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  1. Whoever wrote that naver post obviously was so smitten with Yoojung's visual hahahaha. I better post the green hearts to get more photos of her kekeke Thanks @Jillia for the translation
  2. Ahhhh my heart and eyes are so blessed of her unique beauty with this strong aura of hers Her eyes are so captivating Gonna drop my 5 fave photos of her My lady....
  3. @Yuui @Jillia I'm waiting for the day when Yooj would play villain role in sageuk/modern. I would love to see her playing an iconic character like Lady Mishil in "Queen Seondeok" and Mo Tae Goo in "Voice"
  4. @Jillia Its funny how Mrs.Yang's (Awesome.ent boss wife) original ig post about Yooj there was #홍천기 (Hong Chun Gi) hashtag Ooppps
  5. @Jillia Sorry for bringing that up. My heart is so hurt reading those hurtful words can't help to share it here I'm also praying for that and for Yooj to win her first ever Daesang in SBS (hopefully at Baeksang too).
  6. We are six days away from the rumored shooting date ____ My blood boils everytime I read the comment section of that annoying blog infested of Yooj haters. Ughhh. I can't help but make comments to defend our girl and the fandom. They are annoying af.
  7. I read on twitter that within this week we will get casting confirmation and they will start shooting on the 20th of this month .. My usual routine after waking up was my bird app but now its choeaedol for collecting hearts for Yooj If you don't mind let's be friends in choeaedol? Sharing hearts hahaha
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