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  1. On 12/19/2019 at 3:05 AM, MidnightRain said:

    @UnniSarah Nope, the Empress does not love the Emperor in the novel. She's with him because she's power hungry and Liang Jing Meng had made it clear that he's not interested in harboring power for himself. Also the Emperor does not love her either, she's just something that he stole from Liang Jing Meng, to prove that he's better because he was crazy jealous of Liang Jing Meng. 


    15 hours ago, MidnightRain said:
    18 hours ago, crackaddict said:

    Damn, that's cold haha. No wonder why the don't trust each other at all. Feel bad for the crown prince. I think he's the crown prince...I mean the nice prince who befriends Ding Ning. 


    Yeah, he's completely different from his parents. :lol:


    Also, how can the Emperor and Empress trust each other? One betrayed their lover and the other betrayed their best friend and closest ally. And the thing is, Liang Jing Meng was completely loyal to them yet they stab him in the back and killed him. The betrayal may have brought them together but they are also wary of each other because they know what the other is capable of. 

    Okay hold up, Now I'm confused also. I thought the girl that's in charge of that brigade was the one that betrayed him.. Do I need to go back and rewatch .. :confused:


    If they are the CP parents no wonder he looked so scared to drink the wine offered by the emperor.. I thought some of the courtiers was going to die afterwards..  

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  2. Hello Everyone, Coming to the discussion late, But have a few question about the drama. I've been following and now on ep 21, Hating I didn't let it get subbed further then it presently is before I started to watch.  


    My question is whats the king relation to FX .? 

    My niece and I have this heated debate about his relation to the supposed to be dad and the King. I know the old man in the wheelchair is his G/father.

    Also like to know whats his relation to the old lady that raised him.. 

  3. 18 hours ago, nohamahamoud2002 said:

    two more weeks to go :D 

    really I wonder if things will be rushed off in the  last episode

    It would Only to rush and ending in two days.. Hate when these writers end like this..


    10 hours ago, msmy said:

    Not yet...hope not,  although we got a call  last  night that it could  happen.  I must watch this drama tomorrow! 

    I feel for you @msmy  In Calif it's always something, Here in Nv we was worrying if we would be getting our gas supply which come from Calif..



     refuse to go back to beginning of this train wreck, I jus have to ask one question how did shady mo end up with Jenny ?

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  4. 21 hours ago, tulip06 said:

    He is super cheerful on his Instagram. He is a brilliant actor. Probably too good for this show.

    This is not the kind of drama to show case his talents.. He seems to be a break out actor which they normally starts off in Tv novels. Which is grounds for rookie actors to get in touch with there emotions to scenes and whatever maybe in the settings.. As we all know time will tell if he needs to go back redo himself..


    On 10/23/2019 at 7:07 AM, Lmangla said:

    my guess is that he will definitely be attacked before that but since he always has back up plans, the truth will come out anyway. the question is whether he survives. if he does, then jenny and mrs ji will probably forgive him because the guy has literally had 2 attempts on his life by shady mom.


    brother police and grandpa had a showdown that was kind of funny. brother police tries to tell him that grandpa has it wrong and he shouldn't be spreading rumours. grandpa is like "I am old, I will do what I want regardless." :lol:


    jenny as usual is being conned by shady mom. why does she believe shady mom's lies? shady mom convinces jenny that they need to go to LA immediately to turn over the company to jenny's name. post that, shady mom will return to seoul and surrender to police.


    the DNA test is also going to be done soon. so it should come out that man soo is shady mom's son. dong joo is already figuring out that jenny may not be shady mom's daughter which is why man soo wanted to marry her. so next few days should hopefully be interesting. then few episodes to wrap up the fallout...

    @Lmangla   Thanks for the update, Wasn't able to continue to watch the full episode but this tells it all. I have my own theory on how things will play out but won't spoil it for you guy's.


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  5. 5 minutes ago, Lmangla said:

    no, she isn't. it is revealed pretty early on that shady mom is not her actual mother.


    Hi there good to see some familar names still around, Thanks for answering my question.. I didnlt think she was her mother this is part of the reason she don't want her to get her memories back.. Just what did Jenny witness she did and why is it that she didn't kill her.. Was she trying to take Jenny and make her become the next black rose..

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  6. Hello Everyone, Great way to return back to Kdrama. I envision so many things happening later in this one.. Manly things happening to Hwi being manipulated because of his sister will be in the hands of his enemies..  Also the love triangle isn't going to help his mental state of mind when his so called friend will be playing the role of a lover to his love interest when it's only onesided.. 



    Loving the role of JH taking on the role of BW.. 

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  7. On 3/15/2019 at 6:27 PM, Razberry said:

    I would've even liked to see the emperor talk to Ming Lan at the end when he is showing them his harvest. I think someone mentioned in the novel that ML and GTY regained their title and even got a promotion? I would've loved to actually see that. I know it's inferred that it's a happily ever after ending, but after journeying with them for 70+ episodes, I think we deserved more than just guessing what happened to certain people. I wished that they would've done a small time skip and showed us Ming Lan's second baby's birthday, where all of her families and friends were together again. 

    @Razberry  Hopefully theres a season 2 and we get to see how things play out after the old schemers are gone bringing in new ones.. 

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  8. 11 hours ago, fanofr said:

    At the time, Lawyer Heo told NJ how mistress changed her name, how she and Bang know each other.  But he said they lack concrete evidence that mistress was the one who asked Bang to kidnapp NJ.  NJ said then it would open up a pandora's box and he was unwilling.  Lawyer Heo said he understood but on his part, he would continue to dig for information/evidence. 

    @fanofr  Sounds like to me that pandoras box NJ don't wan open has a lot to do with his so called Mom whom I think is involved in all of this up tp her neck.. I've been wondering what will it take for him to get he don't owe her a debt and it's the other way around.. 


    Boy Lawyer Heo is hot on they trail. 

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  9. 18 minutes ago, Ameera Ali said:



    I love that the lawyer is working so hard , to get to all SH secrets - but not surprised he doing that , he looked 30 years for NJ until he find him :D



    I just hope SH don't have something bad happen to lawyer Heo.. Him going around knocking on old doors os asking for trouble.. SH will do whatever it takes once she's back into a corner to keep her mask from being rip off her face..


    I have to ask this question of everyone in this thread..

    What do you guy's speculate NJ would do when he finds out SH had BSC to kidnap him.?

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  10. 6 hours ago, shihuangdi said:

    So who was the assassin who want to kill GTY's son? Her fighting skill is on par with Shitou, was she send by the palace, since she was kneeling outside the gate when ML beating the drum?


    Also, Molan was laughing at ML only to find out her own marriage is falling apart. 

    @shihuangdi  No more of ML schemes, Do we get to see and bad ending for her also besides her husband sleeping with her top assistant..


    What is step mom doing with her son..? 

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  11. 7 hours ago, dito said:

    Now if they had incorporated this storyline after the Gu house is divided and the family living separately....then I could understand stepmom's actions. Then GTY and the other Gu's would be separate families and will not be that affected by each other's actions.


    Using the salt mines mismanagement would have been so much simpler and sensible .....if they did want to go over dramatic for the finale week.

    And I was horrified at GTY showing his glee and happiness on hearing of ML's desperate begging in front of the empress.

    Writers, do you even understand your drama's characters? 


    This story didn't need to be this dramatic at this juncture, the finale was going to have more than enough drama. We had just finished a very emotional story track of the poisoning. Then the child birth surrounded by fire and the knife attack. At this time, the story needed to take a deep breathe and calm the f**k down to start the final rebellion track which had plenty of excitement. And if they wanted more excitement just make that part super dramatic. No need to add unnecessary stuff that don't even make sense. 


    Theres a saying....Don't fix it, if its not broken. Screen writers need to understand that.

    @dito  Well Said.  I thought using the posioning act was a good way tying up the end, It would have made for a nice ending even using the salt mines for a means to a good ending would be suffice.. But stretching the story to add more moola sometimes you have to wonder is it really worth it..


    7 hours ago, nichiwoohee said:

    LOL at the soldiers all looking down due to embarrassment 


    it’s near the last episode, I’ll just stay away from this thread until the last ep finish getting subbed :P 

    @nichiwoohee  Good Luck With That:P 

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  12. 5 hours ago, Golden Flower said:

    Although I agree that there are a lot of weakness in the writing for the whole drama especially in recent episodes including ruckus caused by Wang family, stepmom & Gu family, Bai family and MN in imperial throne room and reason GTY being imprisoned and exiled, I think Molan's motive to destroy ML is understandable and not weak. Molan is not only jealous but hates ML to guts by this point. She might also think that she won't be caught for releasing Aunty Kang as it was stepmom who took Kang in and Kang would never admit getting help from Molan, a shu daughter whom she despised of. I have summarized Molan's attitudes towards ML from the beginning to this point in my pervious post two pages ago. Molan is like Aunty Kang who thinks that her needs should be given priority over anyone and her position including in their father's heart should be higher than any of her sister. She didn't think that she would be treated as outsider by SH until recently. She would be really furious when she was scolded by SH for trying to involve in Sheng's family affair no matter how much she beg him to tell her when she knew ML and her guards were involved in solving this situation. She was already pissed at ML for not allowing her mother spiritual tablet to be erected in the temple as well as when empress said the girl GTY is going to marry is very lucky and blessed (it was shown Molan squashing Longan fruit with her fingers at the Polo match where GTY proposed to ML and requested empress's hairpin as bestowment for his new bride). 


    @leeza77 I'm pretty sure GTY was convicted, imprisoned and going to be exiled after imprisoned for certain period. He wasn't just being demoted. If he is just demoted, he won't be imprisoned, exiled and his hereditary Marquess title won't be taken away, just his general title will be taken away. I'm not talking about grandplan if it exists but in the eyes of public, they took away his Marquess title (Molan mentioned about it and belittled ML and ML didn't deny it). In the preview, empress actually told ML why GTY can't be imprisoned and exiled when he committed crime right after ML struck the drum (she was wearing noble lady attire). ML also told her family that they still have time to figure things out before he is actually exiled in autumn. General Shen also requested emperor to let him take convicted felon Gu along with his army as he is good with military strategies being excellent in both fields. He would make sure to bring him back, let him go back to prison after coming back and then exiled him in the autum. Emperor first denied general shen's request but later approved since Wang family requested to let GTY go to war (stepmom told her maid Xiang mama that ED asked Wang family to do that request since it is easier to kill GTY away from palace than being imprisoned in palace near emperor and his other powerful friends). 

    @GoldenFlower  Also we must not forget that ML marriage was the big event of the year something Molan always seen herself having.. She thought that marrying the Liang Count would give her all the extravagance that she thought she deserved only to be fooled by her and CL on foolishness.. Molan thought she being the Eldest that her beauty was above her younger sisters and she should be next in line to marry.. Being that Minglan was younger then her and had her MIL eyeing Minglan for her son and finding out QH never gave her the time of day not even in a thought was just to unacceptable for her.. Molan thought if she didn't act then she'll become and old spinster or a concubine like her mom..


    Now did GTy actually get convicted of killing Aunt Kang.? Did the accusation hold up of him killing her in the court yard.? So all those people that was in Minglang room when Aunt Kang was there with a knife stabbing people are liars.. This has to be some sort of plan because none of it makes sense.. Here it is she was lock up behind Minglan only to go to her home and assits with a delivery.. I know the King can't be this densed.. Do they even mention the incident of her trying to kill Granny.. The more I type this the more I've come to the conclusion this has to be a setup for the ED..

    Please explain the titles these houses carries..

    Duke: IDK

    Marquis: Pillar to the Royal Family.

    Count: QH dad being married to the princess


    4 hours ago, matrim said:

    In one of the recent previews, eunuch Li confronted ML "How dare you defy imperior edcit and not come into the palace. Is Gu Clan revolting against the emperor?" ML just ordered Shitou to detain eunuch Li. This is in line with the novel plot when ED launched rebellion and tried to lure noblewomen from families of emperor's side into the palace and used them as hostages. If ML wasn't Marquis Gu's wife, it doesn't make sense for eunuch Li to deliver such an order. This is one proof that GTY just got demoted but didn't lose his title.

    @matrim  So the ED tried to barrow one from the previous Emperor concubine books.. The ED may be smart but pulling a move like this wouldn't fly with Minglan.. Her husband is already in the palace prison who she has seen already and probably that day.. Minglan read between the lines why would a Eunich come to her at house night wanting her to go to the palace can't be good.. So the Ed was going to use her to have GTY probably kill himself to save her or they both would be killed.. Most likely both would be killed.. The Ed wouldn't leave Minglan alive to tell the story of what she done.  Well the funny part to this is the ED never factored in the part if the person you need don't come.. Now she got her Eunichs put in a bind and no way to explain herself out of this.. 


    This could be the reasons why she sent her soliders there..


    I was wondering how could they take GTY marquis title from him.. He inherited his own title but also inherited the marquis title from his brother which generations of Gu's has died defending the country just like him.. This title is past down from generation to generation.. So GTY son his he next in line to inhherit the title not 3rd brother..  the Gus was part of founding the dynasty i wonder.. To strip him of his tile is a slap in the ancestors faces and a mark on the emperor himself.. Who would want to fight a war for him only to be treated like this. 


    Oh Yes @lclarakl One of my favorites line from GTY is when he told his brother. Pretentious display of proper etiquett should be done.. OUCH.. Rub salt in the wounds..   

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  13. 6 hours ago, linhlinh111 said:


    I'm not sure but based on my knowledge on historical practices, unless her father openly disowns her (which he won't do cuz it will stir up a public scandal), he has to take her back. Not only that, to avoid public eye the divorce will be done as quiet as possible. What he does to her after that though, is behind closed doors. It can either be being grounded or exiled for life. Or he can give a signal to her husband to kill her off in silence (I don't think he would do that but possible). All and all, they will deal with it underground.


    These are 2 methods that are usually used in this kind of situation if both parties are smart. Another stupid method is that the husband kicks her out while the father refuses to take her back. Letting her loose is usually the root to another trouble.

    @LinhLinh  Thanks for giving me the explanation on why concubines was a must then.. 

    Your right letting Molan a loose to wreck havoc on peoples lives will be worst then Aunt Kang wrecking havoc.. If she's divorced I could see her under house arrest at the farm but thats still not fool proof.. But sending her there and feed her posion would be a good way for her to go.. She can reside at the farm with her mom since they both can't be placed in the temple.. The sinister women, I kind of feel sorry for the brother and his new born daughter..

    3 hours ago, zenya22 said:

    @Golden FlowerAll his property and the Gu manor will be taken back by the emperor as imperial property? Then Madam Qin will have no place to stay then? Will she be driven out of the Gu Manor in that case? Could she not have foreseen that? It would be so nice to see Madam Qin thrown out if that were to happen?

    @zenya22  Now I'm not following this.. How can the courts take his personal property that he inherited from his mothers family.. this sounds a lil shady to me.. It seems like they want his salt mines from the Bai family.. The court only supposed to take the property that rewarded him with.. So is this how they going to brake up the houses.. This sounds like something Step Mom and the Ed came up with.. I have seen historical dramas where men fall out of the graces of the court but managed tio stay in there wealthy homes because of there own personal property.. 


    The big question is do they ever finds out that all went there screaming he killed and innocent person was lying.. It would have been better if they blamed the killing on Ming Lan she could have gotten away with it.. 

    2 hours ago, minglan1 said:

    Villainy is never entirely product of an era..it also has an element of human nature that indulges in it.Even if a person has a good upbringing they can turn to a life of crime.Molan and Aunt Kang are not product of neglect in the era.Contrarily they were treated better and received preferential treatment than their male siblings.


    @minglan1  Aunt Kang is the product of Old Mdm she has raised her to believe she can do no wrong, Whatever she did was right when all knew it was wrong.. This is why SH said no wonder her villianess acts are getting worst as she commits them.. She did what she did because she knew mom and brother would hold up the sky for her.. Big Mdm never taught her to fear the gods because in her mind there was no gods to give her retirbution but it was there in her face she just didn't recognize it.. ( her husband and all his Shu children from the girls to the boys) She seen herslf as a god and was allowed to do whatever she liked.. I think she got this trait from her mom.. 


    When it came to Old Mdm, She went to the ED to see if she still carried any weight in the court since she just moved back..       

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  14. 45 minutes ago, frenchfan said:
    2 hours ago, shihuangdi said:

    If Molan gets divorce, would she return to the Sheng house? Or where would she live then?

    Not sure her dad would want her back since this will be a shameful event for the family.  :grimace:

    @shihuangdi & @frenchfan It's not so much about what SH says now it comes down to CB he seems to have the final say in all matters regarding the Sheng household.. CB would think if Molan don't get her way or if he does something she might not like given her personality and her past she's bold enough to kill his child..   CB wouldn't let her back in the home just because of her past actions regardless to how much SH dotes on her in the past.. I think she'll be sent to live at the farm or a temple.. 


    23 hours ago, jongski said:

    @sava2sava you watching this show too. Me as well. I binge watch this 3days 10 episodes each.

     I like to curl that hair of 4th sister molan! grrr! That mother and daughter! :angry:

    Yes @jongski I'm watching this one also.. I haven't watch any Kdrama because I've been so invested in this one also the thread for the past few weeks.. Also seeing @lclarakl  Has drop in, Hello,  


    22 hours ago, lclarakl said:

    However, this story settled down nicely and I loved how they developed the relationship between Ming Lan and Gu. I love the manly, comic side of Gu. I didn't find him as attractive as young man, but I find him extremely attractive as an adult male.

    @lclarakl  GTY is the Man amongst the Men in this drama, 


    23 hours ago, Suzzy San said:

    I think it's a rebel period and GTY was never exiled he was just put down in power and made a foot soldier.. Then I think from the novel they just went to another place out of the country after he was reinstated and as a political mission for his position.. ED definitely knows that he still supports prince Huan and if prince Huan becomes the next king GTY will in no time come back to power and will deal with her.. 

    @Suzzy San  The Ed knows this she didn't ask the concubine (her niece) for her child with no reason.. She needs that child to remain in power and the bloodline will change eventually why not change it to keep part of her family linege involved in the royal court.. Also if her rebellion comes through she can place the child on the throne and she rule behind the curtain until she's dead..  The Ed needs GTy out of the picture for good so her plans can come to fruitation.. She knows GTY can read her and foul up whatever she tries to do..  

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  15. 4 hours ago, minglan1 said:

     Looks like Molan's husband has discovered what she has been up too.

    @minglan1  Why is Molan so hell bent on interfering with Minglan matters.. I know it has to be more then her mom tablet reasons.. Even if it steems from jealousy what difference would it make.. It's not like she could marry GTY herself.. Wouldn't it be better for her to accept her Lil Sister married higher then her and to keep a good family relationship with her for the future of her children sake rather then continue to make more of and enemy to Minglan..  


    @lclarakl  GTY has some hilarious diaologue in this drama.. I just sit back and wait for whatever is coming out of his mouth especially when dealing with stepmom the 4th and 5th house.. Love it when it tells the step mom her talent is a waste in the Gu house she needs to join the southern opera troupe..:w00t:


    4 hours ago, shihuangdi said:

    Looks like her husband mentions something about ML and how evil Molan and her mother are. Did he find out about Molan involvement in the releasing Aunt Kang?

    @shihuangdi  I'm wondering since her plan to barrow Aunt Kangs knife to kill Ming Lang, Have she hookup with Evil Step Mom.. It seens she trying to strike Minglan while GTY is supposed to be out of the equation with the courts and loosing his position.. If so I hope she gets found out and husband kicks her out of the home for good..  

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  16. 8 minutes ago, jasmine19 said:


    Nam-Jin is a heir candidate. He might not care about other people’s opinion for himself. However, what about the reputations of other people around him?

    If guy Bang is an honest citizen and responsible family head, Nam-Jin should welcome and support him, even though he is poor. However, Bang is a convict, a kidnapper suspect, and an irresponsible family head.

    Like it or not, his closeness to him and his allowing him to boast as his dad would affect the reputations of the company, lawyer Heo, other personnel, and his future in-laws, such as Man-Seok & Seo-Jeong.

    Nam-Jin even suggests that he accepts it if Bang wants to approach his adopted mom. Doesn’t he care for her, who hates Bang very much?


    Like it or not, Nam-Jina is a company heir. He needs to care for the reputation of the company and those around her.

    If he doesn’t, then he may be a good man, but he might not be a good leader.

    @jasmine19  My sentiment exactly. If he get rid of kidnapper #2 he'll be rid of all his baggage.. 

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