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  1. I enjoyed the entire series, sorry it ended. I thought the last 2 episodes had too much going on and became a bit chaotic. Ashile Sun and Li Changge go off and raise eagles? There still is much to explore. Hoping for a second season.
  2. Yes BW is a loving devoted father. That makes the actions of the King rather difficult for me to accept, .. how can he sacrefice his child "for the greater good" - to hell with the greater good, yes Hwa-In's father -in-law is an evil control freak tying his hands... but can't he come up with a better way? And the father-in-law says he is also willing "to lose a son" because the DIL must die. Considering, he has already lost the son married to Hwa-In, I would think the that the thought of losing another child would be unbearable. Do we know yet how Hwa-In's husband died?
  3. Hello, I just started to watch this series, and so far so good. I love that the leads are mature. I know that youthful mating which is natural is central to kdrama themes and during Joseon era how long did people live? They understandably married young. But I think Jang Il Woo is really doing a wonderful acting job .. he is really displaying the stress and suffering he has been through and his confusion and conflicts. i love the dignity and graciousness of Hwa-In. .... and that she is not beating up guys. The entire cast is first rate. I like that it is exploring bossam, the tak
  4. Interesting. I definitely think that the lady politician (is she Shin's mother?) is behind some of what is going on. The abortion issue is important. YoHan's girlfriend did not get the abortion, if she did it would have been tragic. He was not a psychopath but even so, it doesn't mean the child would be. And, Daniel said a small percent do not turn out to be psychopaths, they are geniuses. It seems like Yohand was a genius. After the brain transplant (it there was a brain transplant) BaReums IQ seemed to shoot through the roof, he was figuring everything out. But abortion in
  5. I didn't miss this drama during the break. But these last two episodes were interesting The writer, like the old BR is a magician pulling rabbits out of the hat. Although it was suspected that the government is in on all this. Just how does a deranged pscyhopath get released from prison to do experimental brain surgery in a major hospital? OZ is the deep state. They are experimenting on humans. At last we find out why there were three bodies. We thought the mother lived but it appears the one who lived was BR's sister. I am wondering if they used his little autistic sist
  6. I think it might be that political lady. She had BR's back as a hero of the country, but something is going on with her. BR being a cold blooded killer is very problematic, since we have until now only seen his friendly generous "mask". But who knows.. it could all be a bad dream .. the writer keeps switching back and forth. So many loopholes in general, that big anouncement on the bill borad about finding the little boy dead: No way they would release that information to the public until the family was notified. I enjoyed 14 and 15 because it gave us more insight, eve
  7. i agree we are in dark times. As someone said in the beginning, it's a Covid mentality. Other dramas used human children as guinea pigs, Awaken and L.U.C.A... ... the unconscious fear of "scientists" objectifying people for experiments, they are also acting like psychopaths.
  8. Just saw the end of Episode 26, poor Princess Leyan, so heart wrenching. .. but the end made it worthwhile watching the full episode which was introducing new characters and making connections.
  9. i meant Wei Shuyu shooting at CG when she was on the bridge and fell into the river
  10. I am wondering about Hhaoduo - he is somewhat brutal, ruthless in his actions and at first I think LeYan was turned off by him.. she is definitely his opposite and opposites attract. ASun is a more gentle person, but he loves Changge - wondering about him shooting that arrow at her - if he knew it would not be fatal? I justed binged on viki the first 24 episodes with English subs. I very rarely get to this point in a C-drama w/o being bored for a moment or w/o not liking one of the female or male leads. In this one, I like them all. Fantastic chemistry.
  11. She took HJ's place for meeting the bike owner, because HJ had an interview. But the kid was in an accident, so BY stole the tape. Just one observation. Gu Mu-Chi has been very willing to do all sorts of crazy things to get into the prison and kill HH. He also shot to kill YoHan when he did not have to. So why is he is so gung ho to find the killer of BY's pedophile attacker? He suddenly has become very ethical when it come to killing psychopaths, ... just saying.
  12. Yes, exactly. So many people keep getting added on, it's dizzying. So many time changes, so many serial killers. So many missing people. Loose ends. Writer-nim does not disappoint us in episode 12, as we are shown numerous retakes on the same scene, chopping it up into a jigsaw puzzle - much like the entire series. I feel like I am trying to push the pieces into spaces where they don't really fit. This time, once again, I got the feeling that the politician wife lady is BR's real mother. Somewhere along the line she switched him out. That is my feeling.
  13. Have we explored the possibiity of hypnosis? That strange scene with the brooch and the necklace, and JR not believing he did what he did, or imagined he did? Could Dr. Lee have hypnotized him?
  14. @Ahjumemshie Lee @Avocado80 Thank you for explaining who that was. So many characters in this series, I can't keep up. @CA C said: "One word messy. I find the sudden development to be messy and difficult to follow. Tired of guessing. Will just watch what happen next." My feelings, exactly. Maybe this is all a jumbled nightmare in someone's head. Also, I found it strange that Dr Lee said BR will kill all his own loved ones. I know that Jae Hoon may have killed his family, but in general don't psychopaths kill other people and keep their families alive as a
  15. Please someone explain who it was that did not pass along the child molester's (Bong Yi' s attacker) mother's note to the captain to get Mu-chi off the hook for bashing her son? Someone, I don't remember who, came up with the brilliant theory that Daniel Lee was alive............ that did not even cross my mind. Congratulations for being able to follow and understand this crazy plot. I think it is bad writing when in the final chapters new characters appear in the story. There was too much game playing and too many tricks being done. I like a stronger emotional sto
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