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Hi everyone ... 

 I'm new one, just jumped from original base , (shipper forum :D,)  lurcking to this forum, seems like fun here... :glasses:


What I'm eat today :

Hot n spicy fried noodle with cheese n toge 

i need mood booster coz I'm not get well today. Spicy things will bring back my spirit.


hope inspire us. Thank you :approves:

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Good Morning Indonesia,

Just Had my Bfast,


Half cup size rice, with hot dry seaweed sown and fried egg + mineral water and a glass water lemon ...


Stay health all :rolleyes: and don't skip Bfast ya 

:approves: Greet

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14 minutes ago, triplem said:

That's a very healthy and hearty brekkie...I am normally rushing and would only have tea and a slice of toast or oats if time permits.



What I really crave and miss going out for is hot pot and Korean BBQ...not the same doing it at home

Wow ... No wonder busy people get use into that habit I guess,


I'm not a health expert, but so far , what. I know as long as u not skip Bfast it would fine to start ur day . Still enough time to have a lunch more .


Hot pot n Korean BBQ was awesome, tho it was different taste with Indonesian food but it quite popular now.

If I had it i just think about d composition coz compare with my origin food , Korean one is more healthy esp. hot pot. :eats2:

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1 hour ago, bestill4610 said:



corned beef, Swiss cheese, Russian dressing and coleslaw 
I also add horseradish (optional)


@triplem, @TDeas  I also miss Korean BBQ.  That’s in my to-do list when I feel comfortable to eat at a restaurant again 

Korean wave just successful ... N it's good as long as it's a positive things 4 me,

Everything is seems to be a must like Korea one, :phew:

This time is food, ...  I like Hot pot , BBQ , n the way they eat ramen, (like theres no Tom) ... Clear the pot .. n flash finish :heart1:

I ate ramen at home coz it easy to get at market,  .. 



If I go to d Rest. It's about to find Korean BBQ. 

Meet, veggies, cheese ... Just d simple one, coz I'm not try everything yet. 

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