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  1. @angelwingssf Very true but rather than creating something unique for a storyline lets go for one of two options which are not only predictable, boring but downright insulting to our imaginations..... 1. Put love together only to have family pull them apart for no aparant reason except for there own selfish ideas, only to have to realise their mistakes later costing the couple months or years apart in agony but ohh yeah they will forgive that after your its FAMILY.... or my pet favourite. 2. Have someone blindly lusting after one of the couple regardless if they are married or single, trying to pull them apart making it blatently obvious then when it doesnt work at the end the blame falls totally on the married or single person, not on the irrational person chasing a relationship that was never going to happen. Granted there are some cases they know they are being chased and dont say anything but the others they manipulate a way to try to get the person they are obsessed with then when it doesnt work its a case "Arent you going to apologise for doing this to me, how could you"........ Someone really needs to explain the last part of number two as i really dont understand how 80% of these romantic dramas throw the blame on the person being chased NOT on the moron trying to get someone they cant have...... Sorry overly venting as i had password issues for weeks trying to log back into here and nothing worked it was downright annoying...
  2. I really dont get this, i understand this obedience to your parents but to the point of control this is really sad and tragic. So to be obedient and loyal to the family you can manipulate my life, my money, my friends, my love and even my heart and i will willingly let you do it. Errrr okay that one is lost to me, your family loves you enough why would they make you suffer or watch you endlessly suffer or even better yet marry you off to someone you really done give a damn about in some cases, i mean after all doesnt that solve the problem..... Ummm NO!!! I finding very few drama's now that have couples stay together and fight together now.....this plot like above it really been overdone and getting boring...
  3. The making video highlights you really need good chemistry to show on screen, i remember him from Pinocchio and loved him then. You can see they get along well and enjoy each others company.
  4. Needing drama help, like watching most kinds of asian drama's lately I have found ones like Dr Qin Medical Examiner and SCI Mystery interesting to watch, i have seen when a snails falls in love thats cute as well. But i am after more in this line, i find alot of the chinese/hong kong dramas drawn out in plot or silly reasons for break ups not strong characters with chemistry and stay together to fix things or investigate things. Any suggestions on more dramas along this lines I can watch?
  5. @angelwingssf Had to laugh when i woke up and seen your respond, it was quite funny actually. Yes the show went completely bonkers some time ago. Not sure i overly paid attention to half of the crap as it was so rediculous. But yes another reoccuring theme seems to be as a parent to take responsibility for your child and help them avoid punishment in anyway shape or form. As its the parents fault for raising them wrong. Then shouldnt the parent be doing the right thing now.......i guess its easier said than actually done i suppose. But yes its getting extremely annoying now.
  6. Okay I must confess I feel conflicted here, the websites say 124 episodes yet it says its ended at 122. Additionally you dont find out what happens with JB as he is chasing after HW. Normally there is an ending of closure for them, they are at the decision making process after all the chaos what they want to do, and given yes its different but strangely i didnt see much other options for HW due to her pride. But the others have partially moving on with their lives but still doesnt seem rounded out and completed.
  7. I love her character suits her perfectly when she screams at the emperor, rips the mistress's hair out n storms out the room. Really the meek and timid has been overdone in these dramas.
  8. @noomma I would like to know the answer to that question myself, sounds like something happened with the grandfather as he was adopted into that family from what i recall. Another question for people, why does a child adopted or not get treated like crap its entire childhood life into adulthood, finally find there own feet, put up the family ridicule and torment over and over, despite not having low self esteem learns to stand on their own two feet . Then finds out the truth, is crumbled by it all, rips into family, but slowly comes to understand it even if they cant accept it, yet when the family objects to the wedding of her not being of class enough still tolertates the families abuse. I know why the family is doing this. But its a common theme through these dramas to tolerate the humilation from your parents the 99 percent abuse can be forgiven because they were 1 percent of a parent at some point in the childs life.... Its very rare i see a child throw the parents under the bus and walk away not wanting to have anything to do with them. Actually we do have that, we give them a fatal or life threatening disease as if that fixes it all......... *shakes head in disgust*
  9. Well well wasnt that just a sweet episode,l everyone but our hero's of the day that is were struggling with their own issues. One couple were split apart and off to the airport to africa. Another going to a mental hospital for recovery for loving her contract husband too much, who is also getting a taste of his own medicine what its like to be on the receiving end of revenge decisions and have absolutely no say about it whatsoever. Oh yes and we cant forget the mother who is protesting about YS being a part of HG life's. Well you only have your family to blame for that as well, and custody.....pfft after the kidnapping and it being daddy dearest wife partially involved, yeah okay good luck with that...... The only couple who looked comfortable and relaxed and dealing with everyrhing as it comes is GY & HG.
  10. To be brutally honest the drama is called "love to the end" which makes me think they will get back together somehow. But after everything she has been through to be honest I think she would be better for with new hubby or doing it alone, although i do prefer new hubby personally. I feel sorry for his 20 year gal but still i do want them together.... I think after it all because they both put each other through the same stuff they will understand each other better and come back together. Which for me 2 wrongs dont make a right, so i think they have gone to far to be back together......
  11. @sava2sava I agree there she does need closure, I suspect they dropped a hint yesterday with the medications could cause liver failture. I think coming up or closer to the end she will get liver condition and that will push her to prioritise and it will affect hubbies choice as well. BUT and i have to say this BUT i watch a snippet of todays episode without the subtitles at the end and lost it. I had headphones on but laughed out loud with GY being in the house and sincerely and ever so sweetly greeting them......LOL Now that was hilarious.......
  12. Now see in reality if someone is dealing with mental illness all you can do is support them in getting help for treatment, but in drama land it works differently. There is always this "if i wasnt so focused elsewhere" blame going onl. Example in glass mask the evil villaness sets up her sister to take her sisters boyfriend as her husband and then he betrays his girlfirned anyhow beleiving she dead. Well finds out later she aint and spends the whole series pining after her. Well by the end when the villaness is suffering the husband finally realises he contributed to it. He may not of loved his wife but by chasing his ex all the time he made the situation worse for all. If had only given her some respect and attention things could of been a bit different. Same plot line in this one. who knows. Emily is in bad shape anyhow, and they have a contractual marriage, its a given that she put emotions into the marriage not him. But him chasing after his ex all the time is what is also making emilys situation worse. If he stops chasing the ex a bit more and focuses more on the revenge or emily, she will balance out more.
  13. @Takingthehighroad I agree I have seen a couple of drama's like that myself where the main character is pulling all these stunts for "good" reasons, while the suffering partner is all accepting in it. But by the end they are pulled apart by it all and find the person closest to them and been their friend through it all is their true lover.... Like now i can see them both drawn to emily's plight "maybe she really did love you" or "I beleive she really does love you", which being in hospital in these type of drama's translates to "Maybe i wastn fair". Meanwhile if GY is determined to go back into the house it means marriage, and even though he will marry her if she wants in there or let her go if thats the case. He appears gentle to her would be good for her realise she is special herself and chasing the "ideal" of first love isnt aways "True Love".
  14. Don't know why but i seem to be the odd one out who things that JH is extremely self centred. Its only been the last few episodes its starting to dawn on him on the stupidity of his decisions. Stupidity of course being my words. Regardless of his reasoning, it involved and hit everyone around him, regardless if they were involved or not. He did a contract marraige with a pyscho and when that went the wrong way, he failed to control that as well. I have seen him go nuts once or twice but not very often where as he was pretty cool it was GY who went troppy when her son went missing. But i dislike guys like this in drama's they say they will "protect" the people they care about but their version of it involves watching them get hurt and attacked over and over again. I would rather the character be single or independant that put up with that. Its easy to say that her new potential marriage partner maybe a wimp for lack of a better word, but inaction and action are both not having any affect on those around them, its only GY who is affecting things with going troppo at them. This is why i am all for new marriage contract, his baggage can easily step aside and he knows how to keep calm and keep GY happy as well.
  15. Something about him, he is very gentle and decent makes me intrigued into watching it just to follow him alone. He is willing to help out GY even get into marriage with her, he is gentle and open about the fact "been there, done that" when the reporters were there and she was nervous he reassured her. I know that the other dude is end game but he is so wonderful to her i wish he was end game.
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