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  1. We invite pretty much every friend's and acquaintance's families to the wedding. Infact weddings and other ceremonies are seen as great opportunity to introduce your spouse and children to your friends and their respective families. Friends of your spouse are also naturally your friends here. I can even go uninvited given that my friends or relatives or neighbors have an invitation.(lols) Yes people in my country dress elaborately but I was not making comparison in this regard. It seems Korean celebrities don't even bother to dress formally for the ocassion.
  2. There is nothing to feel guilty about though. His second son was born prematurely(I think more than one month earlier) so there was no way he could make it to witness the birth. He was shooting at far away place. It's just colour of his lips which makes him pretty otherwise I think he is manly looking. I find his features handsome and unique(among K actors).
  3. Maybe he was a good father that's why he was able to raise a good son. He preferred Sejong over his older sons which means he had good eye for the people. Generally I don't judge historical characters because our sources of information themselves can be unreliable or biased or exaggerated. I'm more intrested in overall social impact of different events and traditions during course of history. LBW massacred a few people but maybe he did it in self defense. Maybe he didn't have other choice. There were kings/emperors who slaughtered hundred thousands just for fun and are still considered 'great'. Compared to them LBW sounds tame.
  4. Don't love this development too much. BW is about to slice these cute kiddos. I don't know to which extent the director is planning to be faithful to the true events of history. JH is too old to play LBW and these kids are too young to play princes.
  5. She is good actress though. She used to play female leads in past. Don't worry real Lee Bang Won hated his step-mother who was actually 11 years older than him. I don't know why did some people get such vibes from their scene. I think it's because Park Ye Jin's voice is similiar to Lee Mi Sook.
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