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  1. Who is the voice - the narrator, when Luna visits the yo yo boy? Does anyone have any ideas. Thought it was JTE, could it be Luna? could it be yoyo boy? Also - could Luna have stolen the ID? She could have entered the palace undetected because she looks like Jte? She is known as a thief. Luna is also going to be used by LR to find Jte, although not sure why he would need her. After all he has the ID at this point, he so he knows her identity. This is confusing to me.
  2. @mrsj3n I rewatched the 8 episodes again. In episode 8 I noticed that after leaving flowers for Ji-hun, while Ji-hun's mother is in the car watching Shin Jae she says something about "they will keep me alive' - or something like that, and she studies her wrist, there seems to be blemish. And, I also noticed that Luna's wrist seems to be blemished too, she also studies her wrist. Perhaps this is my imagination.
  3. I must give this a lotmore thought. I just got hung up on the rabbit running, LG chasing and leads him to the rabbit hole so to speak. And then remembered the Alice story about the rabbit saying '"i'm late I'm late for a very important date!" and the date was Alice's trial and execution. Not sure about anything yet though.
  4. Do you think it could be Luna? Luna is the rabbit.. the rabbit in the Alice in Wonderland story is rushing not to miss an appointment - perhaps it is the execution that she is running not to miss.
  5. Does anyone think that the savior at the end may be Luna? She is the rabbit. The rabbit in the story says "I'm late, I'm late for a very important date" The date ends up being Alice's execution. Could the rabbit be rushing to the execution scene? Just a thought.
  6. Hello everyone I am new here, I just binged 8 episodes. I was sure i was not going to like this series but I am completely hooked. I think writer-nim has written a very complicated and interesting story blending many themes, science and fantasy, children's stories and really somehow makes it work. I also like the actors and i like the characters too. My favorite character now is SJ, I feel his hurt and sorrow, and I am so sorry he loves JTE but she is not destined for him. I have been following the plot but must admit i get confused and reading along here, I get many explanations to my questions and also insights. I have to re-watch from the beginning again before the new episodes. My questions I was wondering about the eternal life theme. Have you been discussing this? I am afraid that LG and JTE are going to end up in different time zones and will not be able to live together in the end. LG says something about time is paced differently in both worlds but I am not sure how he knows that. I am wondering about the blemish on the wrists - when the the LR people say they will now live forever? And I am wondering about that strange beach where the balloon never shrinks and falls.. what does that place mean? Also does everyone in LG's kingdom know about that place? Do other people go there? Is that the place where the mini army we see vowing fealty to LR as their king were in that scene a while back? Well if anyone has any thoughts about this i would really appreciate it.
  7. Sounds just a tad like Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford movie The Way We Were.. rebels as youth, then become different as older adults. Stay safe, stay home,,,,,, watch K-dramas
  8. Wondering if it will be on NetFlix again? I heard it will broadcast in September. Stay well - Stay home and watch k-dramas!
  9. Hi, Home in NYC on lockdown. Rewatched again Dae Jang Geum -  it never gets old. Watched The Unusual Family - Actually watched all 149 episodes! Amazing, must be great writing for me not to have skipped anything.  Won't bother you  with what I watched and dropped. Currently watching I Have a Lover, and enjoying it. But no longer able to comment on soompi, since they are archiving and ending comments.

    Hope to start watching something soon along with everyone so I can share my thoughts and read yours.:love:

    1. UnniSarah


      Hi I have a lover was an awesome  drama. I recommend it as rewatching. What episode are you on?

    2. maddymappo


      Hi @UnniSarah  I am on 38.  

  10. I enjoyed this series a lot. Sorry they cut some episodes. I was never bored. I just liked all the characters so much and the plot had a lot of unexpected twists for a wuxia series. Loved the Zodiac Rat Man, he was such a great villain, a joy to behold. All the villains were superb. I thought the acting was quite good too. The romantic chemistry was also good. I guess for me, the pacing and talking worked well. I could easily watch those other episodes, what a bother!
  11. I don't speak any Chinese language, but in the Proud Twins version the opening also had the fish. Do fish have some meaning for this? Found this Airing Schedule Start: January 17, 2020 Frequency: 2 episodes every Monday to Friday End: February 17, 2020
  12. I saw The Proud Twins, based on same novel (I guess). I really liked that version. This one has been great fun so far. The scenery and cinematography is beautiful. New episode on NetFlix coming tomorrow Monday at 12 PM Pacific Standard Time.