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  1. Jung Ji-hoon, also known as RAIN. He’s so cute, especially in the Full House tv series.
  2. Dance like no one is watching. You’ll get better with more practice.
  3. Of course! Dubai has done a great job in their tourism sector.
  4. Pick any of your interests and think about ways you can turn it into a business. You can do this alongside your regular job till it starts reaping profit.
  5. There is life beyond the pines Through the trees that's calling out my name And I've been wondering There's a path for us to follow Dirt and dust will cover up my face But I will be okay Out in the valley, over the rocks and clay I'll be chasing trails until I find my way Don't need saving, I'll find home one day But I'll be chasing trails until I find my way The moon is high, but I keep walking Through the night, the dark won't haunt my dreams He ain't afraid of me On and on the trail keeps winding
  6. Wow, playing for your girlfriend on her birthday will be quite romantic! It’s not that straightforward or easy learning to play guitar from scratch though, you’ll need some dedication and a good tutor. I wish you every success! I have a guitar, but I barely practice.
  7. Yes! It’s part of my goals right now to stay in shape and be healthy. 30 minutes full body workout every morning, it’s hard, but I’m loving it!
  8. Strawberry and Vanilla, sometimes chocolate.
  9. To relief stress I focus more on sleeping well, eating well, and exercising more regularly. That way I have more energy and work is much less likely to stress me. I just move through work like a ‘ninja’....LoL
  10. The Power of letting go, by John Purkiss. A friend recommended I check it out. So far it’s not bad.
  11. I think I maintained my weight, perhaps even lost a few. I did full body workouts for 30 minutes every 3 days or so.
  12. Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet. Yah I’m wearing that mostly. I Love Gucci Bloom too!
  13. Mostly movies, sometimes I draw or play my piano.
  14. Yah, I miss my good old friends and the good times we had back then.
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