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  1. 22 hours ago, nichiwoohee said:

    Again,  SH surprised that ML isnt the same docile gentle daughter that he know is hilarious.

    Have you seen the troubles your marquis son-in-law brought to ml’s life?? Murderous stepmom in law, nosy annoying aunts and uncles in laws, corrupt village officials, spies, cunning crazy baby momma, emperor power strugle with ed, people trying to shove women to her house every chance they got.. it would be a miracle if she stays the same :joy:

    @nichiwoohee  I'm was wondering is it some kind of crime if there's no concubines in the house.  From the ED down to the relatives all tried to stick concubines in the house for there very own selfish reasons..


    13 hours ago, Suzzy San said:

    Omg omg :thumbsup:.. I really applaud GTY in terms of no strings attached cruelty.. Like he got to the house and has already told shitou to set fire to stepmom son's house.. I love that.. Fire for fire.. And I agree with the wife of her son, she really doesn't care about the son's needs.. It has always been about what she wants the son to be. 

    @Suzzy San  It was never about her son it's always been all about her and what she wanted.. 3rd son wants a good relationship with his brother it's just his mom won't allow him to have one with GTY.. Even he said he don;t mind having the marquis title but he's not qualified for nor have work for it like GTY did.. Evil Step Mom blew a fuse hearing him say that..

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  2. 6 hours ago, Katrina Abdul Talib said:

    Other men, whether like or hate their legal wives can keep as many concubines to their hearts desires.

    Must be really difficult to be a woman during those times

    @Katrina Abdul Talib  This was Aunt Kang biggest problem. After CL died and she found Danning and her husband marriage had improved she got furious about it and stormed out trying to figure out ways to disrupt her sisters house.. Using Grannty was pwrfect way and she could also get money out of the Gu's since she hated the fact of hearing ML won't take in a concubine for him but I'm sure she knew it wasn;t to no fault of ML that GTY wasn't going to have a concubine it was GTY himsef who said he didn;t want no other women but ML.. He just wasn't ready to take in a concubine all because of Manning.. This also upset Aunt Kamg with jealous rage hearing a Marquis decide to give his love to know one but his main wife who was a concubine born child..


    I'm just curious to why she didn't take her Shu daughter to her sister husband to be his concubine.. CL was dead at that time..


    6 hours ago, mooose said:

    Now we have the battle of the familes and some delicious suspense as we don't know how it  plays out. Old Madam Kang vs ML is way better than Manniang or even Stepmom vs ML.

    @moose  I'm looking forward to see how ML bring Old Lady Wang prestigous house down causing the ED also to loose face and hopefully to shut her up once and for all.. I'm hoping ML play the Shu daughters cards with the Old Bat.. Especially the one she told to kill herself in ML house so she could sue for money just to be able to support her husband sons he bore with many concubines.. 


    What I'm finding hard to believe is all those servants that got harmed but Aunt Kangs knife is all supposed to be lying.. I see another attempt on ML life afer GTY is sent to the border.. 


    Hopefully Ronger will testify how her mom tried to kill her maybe she'll even come out with her son who might not be dead.. But I still see Evil step mom going after ML and her son life

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  3. On 1/24/2019 at 9:51 AM, msmy said:

    Even if mistress Mom gets ex-con "Dad" fired in the near future, the information about her real name and hometown is already known to lawyer Heo, and he's got his secretary on it.    Mr. Bang can add some more insight, so I think it's time for her to squirm.   SW is quickly growing tired of his conniving Mom so what will be his reaction when her criminal past is exposed?  She is so lame.... how she got in that position in the company is beyond me.  Her background is just as weak as Jin Ah's, who she puts down all the time.

    @msmy  I'm still skeptical about Sw being related to this family, His mom told him that she had to hide from G/pa fearing that G/pa was going to snatch Sw from her.. What I find hard to believe is later she's shows up at the house with Sw thinking G/pa had a change of heart and allow them to move in.What I think would be funny in this whole matter is Sw turns out to be the kidnapper #1 child that he had with Ys.. Letting everyone know Sh has nio children and she has lied all this time about Sw linege.. I still think her and NJ's dad wasn't as close as she says thet were she could have been blackmailing him using Sw.. Threating to go public if he don't clain the child.. I'm beginning to believe more and more she could have been in on his death..


    On 1/24/2019 at 4:13 PM, Ameera Ali said:

    - Why I have the feeling SH is keeping a secret bigger than kidnapping NJ :unsure:


    @Ameera Ali  I think she got two big screts she don't won't found out.


    1. Being the mastermind behind NJ dads death..

    2.Sw isn't related to this family.. Or Sw is also a kidnap child she's been trying to pass off as apart of this family.  


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  4. 41 minutes ago, Golden Flower said:

    Wang son is at least third grade official since he is wearing purple robe similar rank as GTY though GTY has noble title. The officials from grade 1 to 3 seems to wear purple but they are then divided into scholar, military and having nobility title. I guess he just got promoted to this grade and was the reason they were being able to move back to the capital. Wang dead grandfather is imperial grand tutor and his spiritual tablet was placed in imperial temple as an honor. So, his wife Wang grandma also has noble title. The son is not as powerful like his father. Aunty Kang's husband is imperial secretary. SH is part of office related to making laws, announcing laws and imperial decrees. I guess an official being able to reside at the capital not all depends on the rank but also depends on their offices. 


    Aunty Kang's room was locked and shui niang (Lin Yiniang's old maid) broke it open with stone. She also made the mama who were guarding to leave to help with fire. Molan paid her to do that and I'm pretty sure Shui niang might have bribed some others as well. Shui niang is also the one that started the fire. She was supposed to do laboral chores like cleaning the toilet bowls, starting fire, doing errands for the kitchen etc. I think the water she used to kill the fire as soon as it started must not be water as fire got bigger after. 

    However, I agree that there are a lot of plot holes. GTY could have avoided killing Aunty Kang with his ability in martial arts. He could have knocked her out with throwing unsheathed knife to her head even if he wasn't close enough to pull her away from ML when he arrived. The writers changed Aunty Kang stabbing ML instead of MN, GTY killing her and Wang family joining hands with stepmom to create opportunities for ML to save GTY, to make them closer, and to show their feelings to each other. Another OTP working together scene which is again forced. 

    @Golden Flower  How is it that Wang son became and official when he hadn't took the exams yet.. I remember him telling Aunt Kang he would pass with his own abilities.. All I could think of is when outsiders come into the palace to meet the King, ED or the Empress they are strip search to avoid anything that could be used as a weapon to do bodily harm.. 


    Checking out ep 67.. It seems that GTY told evil step mom that he was going to kill his 3rd brother.. Looks like the wife left after telling Evil mother in-law a thing or two for involving her husband in such a horrible plan.. Evil step mom and servants has no place to go after the main house is burnt to the ground.. It seems like she's also trying to enlist the 4th anf 5th house in on the plan to frame GTY and I don't think they going for it afterall they still rely in GTY to support them.. Even if GTY goes to prison his son is around to carry the title and ML could be the guardian of it all until son comes of age or GTY gets out of prison.. So Evil step mom has no other choice but to gang up with the Wangs to go after GTY.. Old Mdm Wang knows her daughter was there to exact revenge on ML but may have got the idea to frame GTy and ask for compensation from evil step mom who needs money to survive because she's homeless and son on the run.. Well it's getting more interesting by the minute.. I like to see what our sherlock holmes will do to get her out out of the hot seat and have the Emperor giving the green light to breakup the houses..


    Now I do think the 3rd brother is going to be found and begging for his life in exchange for exile he'll spill the beans on how awful is mom was right along in telling on the 4th anf 5th house.. He's going to tell about how Aunt kang was at his mom house and she's the one that got her into GTY house just after ML just giving birth and gave her the knife to kill ML and the baby so he could inherit the title..  I see how this could make the Ed loose face and not allowed to attend any of the court matters for falling for Old Mdm lies it would serve her right..


    I think Molam got involved after she went begging her dad again about her mom and he said no.. I'm sure I herad him mention her lil sister isn't going to agree to it.. This could also be apart of her plan to be in on setting ML house on fire all so the evidence that ML has would be burnt..  



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  5. 11 minutes ago, m0us3y said:

    Actually no. She actually meant because she's married to GTY, hence should no longer meddle in Sheng's business.

    It's like she belongs to Gu now. Not Sheng. 

    Hence GTY retorted that Old Mdm Wang shouldnt be there too, because Mdm Kang is also married to the Kang Family, and technically no longer right for Wang to meddle. 


    GTY will tear them apart for bullying ML. 

    I believe even granny said so. 


    If my understanding is correct:

    Granny said she can now die peacefully since she knows someone else would do everything to protect her. 

    GTY rushed back all the way from his official business, killing 2 horses on the way (died from exhaustion so he just kept changing horses to continue his journey rather than stop to rest) just to rush to her aid. 

    She also mentioned that it seems that GTY will not let the Wang Family off easily because he will want to avenge ML being bullied. 

    @m0us3y  Yes forgot about that logic, ML called it for Auntie Kang husband don't know of this because the old lady knows he would be filling divorce papers.. They came to clear the mess before he found out.. They been cleaning up her mess to keep her out of they house.. Both the Old Lady and Son knows of what she do and never giving any thought of the consequences because they've always cleaned up her mess.. With each incident her crimes had become more ruthless and violent then the other.. As long as she stayed married to the Kang house and not implicate the Wang house they would do whatever they had to just to keep the clan clean and intact.. Old Lady Wang could careless about Kang Clan.. Which I couldn't understand Aunt Kang son he is born under the Kang family name if they are to be executed so would he do he not know this.. He still hasn't figured out his mom could be the death of them all.. He should have told SH CB and ML I think my father needs to be here for this one. God forbid If she went back home only to pull stunts because everyone marriages are better then hers so hence she must go stir up trouble all because she's not happy and put the Wang Clan in the hot seat running her fathers good name with the court.. Old Lady Wang don't wanna be bothered with her.. Fearing the clan heads will roll behind her..  

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  6.  Poor Danning always been the black sheep of her family treated worst then a red headed step child.. This must have been the most hurtful eye opener ever.. Mother basically comes right out and show her how much she don't like her and played her mother can't stand you going to court card all to save Aunt Kang..:o:crazy: I think Danning should have gave her mom that bottle of poision thats left and told her if she wants to save Aunt Kang so bad to drink this.. Old Lady Wang thought she was slick, She just knew she could use SH to get Aunt Kang out of her mess.. If GTY and CB hadn't walk in she would have got away with it.. Even after SH spoke of how may killings have they covered up for her she still had the nerve to ask CB where was SH as if he had no say so in the matter..  


    Here's to the man that ruled this episode



    :thumbsup: CB Let That Old Lady Have It :thumbsup: Show her nothing she could do or say could save Aunt Kang..

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  7. 3 hours ago, m0us3y said:

    When Old Mdm Wang tried to send ML away saying that she's a married daughter hence should not meddle in Sheng issues, GTY responded "If so, why are you here?"

    BURNNNN! :lol:

    Old Mdm Wang reaction on both times were priceless! 

    @m0us3y  So she consider ML isn't a Sheng just because she wasn't bore from her dumb daughter who she threw under the bus for Aunt Kang.. Only Danning has Sheng kids.? She must have not known of Danning putting her on her family registry. Wow yes she another one that had to have trouble with her husband and concubine born children.. This could be were Aunt Kang thought it was alright to treat her Shu daughters the way she did.. Glad GTY ask her why she was there.. For she's not a Sheng.. Old lady Wang just mad because they got the best of her the youngsters.. 

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  8. 15 hours ago, Suzzy San said:

    I'm so happy that I'm crying really.. So glad she gave birth safely, so thankful to QH for helping with the fire, so happy that GTY came back on time, so grateful to all those that helped her fight of the Kang auntie and helped her in giving birth, so thankful to their son for staying strong.. In all, I'm so happy for them :bawling:

    Aunt Kang died a horrible death.. But it was well deserved for her evilness that spilled on all those Shu daughters.. I think they all should give ML some kind of reward for exacting they revenge on her.. I would love it if all of them came to aunt funeral to spit on her coffin.. See what Old Mdm thinks about that while she's pleading to the Ed to punish GTY.. Her daughter has killed to many people.. Just hadone attempted the murder of Granny now she out after being broke out to try and kill again.. She got her just desert.. 


    11 hours ago, dito said:


    I know this will be easier to prove than something that ED frames him for. I just want this to make sense. For e.g. GTY owns the Bai family salt mines but has never managed them personally. So ED framing him for mismanagement of salt mines....that would be believable for me. But in this case, there are a lot of loop holes in the writing....which is annoying the hell out of me. This is making smart characters look stupid and on the top of that its questioning the viewers intelligence. 

    First of all Kang Aunt escaping is the biggest logic fail for me. Like is it possible that ML, GTY, Changbai or Sheng family would leave a vicious woman like her not locked up...and without guards. :confused:

    Another thing mentioned in the book was no one among the people involved in this matter was high enough in rank to go in front of the emperor to petition for Kang Aunt...except for GTY and ML....because of their titles.  

    Stepmom getting a title makes sense now.....so she can cause trouble like this.....but why is Wang mother and son there.....son is not an official, I think.

     Somebody, please explain this to me so it makes sense.

    @dito  Just as you said this is playing in the viewers intellegence.. Yes I could see the ED trying to frame GTY in regards to the salt mines but that would be still hard to prove because he never directly handle the mines all knows that he's the owner not the manager..  This big plot hole is unacceptable framing him for Aunt Kamgs murder.. I know step mom can't be this dumb as to go with the plot for a law suit when the other Shu daughter that Aunt Kang tried to offer to ML for GTY at Aunt Kang request can testify that Aunt Kang wanted her to kill herself just so she can frame ML for it and sue them killing ML.. Which Big Mdm (Danning) Evil Step Mom was all in on the plot.. Old Mdm is just mad and complaining about Aunt Kang being dead out of guilt.. How is it that GTY killed Aunt Kang in the court yard when she was in ML bedroom.. I guess she's (Evil Step Mom) claiming she witness GTY just kill this women for no reason..   


    11 hours ago, minglan1 said:

    I agree things don't appear to logical.I guess they are wrapping it up and still have to tie GTY's getting in a tight spot and ML saving him.Emperor solidifying his throne for good.This appears the convenient way out.Logic and dramas tend to part ways then catch up to again lag behind.I have seen very few series which have kept a tight grip on logic throughout. 

    I haven't read the book so have no idea on the plot progression in it.

    Aunt Kang's father was a highly respected official looks like they are trying to use his good name to cry foul in front of ED/emperor.

    I guess it also will give QH a chance to redeem himself.

    @minglan1  We've all been giving SH a hard time this wil be a chance to redeem himself and go to bat for his SIL putting his good  face,name and reputation on the line.. I just hope it's found out it was Molan that let her out all because she wanted to see ML and her child dead.. SH claim he would cut ties with her let's see if the writer expose her and the family ties are cut for good and she's kick out of her In-laws house..


    10 hours ago, dito said:

    That's what I'm hoping too. Either that or they use this accusation as an opportunity and construct a plan around it. Either way is fine.

    And isn't ML managing his books...all his businesses and properties....ML has full knowledge about them. So she could have helped with the salt issue too.

    @dito  GTY has and accountant in the home to show proof of what he do deal with. Yes he still has some salt mines in his possession but he has never done much with it.. It would be funny if the ED is trying to frame him for this when it's her and her family that's been ripping him off all these years..


    9 hours ago, shihuangdi said:

    Seeing old madam Wang, I understand why aunt Kang turned out to become that kind of person. Trying to protect her daughter is one thing, but claiming that she is pure and innocent, I wanna punch her face even though its frown upon to punch old people. 


    But isn’t the poisoning case not made known outside of the Sheng manor (the house is blocked by Tu Er Ye and nobody going in/out). I think its because SH doesn’t wanna lose face about what happened. If that’s the case, then its understandable why GTY couldn’t bring up the issue. Also old madam has stepmother statement about Aunt Kang just went to the courtyard to help with the fire (I assume nobody knows that she was actually under arrest for poisoning grandma). And GTY killed her. I think this is also why ML apologised to GTY that her family brings him so much trouble. 

    @shihuangdi  I think in order to save GTY ML is going to rip the masks off Old Lady Wang and the rest of them probably with the help of those Shu daughter since the old bat is claiming she's innocent.. Those Shu daughters can paint a pretty picture of Aunt Kang right along with the rest of the concubines with all the dead women bodies that have came out of her home..  

    I can;t believe they want compensation for her death with all the evidence of her killing people because she married a bad poerson that she choose.. So it's everybody fault and they all supposed to give her..


    8 hours ago, minglan1 said:

    Clever madam Wang had to end up with 2 muddled daughters.She should be cursing fate to not have given her a smart girl like ML instead.

    It's Karma for Old Lady Wang, She done some bad deeds to some not so intelligence people and it came back on her own children

    Wait GTY is supposed to save the Emperor again and regain his title how is this supposed to happen for him if he get's exiled and become a foot soilder.?



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  9. 16 hours ago, Jackie1048 said:

    Auntie Kang's husband was not involved in the negotiation of the poison incident because if he knew he will divorce Auntie Kang for sure.

    @Jackie1048  Of course he would have divorce her, It seems to me that he's looking for a good enough reason to divorce her.. One would think the selling of his children would be enough guess not.. With Auntie Kang having the finale say in the Shu daughters marriages.. I thought ML should have brought all the money she has rip off BMain Mother (Danning) and how she tried to have one of the Shu daughters kill herself in her home all so she could sue her husband for money.. 


    8 hours ago, matrim said:

    Have to applaud Old Madam Wang, another master manipulator, whose silver tongue not only confused SH, but almost caused ML to lose ground

    @matrim  Yes by looking at that scene one could tell she was loosing ground.. Sh should be slap, I still don't see how he made it to be a court official dumg as he is.. No wonder he and Danning or a perfect match they both easly manipulated.. ML had to que him in on the matters before he even entered the hall.. Also she gave him expanations of what they would say and do if not for her he wouldn't have a clue as to what to do.. Also I could see why Aunt Kang hates concubine born children.. Big Mdm must have really talk bad in front of her about them and may have some choice words and ideas for Aunt Kang about all the Shu daughters her husband bore that old Mdm and brother had to help her take care of them due to her lousy husband..   I mean they really look down on concubine children telling ML she hsd no right to be there or speak.. Happy to see SH speak up for concubine born children being he's also one which make me think they talked bad about him also behind his back..


    8 hours ago, Lunkera said:

    @dito Probably because one wrpng move can cost him his status or even his life. If ED is after GTY, she won't spare his relatives most likely, doesn't matter that they are against him. In those eras it was safer and better to pull the weed of by it roots.

    you explained it right in point @Lunkera  ED would have killed them all and the new born of ML.. ED isn't stupid she don't want any trouble to come back and bite her in the rear.

    7 hours ago, leeza77 said:

    OH a handsome lil fella

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  10. 14 hours ago, frenchfan said:

    The Sheng should have killed Linniang's maid when they had the chance.  YOu could see that Molan really wanted Minglan (her own sister) to die in childbirth in fire.  She is even worst than her mom.  Guess, you can't trust beautiful faces.   

    @frenchfan  Of course she wanted her dead.. Molan is jealous of ML she had to see her downfall.. ML couldn't stand the fact that the elaborate life she thought to have would come from the count she married only to be disappointed that her younger sister is living the life she's supposed to live no matter whatever she do she could never outshine ML.. Molan never really saw Ming Lan has competition to her beauty and all the men she admired had a crush on ML.. I know her husbands mom have to be throwing in her face how much of a virtous women Ml is over her when all she do is probably begs for her husbands attention who by now probably not givig her the time of day.. Him being disappointed in the pretty package all wrap up nicely on the outside but not worth two nickles rub together.. I hope he finds out how evil and vicious her heart really is to wish her sister and child dead all because of her jealousy.. I see her heart becoming more evil then Evil Step Mom and Aunt Kang.. 


    20 hours ago, dito said:

    Lin niang's maid still kept in the Sheng house is biggest writing fail for me. Didn't SH order all of Lin niang's servants to be sold out? How come she's still around to cause trouble. Moreover, Da niang will never keep anyone loyal to Lin niang in her house. The writers were getting out of ideas it seems. 

    @dito  This is what I didn't understand also. she should have been killed with the other two girls or the first one to be sold iout of the hime to the slave dealer. Keeping her there should have been a reminder for CL or Sh was looking at her to have to some strange on the side with no strings attach.. The is one of the biggest mistakes Danning could have made.. She should have gotten rid of CL servants..


    20 hours ago, frenchfan said:

    Ohhhhhhhhhh so much excitement!  So it seems like the Emperor was angry that GTY came home to save his wife from the fire and maniac who tried to kill her and the baby?  So he would have preferred GTY to first come to him and pay his respect while his house is being burned to the ground and the lives of his wife and son at peril??????? :rage:

    I am so dissapointed with Molan.  I had hoped that she will turned a new leaf but nope.  She has to follow in her mom's footsteps.  Aie aie aie....no hope for her then.  I can only anticipate heavy downfall for her too!  

    @frenchfan  I think after seeing how big the fire was she was a Lil disappointed that ML and her child wasn't dead.. What is going on with step mom son. ?


    @USAFarmgirl  Hi Good seeing you here..

    20 hours ago, frenchfan said:

    Molan married to the 6th son of a marquis.  He himself is not a marquis although from a noble family.  Whereas GTY has been granted the marquisade of the family since his elder brother died without heir.  I believe it was also a title granted to him by the emperor himself so it irked her no end.  A "Shu" daughter married above her social status, someone rich and someone who truly cared for her well being. Minglan has also been granted a title by the Emperor so it is like rubbing salt into her wound.  :kiss_wink:

    @frenchfan Molan always thought she would be placed in ML position.. ML name is a household item and the nobles go to woman when things happen.. Molan was never granted and audience with the ED or the Empress and before ML even married GTY she was at the polo match trying to shine to be noticed but ML stole that thunder to.. I think if she had known GTY personally setup that match just for ML she would have never went even step mom was there putting on airs only to paint her step son as some horrid man.. Did you notice the look on step mom face when the Empress bethored GTY the hair pin.. I guess she knew then there was no chunking salt behind his back would work the the Empress..


    14 hours ago, Sirry Usly said:

    I know this is kind of harsh but I think point I kind of just want them to kill off Molan. I'm sick of her and I'm over it. 

    @Sirry Usly  I tell you I don't miss her when they don't show her in any of the scenes..


    11 hours ago, minglan1 said:

    Big Madam's disappointment don't seem to stop.Neither her mom,son or husband are too perturbed for her feelings. All of SH's wives had a terrible ending.If only he had managed his household better, the ending might not have been so bitter.

    @minglan1  CB said it well to GTY mnanage your house first before you try to handle things in court.. This is why I don't get why SH is standing himself up in court head held high to the sky like all is well..

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  11. 3 hours ago, matrim said:

    My suspicion too. Emperor's side has fallen into EP's traps time and again. The power game would be too one-sided and wearisome if GTY and Prince Huan continue to not anticipate ED's moves. I also hope he willingly enters the trap as a part of a bigger plan and uses it as a decoy to lure ED side come into the open. In the trailer when GTY talks to ML in prison, he says "Staying with me will be dangerous." and asks for a amicable seperation. I think he is not only referring to his stepmom but ED, who has long been aware of ML's ability as a strategist. I remember the scene when ED hears ML's influence on Madam Zhang and comments that both GTY and ML has become emperor's able hands. Even with GTY out of the way, ML can give advice to the empress and Madam Zhang if needed, so she still will be viewed as a threat by ED. With GTY's absence and nobody else to protect her, she could become an easy target for ED. The above reasoning is on the assumption that ML maintains her conferred title so as a influential noble madam may enter the palace. From this one may deduce that GTY's "crime" is not serious enough to cost him his title but only his position, so in this case the best way to protect ML when he's gone will be an amicable seperation, to pull ML out of the power struggle center. After their divorce, ML would become an ordinary official's daughter and will no longer have the chance to communicate with empress or Madam Zhang, therefore no longer a dangerous threat to ED. And as she is not Marquis Gu's wife any more, ML would be safe from GTY stepmom.  

    @matrim  With ML birthing sons even if GTy is exield and they are divorce ML and her children would never be safe from step mom because to her eldest son down to the last son are all in line to gain the marquis title.. Once all of them is dead can the evil step mom gains what she's been after all along...


    52 minutes ago, matrim said:

    New trailers. Molan and CL's maid help Aunt Kang to escape and it implies that she even gives a dagger to Aunt Kang to murder ML! :rage: Really can't believe my eyes! What a snake...

    @matrim  I believe it.. Molan is very jealous of ML and even after gaining all her dads attention as a child growing up in the Sheng house and marrying above her status.. Molan can't stand the fact that ML has gotten herself a title and shines brighter then she'll ever be.. Molan always saw herself in Ming Lan shoes wher all the nobles household women holds her in a very high position.. Even thou she married a Count her Count isn't no where near the Count Ming Lan has.. I think she kicking herself in the but because before her mom passed away she tried to get Molan to go after GTY which she refused because of his past.. Now her knowing that Ming Lan husband is a one womens man must be really infuriating her who husband got upteen concubines all bore him a son,, Now that Lil sister has bore the next Gu heir must really be upsetting her.. So yes even thou Aunt Kang did give her mom including herself a hard time.. I could see her using Aunt Kang to get back at Ml all because she won't allow CL plack to be placed in the monestary nor her enter the Sheng household registry.. So killing off ML is away to get what she wants.. Recognition for her Mom.. I'm also wondering has her husband Mom been questioning her about her Mom plack..  


    29 minutes ago, Suzzy San said:

    I just guessed it before that maybe the crime GTY would've committed was coming to the city while on official mission for ML.. I never thought it would actually happen.. Omg I hope this is getting interesting 

    @Suzzy San  I'm thinking this also could be a plan from the very start to help pull ED out of power.. It's no way She and her family are not involved in the salt scandal and the high price of salt back then.. GTy could have taken himself out of the equatuon knowing that the info that was collected would directly in pact the ED who would go after him and his family to weaken the Emperor more.. GTY just happen to come along just in time to save wife and child from Aunt Kangs killing.. I hope they find out it was Molan that freed her and give her a good dose of medicine that she needed since childhood.. (preferrably a good spanking in front of her husband MIL and she can do no wrong father) 

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  12. 6 hours ago, UnniSarah said:

    Hello chingu

    I do love the Empress but there was a scene where I think she intentionally hurt ML by telling her about Prince Huan faced two assassination attempt and her husband saved her son. ML reaction was on point but I wondered if the Empress facial reaction was of guilt or glee to hurt ML because ML told her that she has to fix the problem because it began with her. 

    @UnniSarah  I don't think she did this to hurt ML. I'm sure she knew ML hadn't heard any news of what was going on with her husband being with the prince.. I think she told ML first before others would tell her and add they version to it to cause ML to worry that could eventually hurt her child.. I think it was he way to protect ML in return for telling her how to please everyone around and still keep the marriage aliences with the families..

    I think if the ED knew ML gave the Empress this idea and out a stop to her gaining more power she would also go after ML regardkess to if she was pregnat or not..

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  13. 10 hours ago, jewelsc said:

    I'm sorry, i don't usually support or condone when a woman is being assaulted by a man be it in that era or now but i couldn't help burst out laughing when aunt kang's husband slapped her across her face and i was like "yes..give her another one!!"  such a pity he only gave her 1 :crazy:

    11 hours ago, leeza77 said:

    Agreed. Ml during the confrontation with Danniang said that Auntie Kang made danniang poisoned grandma and auntie kang will use the secret to blackmail danniang into submitting to her wishes. If Danniang is unable to do so, then Danniang will ask that from CB and Hualan. The whole family will be at the mercy of auntie kang. Danniang was so shocked that it was never crossed her mind the extend of auntie kang evilness. Another blow to danniang is that her grandson is frequently at grandma courtyard. There was huge risk that the child would to be poisoned if grandma gave her the lotus cake that day. This risk has never been foresee by danniang, but not auntie kang. She just proceed with the plan as cb's child is not her grandson. Cruel. 

    For that her death is the best. 


    9 hours ago, m0us3y said:

    And the way she deduced Aunt Kang's motives and actions, up to the point that she will use CB and RL's husband to get them to do her bidding..

    @leeza77 & @m0us3y  I find it sad that Danning is so easly manipulated by Aunt Kang all because she was raised to be submissive to her and taught that Aunt Kang is better then her.. Danning always had in her mind to do good by Aunt Kang iut would help her get acceptance from her brother and mother.. Sadly enough afterall she had to do for Aunt Kang it never register in her mind because of the help that Mother and Brother gives to Aunt Kang that they are harming her more then helping her.. Even after the fact of her telling Aunt Kang that her and Sh are getting along well.. Just the change of attitude upon hearing this news should gave been warning signs for her..  aunt Kang biggest problem with ML is that no matter what she did ML wasn't going to allow her to just entered her home whenever she like to beg or find fault in something to manipulate and control her.. Aunt Kang got even more furious with every turn she makes ML had block her path just as Big Mdm was.. For these two women to have such a young girl to rip the masks right off there faces was so unacceptable they both had no other choice but to go out for the kill.. 

    For SH to say to ML how did she become such as person, He would never understand in her case since young it was kill or be killed.. If CL had got any inkling that ML was on to her she would have killed ML also or sold her off to a brothel long time ago..


    Well we can say she did learn something from Big Mdm barrowing another knife to kill.. A good wake up call for Danning use her son to stab and twist the knife


    7 hours ago, hello210 said:

    It was funny when QH flinched at GTY's bow....he thought GTY came to fight him.....and wth with QH's wife thinking her husband is a damsel in distress:lol:

    @dito  :w00t::w00t:  This has made my morning.. I'll start my day with a smile on my face.. Thanks.. Atleast the wife has more guts then he.. I don't think QH has ever held a sword not how to wield one.. 


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  14. On 2/3/2019 at 11:05 PM, hello210 said:

    I agree that all the characters are grey and you can see that they are all shaped by circumstances in their lives. In my opinion, the only truly evil character in this drama is Aunt Kang. I only say this because she literally plays with the lives of everyone around her like they’re her play things to do with as she pleases. I get that as the main wife, she can pretty much do mostly whatever she wants with the concubines and Shu children in her household but everything she has done has been beyond cruel. Sending in a Shu daughter to purposely die so she can use her death to manipulate others is crazy. Stepmom comes close in the game of manipulation but Aunt Kang beats them all. I think maybe this is why I don’t watch a lot of palace dramas since it seems like making servants and unfavored children go on suicide missions is usually a norm in those types of dramas. 

    @hello210  I applaud you for this yes Aunt Kang is true to her character and nature.. She just don't she'll do by all means to get what she wants.. It's sickens one to know she would go through such lengths to obtain it.. I thought her husband should have lock her up because she is what you call a true menace to society..Misery loves company her and Big Mdm are two miserable people for the same reasons they couldn't obtain there husbands love.. I have to say even during that time Aunt Kang shouldn't have never been allowed to marry she's to selfcentered..

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  15. 3 hours ago, zenya22 said:

    One of the best scenes in the drama, I think,  is in the ending of episode 60 when the elderly Duke of Ying carried her daughter who just gave birth and was emotionally and physically exhausted and Duchess of Ying carrying her grandchild away from General Shen and his concubine. And ML brandishing that sword. In a way she was able to do what she could not do when she was a child for her mother and brother. She was not going to let another mother and child die. 

                                 Go Ahead, Make MY Day!!!! 

    @zenya22  What I find fummy anout this scene between the concubine and her brother is first they lied and said that the Doc left after checking her pulse.. After the confrontation the brother running towards ML saying he was sick and going to die if the doctor left.. I thought these two should have gotten they lie straight was he there for her pulse or her brother health.. I gues the concubine didn't expect ML to have heart enough to hiold a sword to her head nor her playing her dead sister and the Empress role wasn;t going to fly with ML hence her brother went after her and got a dose..  I say the Lil comcubine may have always known in the back of her not to mess with ML..


    2 hours ago, minglan1 said:

    Episode 62 can be said as Sheng Hong and DaNiang getting introduced to the real Minglan. I loved the transition of SH from slapping ML in trying to exert his authority to giving in completely to what his daughter wants. He understood that ML has checkmated him.There was no recourse except to comply.

    Poor Big Madam! the understanding still remains beyond her grasp.As they say straight trees get cut first.Even without harboring malicious intent she is drawn in a sinster plot and gets punished for being manipulated.

    @minglan1  It was sad to see Big Mdm after all that's happen still couldn't weigh the pros and cons to this incident.. Even her trusted servant said she didn't like that Aunty Kang was hanging around a lot and knew it wasn't nothing good to come out of it.. It took Sh to tell her if she had to comply because ML had the noose around her neck and she still looked dumb trying to protect her sister..


    38 minutes ago, dito said:

    I hope the empress helps them. GTY and ML have been getting her family out of one mess after another ever since they came to the capital.

    But I really wish they hadn't added the downfall storyline. Its already looking quite a bit rushed with one disaster after another happening in their lives. To put it in sequence....after the poisoning is sorted out...ML goes into labor...then the fire....Kang aunt attacks and is killed....then the downfall...banging of the drum...GTY in prison...(maybe before the drum scene)....GTY gets demoted to foot soldier and goes off to fight. ED starts rebellion....ML defends Gu manor. Stepmom again tries to kill them....but her son dies instead. GTY again saves the prince and helps stop the rebellion. GTY gets his position back. GTY and ML decide to leave the capital.

    I don't think 14 epis will be enough to show all this.

    @dito  Just the way you wrote ot sounds a bit rushed I can imagine what it would be like if this is wrote in the drama alsop.. Glad ti hear he leaves the capital with titke and status still intact.. Which means he could come back anytine he likes..


    Let's hope for a season 2, Showing how they children growing up and how loving GTY is towards his wife..

    I remember you said he did fathered a daughter outside the marriage..Did ML bring the daughter in to be raised in the home ? 


    Also do anyone have the links to episode 64 and 65 raw.. If so could you pls msgs it to me..

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  16. 6 hours ago, nichiwoohee said:


      Reveal hidden contents

    In the novel the stepmom did bring mn back, this is around the same time of ml’s first baby delivery. But the drama made the stepmom brought back mn before ml was pregnant, so idk what will happen next


    one of the reason ml doubted gty’s feeling is because she was disappointed that gty only exiled mn when she almost killed her. So I thought maybe the drama took that plot and give it to the shen


    Thanks @nichiwoohee  


    6 hours ago, m0us3y said:

    The granny poisoning incident is harder to take than I imagined. 

    I loved ML and I loved granny and so I was prepared for this to be heartbreaking, but it's still worse than I thought...and this is only preview...

    Show really set it up for us to be so invested in their relationship...

    When ML sobbed inside granny's room, my heart broke with hers. And the first thing that came to mind was "GTY come back already! ML needs you, even if it's just a shoulder for her to cry on.."

    Thankfully, in the next preview, GTY turned up! 

    Good to see that he's there for her when she needed him most, just the same way she was always there for him when his going gets tough...

    @m0us3y  It's kind of hard to believe he can't feel his wifes love for him..  How hard is it to distinguish between Manning and Ming Lang.. He took Manning words a face value believing her every words and yet Ming Lan displays hers..  Upon hearing about Granny and knowing what kind of shady character SH is of course he'll rush back to his wife side.. By now he has to be missing her some kind of terrible not being able to be there to pamper her during her first pregnancy going on those midnght food runs for her allow her to sleep til 3 in the afternoon..  It's good to no that they both there for one another even if she hasn't told him she loves him..


    @nichiwoohee  & @GoldenFlower  

    6 hours ago, Golden Flower said:
    6 hours ago, nichiwoohee said:

    one of the reason ml doubted gty’s feeling is because she was disappointed that gty only exiled mn when she almost killed her. So I thought maybe the drama took that plot and give it to the shen


    @sava2sava From the trailer, though it is very hard to identify the woman who was trying to stab ML and/or her newborn, it doesn't seem to be MN. I don't think MN is going to reappear again since her son is already dead.

      Hide contents

    In the novel, MN tried to kill ML manipulated by stepmom since her son is not dead yet. I believe it is Aunty Kang who was trying to stab ML and her new born. In upcoming episode, I'm guessing she will be divorced from her husband and sent to farmstead instead of being imprisoned like in the novel. (I'm just deducing from the conversations from previews as grandma regained conscious and was stressing about influence of dead wang's father and needing to continue to be their in-laws. So, I think Aunty Kang won't be killed or imprisoned.) So, she will come back with the help of stepmom during ML's delivery. Since she tries to kill the son and noble wife of Marquis GTY who is third grade official in front of many servants, I think the crime will be more serious than poisoning the grandma through the hands of daniang. In addition, after fire broke out, everyone will know about the whole ordeal and GTY is not really in-laws with Kangs or Wangs. So, the case could be formally brought into court to get justice. Unlike GTY, SH's need to care about implicating his wife who actually sent the fruit desserts, wang being in-laws, only Sheng, Wang and Kang families know about the case and Sheng's family reputation plus he is just an scholar official who is not close associate of neither ED nor emperor. 

     I can kind of understand why GTY didn't kill Manning.. How would that look to his daughter also this will also stigmatize the child during that time period.. Knowing full well how society would have lavle her regardless to the circumstances.. As wise as Ming Lan is how could she not see it from this point of view..


    From reading other comments in this thread I also thought Aunt Kang came back to get revenge against ML and personally wanted to kill her herself.. This sounds like more of Auntie Kang character because she has to show ML you will never be above me I can kill you at anytime and no one would know thing about it or do anything about it.. 


    5 hours ago, m0us3y said:

    The slap SH gave ML, although hateful and unjustified, did drive home a point.

    That ML will no longer bow down to the 'master of the household'. 

    And SH realised that too. When she was willing to have the family disown her in exchange for justice for granny, and SH wanted to slap her again, she took a step forward rather than a step back...shows how determined and resolute she was to get to the bottom of the matter and seek justice. 


    If my understanding is correct, SH seems to try avoiding the matter by going off to work, only to have ML told him that she has taken time off for him on behalf. 

    Forced him to face the issue...


    If only he could see beyond saving the family's face and understand how fiercely loyal and loving ML is towards the granny...he would be able to see how well she was raised even without him playing his role as a father. 

    He should be proud that she's such a filial person...

    @m0us3y  At this point of the game I think SH dispised ML just because she was smarter then the three girls not so much of a thought for Ronger but more so she achieved more success them Molan whom he thought the sun set and raise in.. SH always viewed Molan as his accomplishment only to have her and CL to disappoint him..  He has raised his hands to hit ML twice and succeeded once. Now regardless to whatever Molan did he never went that far even as she went on a b-ooty call in the temple and her on Mom spread the news to make him loose face and yet he overlook all things concerning her unless it's something she really wants for example having a small memorial set up for her.. 

    Which brings me to the conclusion after learning about CL evilness of killing someone and not being able to bury her properly nor listing her in the Sheng Family Linenge he could be holding some kind of grudge against her for this.. I just don't think the man ever like Ml or her mom.. He has never cared for her if he did he wouldn't be so quick to raise his hands to hit her even while she's pregnant.. I think the Emperor should have heard of how such a scholar behaves all because he's scared to loose face and have fingers pointing at him.. SH always quick to throw ML status up in her face because her husband ranks higher then him in court and out.. Even Molan husband ranks higher then him and yet he don't put up airs to her.. I tell you if it wasn't for Granny Ming Lan would probably be married off to the poorest farmer in town.. All for the grater good of him saving face and she's married into a peaceful family.. I bet he wouldn't have married her to some outstanding scholar but then again he may have left her in the home just so she can serve them for feeling she's not worthy enough to have a husband.. At this point in the drana I must thank Granny because of not for her ML would have never been educated if it was left up to the people in that house.. SH seems the type that would have punish ML if he found out she knew how to read without permission..  (SH attitude changed towars ML after her mom died. It was like he never wnted to face this child this is why I think he would ahve sent her our of the hie early on)

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  17. @nichiwoohee

    5 hours ago, nichiwoohee said:

    Wait.. isnt that the plot in the novel where manniang almost killed ml, and gty decided to just exiled her? Right down to when she was giving birth when it happened

    Wait did step mom bring the richard simmons back ? 




    4 hours ago, hello210 said:

    The ML is Gu Tingye, and he is the 2nd son of the primary branch in a high-ranked Marquis Family with illustrious military merits. The old Marquis had 3 wives (not at the same time--he was twice widowed), and 1 son with each.
    The first wife is his great love but she was sickly, only managed to bear him a frail son after many years of marriage and died soon after. The 2nd wife is a rich merchant daughter's, and the old Marquis marries her for money (his own "noble" family was greatly in debt at the time). They have a son: GTY, then the mother also dies quickly. The 3rd time, the old Marquis marries his 1st wife's younger sister (and has a 3rd son and a daughter with her).
    Now this 3rd wife is the GTY’s stepmother, but because the old Marquis switched between all these wives when he was stationed outside the capital, and by the time he returns to the capital he is married with a woman named "Qin shi" (which is the same surname that everyone knows that the 1st wife had), the details are not generally known, and the other nobles don't realize that this Qin shi is not the original wife; they don't know about the GTY’s mother, and that this Qin shi is actually the GTY’s stepmother. This only becomes commonly known when rumors start to surface that this woman may have acted with ill intentions against GTY, and then everyone has an aha-moment--because they realize she wasn't the birth mother but the stepmother after all, which would explain certain things.

    As to why the stepmother targets GTY. The 1st son (also Stepmom's maternal nephew) in line to inherit is sickly and won't live long, which everyone knows, and then GTY is next in line--and is the barrier to the stepmother's own biological son, i.e. the old Marquis' 3rd son, to inherit. So Stepmom's plan from the start was to ruin GTY and get him out of the way.

    GTY is over 20 years old so she took a long time planning and scheming just to get an inheritance for her son. It’s no wonder she goes crazy. She’s lived most of her life in a game of manipulations. 


    This is kind of confusing, Now it seemed the old marquis (GTY father) should have had 4 wives.. I know both sistera didn;t have the same name..

    I don't think she waited until GTY turned 20 to decide to kill him.. I'm wondering if the incident on the boat is related to her and not the Bais like he thinks.. Clearly the Bais could have taken GTY and all his mom assets would have come with him.. His Dad only kept him to live off his mom money..


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  18. 7 hours ago, dito said:

    She got much condemnation after the fire. People started questioning her pure and innocent act. GTY being the smart cookie he is, is also someone who likes to hold grudges. When he saw his house on fire....he rushed in to save ML. After everything was under control he went and set fire to stepmom son's house....as retaliation. No one was hurt but the next day when the news about the fire was spreading ...another rumor started that said it was the stepmom who started the fire and to deflect suspicion from herself she burned her own son's house. It was then people started putting things together about stepmom's action....concubines, rumors of ML's bad attitude, GTY's bad reputation  were actually underhanded ways to harm GTY and ML


    GTY went to court the next day with little burns and bruises on his face and hands and asked the emperor permission to official divide the house of Gu.....stepmom, her son, the uncles and aunts...everyone got kicked out of the Gu manor....and were given some part of the Gu property to live on. GTY and ML moved in the manor after renovating it. 

    The reason stepmom went crazy was she lost everyone dear to her...her son, her grand children and it was because of her own actions. And the marquis title that she had worked so hard to get for her son was completely out of her hands after her son died and ML gave birth to another son.

    Thanks @dito  Reading Makes It Worth The Watch.. Did her G/kids Die In The Fire ?



    SH slapped ML tonight.. I'm so angry with SH. Stupid SH. You slapped a heavily pregnant daughter. 


    SH slapped ML tonight.. I'm so angry with SH. Stupid SH. You slapped a heavily pregnant daughter. 



    What episode is this ?  Looks Danning Side Kick Spilled All The Beans


    6 hours ago, Lunkera said:

    This is why i wan't him to lose everything. I hope ML & GTY with their family leave the capital in the end just like they did in the novel apparently. Just to get away from all these scheming relatives and nobles.

    @Lunkera  I was wishing they leave and happy they did in The End..


    Checking out those videos it seems CB even cut ties with his mom for what she did.. Even after she returns I'm wondering did her muddled head learn a lesson.. 

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  19. 10 minutes ago, nichiwoohee said:

    At last, a family who would risk everything for their daughter, and not use her as a commodity. 

    The state uncle is guilty of favoring the concubine, neglecting the wife, leave his bum richard simmons

    @nichiwoohee  I enjoyed watching that scene also, The concubine is bold enough to try and kill off the kid.. Now with everyone knowing her evil plan it would be hard to marry her off.. 

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  20. 6 hours ago, Jackie1048 said:

    I believe the evil in women here is the result of the position they are in. Stepmother was married literally to look after the old Marquis children and his love went away together with her dead sister. I think her change over was when she heard the old Marquis praying to meet his first wife in the next life. She had no standing in that family so her life will be seen in vain if she did not scheme for power.

    4 hours ago, purplefall94 said:

    I was always wondering how women can become unbearable psychos like Maniang, Big Madam, and Aunty Kang. I still don't understand Maniang (maybe she's a natural psycho lol) but think I can sympathize a little bit with Big Madam and Aunty Kang here. Failure to receive care and love from their husband obviously contributes greatly to their psycho characteristics and directly influences their "everyone has wronged me" view. But this definitely shouldn't be the excuse for them to project their unhappiness to everyone around them. It's just so wrong and so... pathetic.


    The actress who plays Big Madam did her role great justice in the raining scene at the worshipping room. I can feel her bitterness, disillusionment, dispair and discontent with her marriage. I mean she's definitely to blame for her wicked business, she shouldn't bottle up her emotions for all those year, put on the fake virtuous mask and eventually turn herself into a monster. But I can't help wonder whether we would have been like her if we were in her shoes. Maybe this is why I feel her evilness is more "reasonable" compared to that of Aunt Kang who hates just anyone because they won't let her have her way.


    @Jackie1048 & @purplefall94   I had often wonder why would they marry sisters into the same family.. Clearly at that time the GU house was broke.. Was Evil step Mom sent there for her sister child..? The Gu house was on bad terms with the courts wouldn't it have been better if Big Mdm was married off into a different famiy of status and wealth.. Most marriage then was for alliences to form more wealth and power.. Did Big Mdm not know marrying into the Gu house which child hold all the wealth..


    In my opinion her evilness stemed from her on making.. She went there with a plan to kill all the marquis children leaving her child the only one left.. @purplefall94  Big Mdm didn't just turn evil she was evil from the start, As @Jackie1048 Explain it above seeing the marquis still loving his first wife whom it was someone she couldn't beat nor challenge to fight for the man she wanted because she couldn't win over the dead.. So she learned to pit the two children against each other, Have the father to hate one of his sons while she sit back and reap the fruits of her labor..     


    When it comes to Mannining..  She not a psycho she's just and evil schemer like Big Mdm.. Mannnining Evil comes from her own plans not coming into fruitation.. So yes her and Big Mdm would like to destroy everything if they can't have what they want.. Aunt Kang on the other hand just hates a Shu daughter living well off then her.. If she had any inking that Molan was more richer then Minglan she would have been in her home trying to set up shop..But I'm sure she did her homework on all the Sheng girls husbands and found MIng Lan was the one to go after..  


    3 hours ago, dito said:


    Yeah stepmom always steps up her game to cause trouble for GTY and ML. She set fire to GTY's house while ML was in the middle of delivering her baby....which caused panic among the servants and the guards and gave stepmom an opening to send someone to attack ML and the baby.

    @dito  Where was GTY when all of this took place.?  Did all this happen when he was in prison on the ED trump up charges..

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  21. 2 hours ago, minglan1 said:

    The women actors in the drama are very good.They make you loathe and love them with sincerity.

    I am also waiting for GTY to be back and take everyone to task for troubling his precious wife. To bother ML was supposed to be his job and no one else.

    @minglan1  No you didn't go there, Thanks got my laugh for tonight:w00t: MoMo the 2nd


    1 hour ago, Jackie1048 said:

    Based on the many hints of the drama given online, the ending for Auntie Kang will be that she is sent to a penal workforce, Big Madam Wang will be sent to a temple to repent never to return unless permitted and Stepmother goes mad.

    @Jackie1048 I could see step mom going crazy.. Big Mdm has never had anyone to challenge her authourity.. She didn't expect this small young girl would make her wreck her brain the way she has.. All the opponets she has sent ML way have all went running with they tail tuck between there legs..   After ML knocks Auntie Kang out of the equation Big Mdm has no more cards to play but to just go all out for the kill burn the whole darn house down with them all in it and in return she kill her own son.. So yes this would run her crazy because it's no way she can get her son the title not even her G/kids can inherit it..  They didn't have nut houses then I don't think.. She'll probably end up in a temple also.. I think they should send the 4th house Mdm with her she slow anyway even her husband seems a little mentally challenged.. 


    45 minutes ago, minglan1 said:
    1 hour ago, leeza77 said:

    Dunno whether this clip has been posted before.. Wow, the bratty zhou concubine got slapped by eunuch. For me not enough for her crime. 


    The enunch looked so frail I was worried that he would faint from the exhaustion of slapping the concubine.

    What crack me up is when she tried to play like she fainted and threw her head back.. The Eunich was like bring the face back here..

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  22. 3 hours ago, hello210 said:

    That’s the problem. The Emperor and Empress asking for lighter punishment but ED’s people personally exacting the punishment could cause issues between the royal family and Duke of Ying, more political turmoil to benefit the ED. The Emperor and Empress and the Shens need to see beyond the guilt they feel towards the Zou family to the bigger picture and put some distance between themselves and the concubine’s family. Especially General Shen since they brought harm to both of his children and current wife as well as put him in a very bad position in court.

    @hello210  Wrong is Wrong. The Empress shouldn't have even involved the Emperor knowing that the ED will use whatever is in her means to get what she want.. If someone did her child this way she would probably want there head since she's in a position to take it and no one could stop her she's within her bounds.. Now knowing all the stuff she has heard about how the concubine behaves overstepping her bounds she should have check her then and put her on her place.. Letting the Bray knows just what she's not going to tolarate regardless of the past.. The Brat needs to be strip of her status and kick out of the Gnrl home period if they not going to take her life.. If she gets away with it this time she'll try it again.. She should also be punish for jeapordizing a heavy pregnant Gnrl wife  (ML) all because she can come and save her and the child.. I tell you ML had become benefactors to a lot these people saving them from unwanted marriages to justice.. At this rate I think she may even go head to head with the Ed and the concubine..  Now this would be very intersting..


    1 hour ago, m0us3y said:

    Aunty Kang is a devil!! :angry: Demon! She's just utterly evil! 

      Reveal hidden contents

    Just watched EP 59 raw, ML's so called couz, Zhao'er, from Aunt Kang...

    I'm not sure if I'm understanding this correctly, but it seems that Zhao'er is on suicide mission....

    Either she dies, or her biological mom and siblings will die....

    Can't believe this...


    Thank god for Granny to rescue! :wub:

    For once ML was truly cornered. 

    Loved the 3 maid servants that's fiercely loyal to her yet know when she's out of her depth and needs help...

    Even if I couldn't fully understand the conversation, we can see from ML's expression and reaction that even she didn't see that coming. 

    That ruthless. That vicious. 

    I really like that ML took her time to regain her composure, keep her calm before she decides on what to do though. 

    Shows that she really doesn't make any rash decisions which she could regret later. 

    That truly is her strength. 


    I can't wait for the next few episodes now when she goes on offensive. 

    She's been on defensive since she married GTY, and although she's done really well, time to flex some muscle and go offensive. 

    Lets see if Aunt Kang would still be so arrogant now...:angry:

    @m0us3y  If I'm not mistaking things should get some what better GTY was supposed to come back after hearing about Granny.. If this is so then I hope he checks Big Mdm and the 4th and 5th house because they still living off him and none of them are doing anything to protect his wife.. I stil think he should breakup these houses and let them fend for themselves.. They all been haven't it to easy to long..


    49 minutes ago, minglan1 said:

    Time for Aunt Kang to rot in prison sans any privileges for life.It would be the best punishment for her.DaNiang also needs to be punished for causing harm to granny being foolish is no excuse.

    @minglan1  I agree DaNiang should also be punished.. She knows right from wrong.. She had been warned once before by Granny to tell her sister not to go around messing with ML.. Now she was all bent out of shape because Granny check her about her sister who she thinks has the right to do whatever and all is well, DaNiang didn't care as long as Aunt wasn't taking the concubines to her kids house she could careless and SH feels the same way as long as Aunt Kang wasn't brothering Molan..  The face saver was really willing to overlook it.. I see why GTY came back because he knows SH character all to well wanting to save his rep.What Rep.  I tell you SH gets the worst father of the year award from me..


    1 hour ago, leeza77 said:

    Yes, i admire the writer to be able to come with witty dialogue that full of wisdom. Worth pondering and thinking over. Especially grandma and ml dialogues. 

    @leeza77  As far as dialogue nobody beats GTY and MoMo as of now..


    Right before GTY married ML, He told his brother Pretentious display of proper etiqutte should be done.. Wow:w00t::w00t: In others worfs GTY told him I'll pretend to give you props but you know I don't give a F..

    I thought about something doing that scene why Big Mdm didn't want him to make his marriage extravagant.. The smaller the wedding the more she could issue out those invitations to find her muse to do her bidding.. 

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