riveted. The palpable chemistry between Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum is searing, as these two, enmeshed in a web of deceit, find themselves in a passionately dangerous love affair.


Start watching “Secret Love”:

Watch Now



(skipped unrelated.....)




credit : soompi news

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*** Ji Sung made a sweet show of support for his wife Lee Bo Young by sending her a coffee truck on her filming set. On June 30, Lee Bo Young revealed through her Instagram that her husband Ji Sung had thoughtfully sent food and coffee truck on the set of her upcoming drama “Hyde” by posting several photos of herself with Ji Sung and the truck, she tagged him and wrote, “Bo Young’s family.” In another post, she also posted a photo of her with her two children, precisely hinting that Ji Sung had come to her drama set with their kids. The banner at the top of the truck reads, “Bo Young’s family prepared this to blow away the hot weather.” Another reads, “Hyde, fighting! Lee Bo Young, fighting!” The banner behind the food table sweetly reads, “Please have a delicious meal and cheer up despite the hot weather. I passionately support ‘Hyde’ team.” In another banner, Ji Sung wrote, “‘Hyde’ staff! Thank you for being with Bo Young.”   :kisslevel:   Awww.....Ji Sung is so sweet. So COOL and CUTE that this support is signed off as "From Bo Young's Family" -















credit : soompi news


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  • partyon changed the title to ❤ Ji Sung ❤ 지성 / Drama 2022 : Adamas
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*** Ji Sung recently visited and sent food trucks to the set of Lee Bo Young's upcoming drama 'HIDE'. At that time, he brought two children along with him to show her their support, and sent food service to the set for each member of the team 'HIDE' to enjoy―the foods he prepared for them included samgyetang (chicken soup with ginseng), side dishes, fruits, cookies and beverages. She excitedly posted about it on Instagram after their visit. Their immense love for each other is making many fans dream of a marriage like theirs. They have been married for 10-years.  :piggie:











source : SBS Star

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15 Underrated Korean dramas that are worth watching: From My Liberation Notes to Happiness

With hundreds of K-dramas out there, there are some hidden gems that weren't showered with the attention and recognition they deserved. Scroll on for a list of top underrated Korean dramas.


The world of Korean entertainment has been practically raining with content but only a limited number of K-dramas get the attention and popularity they deserve. While popular K-dramas are great to watch, we have a list of underrated Korean dramas that are not as popular but should have been. Every enlisted show on the list below is not only brilliant but is totally addictive. Trust us, once you start watching them, it’s hard to quit before you watch it all. We have tried to create an all-inclusive list by handpicking shows that will manage to escape reality for a while and take you into the world of Korean fantasy

Right from romance and drama-themed shows like My Liberation Notes, Soundtrack #1, and The World of the Married to mystery, crime, action, or horror-themed shows like A Model Family, Happiness, Law School, and The Game: Towards Zero, we have listed down the best of underrated Korean dramas that go the extra mile when it comes to entertainment.


Scroll on for a list of shows with stellar plots as well as brilliant actors along with their trailers, IMDb ratings, cast members, directors, and plot among other important things to make it easier for you to decide, what would you like to watch. 


Top Underrated Korean dramas that are definitely hidden gems (along with their IMDb ratings)


0. Doctor John (2019)




  • Original title: Uisa Yohan
  • Running Time: 35 min
  • Movie Genre: Drama, Mystery, Romance
  • Movie Star Cast: Ji Sung, Se Yeong Lee, Hwang Hee
  • Director: Soo Won Jo
  • Year of release: 2019
  • Where to Watch / OTT Platform: MX Player
  • IMDb Rating: 8.1/10

This mysterious romance drama features the best Korean movie stars including Ji Sung, Se Yeong Lee, and Hwang Hee.


The 2019 drama is directed by Soo Won Jo and revolves around a doctor's quest to find out what is the cause of his patients' mysterious pain. This underrated but brilliant show is available on MX Player to stream. Watch the show to witness a seamless blend of multiple genres, that offers a fresh and innovative viewing experience. We highly recommend watching this lesser-known Korean drama. 



(skipped unrelated.....)




source : https://www.pinkvilla.com/entertainment/15-underrated-korean-dramas-that-are-worth-watching-from-my-liberation-notes-to-happiness-1237954

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*** "Kill Me, Heal Me" has beautiful melodies. I love drama OSTs especially when some are sung by K-Pop artists. Generally, an OST is necessary to make a drama complete. I have many of them on my playlist. Though I didn’t understand some of them, I loved hearing them. The track that really amazed me in the drama is : song titled  Auditory Hallucinations.  The song pins the series in words perfectly. Through this OST all seven personalities of the main character, Cha DoHyun, can be felt. Of course, I watched the drama because it got my favorite actor: Ji Sung.   :heart3:





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Korean Revenge Dramas



From The Devil Judge, and Mine to Vincenzo and Itaewon Class, get ready to dive into the riveting world of revenge with our carefully curated list of the top 15 Korean revenge dramas.


Stories fueled by vengeance or revenge have certainly been a captivating genre and have managed to etch their name on the hearts of audiences around the world. That is precisely why, this time we have curated a list of the best Korean revenge dramas offering a list of shows with an iconic cinematic experience as well as electrifying storylines. In fact, we have tried to create an all-inclusive list of Korean revenge dramas that serve up a feast of adrenaline-pumping plot twists, amazing action sequences, and razor-sharp dialogues. From Netflix's gripping Korean dramas like The Devil Judge, Mine, Vincenzo, and Itaewon Class to shows streaming on a plethora of other must-watch revenge sagas streaming on Amazon Prime Video, MX Player, Disney Plus Hotstar as well as other OTT channels, this collection is tailor-made for your Korean drama streaming marathon. So what are you waiting for? Scroll on, to allow us to guide you through a specially handpicked selection of the finest K dramas that revolve around the riveting theme of revenge.


This comprehensive guide to the world of revenge-based K dramas will ensure you are well equipped to navigate the maze of intriguing plots and dynamic characters because information packed assortment offers you all the right information like the IMDb ratings, star cast, creators, along with tantalizing trailers, or posters, accompanied by concise plot summaries. With these details at your disposal, we are rather sure, it will be pretty easy to decide ‘What do you want to watch next?’ 


Go on! Dive into the list, and get ready for a complete entertainment package with our handpicked selection of the top 15 Korean revenge dramas along with their IMDb ratings. 


Top 15 Korean revenge dramas along with their IMDb ratings


4. The Devil Judge (2021)




  • Original title: Angmapansa
  • Running Time: 1h 15m
  • K Drama Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
  • Number of Episodes: 16
  • K Drama Star Cast: Ji Sung, Min Jung Kim, Park Jin young
  • Director: Jung Kyu Choi
  • Writer: Yoo Seok Moon
  • Year of release: 2021
  • Where to Watch / OTT Platform: Netflix
  • IMDb Rating: 8.3/10

Released in the year 2021, The Devil Judge is a Korean crime drama, and mystery-rich series that boasts a stellar cast including Ji Sung, Min Jung Kim, as well as Park Jin Young. Directed by Jung Kyu Choi and written by Yoo Seok Moon, this gripping Kdrama introduces Kang Yo Han, a judge also known as the Devil Judge. With an IMDb rating of 8.3 out of 10, this iconic show is available on Netflix to stream. 



(skipped unrelated.....)




source : https://www.pinkvilla.com/entertainment/korean-revenge-dramas-1238216

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*** On August 28th, Lee Bo Young shared a beautiful portrait that Ji Sung painted for her to her Instagram witht he caption - " My husband's first creation."  I'm amazed and surprised by his impressive painting skills. He is also good at drawing. Not surprised that their eldest kid has an amazing skills, too. This is the sweet side of Ji Sung. This is a very NICE picture. Awesome!   :kisslevel:














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New Drama news :) *Maybe*


JiSung reportedly to lead a new SBS drama Connection, it’s a thriller reveals a deteriorated friendship by tracking the death of a highschool student who died and left 5 billion insurance money behind. DiaryOfAProsecutor’s director and scriptwriter, air in 1st half of 2024.




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4 hours ago, backstreetboysfan said:

New Drama news :) *Maybe*


JiSung reportedly to lead a new SBS drama Connection, it’s a thriller reveals a deteriorated friendship by tracking the death of a highschool student who died and left 5 billion insurance money behind. DiaryOfAProsecutor’s director and scriptwriter, air in 1st half of 2024.



@backstreetboysfan  thanks for sharing this good news. Yes, he will be with Jeon Mi Do here in case he takes this role.  The title has been changed to "Connection". If Ji Sung takes this, this will be my first time to watch Jeon Mi Do's acting. “Connection” is gearing up with the goal of premiering in the first half of next year.   :Twerkdatbutt:








source : https://www.starnewskorea.com/stview.php?no=2023091208345172422






Ji Sung And Jeon Mi Do In Talks For New Thriller Drama




Ji Sung and Jeon Mi Do may be starring in a new drama together!


On September 12, media outlets reported that Ji Sung and Jeon Mi Do will be starring in the new SBS drama “Connection” (literal title).


In response to the reports, Ji Sung’s agency SURPASS Entertainment and Jeon Mi Do’s agency BISTUS Entertainment similarly shared that the actors are reviewing their offers to star in the upcoming SBS drama “Connection.”


“Connection” is a crime investigation thriller drama which depicts a distorted friendship while tracking the death of a friend from high school who died leaving behind five billion won (approximately $3.7 million) in insurance. Director Lee Tae Gon and writer Lee Hyun, who previously worked together for JTBC’s “Diary of a Prosecutor,” will reunite once again.


Previosuly, Ji Sung won the Grand Prize for SBS’s “Innocent Defendant” in 2017. Two years later, Ji Sung returned to SBS through “Doctor John,” which garnered a peak nationwide viewership rating of 12.3 percent, highlighting his unrivaled acting skills.


Jeon Mi Do debuted as a musical actress through “Mr. Mouse” in 2006 and performed in various plays and musicals since then. After making her debut on the small screen by making a special appearance in tvN’s “Mother,” Jeon Mi Do impressed through her role of Chae Song Hwa in the “Hospital Playlist” series.


“Connection” is gearing up with the goal of premiering in the first half of 2024. Stay tuned for more updates!




credit : soompi news

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*** In "Connection", Ji Sung was reportedly offered the role of Jang Jaekyung, the head of the Narcotics Team, known for his calm and meticulous personality. Jang Jaekyung receives an insurance payout of KRW 5 billion when his high school friend chooses death.  I hope we could get Ji Sung's confirmation on this upcoming drama soon. :happydance:

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Jeon Mi Do and Ji Sung Team Up for the Gripping Thriller ‘Connection’







Jeon Mi Do is set to share the screen with Ji Sung in the upcoming crime thriller Connection (literal title).


On the 12th, Ji Sung’s agency SURPASS ENT told Newsen, “Ji Sung has been offered a role in Connection and is currently in positive discussions.”


The plot of Connection delves into the twisted friendships that unravel as the characters investigate the mysterious death of a high school friend who left behind a staggering 50 billion KRW (approximately 43 million USD) in insurance money. The show reunites the dynamic director-writer duo from JTBC’s Diary of a Prosecutor, Director Lee Tae Gon and Writer Lee Hyun.


Ji Sung is reportedly being considered for the role of Jang Jae Kyung, a meticulous and composed narcotics detective.


As for Jeon Mi Do, if she does join the project, she’ll be returning to the small screen for the first time in almost a year since Thirty-Nine. The actress debuted in the 2006 musical Mr. Mouse and has since showcased her talents in various plays and musicals. She skyrocketed to fame with her role as Chae Song Hwa in the hit series Hospital Playlist.


As we eagerly await more updates, it’s clear that Connection is gearing up to be a showstopper, set to air in the first half of next year.




source : https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=609&aid=0000770644



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