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  1. Jung Rye Won is one of my most favourite actresses in K-drama world. It's the writer who made her character awful. I would love to see her in another drama with JH preferably a kooky rom-com. You can check her other dramas to see how adorable she is.
  2. I don't want LBW to have such reationship with Seolhyun's character. It would look icky becasue of the age difference. I even criged a little while watching Beautiful Mind because JH had an ajjushi hairstyle while Park So Dam has a baby face. Moreoever her heart belongs to Hwi and being the lead actress she is not going to change her preference. Not like we don't know who is the lead actor here. But she has intresting chemistry with JH so I won't mind if they keep bickering in upcoming episodes.
  3. He did Radio Star for the drama because other cast members were also present in the show. But RS airs on MBC so the network itself might have invited them to promote their drama. JTBC doesn't seem to have such intentions. I think he participated in other variety shows for his friends. Not like RS didn't have one of his best buddy. He even appeared in the talk shows after completing Beautiful Mind. So his appearances are definitely not fot promoting dramas. He just have friends in most of the variety shows.
  4. I think it's a good idea to play supporting roles but not in dramas. There are very few well written dramas or well written supporting characters and nobody particularly cares about the supporting actors(barring a few exceptions). But movies generally give opportunity to play wide array of intresting characters and not to mention have much more talented teams to work with. In short a better place for polishing skills I guess second only to theater. On top of that schedules are much more human than the dramas so more free time to spend with the family. It's not like JH has stopped getting offers for lead roles. If it was the case then I would've thought differently. In the end all depends upon JH's wish and luck. Not like I know about his job better than him. No pressure JH ssi. Lols...
  5. Seems like they did. It can explain abrupt cuts and inconsistencies in the storyline.
  6. That's probably because drama was originally planned to have 20 episode.
  7. Pretty much everyone in this show loves torturing Hwi and I'm hoping he gets back on some of his detractors in next episode.
  8. It seems like that kid is having a stunted childhood. Years have been passed and he is still same. I'm finding it hard to take JH as LBW seriously unless I imagine that he is a purely fictitious character coincidently named like historical LBW.
  9. It can't be injury. Such bloodshot eye would need immidiate medical intervention. He continued shooting which means it was not a serious condition. I've heard LBW loved his kids(maybe wives too) but still he won't mind having more women. Remember we are in 15th century !
  10. Let's not judge JH's parents and his other personal matters. We know too little and I'm afraid we can't make anything better than mere specualtions about this aspect of his life. I also think English translation didn't convey real meaning of his words. JH is polite and very careful while talking about his family so I don't believe he would say anything that could possibly embarrass his own parents on a variety show. Moreover which breed of in-laws start loving their DIL at first glance.
  11. It's not as long as you don't try to acquire a blue tick. Role playing is extremely common on twitter. I think even JH may have such account(s). Usually people do it only for fun and to be honest I find such 'celebrity' conversations quiet amusing myself.
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