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  1. Of course, in the end people loved the drama as it should have been. There are some people who have this constant urge to direct their annoyance at someone else. They are so quick to judge and too lazy to introspect. This type of behavior stands out more when the target is comparatively 'softer' like actors who are not that popular or who are not considered 'good looking'. The actors who don't match 'level' of their idols. Is this 'level' thing exclusive to Korean entertainment? As far as I remember I didn't see it in my country(although I don't follow our entertainers anymore). There are A li
  2. We have talked about it earlier My Mister faced double whammy. First from antis of IU because she is not an actress. In addition of this she was accused of enticing her ajjushi 'fans' with 'Lolita' concept in the past. So after reading the title and synopsis of the drama they naturally assumed that it was in line with the concept of her previous singing career. Second and most severe wave was both from fans and anti-fans. They claimed that KWS is trying to exploit IU's image and LSK is not good enough for IU. Some people went as far as calling LSK a pervert for accepting this
  3. I clearly remember those nasty people because I had been running around in the hope of cooling them down. Curiously they were not even long-term fans(barring one or two exceptions) but just some random newbies. I think we can also sort-out fandoms of other people in same way. It happened much before the drama aired. I really liked MM but won't talk about it in this thread.
  4. His popularity is on another level so he will remain unscathed. I don't feel ill will towards him or other popular or obscure actors. Larger fandom means higher chances of meeting trolls. Hyukie isn't devoid of troll 'fans' either. Do you remember what happened during Wok of Love? Many troll 'fans' of JH were not kind to Lee Jun Ho. It happens all of time. Atleast for us this 'hatred' remains in the fandom and don't permeate the reality. Have you seen tvn drama My Mister? It had worst case of toxic fanfare among all of dramas I've ever watched. Drama's PD Kim Won
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