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  1. I have been watching this drama since day 1 and love everything about it. But when I think back this story has no real purpose, it's a medical drama but then again so much different from the medical dramas we have seen. You can just keep watching it for the actors' performance (I'm wasnt a fan of anyone before and I saw some for the first time in this drama) even though the story sometimes doesn't make any sense to me. Personally I feel the story line is all over the place. Well I love it no matter what Ha Ha. Looking forward for tonight's episode.
  2. Seriously though its been a long time she went MIA. We don't see WY anymore either.
  3. I like Junho over anyone from acting vice only though. Junho has a better talent to act than sing i guess. And in those pictures why is Woo Young so skinny
  4. Hello all! Came this way after a long time. Hope everyones doing well. WY looks so funny xD SY is MIA big time. Lets hope she comes out on her bday
  5. The cancellation is for one day which mean we still get to watch one episode per week (2 eps, 30 min each). I hope they end up showing 4 eps on Wednesday for the episodes that going to be missed on Thursdays and the other coming days which the show is cancelled on.
  6. Am i the only one who thinks this drama is tad bit boring?? I loved the first few episodes and it got dull afterwards? I still wonder what this story about? Just watching it for JH and Junho.
  7. WY is spotted everywhere at least and SY is MIA big time. Doesn't she even step out of the house i wonder? The only update on SY is that i see her liking her friends and co stars post on IG. Hope she will at least post a picture on her bday. Nobody knows for sure about her contract renewal either. Shes just one of a kind Korean actress Isnt there any new fan fics written for these two?
  8. Hello to all! This drama did not excite me at first but after watching the first 4 episodes it got me hooked. Love the OTP and damn they are talented much. Its a solid story line and the actors are doing justice to it. Looking forward to tonight's episode, hope there is no more separation between them.
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