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  1. Yes you called it @reddragon, Capt. Choi fooled me. I am also confused how GR can be beat up and so quickly recover, her skin remains perfect and unblemished, not a black and blue mark after she has been punched several times in the face, ... I thought she was given enhanced genes but nothing has been said about this at all. And, yes, those little babies they moved from the fire... what happened to them? I know Zi O needed to take GR to the hospital but I thought for sure somehow he would have moved the babies to some shelter? Episode 8
  2. I agree. That is a reason I found his willingness to risk the lives of the villagers by hiding Princess P there improbable. On Dal told the Ghost Village leader he would take responsibility for Princess P.. He played handy man house fixer upper with her He lied and covered up her confession that she is a Princess by saying she was just an assassin (as if that isn't bad enough), w/o adding that she was the assassin being hunted for trying to kill the King. All in all, I thought to myself how do you take responsibility if the villagers are slaughtered? What does "tak
  3. First impression after watching 2 episodes. My thought is that On Dal is supposed to live like a "fool". That was his fathers wish. Although we know On Dal is destined to be a General. Pyeonggang's first wish as a princess is to be king, and then after losing her memory in her new life she wishes not to be an assassin (good thinking) and live a quiet life. Although at this point she doesn't remember her mother and doesn't know that her mother was betrayed it is her destiny to find out and want revenge. But let us remember General On Hyeop's advice to On Dal... there is no such thing a
  4. I did not see LUCA on the list. also @Seiran029 I looked at the first scene again and I got a sick feeling it may really be GR and that the baby is Zi-O's - that perhaps Zi-O will martyr himself to save them at the end. I truly hope not. Just thinking that the question about whether Zi-O can experience love seems to reveal the core meaning of what it is to be a "monster" or "human". We can clearly see who the real monsters are in this drama, and they are supposedly "human kind". Kind of simplistic, but still hits home. I continue to like this drama
  5. Yes, @nona88 Excellent point. I was thinking this too. How did she withstand the beating she got, and her face didn't even show black and blue marks?? She must be a LUCA baby too. .. New Thought added: This also may be why Ji O is not afraid of Gu Reum - he reocgnizes his own "kind". Also, @kdramagrandma said": " I also love Yi Son and Yoo Na's interaction because it seems like the writer is not going to set them up just as thoughtless mercenaries. I have high hope for their characters to grow and fight against the crazies. " I agree with you. This is making these two vi
  6. I just finished watching the first two episodes. This is very entertaining. Such good acting. The wounded strange character of Ji-O has drawn me in. I do think there is chemistry between the two mains. Random Thoughts. Something ocurred to me about the name L.U.C.A. It could be a coincidence, but there is a character in The God Father named Luca Brasi - who has a terrible story. I don't remember the details but he threw an infant down an incinerator in his past.. I think it was his own child. Also, lately Awaken was about experiments on children and using their
  7. I am hiding my comments as it has spoilers. I think the ending was lousy. I really liked this drama - because of many good factors. I kept moving at long. At first the concept was really novel and interesting.... but the development was kind of nowhere.
  8. They're both alive. Could be a 2nd season. But useless ending emotionally, flat.
  9. Here are my thoughts on why I thought the ending was lousy. Happy watching everyone!
  10. I thought the end of the 12th episode was very sad. Our poor proud King is being controlled by these awful people.
  11. @Dev11O I do see your point. They do seem to drop the ball when it comes to Jaime. It's as if they did have a plan for a bigger role for her, .. her background with the FBI and that strange operation, what was it for, how was it planned etc? She then runs into the road alone, which is so dangerous. Why would they let her do that? On and on and on. And,they brought in the very pretty pop star and spent time showing her relationship with her family (somewhat) and her crush. I do not think that was an complete fail because it shows how a monster who can casually use little human children as
  12. Hello, just caught up on this drama. I was thinking the same thing, Hong Dain gave herself away, it was quite ridiculous if she was experienced or even if she was inexperienced and just used her brain. But this is really just a light rom/com, if it was serious at all her saviour would never have her work as a gisaeng because she was the daughter of a prince. And she prances around and shares rooms with men and goes all over doing these very brazen and dangerous things. Are we to believe she just shared drinks and danced? I think we just have to suspend our sense of rea
  13. About Jaime - didn't that operation remove whatever powers she had? I do not think they ever explained that operation on her. Perhaps this has been discussed on this thread already. If anyone can explain this I would appreciate your insight.
  14. Hello Mr Queen thread. I have been watching the series but not following on Soompi. I had to chime in though on this "Did they or didn't they" . .. My two conflicting feelings is" this is a show that younger kids are watching so they will not do sex." My conflict is: " The real Queen So Yong has take over conciousness a couple of times. So it is possible" that if the Yin Queen has taken over then to sleep romatically with the Yang King is okay. I tend to think because South Korea television is very modest, that no sex happened. Just my 2 cents.
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