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  1. Not sure about real life but have to keep in mind with alot of these drama's it the families that control their children's relationships. The parents try to control, who you marry, when, when you divorce, when you should have children etc.. This emotionless control has consequences as its people with emotions (love, hate or utter loathing..lol) that end up going down this rollercoaster.....
  2. After watching the ending I was satisfied, especially for Jin. Despite all the things he did wrong, his wife's heart was somewhere else. Even if your the worst person in a marriage it takes 2 to fail it. How can she really put her heart in her marriage if her heart is with Hwan. I think thats why they didnt end up together at the end as well. If it was like other dramas in which they swapped partners they would of had emotional distance between the parties involved and slowly brought them together. This wasnt the case, it was a household full of heated emotions. Now everyon
  3. Ohh yes I must add my bit of sarcasm here before the finale, this is an example of how i expect the ending to go. "Insert traumatic event here" Jin and wife decides to divorce, "insert healing process here" Jin moves on easily or gives permission *RME* and the other two confess love and live happily ever after.
  4. I must be the only one here that thinks they should stop, I get the attraction and the husband is far from being perfect for that matter. But if your going to switch between brothers do it while dating or engaged not after your married, regardless of the feelings. My brother is going to take my wife because I have been a jerk, but that's okay because despite you being my own brother that justifies it as you did love her before me. *shakes my head on the plot line, obviously no boundaries with family when it comes to marriage". She should either go her own way or husban
  5. Thankfully a reasonable ending, I would of been disappointed if she ended up with crybaby, I would of understoond but been disappointed. I mean she said while TI was in hospital she didnt want him to be alone anymore so why would they even bother to put that in the script if she was to remain married. So yeah at least somewhat satisfying ending, i mean he was by her side digging up the trueth all the way and been her strength and courage as well...
  6. Now this is why they built up his character to feel so pitiful on the "Im Sorry" for as next week everyone is trashing him and the whole situation is a misunderstanding the only person that can save him from the sitation by the look of it is her. Which would be great if she stood up to the plate for once and defended him instead of telling him constantly how much he was a reminder of the mistakes.....
  7. Damn it just saw the preview and I wished I was wrong (Hope the subtitles tell me something different). Looks like crybaby is going to sacrifice himself for both TI & ED but she wants to remain loyal to crybaby instead which is the worst outcome I am thinking right now......and a waist of a drama.
  8. I feel extremely conflicted here and want to walk away from the drama even before it gets to the end. I feel ED will play the sympathy card and say well i agreed to marry you, we should make this work. Which will leave TI hanging and me extremely peeved to be honest. My prediction will be either one of these two situations; 1. Sacrifices to be with him and goes to china and decides she doesnt hate him and can grow to love him and they leave. 2. Sacrifices herself to go with him, however he turns the tables and leaves without her making a sacrifice so sh
  9. Sad to say it as predictable as this series is, there was only one logical choice for the father really. You always have infatuated but wanting them to be happy, one who is manipulative or has a destructive background or one who is jealous and wants the person at all costs, but none of those characters usually get the girl thou. *sighs* have watched way too many kdramas now i think to know this....pfft. So when he turned out to be the father that didnt suprise me, although i do agree with everyone else his constant need to apologise is driving me up the wall. THere is
  10. I havent been watching this drama till recently so am going to have to backtrack to see what is going on. But I have seen both the leads in other drama's and like them both. Can someone tell me is TI & ED endgame? Even thou she is married to what people call crybaby and he aint registered the marriage, the chemistry between these other two just jumps off the screen and she appears to have little affection for him as well. Where as she does for TI. Or did something go down which puts them at odds with each and they are not likely to get together???
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