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  1. Isn't that the Eunich of the ED ? If so this is the Ed flexing more of her power. (The Queen was supposed to handle this not her) She wants to control it all.. From the courtiers homes to ministers in the court.. She's just too greedy, We need to see and ED and her concubine downfall to have a satisfactory ending.. It will be well worth the watch to see her greedy goblings executed. 

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  2. 26 minutes ago, hello210 said:

    I thought the girl talking to Stepmom was Cuiway. It was their way of warning Stepmom that she can’t try anything in retaliation to Chang Momo for speaking her mind.

    @hello210  That was Cuiwie, well I didn't see things from this prospective..  But she didn't have to tell her that in regards to Chang MoMo. Big Mdm already know not to touch Chang Momo or they all will be homeless if she did it or had someone else to do it.. Chamg Momo has no enemies but the Gu house oh yes now Aunt Kang to..:w00t:   

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  3. 11 minutes ago, frenchfan said:

    Served her right.  This will hopefully make her less bratty next time and think of the consequences behind her actions.  I wonder what her brother's punishment be since he is also responsible?  

    @frenchfan His punishment should be death.. Keeping her alive if he's killed will cost them later because she'll always see it as they kill her brother of course to no fault of her on..


    I also want to see the Guifei get the royal concunbine smak down. The ED exile out of the palace and everyones life will be peaceful.


    I'm Still think about Chang MoMo giving Aunt Kang Lip Service.. It's just to hilarious:w00t:

    MoMo told Aunt Kang:

    We kind to you because you related to the maiden home

    But you really thought you was some sort of dish :w00t::w00t:  

    Your Kang family is merely related to the Sheng inlaws

    You many loops away from the Gu house:w00t::w00t::wub:

    You come here and charge yourself as a Elder or what not..

    The Big Mdm is waiting for the Lil Mdm to add more children to the Gu house..

    (Big Mdm Mad as hell now for her saying that:rage:):w00t::w00t:

    Now everyone in the world knows Lil Mddm is with child

    Not to even mention close friends..

    Even the maiden home the legit mother and gran mother don't come

    to bother her and allow her to nurse her pregnancy but come now..

    Here comes and Aunt with and unknown face and dog mouth:w00t::w00t:

    Putting up airs in three days to charge herself as boss:w00t: I spit a that (ROLF)

    If something goes wrong with the marquis off spring,

    Can those bones of yours weighing a couple of tales pay for it :w00t::w00t::w00t:

    (Aunt Kang just speechless This was all you seen from her and Big Mdm :blink::blink::blink:)

    MOMO: what the hell is that: 

    Did someone in the family die

    No one rushes to a funeral that diligently:wub::wub::wub: (priceless)

    (Other words ML isn't dead why you rushing your azz here as soon as you wake up two or three times a day what the hell is that):w00t::w00t::w00t::w00t:  This scene is just priceless.. The dialogue is off the hook..  You better open your eyes this not the Kang House this is the Gu House. By Now Aunt Kang And Big Mdm Are Looking Like This:o:o:o:crazy::crazy::crazy:


    I applaud the writer for this, This is one of the best written scene and dialogue I've seen in a drama in a long time..Bow My Head To You.


    Laughing so hard i was in tears almost peed my pants 

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  4. 1 hour ago, frenchfan said:

    It appears that the evil stepmom is having Fengxian (the unwanted concubine) spy for them.  She is basically giving them the news on ML. :rage:

    @frenchfan  That was the plan from the get go.. I thought ML should have sent Aunt Kangs daughter to 3rd brother to be his concubine maybe send her to the 5th house since Aunt Kang was so determine to put her step daughter into the Gu house.. 

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  5. @leeza77  Danning told on her own self all that sqimming she was doing in that chair.. She didn't even look upset after learning Aunt Kang gave her poision.. More like she was scared to tell where she got it from.. She should be thanking ML because she knows this wasn;t her plan to harm Granny.. Danning and those servants are seeing first hand of Granny results in raising ML.. All of them never knew she had this side to her the servant even had the gall to talk smart and got her face slap into next week.. One can all guess the others start talking and not holding anything back..


    Now who was the other old lady ? ws aunt kang trying to frame her.. Also who was the women next to aunt kang husband.. I hope thwy don't let her walk out of that house without being punished because she'll try and kill ML after being served by a concubine daughter


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  6. Boy ML gave Big Mdm a look she can't ever forget.. When Aunt Kang told Big Mdm she needs to intervene in her household ML look at Big Mdm like Bish try it I'm waiting..  What Aunt Kang don;t seem to realize is that Big Mdm lives at the Gu house Cheng Gardens isn't the Gu house nor her or Big Mdm has the rights to come there and do as they pleased.. Big Mdm already know that from judging from her spies that went in 10 spies went in and all 10 left in a few days time all thrown out all at once..  Now Big Mdm hooking up with Aunt Kang would show the world just how evil she is which she's ready to accept her mask coming off becaue at this point she's going all in what do she has to loose considering all her hard work is in vain.. She still hasn't thought about her dumb son in all her evilness.. 


    I would love it when GTY comes back and he decides to brake up those houses because she hook up with Aunt Kang to see what the 4th and 5th house do to her.. I bet they would spill the beans own her schemes so quick it would make one heads spin..    

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  7. 5 hours ago, mooose said:

    ML is way to empathetic. Its her big weakness. Shades of SH's blind empathy to Lin. I'm worried ML may have let a snake in the house. Maybe I'm just paranoid?

    @mooose I think she did let her in the house.. Step Mom seemed all to happy about this outcome.


    3 hours ago, shem1 said:

    She looks like she could also be the one that was trying to get to ML and baby in that one preview where it shows a woman coming after ML when she had just given birth.

    @shem1  Explain this to me, Someone went after her after birth, It could be the girl that was talking to Big Mdm at the end of episode 58 they both of similar height and weight.. She was the girl telling Big Mdm when when second master return that he'll take care of them and not to take matters to heart.. 


    My thought to this who dumb child is this and just what have Mdm been telling them.. Has she's been telling them her son is the master of that manor is all her servants just blantly blind in seeing just what really going on.. It seems she got them all brainwashed.. I think ML and GTY should use her own maids to spy on her.. It would be real easy since they are responsible for there salaries.. 


    3 hours ago, lolalarue said:

    Damn that Concubine of the Emporer's is really trying to make him distrust GTY and wife. What's her problem. 


    She's on the ED side??? How does that help her, she's married to the Emporer? 

    @lolalarue  I didn't understand why she drag ML in this picture with that half azz story.. Her or the ED not know the truth as to what went on back then.. ML isn't some officer of the court and really don't meddle in court affairs.. This is the ED fanning the fires every where she can.. Who may have told QH that she'll get his revenge for him for GTY stealing in girl.. QH is gulliable enough to fall for it knowing that GTY liked ML early own.. It must be killing him inside out to know that she's with child..


    3 hours ago, zenya22 said:

    This reminds me of the cunning ML who set up Linniang and Molan to avenge her mother without anyone knowing except for granny. ML goes into action mode when someone she cares about is threatened or in danger. Remember how she won back the pin for Yan Ran her bestfriend at the polo match and how she lit up on Manniang when she went to the Yu residence to destroy the marriage proposal of TY to Yanran which was her purpose to save Yanran from TY? When she was 8 years old, she saved the dowry of her eldest sister when she just took those arrows to beat the young TY in a tuoho game and how she ran arround, climbed the gate out of the manor to get her mother a doctor, how she fought off the pirates to get Xiaotao time to dive into the water and was the last one to get off the boat, how she calculated to save her cousin from an abusive marriage? How she had protected her husband from himself and his family? How she lit up on Molan and her father not to have Linniang's memorial tablet in the same place as her mothers? This is her baby we are talking about. ML is not about to just get her child and her family be harmed by some devious shu daughter. She will face an army of witches and make sure her baby will be safe and they will never know what hit them just like Molan and her mother never knew. If that Kang shu daughter has ugly plans for ML, I thnk she will end up being sorry she ever stepped into the Gu manor. I too am worried but am crossing my fingers  and have faith that ML will prevail. 

    @zenya22  I think the answer to all of this, ML should bring GTY G/Aunt back there..It was Big Mdm that so kindly called her to bring in a concubine reasoning being that ML hasn't gotten pregnant,, Now ML is pregnant whats the purpose of bringing in another concubine when the marquis isn't there nor have he touch the concubine of G/Aunt.. She's and Elder of higher status then Big Mdm..I'm sure ML has GTY last will in her possession which she should give to G/Aunt to read since GTY already had broke it down for her already which she seem to calculate some of Big Mdms actions.. 


    1 hour ago, dancingbee said:


    So that wicked stepmother of GTY is planning to kill both Ming Lan's baby and her own stepson, GTY?

    @dancingbee  IN order for the step mom to have everything in her control ML GTY and the baby has to die in order for her son to inherit the marquis title.. Even if GTy die fighting a war.. If ML gives birth to a male child all that GTY own including the marquis title would go to his son and Big Mdm son won't get the title.. Big Mdm knows ML will not give up the title and she'll be fighting to kill of them both in order to get it..  

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  8. 4 minutes ago, minglan1 said:

    Momo reading the riot act to the two villains was the best scene.I couldn't  stop laughing.The look on stepmom's  face when aunt Kang fell was priceless.

    @minglan1 I almost teed my pants when she told Aunt Kang she wasn't wirth the weight of two tales..

    That scene was hilarious..

    What I don't get is why Big Mdm side kick choose to come there to nurse ML knowing she's there to kill that baby and GTY will kill her and Big Mdm and her son if he finds out any of then was around.

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  9. 13 minutes ago, shem1 said:

    SO true! Even if the Emperor got to be Emperor because of a decree than that should be that. His ties to the last Emperor and ED end there. BUT to say that he shouldn't acknowledge the man who is biologically his father...who raised him... and I believe at this point in the series- the man the Emperor also buried- it's just outrageous if people believe that the NOW Emperor should give his deceased father who nurtured and cared for him since DAY 1 the title of Royal Uncle! Give that to the dead Emperor. It's not like the new emperor went looking to be Emperor. He even tried to avoid and deny that he had anything to do with the RoYALTIES!

    @shem1 My point exactly, The Old Emperor choose him because of all the corruption he let take place in his regin.. He knew the Ed was also corrupt and wanted and Emperor there who was fair and just.. He didn't say I'll maje you Emperor if you'll be my adopted son and not recognizes you biological father.. That didn't matter to him since his nephew was from the same bloodline..


    The Ed was also in on the rebellion , She could be the cause of why it started since the King didn't grant her favorite to be his successor.. He may have told her his intentions and by the current Emperor not living in the capital she really didn't know if she can use him as her puppet.. Now her game is to get all the smart ones away from the emperor so she can rule from her domain..


    I think after GTy is framed and it's going to ML and the two girls that proves his innocents with those old accounting books may get her flunkies in trouble like QH.. It would serve her right if she ends up loosing all her supporters in court..


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  10. Mo Mo went off the chain this episode.. 

    First she called Old Big Mdms side kick 

    And old richard simmons:wub::w00t:

    Then she went on to tackle the two

    blackhearted withches at the house.

    Fuming Mad:rage:

    MoMo read Aunt Kang (dog face as she called her ) :w00t:

    She says Old Granny nor Big Mdm is coming there why is 

    she there.. What are you two schemeing.

    The Kang house is a long way away from the Gu house why are 

    you coming 2 and 3 times a week.:w00t:

    Told her this house already have one Big Mdm who do

    she thinks she is to come there and act like she's the boss.:w00t:

    Then told Aunt Kang she's not worth the weight of two tales

    if something happens to the baby can she pay for it :w00t:

    Aunt Kang has never been so disrespected in all the days 

    of her life:w00t: She called for the servants to take Mo Mo 

    out and cane her 20 times..:huh: Mo Mo was like wait a minute

    Mo Mo This isn't the Kang house this is the Gu house, All the assets in this 

    house belongs to Erlang.. 

    Mo Mo talk Mucho Sht And Wasn't Backing Down..


    Mo Mo called them the blackhearted witches told them something bad is going to happen to them..

    Aunt Kang got up like big sht she's going to teach Mo Mo a good lesson only to fall flat on her face.. :w00t:


    Now Big Mdm should take that as a sign stop trying to run ML house and stay out of there business.. Trying to offer a pregnant women a glass of wine is ridiculous.. 


    I do forsee the fires scene happening here.. Big Mdm knows all her hard work is in vain if she can;t stop ML from giving birth and killing GTY. 


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  11. 56 minutes ago, minglan1 said:

    All the children turned out to be good who can discern right from wrong unlike their  parents.A miracle that none of them turned out like them.

    Amen @minglan1 Buddah Bless You:wub:


    53 minutes ago, ForgottenSoulx said:


    While i hate the dowager i do agree with what shes doing here its incredibly disrespectful and not correct to name someone other then the past emperor as your father, in theory he was only able to become emperor because the previous emperor basically adopted him.


    I also agree with QH acting against what the emperor is doing , where i disagree with QH is where he keeps going against GTY for personal reasons. Also hes naive and gullible and does not see the big picture. 

    @ForgottenSoulx  This isn't really what this is about.. The King reliquish the throne to his nephew which is in the same bloodline as the king.. No one saw coming what scamm she planned because if there was no adopotion and the current King just took the throne.. She would still be the Dowager but a Dowager that has to watch her own family connection to the court just vanish.. This is why she planted the niece next took him.. I have to admit she smart and clever.. This is why they want her out of the court because she has painted a big picture hoping her neice gives birth to a male if she hasn't already to make him CP and fight for the throne still keeping her corrupt family in power..

    Now as for as the recognition goes, Should he not recognize his father who raised him feed him nutured him into the man he is none of this was done by the King.. Talk about moral virtous were is that then.. That's being disrepectful to his bio father who is also a prince of that country.. It's a damned if you do situation damned if yiou don't.. It's really a subject that none of low citizens in the country would care about all they looking fiorward to his they next meal both men or dead.. 


    I have a question.. Should he not pay his respect to his father doing his memorial period all because the king adopted him ay 40..? 


    On to a more serious note.. In court they are talking about the salt corruption.. I think this is were they'll frame GTY this is the ED doing who may have gang up with evil step mom to try and strip GTY of some of his wealth.. 

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  12. 1 hour ago, dito said:


    He's a little arrogant that his success is all his hard work. So he pees his pants whenever his family honor is under threat. Basically his messy family life is his one failing and he wants to keep it under wraps.



    Is that the one where he has braids in his hair?? I think I might have seen that scene somewhere...don't remember why I didn't watch the drama..was it good?  Want to see some of his other works...

    @dito  What hard work he really hven;t done didally squat. Just because he moved up in the ranks and it took him to the capital not by any of his on making.. He wasn't out catching bad guy's. I'm thinking he just got lucky because his name was choosen next in line.. If he's a true scholar he should be in tuned to the ways of the world and yet he can't even decides in his own decisions he look to his son for answers.. What A Man.. But your so right his messy famiy life is of his own making, He let Molan Mom rule him and Big Mdm.. Now he's lost in his own current status and not know right from wrong all he knows is to save family honour.. Trying to save this honor is ruining the family honor.. 


    Yes thats the one and yes it's very good.. I think you'll enjoy it.. Give it a shot when you can..


    54 minutes ago, UnniSarah said:

    We all knew how selfish and disgusting human being that he is. @minglan1  

    From the preview , even CB’s mom didn’t feel any regret fro trying to murder Old Mrs Sheng. She is also another selfish human being who doesn’t value life. She deserves to be manipulated, kicked out and ridicule. I don’t understand why all her children know to avoid Aunt Kang but SH’s doesn’t think her sister is a bad influence. 

    @UnniSarah  Yes that got me she still was trying to protect her sister after she had framed her.. Blind Mom is only looking at she's the remaining direct bloodline of hers left but she's also her biggest problem.. I don't get where her and sister both thinks ML owes them. Aunt thinks she has the rights to just go to Ming Lan house just because she's on there family tree.. Yet she still don't realize how ML got listed under the family tree being that she saved the crazy niece from that god forsaken family that was about to bleed them dry..   Yes I say kick the dumb woman out SH would be better off going to a brothel.. If she has to protect her sister let her live with her sister..See what her sister do for her then because the sister is broke and wants to live off her sisters kids who have married wel.. You see she didn;t run to 4th sister house because she sees her schemes and call her out on them.. She went to ML house because she thinks ML fears her.. Little that she knows ML fears nothing in this world and will face it head on until you slip up and thats what she did when she messed with Granny.. Even Big Mdm won't be able to save her sister from ML.. She will remind her who really was the one to raise her and that person used her own money on ML not Big Mdm.. She didn;t spend a dime on ML wedding all that was done by Granny and GTY.. Which I think Big Mdm is jealous that ML married better off then all her daughters..      

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  13. On 1/19/2019 at 5:12 AM, jongski said:

    As for the daughter, I get why she's feeling like that. The priority was  always the siblings and then she heard the conversation  of her not being wanted. Maybe Poongsang said that in the heat of the conversation back in the days.

    @jongski  I could relate to him saying he didn;t won;t the child and thats how he really felt he was already raising kids himself and knew how hard it would be to add another one even if that kid is his.. 

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  14. 8 minutes ago, zenya22 said:

    So he mopes around and sulks for months? If he can't see how his wife loves him, he got issues 

    @zenya22  Of course he got issues this is what makes his character funny but yet exciting to..  Especially when he comes off as the straight shooter not holding anything back.. You see this character in him when dealing with those from the big house including the 4th and 5th house.. I love it when he gose after them because it's no telling what comes out of his mouth.. I love his dialouge in this drama especially when he told his brother pretentious etiquette of proper display should be done.. :w00t:  I said they got his character off the hook he don't give a damned..

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