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  1. 3 hours ago, darkphoenix123 said:

    In episode 42, Minglan & her maids ruled

    @darkphoenix123  Yes they did. Even the head maid after taking orders from Evil Step mom was brought down to her knees.. ML showed they house maids that she can't have any dummies in the main court yard.. Had her maids taking resumes on all of them to check they family background.. She crack me up when she told them I don't know if you were sent here to helpo me or become one of my ancestors.. 

    She was telling those old witches that sending your trollups here won't work here.. 


    Maybe she should have send that Hong Girl to Molans husband he likes having a lot of concubines.. 

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  2. 9 hours ago, ForgottenSoulx said:
    10 hours ago, cherubstomato said:

    He is absolutely not perfect. But he is honest and does the best he can as a husband and father. With a big responsibility on his shoulders and a big household, he can’t please everyone. Although he had brought forth the idea of using ML before in two occasions, mind you not his idea he is just a messenger, he has always consulted with granny for the final say. And he has never followed through it if granny disapproves. That is the most important. 

    Him not doting on ML is what she wanted anyways otherwise having a granny and a father that dotes on her both. Well, you already know.



    Lets agree to disagree i find him weak and pathetic and he never cared about ML at all. I dont think he did the best he could as husband towards big madam where he mistreated her for year's in favour of concubines and he just straight up never cared for ML. I think ML did want a father he was just not a father toward's her so she learnt to deal with it and made the gap bigger. Someone who cares about the reputation over his own children is just not a good man, the fact he brought up ML twice shows it if the grandma agree's then he just gives ML away like shes nothing.

    @cherubstomato  SH didn't please no one but his concubine and her children.. SH didn't have a big responsibility only thing he did was sat back and watch how Big Mdm and Granny handle things and agreed to it.. Like I said if it was left up to Molan mom ML would have been sold into slavery and SH wouldn't have said dilly squat about it.. As for him being the messenger if he was any kind of father or man he wouldn't have went to Granny regarding ML.. A real father would have said F you what do you take me for.. (Trying to get two for thev price of one) at this point he was ok with what Molan had done long as she entered that house it didn't matter how after she has given the cow and milk for free. What father cares for his child at another child expense.. With a dad like SH who needs enemies he's the biggest one..


    @ForgottenSoulx You are so right he never cared about ML he didn't care about them when her mom was alive..  SH rarely saw ML because she was under Granny care and thats all that matter to him let her deal with the child.. SH couldn't face ML after what happen to her mom.. He never ask question he just went on with life as the dead can't come back to life and being that ML was out of sight she ws also out of his mind..  I think he's the worst father in that history..  Yes he would have handed ML off like was a piece of sht paper in a heartbeat..

    He may be getting some backlash from others in court how the concubines daughter married into such a well establish family..

    9 hours ago, frenchfan said:

    WHo is that woman in the carriage with Minglan?  She looks like a nice person.

    Seems like Minglan is facing many challenges what with more women being fobbed into her household.....Poor Minglan, I hope she persevere and stand firm and trust her man (GTY). 

    @frenchfan  I think she's handling those old witches very well, They thought she would be a push over but she threw they crap right back in they face when she told them she can't go against her husbands orders.. It was totally rude and wrong of them to try and get her to accept a concubine for him a day after they consummated the marriage.. Big Mdm is really after GTY wealth right along with the rest of the uncles and aunts,, Now that he's married even if he's killed off that money goes to ML and her children.. I just hope to see these rude people gets just what they deserves.

    I also I the Big brothers wife better start changing lanes because if Big Brother coughs out Evil Mdm will be looking for more ways then one to get rid of them to take what little he has..



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  3. Spoiler
    35 minutes ago, leeza77 said:

    That's what's going to happen to all the vipers nesting in her household. She identified them as 2 fractions. Appear meek and stupid in front of them. Caused the leaders (the two mamas) to have power struggle with each other and flame the enmity with the help from nanny. Then, she and gty invited a special guest to their houfu, expecting the fight will break between these 2 fractions of servants, caused humiliation to her and gty that the servants' action are not pardonable and thus, eliminating those servants cum spies from their houfu in one big swoop. 



    @leeza77  Upon reading this it's seems like a brilliant and funny plan.. I can ony imagine how hard GTY and ML must have laughed afterwards..


    11 minutes ago, ForgottenSoulx said:
    44 minutes ago, linhlinh111 said:

    I think ML doesn't hate her father, bc he, after all, is her father who provided for her and raised her. He was biased but he fulfilled his responsibility as a father and he never tried to harm nor use her. She just doesn't like him nor care about him. She enacted a revenge plan with 2 main targets: 1. Linniang's downfall for murdering her mother. 2. Molan cuz she hit her and ML didn't want to marry Liang's son. For achieving this goal she risked the whole Sheng family's reputation and her own future. Sheng Hong was just a collateral damage, she didn't intentionally aim at him as a target, but she didn't try to protect him either cuz she didn't care.




    I actually disagree i think ML hate's her father and does not care about him one bit , he never raised or provided for her either that was Grandma.

    Thank you @ForgottenSoulx  And probably hated him even more after what happen to her Granny.. Also right pn point Granny did everything for ML she was like her child and shieled ML from him and Lingnnaing. All Molan mom had to do was tell SH to sell her as a slave and he would have done it.. Anything to make Molan life better then all others he would have ML as Molan servant if she told him to..  SH agreed to selling ML out to save his face every time chance came up.. It was Granny always being the one to put her foot down against them when it came to ML.. All SH did was sat on the fence swaying in the wind he didn't really care what happened to her if she marries or not.. If she never married she would have ended up serving him and Big Mdm.. You see he never offered her anything such as a dowry for marrige nor did he add to her dowry.. But he took from Big Mdm for Molan..     

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  4. Spoiler

    In ep 42.. SH out of all people should know that ML is the generals wife and some form of security needs to be in place when she goes traveling outside the home even if it's to her parents house.. I think he could also be envious with green because he don;t have this kind of security even as a court official. 

    I noticed the cariages of the three girls.. ML was way on a much grander scale then Molan.. This is what she's envious about.. She married a count and don't have a private army escorting her and the Count.. But the lowly bisd does.. Yes she's very jello of ML and may now wish that ML had married into that family as planned.. She sees how GTY pampers his wife something she don't get at home because she fighting to hold her spot against all those concubines..  Ahe wanted the Big Mdm titke she got it. ML also has a Big Mdm title in her home so do RL.. RL and ML looks much more happier in there marriages then Molan    


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  5. 3 hours ago, leeza77 said:
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    Last night games of households:

    Ml v Auntie 1= Ml won

    Ml v Kang Auntie=Ml won

    Ml v Auntie 2=Ml won

    Our general was excellent 

    And tonight looking forward for another round of battle of spies and stepmom. Ha ha



    @leeza77  The problem that these GU women have is knowing ML was born into a not so wealthy homs.. Coming from a house of scholars and she's concubine born.. They wants to try to use her status of her childhood home to overpower her as they think they have the rights to look down on her and treat her as such.. Little that they know She or GTY isn't having it.. She will be address as Big Mdm rather they like it or not..   GTY will make sure they treat his wife with the respect she deserves..  We all know thst bioth he and she don;t care for such title but when it's called for they will stand to correct whomever..


    3 hours ago, paras said:

    Watched till Ep 40 with subs. I understand that Rulan has gotten married as well. I wished they had shown a few scenes of her wedding as well. If Molan could dress up, we really should have seen Rulan as well.

    @paras  I don't think ML wedding was a dress up aty all more like leading the pig to the slaughter house..  It would have been nice to see her wedding also..  But I do think this was a reason Big Mdm was so upset being that her step daughters wedding was better then her own daughters who decided to marry a scholar..


    3 hours ago, leeza77 said:

    Yes, and he is happy if his wife is named a tigress bcoz of that...and ml doesn't mind to be called such....Aummmm:lol: ml is no longer a pig that eating a tiger but she has transformed to a tigress. Go go girl.. ML VERSION 2.0 WITH SOFTWARE UPGRADED BY GU & CO. 

    Thanks tou gave ,me my laugh for the day..


    2 hours ago, UnniSarah said:

    @dito ..... THanks for that chingu.... Lol LOL I just love being spoiled..... WOW WOW,  I actually want this to happen in the drama..... lol lol  evil-smile-onion-head-emoticon.gifevil-smile-onion-head-emoticon.gif The only reason why I want this to happen is because I want Sheng Hong to finally realize what a true GEM Ming Lan is. TBH I don't think he has realized HOW SMART AND CALCULATING Ming Lan can be or that he is a TERRIBLE FATHER . He hasn't realized  Ming Lan doesn't respect him at all  but will be fillial to Sheng Clan.  

    @UnniSarah  ML hates her father, She only tolerates him.. Every since SH didn;t give justice to her mom that she deserved and allowed Molan to get away with scratching her in the face.. ML revenge against Molan and mom was really revenge towards her dad.. SH always knew that Lingnaning was the one that had reason to kill ML mother and unborn chilkd he knew how selfish she was.. All ML did was took what matterd to him the most..    

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  6. 6 hours ago, mooose said:


    I also get confused when the terms get mixed up. The only illegitimate child child is GTY's son who was born to an outside mistress (MN). Manniang has got to be one of the worst real mothers in dramaland.  She denies her son a good father, home and status. Forget about being a concubine or getting anymore money from GTY, I don't get why she would hold the son hostage when the game is lost.

    @mooose  Manniang wasn't stupid she took the son as a means to get back into the house after her and so called brother goes broke.. I sometimes wonder is he her real brother.. After hearing that he has married a Di daughter she'll weasel her way back using his son to enter the house.. Remember she still wants to be the main wife and want status for herself as the main wife which will give her son a chance at becoming legit..   

    Just you wait and see.. I don't think she knows she married ML and she only got a small does of ML behind her friend.. ML can be just as cunning amd manipulative as she.. Here's another one ML will have to go wit for wit with.. Manninang will throw up in her face the past while ML will throw back in her face past presences and future..  She'll come back trying to hold GTY to his promise but he'll kindly let her know she was a fraud to begin with and of she really wanted a title she wouldn't have took his son and come back all these years later demanding a spot.. Eventually the poor kid will have to learn to choose between Dad and Mom.. Hopefully he'll see how much his own mother deprived him of.. 

    6 hours ago, matrim said:

    As a cunning and manipulative devil, Manniang Knew perfectly well that GTY's weakness was his devotion to loved ones, so she regarded their son as a kind weapon that could be used later against GTY or a bargain chip to earn her advantages. I think she must have nurtured hatred in her heart and was bidding her time to get revenge.

    @matrim  The hatred that ML has in her heart comes from her own doing. She lied anout her brother being dead as a means to con GTY.. She went after him for the soul purpose to maje a better life for her and brother.. Yes the son was always meant to be used as a weapon.. I sometimes wonder is these kids really his considering how she's so attach to the brother.. But we must thank her in one sense she's the reason we have the mannish devil GTY today..


    6 hours ago, mooose said:


    Its the years of brainwashing by stepmom and it will take years to undo. The sister in-law is too brainwashed to think straight but the eldest brother now sees the truth that GTY doesn't really need them or that title really. He has a house, imperial favour, career, money and can even get married well without them. 

    GTY already ha a title behind his name given by the emperir when he was granted his own home next to his main home.. This is the reason why the other GU women sent maids and concubines..


    5 hours ago, m0us3y said:

    Also you misunderstood what I meant about ML's revenge. Not about whether or not Molan knows, but more of ML modus operandi. She's stealth, and she kills before the enemy even finds out that she's a threat. Hence Molan is still in the dark. She's a sniper. She walked the street like the sweetest cutest thing ever, and then she kills. :lol:

    But it does seem like it's gonna be all out war with GTY's stepmom. 

    @m0us3y  My bad yes she is a quite sniper.. (The killer beauty)

    Yes there's foing to be and all out war between the women in the GU household.. Evil step mom and Manninang tag teaming every chance they could get.. It wouldn't suprise me if evil step mom offer her the position of Mdm if she could get rid of ML by now she should see that ML isn;t and easy prey as she looks..  

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  7. 5 hours ago, m0us3y said:
    5 hours ago, leeza77 said:

    Her true characters showed after marriage. The Director also said that audiences will meet ne ml after marriage. 


    I'm scared now....lol. 


    Cuz even after marriage, the conversation with GTY bout her understanding fair treatment to all due to their fate...arrogance doesn't come to mind...will need to watch and see...

    @m0us3y  I don't think it will be she changed so much as arrogant and doomineering,, ML isn't going to take crapolla from the GU's.. She has to let evil step mom know right off the bat she's not one to be fuk with.. Any sign of weakness they would run all over her if she let's them.. The Gu household isn't a household to act timid in if sshe becomes arrogant and domineering she will need to be that way with them..


    5 hours ago, m0us3y said:

    Hahahaha. U may be right. Just that up to date, we can see GTY is the one who bamboozled his way to success while ML gets rid of things and people quietly, without them even realising she was behind it. I don't think Molan knows ML has a hand in her mom's death. And her current predicament...? 

    Even if she did know so what it's eye for and eye.. ML lived without her mother since she was 8 now it's her turn.. It would have been nice to see the look on Molan Mom face seeing how grand ML wedding was.. Her current predicament is the hell she choose for herself ML didn't pudh her into it..She did that herself..


    4 hours ago, m0us3y said:

    Lol. If that's the case, its consistent with her character. 

    She's stubborn and determined, but domineering is a whole different level. That's her being a bully, intimidating, overbearing. :wacko:


    She has to be this way to survive.. ML learn that early on from the Sheng household.. It's the only way she knows how.. This is another reason GTY choose her.. He knows she worse then he'll ever be.. Which made me stop and think.. GTY told ML that he was to lazy to fight for his assets from evil step mom.. I'm wondering at some point will ML go after it for her own sons..  


    Back to the wedding scene.. Those friends of his had me cracking up.  One said I never been to a wedding where the bride and groom are bowing to two tablets nd one of the alive parents are sitting there..:w00t:  .The evil witch lost face on so many different levels..  She had to sit there through all of that.. SMH. 

    GTY is trully messey he told his brother to have a drink with him when he knew he couldn't drink..:w00t: He really rubbed salt in all there wounds on his wedding day..

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  8. 4 hours ago, m0us3y said:

    Some people simply can't accept someone that's better off. She's just green with envy and trying to ruin the party. 

    If only she knows GTY/ML partnership is like a SWAT team. GTY leading assault team, ML being the sniper at the back. 

    Aunty Kang will regret messing with anyone dear to ML. Tsk tsk tsk. 

    @m0us3y  CHEERS, This is the best description of this couple that has been described..:)  I love it..


    CB and Xiaotao  conversation is a hoot but one have to ask is she that densed in the head.. She had no clue to what he was talking about when he was explaining to her about knowing right from wrong one and who to trust who not to trust.. In the end of the conversation she still didn't have a clue..  I can't ship shitou with her he'll have to think for her..But I guess thats what makes her cute because she's not bright at all..  I wonder what Shitou has to say about GTY family herichy now:lol:


    Wow I didn't know that there was so many that tried to hinder that wedding. All the spies and enemies was all there. I see why so many was so jealous on how he went all out just for the concubine daughter.. I say she desreved every bit of if.. After being treated like the redheaded step child by her on father.. SH look at ML like she was even his child.. He didn't seem to happy about her wedding.. I bet 10 to 1 he was also in that hindring bunch right along with Big Mdm.. She raised RL so spoiled and she choose to be a scholar after all her pain stakingly work.  I guess SH tellig GTY to be a good role model to your children was because of his on guilt that he was never a good role model to her.. It would have been nice if he took GTY aside and told him to cherrish her because he never did..    

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  9. 13 minutes ago, dito said:


    Yes thats the witch. She is pissed off at daniang for something. There was also something I can't quite remember completely. Had to do with CB. I think the Auntie Kang wanted Daniang to take her relative or someone as CB's wife. But granny had already chosen Hai shi and Sheng Hong was happy with it. I don't know if thats related to her hate for Daniang and wants her to pay. 

    And yes she did send some concubines for GTY.....iirc....I think they were sent back.

    ML became pregnant after a year of their marriage...I don't think its been that long yet.

    House staff causing trouble are all from different Gu family members... GTY's stepmom, his 3rd aunt, 4th aunt.....basically the staff gifted to them were sent to spy on them....and make trouble for ML. And I'm guessing ML is going to make them fight amongst each other so she can send them back or sell them off as punishment....


    @dito  Hold up, Swooping my hair back.. Granny found SH another concubine.. Wasn;t there enough troubke in the Sheng household bbcecause of Lingnaning.. You mean to tell me his old swimmers still swimming.. I thought he would be dried up by now because of Molans mother.. SH only agreed because he wants some strange.. SMH :w00t:


    So Aunt found out about the news and decided to put her hands in both cookies jars and came up short:w00t: Hilarious.. Don;t like the fact she tried to kill off Granny.. Also is this when ML send her back her girl, Because she would have became bold enough to kill off ML..


    I can't wait to see what type of elaborate scheme she comes up with to get rid of the spies.. I wish she sale they spies off as slaves it would teach them a lesson.. I tell yo GTY pick a winner, He can go do whatever and never has to worry about home he knows she can handle it and what she can;t hell deal with it for her..


    What was up with Evil step mom and the two uncle. ? 

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  10. 2 minutes ago, Golden Flower said:

    I don’t think the oldest brother wife was worried about GTY taking away her husband’s nobility. She didn’t complain anything about that. She knows that they have no son and Marquis title will go to GTY. She just wants her husband to live longer...who would want to become a widow with a young daughter in her late twenties, right?

      Reveal hidden contents

    ML and GTY have a total of three sons in the novel.


    Thanks for that bit of news @Golden Flower  But In episode 39 she did question her husband on this.. He told her he had to have a son before GTY legit wife has one.. He also said he wasn't to concern about GTY because generals die on the battlefield.. He was more concern about what Big Mdm (His Aunt) would do because she want her son to have the title..  


    So if GTY had three son then Evil step mom son can't inherit the title of the house..? 

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  11. 4 minutes ago, minglan1 said:

    It was fun to see Molan being ignored /slighted when the girls came to visit after marriage.Her grand dreams of having the Sheng household pamper her because she married into the household of a count as legal wife just went pffft.Counting your chickens before they hatch can be extremely dissappinting.

    SH true to his nature reprimanded ML for displaying her higher status during the visit even though she was courteous. Seems to have quickly forgotten that ML saved the family embarrassment by agreeing to marry GTY.Not sure if Autie Kang and DaNiang had anything to do with it.


    @minglan1  So thats what SH was bent out if shape about.. We all know if that had been Molan he wouldn't have said a word.. Why throw a tiff with her thats her husbands way of pampering her.. If he was so bent out of shapoe take it up with your SIL not her she don't own those carriages..Also in that scene it seems like they were all there to get something from ML and GTY..  I think Big Mdm is envious of ML because she married richer then all the other legit daughters.. 


    Yes it was wonderful seeing Molan realizing that both sister married better then she.. Molan knew she had to take a back seat to ML who she always thought that would never climb above her.. I think this is what SH is really mad about because in terms of status ML rates higher then him being married into the GU clan.. 

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  12. 8 minutes ago, dito said:


    Welcome to the thread.:)

    Yes I know GTY deliberately didn't tell CB the name of the sister he wanted to marry. That was his scheme to let them misunderstand.  In the book it was Hualan's husband, so him not knowing which girl GTY was talking about was understandable. And most likely GTY used the words Di daughter....so the obvious person is RL. 

    But in the drama the proposal was offered to CB, who knew both of his sisters very well...and knew ML was now Di daughter too. The question we are asking here is how could CB not know which sister GTY was talking about when Sheng Hong knew immediately it was ML.

    This is why I said the drama writers were wrong to add this scene of the characters being confused as to who was the proposal for, which then created questions among the viewers about the CB's intelligence.:lol:

    I'm commenting on if GTY had married RL it would have been like he's raising two daughters.. RL with her headstrong self and Ronger who has always had daddy attentions no way would this household would run smoothly.. Poor GTY would never make it to his army camp and if he did he would have to take both with him.. :w00t: 

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  13. 35 minutes ago, dito said:

    Just finished watching raws of todays epis.

    I'm loving how playful he is after the wedding. Glad they kept that in. I'm also glad they kept most of the touching. But most of its playful and less naughty. Wish they kept his naughty bits too.

    I'm also liking his playful nature, Whiich us keeping her happy and smiling everyday.. GTY always knew she hide to hide this part of herself until like he said she became the flawless sixth miss.. I'm enjoying them so much and going to hate when they fallout behind silly people being jealous of there relationship..


    Also the cougher and his wife.. I don't see how he can stand been round her when she's only worried about GTY taking away his nobility.. 

    3 minutes ago, Lunkera said:

    Hmm i wonder if they will have their huge falling out during her pregnancy?

    @Lunkera  I read it was after she had the first child and pregnant with the second one when they poisioned Granny.. This is when they reconnected they're relationship.. No one never said what sex was the second child.. Did she have two boys or just the one.. 

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  14. @mooose & @dito  Ok who is the women that was RL mother is that the sister that poision G/ma.. ? Wow the waty she was eyeing GTY made me think she wanted to be his concubine.. Now I'm wondering is this the reaoning for poisioning G/ma.. Did she want her child to enter the Gu household or she enter the GU household and G/ma found out about it.. We all know if this the case she wasn't having it and probaby read Big Mdm and sister they rights and told them a thing or two..


    We'll we can tell that ML married more richer then Molan and RL.. It seens that Molan husband was trying to use the connection between her and ML which he didn;t know there was never no connection between those two.. It's nothing but bad blood thanks to her mom.. Molan was treated like and outcast for once being that her mother is dead.. Now she knows what it's like to enter your childhood home where you don't have any footing.. ML was the star of that family dinner with her husband..  Wonder just what Aunt was after.? 


    When will they discover she's pregnant she's showing all the signs.. I thought GTY had figured it out..


    Also what was up with the house staff. ? I guess they must habe thought she didn;t know anything about running a home.. I guess they didn't get the news about her taking control of the house finances and assets at the Sheng household

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  15. I think HE clingy cousin realized how bad she messed up for him.. Now whomever he marries may be the witch worse then her Bio Mother. The one who called ML a Bish and ask her who she thinks she is.. I could tell she would have tried to place her daughter before ML and want to control the house.. One could tell she was the domineering type..

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  16. 2 hours ago, ForgottenSoulx said:

    I like the change about his career it will show if ML is ready to fight for GTY and will she stick with him no matter what he goes though , will she die with him etc.. I personally like this change and i expect GTY will rise again it was most likely some trick or he did something he really should not have done

    @ForgottenSoulx  I suspect whatever trap he fell into it may have somerhing to do with his twofaced step mom and the cougher brother.. (who should have cough out his lungs by now) GTY and ML should have there son at this point and the elders may be talking of giiving him the title.. So she had to mix with some jealous people to have him fall in court.. But knowing ML she's not one to sit idly by and let her husband rot in some prison without getting to the bottom of it all.. I expect by now she knows her husband and knows what he's capable of..  Even if it's a trap Ml would cast a net wider to see raise even higher.. So I don't think he'll end in a downfall.. I want to see ML go up against stepmom wit for wit..  I would love to see step mom fall from grace in that house her and the other sneaky twit the coughers wife. Is thrid brother allowed to take the exams now..? Remember he and some friends got cought drinking in the brothel during the mourning period pf the old emperor..


    Ok I don;t know if someone already translated this scene.. If so could someone direct me to what page it's on.. But could someone please translate what GTY men were talking about at the wddding that hsd the women of the GU house looking tict.    

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  17. 3 hours ago, m0us3y said:

    After watching the full confession by GTY subbed, I've gotta say I do admire him. Not for his elaborate scam, but for his understanding of ML and the extent he's willing to go for her...


    @m0us3y  Exactly GTy is direct and to the point.. He's not like ML who seems to be the elborate liar that she is look at how many time she lied to QH..


    GTY had plenrty of women knocking at his door none peak his interest until ML told him to put Ronger some place to be raised the right way not out on the battled fields.. GTY knew right then that was the women to marry she spoke of his child first before him.. Thst's when he made up his mind I want her.. In GTY mind at that time I'll do whatever it takes to have her. No woman has ever put my childs intrest first before me, Not eben her own mother.. 

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  18. First he tells CB to give him two days and also you don't know your sister at all just give me two days:w00t: Cb looking dumbfounded

    Check out the conversation between GTy and ML before the polo match..


    What Ronger written on the paper..

    (Calvary Arrives / Sure Success)

    (Speedy Success to your Endeavor)  


    ML finds out GTY had the Empress to set up the Polo match


    GTY and the Empress:

    (GTY)Greetings, Your Highness Empress 

    (Emp)Zonghuai aren;t you playing today?

    Why aren't you in your playing clothes?

    (GTY) Without a good price it's no fun to play.:lol: (ML in a no win situation)

    (Emp) Yo you don't care about all those prizes.. ( The Emp is help setting up his marriage and ML don't even know it) Funny as hell..

    (Emp) Do you want the stars in the sky or something?.:w00t:

    (GTY) Your Highness I'll be getting married soon..I earnestly ask your highness to grant me something to add to my betrothal gifts.So I can give to my future wife to express how I treasure her..

    (Emp) I don;t know which family lady has such good fortune of getting a husband like you ? (Even the Empress tewlling ML she's lucjky he wants her) This is the hairpin I used whewn I was crowned as Empress.. Considering how you risk you life for the Emperor to save him from danger.. I gift it to you then take itr and make it your betrothal gift..

    (GTY) Thank you Your Highness.. 

    (Emp) But you have to win the next game in order for it to be yours.. (ML GTY is showing you how hard he'll work for you)

    (GTY) I will obey


    ML and GTY

    (GTY) I have something to tell you.

    (ML) Second Uncle are you using your status and power to oppress me? LOL (She calls him second uncxle to irk him)LOL

    (GTY)Don't worry I'm not a person to pester non stop. Today I want to tell you my sincere words.If you still don't agree. I won't pester you anymore.. Also didn't I tell you to stop calling me second uncle? :w00t: ( He's serious nut he hasn't forgot she called him second uncle)

    (GTY) I want to know why you won;t marry me.?

    I don't want to hear some highfalutin words. I want to hear the truth-_-

    (ML) I fear I can;t become a good wife. I'm not virtuous nor gentle or submissive..(GTY not buying this he already know this)

    I'm not well experienced.. (He knows you haven't been around the temple block like Molan)

    I will bring you shame.

    (GTY) That don't sound like the truth. (You Go Boy)

    (ML) Your GU family has a complex member relationship and theres a lot of conflicts. (Spell it out for him)

    (ML) I'm just a daughter of a small clan. And not well experienced.. I won't be able to handle such a huge clan.

    (GTY) That sounded a bit true now. Don;t worry. After the our wedding we'll be living in another manor.

    You don;t need to worry about those dirty and worrisome matters..

    (ML) We can even live in separate manor?

    (GTY) When the time comes if you want to live in the marquise manor,we will live there.If you want to live else where we'll stay else where.. (Wow not to many women in those days had t.he options to live whereever they like) Like the Empress said one lucky girl) 

    (GTY) I dare not say how good it will be if you marrying me.. 

    (GTY) I will not let you be aggrieved and keep things to yourself from now on.  

    (ML) I was raised in a quite extravagant manner.. (SAYWHAT):w00t: (These two is just to cute)

    (ML) When was I aggrieved?:w00t:

    (ML) I also don't need anyone to act as some hero and save me from danger (OH REALLY):lol:

    (GTY)Your are just eloquent Little LIar :thumbsup::)

    (GTY) You've always kept your grievence to yourself, You've been suffering since you been born (So much for living extravagant)

    (GTY) You can stand those etiquette about being legitimate and illegitimate child.. But you have no choice but to obey.. You clearly are good at everything, But you have to keep a low profile everytime, You dare not to cro up ( show off). 

    (GTY) So you look for and ordinary family like the HE family..

    (ML) Crop Up

    (ML) Because I crop up and caused a lot of trouble. You personally saw it But what happen to me after?

    (ML) I don't like sweing and I don't like embroidering

    (ML) I have to pretend to ike everything I don't like.. (sounds of dreams of growing up being a tomboy martial arts the whole nine)

    (ML) But what can I do I have to survive first. ( and she wonders why he wants to marry her)

    (GTY) It's because you to sensible, Your snart and your thorough.. Your able to see everything clearly.

    (GTY) You dare not go beyond the lighting pond by a step ( nknowing your bounds)

    (GTY) But you can't totally resign to your plight.. You feel the injustice.. 

    (GTY) You suffer and keep them to yourself.

    (GTY) You pretend to be dumb and be in a daze. Always being very cautious.

    (GTY) You fprced yourself to become flawless Sixth Miss of the Sheng family:rolleyes:

    (GTY) I'm not willing to see you live the rest of your life like that.

    (GTY) I dare not say marrying me wil give you a very good life. I can sware by the heavens one thing..

    (GTY) That from now own whatever my rank is among men, That would be your rank among the women

    (GTY) I longed admired you and willingly to marry you to be my wife, Entrust you my house for you to steward and entrust to you the propagation of my bloodline. ( Wow that's a helluva proposal what girl could say no to that) Spend the rest of my life with you.


    Now everyine degraded GTY for leaving the family home setting up his own shop but look how it has paid off for the main wife he chooses..    The smooth cunning rascal. Go ahead stake your clainm

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  19. 3 hours ago, dito said:

    Some time before the poisoning Da niang's sister was slowly turning Da niang against granny. Da niang was also dissatisfied with granny over something....don't remember what. So the sister gave her an idea.....to make granny sick for a while by feeding her some drug in her food...and even got the drug for Daniang. What Daniang didn't know was that the drug was actually poison. And her sister was a vicious bitsh. She wanted to make Daniang kill her mother in law and then blackmail her sister all her life holding this secret over her head. 

    @dito  What a vicious witch, Replace the "W" with a "B" My guess is Granny had something she wanted knowing that it would go to ML and Da Niang may have thought it should go to her and like you said got the idea from her sister to have whatever it was..  Da Niang fly off the handle type of person and shows her cards all at once never knew how to play the game to begin with.. In my opinion she was always and easy target this is the very reason Linang kept the upper hand over her husband all the time..


    2 hours ago, cherubstomato said:

    Whether he deliberately didnt spell it out still my point is that CB and his mother mistook it and he is not that manipulative. Manipulating to me is influencing/threatening someone to go your way. GTY and ML is more like setting a route for you to choose but the outcome of choices would still be the same because they know the person really well and make plans accordingly.... For one CB never asked him straight out so which sister it is? So I can tell my parents for sure who it is and not make a random guess.... I really had my head scratching that CB can’t tell it’s ML that he want to marry. After all ML is the only one remotely close to GTY amongst his sisters. Even the father thought the description is very much ML. Everything else how he found a way to escape that misinformation is out of my mind don’t want to question it just enjoy the show. Lol 


    @cherubstomato  CB didn;t know ML well at all because he never inter act with her as a child growing up.. CB just assumed it was RL because he never thought a man of GTY caliber and status would chose ML.. He assumed it was RL because she was the legit daughter.. I'm wondering where he was and what was he doing when all the talk around town about QH and ML.. Was he not listening or did he think these people was talking about someone else..  The book worm isn't clever at all and I fear for his life working in the palace..


    3 hours ago, dito said:

    The only reason Granny survived was because granny's servant ran to inform ML about it immediately. And ML without wasting time invited the imperial physician to treat granny. When ML was informed about the poisoning....she was absolutely furious. She was even using torture to get the truth out the servants involved. She investigated the whole thing and ordered GTY's guards to lockdown sheng house completely. No one coming in or going out. Then she told her father everything and gave him no way out. Either she has justice for granny or she's going to make this public and ask the courts for justice. 


    We can't blame her for this if it was up to her dad he would have let it go just like he did with her mother.. ML wasn;t going to stand another person that love her being taken away from her behind something so stupid..  Yes it was about time someone made Dad accountable for these type of things and stop worrying about his face in court..


    2 hours ago, Katrina Abdul Talib said:
    8 hours ago, sava2sava said:

    Molan if looks could kill the poor pieces of chocalate must have been scteaming bloody murder in her hands the way nail cut it..  Even her MIL gave her the look like you see why I choosed ML over you..  The richard simmons knows every man was after ML and not her it must be eating her alive as she don;t even get center of a attention from the empress 

    Just love how you expressed about Molan.

    Hi @Katrina Abdul Talib  Wow everyone is coming over to this thread from Kdrama..  

    I mean why should she get bent out of face because no one fawn over her and her looks that she destroyed being a temple creeper.. Also from the look on her face she still hasn;t consider her actions on how she married into that family.. Do she really not know the Empress knew she married in being a richard simmons.. People like the Empress don't associate with her kind.. I don't think she'll ever be invited to the palace before ML even RL would be invited before her..

    Did you check out the look on GTY step Mom face.. After the way she treated him did she really think he would be introducing her as Mom.. Her face was all twisted up like Molan especially after hearing him tell the Empress about he's been the one to prepare for his wedding.. I'm hoping when subs comes out we can hear the Empress telling him if he needs any help to let her know.. If this is what she said I see why Molan was ripping into that chocolate like that..  


    56 minutes ago, Katrina Abdul Talib said:

    Her wedding outfit is beautiful. Most often we see brides in full red.. why this different colour?

    This is a good question.? I noticed Molan also wore green for her wedding garmet.. I know it has something to do with the colors of the palace..  I remember when I watch Yi San several years back the colors of there place was also a part of the colors of the palace in China being that Korea was supposed to be the mother state to Chuina or something of that nature.. We need @gerrytan8063 our fellow historian to fill us in on this..


    So how many kids did ML and GTY have ?

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  20. 13 minutes ago, Jackie1048 said:

    He told her that although he is entitled to one part of Gu family fortune but his stepmother and Older Brother will not share any with him. So it is just the fortune from his Bai family side only.

    @Jackie1048  Technically what Lil fortune the Gu's have should have been his fortune.. According to what GTY nanny told him the GU's was broke and had to payback money that was owe this is how his mom came into to that family.. 

    4 minutes ago, leeza77 said:

    The reason why he went out to buy food not because he didn't want to bother the staff but because he said the food at his house was not delicious. Only the best for the dearest wife.. Ha ha

    Thanks for the clarification @leeza77  How sweet of him.. 

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  21. 1 hour ago, Lunkera said:

    He pounced on her in the end anyway ^^. It was funny when her stomach started rumbling :D . But yeah in that situation he showed self-control and instead got her food to make her happy. She needed the energy anyway haha

    Hello All, Thanks for this update @Lunkera  This thread moves so fast it's hard to keep up on topics..


    I was wondering whty everyone was looking at him in the restaurant. It was his wedding night and they had to think he and ML  may have had a fighrt but it was sweet of him to go out and get food.. Considerate of him not to bother the house staff which he could have.. GTY is showing ML anything for her..

    52 minutes ago, nichiwoohee said:


    Keep it coming!! :love:


    Good thing her tummy rumbled.. if not gty would have shoved rong er out the door to quickly start the wedding night


    Nah @nichiwoohee  GTy knows he hss to be a gentleman and gentle with her.. GTy already knows not to push that button to soon..  


    I have to thank the writer for giving me a shot of Molan at the polo match the look on her face said it all Even evil two faced step mom was envy with green.. Molan if looks could kill the poor pieces of chocalate must have been scteaming bloody murder in her hands the way nail cut it..  Even her MIL gave her the look like you see why I choosed ML over you..  The richard simmons knows every man was after ML and not her it must be eating her alive as she don;t even get center of a attention from the empress 

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  22. 26 minutes ago, deslynn88 said:

    It seems like wicked step-mother in law is already making moves against ML in the newest trailer.  I hope she learns quickly that ML is no pushover.

    @deslynn88  Trust and believe she'll learn she's not a pushover her and sicly son is no match for her.. If wicked step mom don't won;t revenge bvest served cold I'll advice her and sickly son to mind there own business.. Granny didn't raise no fool

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