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  1. If I am correct now is the time that SH will push EJ away, between fake mom loosing it and SH walking away I think she will slowly come back to being EJ again. He will feel the safest place for her is away from him, he will use the premise that he was used for revenge and that she deserves to be loved, which he would mean in some way. But he would feel responsible for everything, psycho is after EJ and wont let him alone, psycho is also the mother of hoon which we know in these dramas causes strange rationality with partners. He also knows that everything happened as a result of
  2. What I like about this drama episode is everyone is where they deserve because of the revenge, no one is happy right now and it serves them right. If you are going to revenge you dont take down innocents with you and the moment Bo Mi and her brother are involved then all bets are off. Everyone is feeling cornered and trapped, the trouble is now he knows who she really is he will be the one to upset the balance and cause the house of cards to tumble down now. If that dumb president wasnt so worried about daddy, he would, walk out of this fake engagement and take her ex by the hand
  3. There is a common theme to some of these revenge drama's, firstly when you cant think of anything original, have them run off to the airport and stopped at the last minute, or even threaten to leave the country and that spurs everyone in action to stop the situation. The second issue is what everyone is facing right now, I actually expected EJ to get a slap across the face really. For someone you claim to love and almost marry to do that to, especially since its part of your revenge plot on the wife is harsh. But that leads me to the next area or revenge plots that i
  4. What I dont get is he originally proposed the fake marriage because he wanted to stay as president and had sort of blackmail hanging over his head. Despite the fact there was paperwork to help support that he still was hesitant. Then he has a go at her for using her ex as part of the revenge and doesnt want him hurt so enforces the fake marriage only to hurt him even more, yet he still doesnt get it. I was gutted to see him so devistated and yet the others still more concerned about there plotting. The only justification I was happy with was she got slapped across the face. She
  5. Actually after rewatching I realised I was wrong, they killed his family so he will kill theirs, so i thought he might go for the brother but now no, i dont think so. I think its going to be her, she killed the lawyers father and now arranged for his mother to go. I think he ends up on the run after killing her in front of them. The italian mob has been mentioned a few times now and they are still quiet, so i suspect we will see them on the move soon to, to korea. I think that Paolo will want or be called in to help do away with Vincenzo.....
  6. Now things are going to esculate big time, if he took her out then vincenzo isnt able to leave an empty threat back, he will have to match it. My guess here is
  7. I am confused by the fact there is talk on the novel and series admittingly, but that doesnt bother me thou. What this drama reminds me of plot line wise is "School 2017" the boys really disliked each other over their friends death for different reasons. One resented his father for using his influence to hide his sons involvement the other his guilt over not being there for him before he died and thinking he hid behind his father. This one is similar from my research so far, the boys both loved their friend and are grieving for the loss but for different reasons. But they are bo
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