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On 8/9/2020 at 2:04 AM, Guest031284 said:

btw how are you?  I hope everything is fine *hugggg


The migraine was so awful that I needed several days to recover.  :unsure:

Doing better now.



Breakfast this morning:  toast (homemade bread) with crunchy peanut butter and honey

mug of Lady Grey tea.

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1 hour ago, H0ney said:

btw you are proud of me now, aren't you? I have made some progress in the kitchen 





3 hours ago, H0ney said:

because of someone only eat a few of his porridge

He's not eating...hahahah


Big one or small one...heeee.... ops...

o..kay okay u r not that 'someone' i had imagined 


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basically, im not going to eat so much this year.

I need to be back on my weight. T_T


its hard to do it, but then i  will be better.


( I have eaten too much in this pandemic.....lol. and not exercising ... and then i play too much of Animal Crossing New Horizon...  D: )

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