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On 6/28/2020 at 7:44 PM, triplem said:

With butter ?? i love it when they do that.


Happy weekend to you @TDeas ..though it is ending soon for me..


 I had not had KFC in months...I finally had some today...

Hi, how is Ur KFC last week ? ... 

Early week I'm planned for diet ... Without exercise ... I drinks ginger tea all day after meal ... 

New normal begin in my country... I'd tried duck noodle soup at resto....it's tasty n healthy... Boiled duck, with veggies, garlic n rice noodles... 

Keep health cinggus

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19 minutes ago, triplem said:

ahahahah it was great...gosh I love unhealthy food :shaq: ..fried chicken of any sort is my weakness. Gosh , now I miss the korean fried chicken wings.


But for my sake , they have to be kept at minimum . On a daily basis, I do watch what I eat as I am the sort that can put on weight easily ...cries ...


I give myself cheat days of course :P


 I had a long day but grateful for my mum's homecook meal . 

Mom's cooking always the best... Everything she made is bless :heart4: ... Enjoy ... Not to forget all fine food must be consist of Love from the chef ... 

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