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The HS3 channel started another video series with Dogyun and Jaeho interviewing one of the S3 members for each subseries.


Supposedly, Channel A also threw out news they are preparing a program that will mix the S2 and S3 cast.

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I've watched like 3-4 ep. so far but it's not compelling me enough to keep watching y'know? Like I think the producers are trying to recapture the charm of S01 perhaps? 


For the girls, I really don't see the fuss on Ji Hyun? She's like the previous 2 seasons of similar participants who had pretty smiles. But I felt S02 Hyun Joo had better personality out of the 3. The remaining girls - Min Jae & Ga Heun are so much more interesting. What to do? Korean men just seem to like docile, bland women LoL.


I was drawn by In Woo at first because he look so much like Lee Jung Jae. He's like such a dork though and er a lil vanilla LoL. I'm disappointed Eui Dong wasn't more popular? I like him a lot, he reminds me of S02's Do Gyun. Kind of like a silent sniper/late bloomer. As for Han Gyeol, he's alright but not memorable. Overall the cast no one really stand out for me and I haven't even seen the new catfishes yet LoL.   

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