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I ate:

PeanutButter Slice..

Fries ( shared with friends ) , and some west indian food.

Red Bean Dessert

Plum Juice

and this vietnamese thing.. haha Bun something =] it was all good + lots of water! ^^

whoa it looks like i ate more then you.. ^^

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Guest qquinto

thats extremely unhealthy

no need to state the obvious (:

i was just away the whole day, so i couldn't get my hands on anything else.

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thats extremely unhealthy


sushi is good, but my wallet says "no no" AISh

kimchi and rice all the way fosho~

XDDD "no no" lmao

i ate uh..rice with eggs XD and some hmong stuff oh and uh...a burger and .. milk..and orange juice..and cheese..and pickles..and ketchup XD

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Guest oh so delicious

slice of rainbow cake

rice with some veggies & sate meat

some japanese snacks

not much of an appetite today. =\

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sandwich. dove cookies (de~licious! theyre new you guys should try them)

water water water. fried rice. and korean pastries~ =)

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