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HS3 is going to turn out to be the messiest season because of the cast and not the netizens. MJ recently insta deleted a ig story saying that what you told me was obviously different.

As for what that means is up to the reader's interpretation.


Since IW, ED and maybe KY are close to MJ, this is definitely a difficult situation for them. To make it worse for IW, it seems IW had a minor car accident in the morning from his ig that was deleted. (He was asking for help on what is the usual procedure for this in Korea after being in US for so long. I guess it's also a kind of digital footprint in case the other party decides to twist facts and cause trouble since he's seen on tv.)


A Cnet summarised the happenings for HG-MJ so far. It's a bit unpleasant to read.


1. We all know the meaning of tulips in HG-MJ relationship.

2. HG used tulips as decoration in his shop. He also uploaded a ig story after the final choice episode. The post was a picture of tulips that was deleted after a few minutes. In the picture, the tuplips were wrapped in newspaper with the date on it being June this year, so everyone interpreted it as the relationship is still going well.

3. After the broadcast of the special, the viewers knew that the two did not even start a relationship and separated, so people started criticising his previous actions (should be referring to 2. here)

4. HG kept quiet until posting an apology yesterday night. It's summarised as follows:

i) Everyone said that he's a robot with no feelings. He's sorry about that, but the pd team did not broadcast all of his expressions of sincerity. He himself feels saddened by this so he could more or less understand how everyone felt. Thus, he mentioned about the cocktail and reply letter during the last interview.

ii) It's his fault that he let everyone had the impression that he made use of the tulips and other cast members. To him, tulips is an important step that carries his sincerity. The expressions of sincerity that the two of them exchanged resulted in the final choice, although this part was not broadcast.

iii) Though they did not become a couple, they still support each other. He wanted to send his blessings for their previous sincerity and hard work so he uploaded the tulip photo. He did not expect that this will cause a misunderstanding or hurt someone.

iv) When he found out about the aftermath (after the final choice), he wanted to upload his apology but it would be a spoiler so he dragged until now. He has already communicated with the involved cast member (referring to MJ) and tried his best to resolve it. He will also work hard to not cause further harm to others.

5. This morning, HG deleted his apology and MJ also unfollowed HG.

6. MJ uploaded a ig story which seems to be expressing that HG's apology is different from what he communicated to her.

In a sense, ED is lucky that he did not go too deep in relationships with anyone on the show. It's a pity he did not get a good result, but he's pretty much uninvolved in all the firestorm.

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Prof Yang supposedly finished his analysis for ep 14 already and one of his ins tag was crazy party. It seems like the next episode won't be a mild one.   Prof Yang and Jaeho 13-2 analysis

Yoon Shi Yoon, Block B’s P.O, And Han Hye Jin Confirmed To Join “Heart Signal 3” As Panelists   Yoon Shi Yoon, Block B’s P.O, and Han Hye Jin will be part of the panel for the third season o

I've just finished watching the latest episode and sorry to say that we still have more episodes before the end. How long it will take, I'm not sure. Small spoiler for actual dates today:

There were actually more stuff that happened that the OP did not include in his summary because those were more subtle so it could be a case of people reading too much about it.


IW's accident seems to be only a minor collision from the back. I think he still went for dinner after that so everything should be fine.



Random ig interactions:

KY shared a picture of a car then IW and MJ both wanted to be on a test drive on it. KY said that he will allow it since it's MJ. In the middle of all this, someone asked IW for a English name and IW said that he won't be thinking of names today since he's out of ideas.


AN on IW's ig: Oppa looks the most handsome when you're working. Can't you work for your whole life?

IW: Oh, it's really AN. I thought you were a high-grade imitation of AN, but you are AN herself. Hi, AN.

IW: But if I become an old man, I will also want to retire T.T


Update 2: The previous youtube channel I mentioned about the 3 guys doing analysis for HS3 uploaded a new video on HG-MJ from ep 16. A Cnet pointed out 3 interesting points after watching it:

1. HG mentioned in the interview that there was great emotional exhaustion during the one month stay at signal house. The 3 guys say that this is definitely not due to MJ. The first time is due to JH, the seoncd time is due to GH. The MJ-HG loveline was progressing too smoothly because MJ's heart was only on HG, so there wasn't any point of time causing HG emotional exahustion in this loveline. The guy on the left said that, just like how a movie's male and female lead got closer after overcoming a crisis, a relationship with totally no problems also has a reason why the "temperature" does not go up (I think this just refers to moving on to the next stage)

2. HG mentioned the part that left the deepest impression was the peanut ice-cream. There's actually a lot of events to mention here. It could be (MJ crying), tiramisu, motorcyle ride at Jeju. Mentioning the peanut ice-cream is very strange. The guy on the right says that it could be due to HG appreciating GH's courage to express herself so it left a deep impression, because he himself could not do it.

3. As for HG's regret about the unaired footage, the three guys' analysis is that the two parts (cocktail and reply letter) are the parts whereby his own charm was not displayed on screen, so he felt regretful. "The part where I was making the cocktail looked so good, why would they cut this part out?" (OP agreed a lot about this part).

(OP post end)


To be honest, it may be a pity during broadcast that there wasn't much HG-MJ scenes, did the pd cut their screentime because they're aware of what the current state of their relationship is. The less fuel you feed the HG-MJ ship, the milder the firestorm in the aftermath after the special. Currently, there isn't any further statements out from both sides. A Cnet pointed out that this is good that you keep it to a bare minimum. Both sides stated their stands so people won't blindly support one side but they also did not drag out the argument online to deal further hurt to each other.


I'm not sure if the 3 guys will talk about the other 2 lovelines in the special. I will look out for Cnet summary if they do.


There was a DC post reposted by this Cnet saying who will IW choose between HG and MJ (it's in bad taste). Honestly, I'm not sure IW is getting his peace of mind after the show with these fires starting up (HG-MJ, KY-JH) haha, especially when people know that he's close to someone in both lovelines.


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I hold up my mixed feelings for many weeks now.  I can't seem ready to get parted with those cast of HS3.  I practically enjoy and am so moved in every scenes.  I am so in love with everyone of them, each with different weight.


There are so many things I want to write and comment.  Seems all are gone before I manage to write each down, and all now gone with Ep 16.  If I were to write everything lovely, I will need to re-watch again which is not possible.


I just want to express my thinking, some may come from the background of my experience observing friends and relationships, all around.  Oh I need to say, I can't manage to understand Korean properly eventhough I took a course once.  So I watch the show with English sub.  Hopefully the sub I have doesn't mislead.


Probably I start with the last part when IW talked to JH over the phone, he wished JH have made a right choice.  I can feel his pain and struggle how he missed the chance.  But fate can't lie.  IW doesn't have fate with JH.  I kind of believe in fate.  Something is just never meant to be when there is not fate.  And there is no point to force for fate.  It will never work out well eventually if we are somehow in that relationship.  IW's personality appears to be charming, retrieved and calm.  For JH, he can probably lead as older brother to younger sister.  Eventhough initially JH had felling for IW, but the personality seems won't match.  If she were with IW, probably JH might feel pressurized after sometime, keeping unspoken feeling inside.  I would say, in fact - GH would be a right choice for IW, if IW was not so determined to be with JH.  With GH's bright personality and how she was so sure to pursue her last chance, in fact - if IW could see through and opened up a chance with GH, they could end up well.  If the real GH is what we saw on screen, she is nice partner.  We cannot find just a 'GH' everywhere, one who could suppress and managed her feeling, her sadness, talked over with IW and wanted to have the last walk with him in Jeju, eventhough she knew IW had opted her out.  Well, they were seen together after the show.  Wish fate works out well for them, else wish them find their happiness.


I am so into HG since I watched the first ep.  i love his smile and the way he talks.  Funny is, I have more interest to see him with GH rather than MJ.  I wonder if he chose MJ because he knew GH had deep feeling to IW compared to him.  I love the scene when both HG and GH in the living room, HG seemed so calm, resting and closed his eyes, GH silently reading and lie leisurely while their chosen VR was playing on the background.  Seemed so perfect as a couple in that scene.  Other scene I like was when both of them did roller skates.  I loved to watch both of them were so carefree.  Both HG and GH were seen to be themselves when they were together.


Then HG and MJ.  MJ was attracted to HG from the start.  HG seemed to be very careful with MJ, considerate to be precise.  HG could lead the relationship.  MJ seemed to be ok, as long as she was with HG.  They can achieve a calm and peaceful relationship.  No flame but safe.  Somehow, later we learnt, busy life kept them apart.  Probably good for them.  Still, I wish all good for them in coming relationship.  I myself am too far away.  I wish I can visit and meet HG one day, not sure when or even possible, especially with this pandemic everywhere.


The other couple I want to hilite is KY and JH.  Suddenly I seemed to know KY when I watched his suppressed emotion to JH during their lunch after he saw JH cried over the conversation with IW.  He has this manly type and he is a straight-forward person.  One who cannot hide his feeling while speaking.  With him, JH will find a relationship like roller-coaster.  Ups and downs, happiness but probably some tears in between.  Unlike - if - if JH with IW, it will be rather peaceful.  Sometimes, this may be the time when a woman chooses a relationship, whether she loves him more compared to he loves her more.  One thinking which may influence the choice depends on that woman's character.  Whether she wants an equal relationship or she rather loves to feel how being loved by the man.  With KY, JH may experience an equal relationship.  One positive output from being equal is chance to have a positive and fruitful discussion as couple.  I wish they can be one, good to one another.  Wish theirs will be lasting and tying the knot.  Cross fingers for them.


Well now my good heart ED.  He was so into Anna, but too bad it didn't work out well.  On the other hand, it is good too.  ED and Anna are just like IW and JH, not in the terms of characters, but the combination.  ED has good heart, knows how to treat woman well.  I wish he can find his true love soon.


As for Anna.  I don't have much for her.  Probably I couldn't see her a lot to put in words here.


Finally, I can type out my feelings here for everyone of them from HS3.  And I still miss them.  Have to stuff myself and let this glide away ... 

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I think viewers can choose what they want to view HS3 as. If you treat it as a drama, then ep16 will be the ending and you can pretty much forget about it and move on. If you like it a lot, you can always come back to rewatch it as a drama again. Viewers will not have to be concerned about the cast's lives afterwards since the story has ended. In this case, viewers can also move on from the stories on display here.


It seems that the pd interviews for HS3 are out. From what I see on Cnet, IW and GH are drawing fire again for the spoiler pics and causing JH to get flamed during that period. I will wait for the full translation to see the context. When you thought the storm was over with the spoiler pics, it started up again after the interview.

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@lyd89 thanks again for the updates POST show. I agree how you consider it a drama or just a reality show. I mean it is NOT our reality. Plus the PD had to weave a story that has viewers---yes the HG and MJ was a given due to MJ strong interest. I think if the PD shown what HG was sad about--it would have made fans EVEN more upset. I mean happy they were together but more upset now that they are not together. 


I had mentioned before, many people in reality show really stay together. Plus dating in real life is tough---even job, family and stress. So added TV cameras did not help. Plus limited people to LIKE/HANGOUT while in the Heart Signal House for a short period does INTENSIFY your feelings more than you would feel.


@a15t3 Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the show and stopping by!

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Forums were down for a while, so I couldn't access this. It seems that the aftershow events have not ended yet. The 4 girls were in photos for a group interview (really nice outfits, GH and MJ were linking arms in one picture, not sure why haha). Someone noted that with how awkward HS2 ended, the guys and girls still came together for a group interview, so having only girls is really weird. JM ig story was of her filming something with DG and her designer friend (likely not from a previous filming)


I think reddit has a brief summary of the pd interviews in English (I can only find the same brief summary on Cnet). It seems to have been interpreted as JH and KY are currently still dating. I will share something from the other point of view on the matter from a Cnet (just for thoughts). I think the first part also concurs with the point that @Nodame makes about this type of romance variety shows. This was posted on 24/7 as a reference.


I feel that it's time to get out of the atmosphere of the program and return to reality. It's true that it's hard to have real-life couples on a romance program. After watching so many romance programs, I was the most drawn into this season. I originally thought since there were so many sparks flying about KY-JH, this couple would be different existence, but after taking off the filter used to watch the program and thinking about it, these two most likely have broken off. These 2 really look too good together in the program, causing me to only see the lovey-dovey parts. After watching the program again, the amount of information thrown out in the last episode and special is large. There actually some signs that the relationship is not progressing as expected.

1. Sorting out the timeline

After the Jeju black pork date, they were left with 3 days. On the third last day, the two were in a "cold war", JH cooked thrice on this day. On the day that they came back from Jeju, when KY was talking to HG, he mentioned that JH cried and he did not know the reason. He thought his feelings were one-sided. During the day, from the JH's conversation with HG and GH, she was running circles around KY at the airport, but KY ignored her, resulting in JH not being able to pass him the medicine that she bought for him and she put it on his bed instead. KY still did not respond. When JH and HG were making dinner, KY started a conversation and the two were conscious of each other's expression. KY started reflecting on whether he was too into the relationship (OP note: KY mentions this when he was washing the dishes with MJ, this part was broadcast a few episodes prior but the actual time of happening was that day) When talking about the most regretful thing done during the group conversation, KY wasn't eagerly participating. After that, KY lies on his bed and plays with his phone -> IW finds him for a talk -> IW asks JH for a date -> KY and AN have a talk.

On the second last day, there were many JH-KY interactions in the morning. JH and ED going out to buy stuff -> decorating the living room -> JH and IW's last date -> singing and group conversation. JH mentioned that she was the happiest during the amusement park date and KY responded that the current moment was his happiest. After that, JH gave KY the photo of the two of them at the amusement park.

Last day, the final talk -> group dinner -> personal interview and final choice.

2. Speculation of the progress direction of the KY-JH relationsip

There were actually a  lot of analysis from people, including the 3 guys, that at the end of the program, JH's "temperature" ( not sure if I should call it passion about the relationship, but I'll use passion as a placeholder after this, temperature was the actual word used) was higher than KY's. JH had the intention to be in a relationship, but posssibly due to KY's passion dropping and him no longer that eager and proactive, it resulted in JH taking a step back. Even though the two of them watched movies and ate meals together, they were not in a relationship. After the news of KY's nightclub and assault, there was a greater obstacle to the progress of the relationship. As the program was nearing the end of broadcast, KY watched the show and his feelings returned to the state during the middle of the program. But after having the temperature dropped once, and without the natural and man-made conditions of signal house, it's very difficult to start a relationship. After observing the ig status these few days, it feels like these 2 are not in a relationship. (By the way, a lot of JH fans really didn't like how KY dragged IW publicly on ig to help him with the fire started by netizens asking about the status of JH-KY's relationship)

3. The point that made me give up on JH-KY

Everyone desires to have a constantly sweet romance, but life does not always meet your expectations.When faced with a test, it is really important whether the guy is able to see what's really in his heart and be firm about his feelings towards the girl.

It was very obvious in the last 3 days that KY moderated his own feelings. Even though he still chose JH, his feelings towards her were not like before. We have always said that KY understands JH better than IW, because IW said "this is the first time I'm seeing someone who says that she has no friends", while KY said "JH is someone who grew up surrounded by love". But actually, KY does not understand JH that well. In the special, KY said that "if I knew earlier that you liked me, I would have...", which poves that in the later stages, he was constantly uncertain about JH's feelings towards him. This is also the point that let me give up on JH-KY.

IW mentioned in his date with MJ that when JH asked to go with him to buy things together, he felt JH's feelings towards him, because someone who doesn't usually do that asked him. What this implies is that IW has a certain level of understanding about JH's personality. He knows that JH is someone who does not express herself well. This small proactive action to test the waters is a very obvious expression from her.

When KY met JH, JH has already stayed at the house for one week. He did not see the reserved and careful aspect of JH's personality. This would mean that he does not understand JH on a certain level. From the viewers' perspective, JH has already done her best to express herself to KY, clearly expressing her good feelings on different occassions. Even during the Jeju pork date, she spent effort to explain herself, and proactively resolved the conflict later. We know that what JH has done sufficiently expressed her certainty towards KY. But from KY's perspective, JH crying at Jeju has made him waver. To him, buying medicine, proactively resolving the conflict, are not JH's way of expressing certainty. There's really nothing of note in their final talk. After rewatching, KY has comparitively relaxed. "It's the end of the program, I have done my best to display my charms. Whether you choose me or not is your freedom" What was displayed here does not feel like someone looking for love. JH asked him if he has made his decision, whether the person is the same, if he was curious, these questions are actually to see if KY recognises her feelings towards him. But KY's expression is one of he does not care anymore, and not like before whereby he will give a simple answer followed by many explanations. He just briefly went over the answer here. We like KY because of his directness and wall he gives others and his firm stance on the matters of feelings. KY's performance in the earlier stages was too good and we were blinded by it. To be honest, 20 days of interactions is too short. KY does not understand JH that well. He's not accomodating and he's gets into and out of his feelings too fast.

If we remove the filters and look at KY-JH, in the special, when JH was frankly talking about her thoughts, if you look into it, what she used was past tense. What KY displayed was more from his career aspect.

3. Some random thoughts

About JH, she's really a good girl, rich but humble. She cherishes feelings and understands others. In the special, JH said that it was worth to cry for IW. My personal deduction is that this event was a negative influence on her relationship progress with KY. Despite this, based on her personal princples, she thinks that she did not do anything wrong and it was worth it, because this is a courteous farewell to IW who was previously in a back and forth with her and worked hard to come closer to her. This shows that she cherishes people's feelings well.

About IW-JH, I believe that if there were no spoiler pictures, this couple will have a lot of fans. This tragic storyline from start to finish has a very strong aftertaste. If I feel like it, I may rewatch and write down my thoughts.

About KY-JH, love is hard. For two people to keep the same passion and pace is too difficult. There were touching scenes from the program, but in reality, they do not walk on the same path. It is up to fate if they become a couple. In all likelihood, it's a bad ending (Cnet likes to use be and he for romance varieties). I hope that they all will still live on well.



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@lyd89 Thank you tried responding but I couldn’t earlier. Wow always grateful to you ! Yes being locked out was not fun ! I kept refreshing a lot! 

Wow yeah for me first season to follow live, so not sure aftermath of other seasons but endings when doing the making or BTS was different than this season. Yeah good points KY and JH we saw really condensed in 1 month and true it was sliced and diced by PD nim. If they didn’t continue dating and are friends it is ok, they were in an intense situation, as I noted before being in reality after the cameras are off & IRL is way different.


Thanks for the eagle eyed points, wow noting timing I was just casual watcher nor eagle eyed, but I def found it interesting to read. Thanks you are a godsend.


Take care & appreciation for all your efforts to continue to share with us & me. :selfie2:

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From Cnet translation so far, even the interview that I mentioned before with the 4 girls together had no new content, so Cnets were asking what was really the point of the interview.


To sidetrack really hard into HS2 territory, the aftermath of HS2 ending is still felt among Cnets now. They call it the HW PTSD (though they say love catcher 2 was worse). I read something really interesting that likely explains a lot about why Cnets really dislike HW even now (they are more nuanced about YJ and HJ). I'll start with the pd interview saying that the team really didn't expect HW to choose HJ at the end and it seems a lot changed after the final trip which they don't know why. To put into context, out of anyone involved in the show, the pd team really has the god's view of point in the show since they have all the camera footage. To even confuse the pd team would mean that you are hiding a lot on the show or not all your actions on the show were truthful.


The next part would be a suspected pd reveal, which mentions that in this show, all the HW-HJ 1 to 1 interactions/dates were broadcast, which implies that there's nothing else on this that the pd team did not broadcast. After watching both HS2 and HS3, HS2 with less episodes still had more even distribution of footage among the different lovelines. To be able to broadcast all of the HW-HJ interactions with so little episodes to work with really shocked the Cnets. They questioned that with so little HW-HJ interactions, pd showed so much of HW-YJ conflict scenes to try to explain HW's final choice but there's no denying that there were a lot of sweet HW-YJ scenes broadcast in there too.


A Cnet conclusion: HW was trash for leaving 2 girls hanging and then making such a sudden switch for the final choice. A Cnet mentioned YJ's friend saying YJ pretty much avoided all mentions of HS after the show (pretty much implying trauma). My personal opinion is that HW really could have done much better in this during the show. Whether or not he was aware of this, only he knows.


Small update: GH and MJ went to JM's cafe.

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You know what I kinda agree, that the relationship between JH and KG are not moving forward. Looking at JH's ig and she deleted most of the pictures from Heart Signal show it's like sending a message,right. 


JH's youtube channel gained over 100 thousand subscriber less than 1 month, that really an impressive. From Heart Signal panel JH only follow SangMin, Eana and P.O, only 3 of them, I wonder why?   

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I don't think Shiyoon's IG is a personal account, it's likely managed by his agency and posts are formal and offficial. @Happy Sheep may know more. There were some not so pleasant stuff that happened with prof yang's analysis of JH (not on the show, but on his youtube, which was taken down). As for Hyejin, I'm not too sure. It could be that the style of the ig posts don't match JH's preferences.


There was a youtube analysis by the 3 guys' youtube channel about JH-KY meeting in the special episode. I may translate it in full from the Chinese sub if I have time, but to start with a brief summary, KY wasn't comfortable in the meeting and there was distance between the two. As for future progression, what the guys analysed is that for the relationship to go well, JH has to be the one to initiate meetings, not KY. Given how KY was acting slightly distant in the special, JH may also take a step back, so as a result, the relationship did not go well as what the current IG situation shows if your deduction is accurate.

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I'm not too sure about the exact analysis and the video has been taken down. The rough context from what I get from Cnet posts is that the two brothers were doing a personality analysis of the 4 girls and negative points were brought up during JH's part. (I'm not sure about the other girls) There's no exact details though.

Since Cnets are predominantly JH fans and KY-JH shippers (this applies to Knets too, some Cnets warned that you shouldn't bring in the idol fandom culture for this show), there could be a certain bias at work when criticising the two brothers' analysis. To be honest, from my point of view, everyone in the house except ED and MJ have points that they could have done better on (Cnets posts also reflect this trend). The analysis could have been taken as constructive criticism, but then again it's a issue of perpectives.

To be as neutral as possible (because I do not have the full information), you can say that the prof's analysis was not that good about JH, so it could be possible that JH didn't have a great impression due to that.

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Thank You for replying, I really appreciate it. 


The things is about ED and MJ, their background wasn't strong enough. ED is an amazing sculpture but that about it and also he just to nice, ED is so nice that he doesn't playing the game of love. He at least try his luck with other girls. Remember when ED bring JH and GH to the museum and show the girls his sculpture, when all three of them enter the museum the girls see a huge dinosaur bone and thought is was ED's work but then ED point out it was in front of the dinosaur a small kinda miniature dinosaur,the girls embarrassingly laugh. 


I also just found out that JH open a weibo account, she must have gains some fans from China.    



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To quote a Cnet comment I saw last time, signal house is only a miniature environment. Since the world is so big, ED and MJ's next lover could be out there somewhere. I wouldn't worry that much about ED and MJ. Back then when the show just ended, there was a rumour going around based on ig that ED had a girlfriend then after the show. Whether it's true or not I'm not too sure, but the girl looked pretty. 


There was a video analysis on whether a good guy has any charms.

It should be this one (no subs though, so I don't understand the content). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXL2fbXNThI


As for Weibo, KY, JH, GH and IW all have 1, though the more active ones would be JH and GH (GH knows Chinese, I'm not sure if JH is getting someone to translate for her). I think JH, MJ and GH are all quite popular with Chinese fans. IW likely created one at the request of fans.


Small update: after MJ,GH and JM uploaded a photo of them together, now JH, IW, and MJ uploaded a photo together (alliance v2 haha)


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I guess IW already back in SK.


GH are planning to do a vlog in English, GH must be a trilingual. Korean,English and Chinese. JH all i know she able to speak Japanese. 


By the way where's the photo? the one in MJ's ig only have IW and Jay Jung. 


GH also took a photo with Heechul. 

Edited by Athena
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The one with GH, MJ and Jangmi wasn't that recent though. I'm not sure if the photo is still on any of the accounts.


If I remembered correctly, GH stayed at China/HK during her school days so she's trilingual.

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@lyd89 I too remember that GH spent time in China so she knows Chinese. 

Yup Heart Signal house is a set environment and even those (all of them) used to attention for their looks/manners IRL , when they are ignored or not getting attention (it definitely hit the person's ego/state of mind).  Let's face it, they are all young, attractive and charming in their ways. JH and MJ were in beauty pageants, GH was in a modeling contest.  Anna was a flight attendant before being a personal /executive assistant. KY modeled and HG looks like an idol. So I agree with the CNET comment. 


I think if anything after the show, they will find someone. Granted from a fan or just having their hearts /minds re-opened to dating after just the grind of working and working and working. We are all stuck in our ruts of daily life -not just them.  Even with the pandemic right now, makes it more isolating and not as easy to meet people.


I recall one chat IW and KY saying if it were not the show they NEVER would have crossed paths socially. As I recall through my Korean friends and other Asian Friends and true for other areas, it is rare to cross paths with someone unless not from work but socially. Usually those they say ---birds of a feather flock together is true. Or your friends introduce you to someone you would not normally meet.


@Athena HI and thanks for sharing your idea/thoughts and comments.

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