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  1. Kim Hee Won is not very established so she might not have that much influence. It seems like drama production, marketing and distribution companies have a lot of say in matter of casting. An actor can also get good roles by developing good interpersonal relationship with a writer/director but to have such capacity writer/director have to make a name for themselves first. Ideally JH's agency should work earnestly to win good projects for him. His company doesn't have another lead actor in JH's age group which makes their work much easier. But in the end every thing boils down to marketability. In our eyes JH is a deserving candidate but from point of business(in his current position) his presence doesn't assure good returns. His 'failed' dramas are not comparable with 'failed' dramas of younger popular actors. These young actors enjoy huge following so even if their dramas rate low the profit can be earned by other means like from advertising, selling distribution rights, exporting dramas to other countries etc. I don't think actors of JH's age group(whether popular or not) hold such advantage anymore although there are one or two exceptions. Romantic comedies and melodramas are main genres of K dramas but most of these roles are not for 40+ actors. So for a 40+ actor like JH opportunities will be limited but the creators will have plenty of options to choose from the saturated pool of 40+ actors. Generally the older actors have found their niche in the industry and they hardly overstep their boundries unlike JH. That's why now I only wish for good luck for JH. One day he has to stumble on one great project. The guy who got lead role has history of working in indie movies in Europe. I've heard his acting is good and he probably suits the role(most important thing). I like Soo Ae but I don't want JH to star in a drama having such title. He should only have great roles like Lee Bang Won, Lee Young Oh and Lee Daegil. I'm loving new emojis !
  2. Do you remember JH's drams Tazza? I've heard that his Busan accent in that drama was criticized. He has lost his native accent but it is still distinguishable from typical Seoul accent. I think Busan accent sounds kind of funny. Busan dilect has tones like Mandarin so it may sound harsher(as compared to non-tonal languages) to untrained ears.
  3. You must be talking about Ju Ji Hoon. I've seen very little of him but I didn't think he was bad. Maybe the drama itself is problematic. I saw posters of Hyena and one of them was very cringy. It's alright even if awards are not that 'fair' as long as nominees were good or charismatic in their respective roles. For example I think it's OK for JH to loose to Lee Byung Hyun or Jo Seung Woo. But nominating outright bad performances diminishes credibility of the awards. Having separate categories for acting skills and popularity was good way of maintaining balance between artistic and commercial aspects of the dramas. It's not like JH will get to play LBW every year. There are not many K drama actors who have ability to play LBW like JH.
  4. They should rename it as Baeksang Business Awards instead of Baeksang Arts Awards. There is no need for distinct 'most popular actor' and 'best actor' categories anymore. Ironically these awards are highest honour for a drama actor in Korea. I also like Liu Min Tao who played concubine/consort Jing(awesome character ! ) in NIF. She has rather unique acting style(her accent/diction initially grated on my ears) but it works very well. I think 3 men and 1 woman had good chemistry in both of dramas. Best part is all of them dubbed their own voices(thank God). The main problem lies with the characterization. The writer doesn't know difference between naivete and silliness. Moreover by no stretch of imagination Ming Tai can pass off as a 20 something dude. The actor though not too old has a mature face and he looks almost same age as his brothers. There are also inconsistencies in the plot. Is there another Chinese drama that you like?
  5. No Baeksang nomination for JH... Now Baeksang awards have also turned into popularity awards. I saw all of nominations and half of them are laughable. I thought JH's performance in My Country was well recieved so would not be overlooked. I was wrong. @budgerie I watched a few episodes of Disguiser and have to drop it. Main cast, directors and production company of this drama is same as NIF but it is not that good. I think one more reason why I'm reluctant to watch this drama is because the male lead's character in Disguiser is too silly and childish while he was extremely smart and shrewd in NIF. I don't want to erase his character's good image from my mind. So I rewatched NIF and liked it better because I had missed many key details.
  6. I'm sorry I didn't mean to offend or hurt you in any way. I think this is my natural way of expressing myself in dispiriting conditions. Presently I found myself in situations which were beyond threshold point of my patience. Although any person in this thread will not get affected by it in any way.
  7. Exactly like Indian society is probably most heterogeneous society of the world. Here cultural norms and behaviour are different for different social classes, communities, regions, religions etc and these differences existed for millennials. That's why I said that 'Indian culture' is a very broad term just like 'Indian food'. lols. But still every society has it's own 'high culture' which is considered it's representative. I'm really glad that Indian directors and producers never tackle Indian classics or Indian history because they will probably create horror out of them. I can patiently wait and hope for good future. Most of Indian cinema can safely assumed to be an escapist venture. Unfortunately most of movie making business in India has been monopolised by families and their 'connections' that's why it's almost impossible for an outsider or a creative person to make it big here. This is why they never improve because they don't have to compete with real talents. Kids of 'stars' are automatically assumed to be 'stars' here. These works of fiction are certainly a convenient way to become familiar with new cultures. Like if someone is curious then I can tell him/her why do Indian movies have so many random songs and dance sequences. It's certainly not because Indian people actually burst into random singing/dancing.
  8. Weren't there slaps to men by women in 90s Indian movies too? 70s-90s Bollywood movies often glorified real life gangsters(many of whom have been most wanted criminals in the country and some of them were even on the list of interpol) and violence. Does it mean Indian culture(which is very broad term tbh) envisions it's youth to join notorious gangs? Or for instance 90s Indian movies often portrayed protagonists dancing around trees. Which is impossible to replicate in real life unless you are ready to become the butt of the joke. Movies or dramas of different countries are not always true reflection of collective psyche of their respective societies(atleast not directly). In case of Indian movies I always felt like there were subtle attempts by different movie makers to 'normalise' outrage culture. That's why I have stopped watching 'Bollywood' movies long ago. I personally believe Indian people can't make good movies or dramas untill they would establish alternate industry to challenge 'Bollywood'.