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  1. Wow! 909 pages! I’ve been so busy with work and my kids home based learning that I hardly visited here but is good to see that it’s still going strong, yeah! and looks like JH is keeping his hair Long ... the picture above by the fan looks a bit weird.
  2. Ok I’m done with episode 14 and I have nothing to say —— simply speechless!
  3. And OHJ May make use of CSY to get the guy..... yet to watch ep 14. edited: ok after reading some of your comments, my comment above is redundant hahah!
  4. Oh wow ok got it now! yes he kept saying wants to protect organisation and I always it is to cover up their incompetency in capturing the guy. thanks!
  5. I have a question. Just before the guy was revealed, there were the conversation the leader Hwang and chief. Is this really happening? Or it was a flashback? the conversation spoke about how they found one of the item at the scene - a pair of handcuff. And it prompted one of them to say is a policeman because he has the keys to unlock. Then the scene showed the back of the guy who eventually took off his jacket to reveal he is indeed a policeman in disguise. if they already know about this why didn’t they suspect anyone among the police?
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