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  1. IF she needs a bone marrow then let me guess who the compatible donor will be JH......lol...
  2. I am curious how the family will take the news but maybe its just me, but there doesnt seem to be enough karmic payback for their interference. I mean they interfered with Bora and now with GH, okay she got kicked out briefly but they aint exactly welcoming either. Usually the villans get alot more payback for their trouble.
  3. Exactly and the preview also confirms it as well, he is still checking up, but he wont like what he see's as well. She already changed her attitude, "It's time to be healthy for the both of you" that is what love installs into you. Transparent as this storyline part is, it was needed I think for Bora leaving issue..makes it fully all the way around, he is there for his son and helps out his new wife in a way he couldnt help Bora. His family will snack back into line from this part as well is my guess. But JH I hope will go through being very lonely soon, as his wife will divorce him and even if he says he doesnt deserve the love, its still just words. He will really be selfish if he never has any guilt over that at all. She was wrong but he also treated her appaulingly as well. Then of course he will see GH happy with family all around her and new hubby everything he wanted but didnt get. Tsk tsk your karma is coming.......lol
  4. Actually I dont think GH is the reason he gave up, in a sense I dont think he has given up, I think he has conceeded a little and that is different. His obsession made him think that she cant do with anyone but him, he is the only one that can ever help her. She has been telling him otherwise but in his mind, if he didnt have his wife and if SW was out the way she will see and eventually come around. Well the wife has now backed off, and SW didnt know, but she is bold facedly telling him she doesnt need him and wont need him. I think its the other guy (sorry cant remember his name) that told him a few home truths, loving someone means making sacrifices, is what your doing actually love or is that it just wounds your pride. I think that angered him and provoked him, made him question her again and her response was the same as SW. Like she said she doesnt want him and never will, but if leaving him means him being happy then so be it. He doesnt like it, in fact I think he hates it and resents it, but she is sick so I think he conceeded a little on the basis "lets see how they go, you watch it will fail as i said an then she will come back to me". She will see what I mean...... His pride and ego got in the way, he was conned into a marriage he didnt want because of a baby. Then couldnt get over the fact that he not only lost her but the fact she actually moved on away from him. But the wife is to blame here as well, while i feel sorry for her right now, she has to go through this to realise you cant manipulate the hearts of people it will karmically come back at you. Right now it has as well.
  5. True that and while I do understand the concept of forgiveness as well, it makes the writers think of the viewers as a joke really. Well at least for me. There was one drama where the family wanted her back with her ex husband criminal or not, he said he had change his ways, on the day of the wedding thou he got arrested. Her reaction was great, she felt as thou her family had sold her off as she was a worthless daughter to the family especially to a criminal and that she didnt have a family. So she took her son and left. She felt guily going back to her lover after she left him because of her family. But once he finds out you see him go through great lengths to calm her anger down and re-assure her along with her brother. There are plot lines where they stick by each other. I was watching an old drama yesterday after being abandoned for 20 years and being so angry can you really feel emotions and compassion for someone with the title "mother" when they dont acknowledge you, treat you like crap and still do evil deeds, but yet I am watching her really feel compassion for her mother not wanting to take her down. I was like, i am missing something here. I understand compassion as well but that again seemed too left of centre.
  6. One thing that tends to be apparent in alot of Kdrama and Cdrama's are if I am sick, then i have to run as far away from you as possible and destroy any self esteem you have by constantly lying to you until your utterly destroyed and beleive me. The other one is if I am dating or married to a man and you want him, then its my obligation to leave him after all I have absoutely no self worth at all and the other person is better for you than I would be. Regardless how unhappy they will make you or how much they will destroy your life, I get a pat on the back after all I did the wrong thing..... Especially the sick storylines, lets make the partners life a living hell and misery and bold faccely lie to him or let him beleive what ever he chooses after all its my illness and even if i was on the brink of death I can go knowing that i loved you enough to rip your heart to shreds and abandon you after all I did the right thing...... The funniest one is i can do whatever i choose from throwing a temper tantrum, plotting murder to ruining peoples lives and steal you from another person, but its your job to apologise to me....usually the catch phrase is being shameless or pityful.... The best part of all these sceneros is once they are found out and put them through hell then its a case of three little words in a space of minute and everything is washed away like it never happens.....I forgive you. One would of thought that a bit more was involved in forgiveness and love meant abit more than to even put your partner through any of this in the firstplace, its rather spiteful espcially if you says your doing it in the name of love....
  7. Never thought I would applaud the female villan in the peice but there you go first time for everything. Glad she is pushing things along. However this storyline is still boring and transparent I dont have to watch it except for the previews now. Let me guess he is going to stay out in the rain, get himself sick and end up in hospital to sort things out. As she is not marrying JH, its one thing if she gets sick but she cant have his dad getting sick. I knew she was going to hide the sickness after all that is what Bora did and the family as well. Meantime he is the one struggling because he doesnt know what is going on. I love the interpretation of love, sacrifice to make others happy when your actually making people miserable. Your last moments should be telling nthe people you love how you feel about them and ensuring all matters settled including your partner as well. Not chasing them off to the ends of the earth and leave them with a world of regret later when they find out then......pfft
  8. I love my long running drama's especially the good ones with revenge plot lines. However this one is getting on my very last nerve and the plot line is transparent. The family has learnt nothing from the grief he went through over Bora and yet the father this time tells her not to tell him and give up. I understand its his son but he complained about his wife's actions and yet it stemmed from the same issue. Yet she wont think for herself or whats best for all of them, no its her disease therefore she will want to deal with it alone with her family support and keep him in the dark. Like he aint going to be suspicious at this point. He will blow a fuse at his family again thats for sure. As for JH, i get irritated with any drama that has obsessive partners to the point of pyshcotic because there is a 90% chance at the end they will apologise and be forgiven in the very last 10 minutes of the show.......pfft.....time to look for a new drama it would seem..
  9. Sadly the plot line has been extremely transparent, if my guess is correct here and I am just guessing, I think her illness is intentional for storyline to relate back to his mother. His mother them up and the ex went off had the baby and died, this time the current girlfriend is getting sick and he may watch this go down, stay by her side in fear of loosing her and this repeats back to what the mother tried to do the first time around. How this plays out is anyones guess.
  10. Sadly YET AGAIN this drama is becoming transparent with the plot line. Its karma time for JH's wife she manipulated her way to get into that marriage and yet finds herself being maniupulated out of it. JH will find a clear reason to gun for his ex-wife thinking she will be very clear now on what she wants as he will be divorced. As for everyone else they are all screwed up in other various ways that dont interest me that much. Someone pointed out the lack of affection also by SW, the difference being as that what he doesnt display in affection you can read on his face with emotion. With GH however she doesnt appear to be emotional in anyway shape or form. Unless she is arguing with JH, then she shows with getting angry. Which does disappoint me.
  11. The wording has not convinced me and wouldnt even convince JH that she wouldnt take him back but that is poor script writing and very transparent for viewers. Watching the wording "I feel like I am having an affair" instead of "I dont want you back or i would never take you back". But her body language again as i said before, "I will love them for both of us", instead her body language is saying "Why am I here is it lunch time break yet"........
  12. Thats it, finally i spent the night trying to work out what was annoying me about her reactions to all this. I think she is more than happy she adopted and is a mother, however while she respects his father and does "like him" she is not in love with him. If she is, it is extremely poor acting. She appears to be grateful but body language doesnt say the same thing. If i suspect right which some of these drama's are transparent. JH heads for divorce after wifey is found in the hotel, mother and Jh plots to get GH and child back and grandmother is plotting in this somehow as well. GH is standing her ground but i have seen more convincing acting in her other drama's its like she is half asleep during this one. If the directors are directing her this way I am bitterly disappointed.
  13. Not sure what happened with JH at the end but it looks like she aint happy with it. But is it just me or does she not appear to be excited about this new relationship and she seems to say one thing to JH at times and stands her ground. Then the other part body language tells me she is not meaning it. Is it just me reading things into this. She doesnt appear to be strong and confident all the time about being away from JH, even thou she doesnt want back with him.
  14. I must admit I do prefer romantic or revenge dramas more than i do the crime ones. But I have run out of those with good plot lines, most are silly repeated worn out plots of splitting up couples. This crime drama thou was pretty damn good. Other than at the very beginning you dont have the main lead constantly being attacked to the point he is loosing most of the series. this one gets you hooked, the main cuprit is annoying arrogant to the point you want to reach through the screen and slap him yourself. The tension goes right down the very very last moment of the series as well. The villan in this should get an award, if you really want to despise someone its the congressmans son in this one.......LOL
  15. Although I am not up with the in's and out's of this drama, I feel for KI regardless what he has done it feels like he he has nothing now and going to loose everything. He looks depressed as if he is going to do something reckless to himself. At the end of the episode the wife looks stunned by what he says, however she used him for revenge and no matter what he has done she appears to have no guilt towards how he is feeling. In that sense I do feel extremely sorry for him.
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