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7 hours ago, endeavor said:

I agreed with the comments about IW. Throughout the show, IW remained honest to his feelings with his actions and responses to others. I wondered if that's why he had such a difficult time at one point because he became aware of how much that was impacting the others and also himself too. 

This. IW was honest. He mightve hurt some people's feelings with his honesty but being honest is still commendable. Just like the other residents where they felt they're burdensome, I think IW felt that too


7 hours ago, endeavor said:

It was nice to see how much KY enjoyed being with HG, going into his room to just hang out, etc.

KY really like HG. He was open about it. HG is like an older brother to him. :lol:


I love watching HG and MJ moments. Hope we see more from special. I read that cast won't appear in the studio though.

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Prof Yang supposedly finished his analysis for ep 14 already and one of his ins tag was crazy party. It seems like the next episode won't be a mild one.   Prof Yang and Jaeho 13-2 analysis

Yoon Shi Yoon, Block B’s P.O, And Han Hye Jin Confirmed To Join “Heart Signal 3” As Panelists   Yoon Shi Yoon, Block B’s P.O, and Han Hye Jin will be part of the panel for the third season o

I've just finished watching the latest episode and sorry to say that we still have more episodes before the end. How long it will take, I'm not sure. Small spoiler for actual dates today:

I think the effect that the IW-GH leaks achieved was really to keep some of the viewers watching for the twist in the ending since IW looked so set on JH. Since the first few episodes were quite slow-paced, the leaks helped to keep the viewers' attention. As a result though, most netizens who knows the spoilers will view IW as GH's boyfriend and IW was pretty much flamed from start of the season till the end because of how he was going for JH and how GH was reacting to all of this. IW crying at the end of ep12 did help relieve some of it but it really didn't go away until the end. JH also got some of the flaming, but since there's so many KY-JH shippers on the net, it was not that impactful.


As for IW-GH's current status, I'm on the fence about whether they decided to remain friends, are lovers or it's currently somewhere in between. There are Cnets who post that you should believe in their status as lovers with the evidence floating around (the spoiler pictures, flowers GH received on her birthday (message was just happy birthday and good luck for your tests), both wearing caps with the same logo (doesn't look like it's an expensive one), how GH's ig stories of food looks like IW's preferences). Some even went as far as pointing to some ig comment about GH's suppposed english name, but this is really too far-fetched and minimal so I won't touch on this. 


I really can't read both IW and GH's inner thoughts in the final episodes. My interpretation for GH is that the hurt was still lingering and her final choice was of the same nature as her final talk with IW. She's thanking him and I think her feelings for IW were stronger than HG's so that's why her choice remained as IW. She doesn't think that this ending (whereby it's not a mutual choice) means they should become strangers due to bad blood so she's saying let's still meet again. IW"s replies to her during the final talk and final choice were reaffirming to her that he isn't lying when he said he was attracted to her, so GH does not have to treat his actions/gifts as meaningless or fake (throw them away). This talk pretty much mirror's Dogyun-Hyunjoo's part in HS2. (This loveline is my "what-if" for HS2, it is a torture to watch when you see how Dogyun pretty much knows Hyunjoo's inner thoughts at every moment, her understander)


For IW's part, I'm not sure how long he will take to sort out his feelings and how long his regrets regarding JH will linger, but I think he does share the same view as GH that they should not just become strangers because of this. A lot of Cnets who were harsh on IW for how he was treating JH deemed the final episode as the big revelation for why he was so devoted/obsessed about JH. IW's talk with JH this episode finally revealed IW's true intentions. There's a Cnet OP post on this that I'll try to translate in the future. Cnets pretty much let IW off after the final episode. (IW was pretty much dragged through the mud all the way till the end by the pd) Since the feelings involved were so intense, will it really dissipate that fast? Dogyun from S2 has remained single till now (no dating) as far as I know. (I don't think Dogyun and Hyunjoo interacted anymore after they filmed the special, though  both are still close with Jangmi) Youngjoo also mentioned in the vlog with Dogyun last year that she doesn't watch the replays of the season. Could it be because of the same type of experience as IW? This is why I am waiting for the special to give a concrete reveal about IW-GH. Edit: Jaeho mentioned in the video with Prof Yang that he's looking foward to the special to know what happened to IW-GH after the program (pd hint perhaps?) There's no translation for 15-1 and 15-2 so far though.


Edit: By the way, the youtube channel has a complilation of scenes for the different lovelines.

IW-JH title: Love is timing

IW-GH title: To the person who does not love me.

Yeap, they are really going with this suspense game.


HG-MJ's editing direction seems to follow that of Jaeho-Daeun from S2. The loveline is pretty much set quite early, so you really don't have much to show. The outlier was the chemistry between HG and GH. So, the result was that the pd is able to leave a lingering question about GH and HG"s choices when he shows HG-GH scenes (GH's messages were also sent to HG) and MJ also gets more screentime when she is aware of this chemistry and has doubts about her efforts being still worth it. Jaeho's high level of relationship management in S2 pretty much resolves doubts fast and leaves no room for the pd to create any suspense there, so the loveline was pretty much set all along. I think currently HG-MJ and KY-JH are still stable now from what Cnets are digging up.


On a side note, IW"s ig has become a English naming site now. MJ is Rosie and ED is Dylan lol.

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@lyd89 Lol I can see your Season 2 illustrations very well.


I agree Jaeho was great in not allowing miscommunications at all. Yes his stable relationship was similar to HG and MJ ( though GH for a hot second did cause a moment of swaying towards her it seemed like) .


Yup I loved DG and yeah too bad HJ wasn’t into him, Jangmi was but DG was hung up on HJ. He is a sweetie and I agree he has been solo.


DG and YJ friendship is adorbs along with JH.


IW and GH, you wrote a lot of what I was thinking too. PD def needed suspense & those leaked pics helped (or were they actually deliberately leaked lol). At least we know GH and IW are friendly to hang out .


Def curious of relationship status of the couples.


Thanks for sharing thoughts and other great info I cannot access.

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I think HS2's HW-HJ-DG storyline shares a lot of similarities with JH-IW-GH storyline, just that the personalities were switched around. The interesting part is that Hyunjoo's talk about what to do with the person you like and the person who likes you during her date with Dogyun and Dogyun's talk about the strong first impression vs finding someone comfortable that you will stay with for a long time during the last date with Hyunjoo, both applies to IW. It's unfortunate that IW's choice for these 2 questions didn't give him a happy ending.


Compared to the netizen firestorm at the end of HS2, I think IW's actions and words play a huge part in the peace we see after the end of HS3. Towards the end of their stay, IW let (some would say force) JH and GH to lay out all their thoughts in the open and gave his honest replies to them. I think this really allowed them to let out their bottled up thoughts and feelings and be relieved from the pressure. From the audience's perspectives, this gives answers to any questions they have about the love triangle and pretty much removes the possibility of second-guessing the cast's intentions. HS2 was really missing something like this towards the end for the HW-HJ-YJ triangle.


Rant after reading a recent reddit comment. I wanted to translate the Cnet post for the editing direction/storyline but this really ruined my mood. Sorry about this.


I just saw a reddit comment saying that IW has GH as his second choice and I'm starting to doubt if we are watching the same 15 episodes. It even says that Dogyun did the same thing to Jangmi? If Cnets saw this, they would be saying are you saying this because second choice (or spare tire as a term they like to use) is the only word that you know to describe this? GH's talk about being the second choice was her interpretation of the relationship with IW and her state in the house, taking into account her hurt feelings (No one went for her eagerly.) As the panel has observed, IW took a lot of time to process then convey his thoughts in a way that did not deal that much hurt, but did not twist them to have a different meaning from his honest thoughts. If IW or Dogyun really knew how to be polite with words (or sugarcoating if you want it to sound worse) when talking to GH/Jangmi (I don't think the observers have ever used those words to describe IW/Dogyun), they wouldn't be having such a hard time with relationships in the house. Pardon my rant for seeing someone still painting IW in a bad light after the end of the season. Though we need to recognise that GH's feelings were hurt before the talk and IW knows this, IW did not leave her hanging by hinting that it was a chance (this is what you do for people you think as your second choice, Hyunjoo did this with Dogyun after the zoo date but her situation is much different, and anyone in their right mind wouldn't tell someone who's your second choice that you would reject the date if JH agreed to the date). He meant what he said and left it at that with no extra words to make it sound prettier. I think GH understood what IW conveyed during  that talk: he is still going for JH but that does not mean that he is acting happy when on dates with her (this point is repeatedly conveyed at different points in this season), he truly enjoys the time spent. Ending note: saying that your heart skip a beat for 2 people during the double date, fully knowing how that diminishes your chances with JH when KY said 1 before that really means that the person will not lie about what he feels even if it means destroying your chances with the person that you want to be with.


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@lyd89 Thanks for your post.


Sigh, when I read the negativity I think--some people must be bored with their day to day lives.I realize this is a reality tv show and keeping me out of my boring daily life. But I don't get people who have to BASH people personally. So i hear you.


Yeah the HW love triangle was a pain and I think IW did a BETTER job than HW did in terms of communication.


Dang the fact that Jangmi and DG can comfortably hang out post show and she (a few months back anyways) was happily dating someone. The fact they can be friends outside of the show DG, YJ and JM and JH tells you something.  YJ with her long lost dongseng JH. 


We will NEVER know what they went through really but just snippets and what the PD nim wants us to see. But these netizens ---sigh I am interested in what they say for guesses and theories but when it comes to bashing--I AGREE wholeheartedly not something I care to see.

Seriously all the IW bashing after the show ended? These people are just interested in causing drama and not letting a person who was TRUE to their feelings, not a mean to others and still followed their heart. I think he handled it well. 


Thanks for always sharing as I don't see much stuff outside my bubble of lack of info on Heart Signal 3.

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@Nodame You're welcome haha. I think HJ, DG and JH all went to JM's new shop/cafe recently based on ig. I don't think JM has broken up with her boyfriend yet according to Cnets. HJ seems to have started a vlog.


I'll share some posts by a Cnet about the editing direction/storyline. OP supported IW-JH from the start but is quite unbiased in the posts that I'm sharing. He pretty much thought IW will choose GH at the end but got shocked by the twist lol, though he did predict IW choosing JH based on HS3's first love theme much earlier.


First post is around the second last episode.


Though I know I will be scolded (likely because JH-KY shippers are really rampant on Cnet, HG-MJ shippers are a close second now. I wanted to find a good analysis post for these 2 lines, but it's pretty much flooded with gifs that there really isn't much content to show), but I still want to write this. Actually, until this moment, the whole season's main storyline is very clear. HS3's male and female lead is IW and JH.


Will IW choose GH or JH for his final choice?

Will JH choose IW or KY for his final choice?


Although GH send the message to HG constantly in the later parts of the show, there really isn't much GH-HG scenes to put in. Everyone knows that GH's heart was always with IW. (I think GH was hesitating whether to continue on here, though ED pointed out the way out for her in Jeju. ED feels more similar to HS2's DG, just that he stepped back from the lovelines quite early, knowing he had little chance while DG pretty much hanged on)


KY is even more obvious, all his messages were sent to JH.

IW's unoffical dates are almost all with JH but IW didn't get JH on any official date.


The amount of pd footage of all of JH and IW's emotional up and downs and the closeups of their facial expressions is unbelievably large.

A lot of people do not understand this point, but this is a deduction program. (I've really forgotten this was one lol.) All the other lovelines are too solid. Only the male and female leads' choices weren't clear till the last moment. (I think this is why some Cnet's deemed HS2 the legendary season. The lovelines were still a big what if till the end, though this isn't really something the pd can control. We will have to wait for a while to see if HS3 earns the legendary title in the future)


Actually up until ep13, JH's number of messages to IW and KY is the same like a miracle, just that the ones to IW were in the first half, while the ones to KY were in the second half. I also find it unbelievable after seeing the statistics on DC, how can there be such a coincidence.


HS3's theme "First love once again" can also be interpreted as love again like a first time. The male and female leads, who were each other's ideal type, found someone who suited them better in the end. This is also historically the most realistic ending.


Some comments from the OP in the post:

-JH's "as if nothing has happened" is also another classic line this season. If you think about it, there are so many angles and meanings to this that I cannot interpret it clearly.

-Although you may want to scold the pd's editing, it seems like this direction is the only way they have

-The devoted second leads (likely referring to KY and GH) are always the most popular (like the ones in a drama).


Next 2 are after the final episode.


The only 2 people who will not follow each other on ig after the program would be JH and IW. After seeing the last ending, I just wanted to say that my previous reposting and sorting out of IW-JH's loveline really is not a waste of time. In the beginning, a lot of people did not calm their heart down due to IW-GH photos to look at the misses and interactions between IW and JH. This is actually a loss because all the reactions were too real.


Actually, both IW and JH were using the past tense when talking about regrets (their date in the last episode).


IW knows that JH is saying farewell to him.

"butterfly effect" means that everything that happened after JH choosing the wrong present changed.

"I'll be more honest with my heart and expressions in the future" signifies that after the inital miss with the present, JH learned that she needs to be braver.

So JH showed certainty to KY at her happiest moment.


"afraid of my feelings deepening too fast","temperature difference","pace is too fast","putting significance in the minute detailed moments", the pd told us about JH's pace in love through her conversations with other people.


"first impression","feels like after the date with someone else, it's still a no go","my mind went blank after seeing you","I'm so nervous that I need to make a script before talking to you", IW is too transparent. You will know what he is thinking just by looking at his expressions and what he said.


The conversation at Jeju means that these 2 were totally impossible. The way it ended was too tragic. At that point, I really could not comprehend and said does IW really know what he's really saying? IW also knew the situation at Jeju and tried to sort it out again back in Seoul. "It would be a real pity if that was how the ending look like" The mildly boiling water in that scene seems to represent the leftover warmth in the relationship.


JH's past tense is really the past - we can't go back anymore. IW's past tense is one of regrets and wanting to her heart to turn towards him - if we return to the moment of our first meeting, I still will not change.


The line in HS3's last episode that really makes you want to sigh the most - "Even if only once, I would want to play with you happily in a not so gloomy atmosphere."


OP ends off with the song that IW sang during the party. (The song lyrics are practically a letter to JH)


My thoughts: That sentence by IW (even if only once....) pretty much won the understanding of most Cnets about what they perceived as IW"s selfishness, self-centred etc. initially. It's the final revelation about IW's motivation throughout the whole season. Some Cnets point to IW-JH's loveline as the most heartbreaking and tragic across seasons.

For anyone interested in horoscopes, I've see some netizen comments that the reason why HS2 was so explosive was due to the amount of wind and fire horoscopes in the house. HS3 was more mild due to the earth horoscopes (but HS3 is really missing HS2's explosive truth or dare to spice things up lol).


I dug really far back to see ig with the full HS2 cast minus HW together. I can't say I have that much hope for this season's haha.

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@lyd89 You are an angel posting all this treasure chest of info for me.


Thank you dear friend and YES please I love horoscopes. If you don't mind sharing I would LOVE to see it.

Love S2 so close!


Yes when I was watching S3 I was like ED reminds me of DG a little. Every season has the all kill first impression gal all the guys stand attention to (even with S1) and S2 HJ and S3 JH. 


For S2 and S3 the catfish guys do pair up. Wow. Both first impression gals (all kill) gets someone.


There is a cool gal GH S3 and S2 girl crush YJ. But loved JM got along with the gals.Anna was not as close it seemed as she was REALLY late. 


ED had nice moments that DG did not get to have. 

ED liked Anna but she liked KY. DG like the HJ but JM was interested in him (after JH she realized had a love line and he is too much a friend)


DG was sweet and kind to JM to help her out and did have her at is clinic.He looked so cool.


Yes I agree the PD nims needed to cause interest and their IW and JH and IW and GH was to do that. My friend who got me into HS S3 gave up halfway as she was fed up seeing too much JH and IW and found everyone boring. Sigh. 


Ok back to work but wanted to drop a quick note of appreciation and thanks to you.

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@NodameHaha, the Cnets were talking about Mars, sun and moon in the horoscopes which I don't really understand. Supposedly, IW and GH are really compatible from their analysis.


I think most of the casts' horoscopes are clear.

Gemini: Euidong, Gaheun, Daeun, Dogyun

Aries: Jangmi

Virgo: Inwoo, Hangyeol

Cancer: Minjae, Kangyeol

Pisces: Youngjoo, Jihyun

Libra: Hyunjoo

Aquarius: Hyunwoo

Leo: Jaeho

Likely Taurus: Anna

Likely Scorpio: Gyubin


I'm not sure if you know the planets and sun well for the horoscopes so I didn't dig further. (I don't know them haha).


Some stuff about the DG-HJ line. DG appeared close by to the place when HJ and DE were doing a charity bazaar. HJ mentioned in an interview that she didn't know she was the only person that DG smiled like that towards until watching the show. DG recited the poem again during the video with Jangmi and her designer friend. It was the episode with the Christmas gifts (Lol after close to 2 years?) The poem scene really is my top 1 across seasons (actually the DG-HJ dates all are). IW-GH are a close second haha (because they really showed too little of it. I felt like the HJ-DG footage were more somehow? Not sure why.)

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@lyd89 Thanks for the horoscope info. I am not an expert but I myself am a Pisces. (Makes sense totally now about Young Joo and Jee Hyun! )

Yeah not so knowledgeable about sun, moon stars but they do play a big part of the horoscope. You could be born a sign --say Pisces but have a rising Leo etc. So that would explain other parts of you/personality that are not normally found in your horoscope sign. Then again I am not an expert.


You have been such a gem sharing info and I appreciate your participation in this forum. Where are you located? I am in Boston---northeastern part of USA.


I see clips on YT of today's episode but since at work I have to wait til lunch to look at them.  (10:10am EST here for me now)


If I did not have this forum I would have gone crazy! Thanks again @happysheep and also see you around @endeavor

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Last episode is also legendary.

Current status:


MJ-HG: friends now

JH-KY: really ambiguous because they didn't really go on dates immediately, so current state is between friends and lovers, which way it will go I don't know

IW-GH: basically got too much flak for the spoilers and stopped meeting. Not all their meetings were 2 of them. So basically, these 2 got scolded for pretty much the spoilers. Not sure what will happen in the future.


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@endeavor Oooh Thanks for explaining about the sun and moon etc in terms of the horoscopes. So cool!


@lyd89 If you have any other thoughts and time do share!


Agreed with you both, glad they are all friendly! Yes a month is not enough time (less for KY as catfish but still more time than Anna) in the House. 

MJ and HG friends is fine as I am sure busy lives but they they tried and are lovely people. Lol IW and GH getting flack for hanging out by hope if GH still has interest I want them happy . But if not that’s ok.


JH and KY take it at their own pace. Easy to get caught up in your reality & life. JH mentioned loved seeing having people at home after work and hanging out, she was lovely in Japan  and guess living alone now? When KY heard her talk about life in the signal house to her as limited time with others, he noted it and made a point to stop being alone in his room & be interacting with the other housemates.


@happysheep Would love to hear your thoughts! Thanks for starting this forum!

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I did a search online and it seems my sun sign is pisces, moon sign is gemini (lol two twin signs), ascendant is libra. I think you really need really good knowledge to combine all the star signs together for a good analysis.


As for recent HS3 happenings, the girls gathered together to watch the special. IW shared a photo of his gathering with ED and HG and mentioned KY. From MJ's interview in the special, she also met IW lately (these two really feels like HS2's DG-YJ, best alliance, MJ praising and poking  fun at IW when he was singing was adorable). JH and IW likely totally cut off contact (not a surprise to me). JH started a youtube channel. IW's teary face got made into an emote for his in office chatroom app by some colleague lol.


To give a brief overview of Cnets' reaction to this special, it's the worst out of all HS endings, not taking into account KY-JH shippers. The pd likely brought up too much hype last week for this special to be such a downer haha. It's a historical scam, for all the shippers fighting till now, there is currently 0 couples etc.


For the individual lovelines, HG-MJ: I kind of expected this ending since I only based my observations on the show itself and didn't read too much into online shipper analysis of the scenes. HG is really drawing a lot of fire from Knets and Cnets now over leaving subtle hints about the relationship happening after the final choice episode to turn out having an ending like that in the special. People think that the later episodes really became a promotional stint for him.

Knet comment: the person who looked the most devoted was the most rational (HG), the person who looked the most rational was the most devoted (IW).


KY-JH's parts are basically causing the DC forums to burst with essays analysing their current relationship status. Current trend seems to be leaning towards somewhere between friends and lovers. To be honest, I'm not sure about HS contract terms at this point because I don't think male-female cast are forbidden from meeting up? There are friends meeting up, so why not lovers? Won't that make it easier to guess who became a couple? I don't think they forbid lovers from meeting. To quote a Cnet, he finds it incredulous that you don't meet up because the program has not finished broadcast, it's likely that the two don't like each other enough so they did not get together. Others mentioned the special part of signal house like @endeavor and think that this is like a reset for the couple. As for me, I'll be sitting on the fence and waiting for ig reveals haha (but I really am not a KY fan so I feel conflicted on this).


As for IW-GH (my ship haha), Cnet shippers are really pulling their hair out now because that whole interview was very vague. There was no mention of a word that accurately defines their relationship status now. I am still hanging on to the little hope that it will come true in the future (my tears hahaha). I blame the photos for the current state haiz. A Cnet was saying that he won't believe any spoilers for the next season unless it's a offical statement or a photo of them kissing.

To quote a Knet: the HS team is really letting people deduce until the end. Just one sentence is all I need about whether the couple is still ongoing or whether they are dating. Why are you making this kind of open ending? This isn't even a drama.....


The Chinese subs for Prof's 15-1 analysis are up. I'll try to translate it asap when I have the time. Feel free to come back to check for updates haha.

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@lyd89 You are an angel! Thanks for the special info. I think for once the special will be translated as I see on VIKI platform here in the USA. So that is why I did not watch it yet. So if that is the case subs are out today. I am at work. Cool mentioning about the your horoscope.I should look into mine. Do you watch dramas ? I found I am sun- Pisces and moon-aries. My main sign is Pisces.


WOW fans are harsh. 


MJ I loved her and frankly HG and her not dating anymore, not surprised. She was FRANKLY more smitten and he was ok but and not bad but definitely agree not as devoted as IW. Also prior seasons S1 and S2, you don't talk about the current status of everyone after the show. I mean here in USA we have the Bachelorette and the Bachelor and the majority of the matches at the end dissolve and do not stay together. Or if they do to actual reach the wedding altar--- very FEW . So it is reality. One month is too short, your regular normal life happens and you get stuck in your routine. Plus with the pandemic happening probably did not help.


Even when KY and IW were drinking in ep 15, they both did say they and other members would not have met due to their current situation/friends / work. I know in Korea, it is hard to meet new people not in your circle and you need an introduction or situation. Not like here in USA, I am always told Americans are more friendly and willing to start conversations easily with strangers. (I am guilty of this. I have just nice chats with total strangers while waiting in long lines to get into concerts/ supermarket etc I even befriended a Korean friend on the bus --we were going from NYC to Boston. To this day, we are still friends.)


Take your time to get the translations on the analysis. I so greatly appreciate your help. I just did in another forum translations from Korean a 5 min trailer--It was HARD work. I know from the past but any help is APPRECIATED and info for sure.





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@NodameI can't seem to have the time to finish dramas so I gave up for a long time haha.


Jaeho mentions in 15-1 that though the one month is short, the experience feels like a year has passed. I guess only the cast themselves will know what's the experience like.


In my opinion, I think Jaeho helps keep the S2 cast close. For the S3 cast, I am not sure if there will be a person to do that like Jaeho. ED and MJ have relatively less unhappy happenings with the rest of the cast, so maybe these 2 angels will keep the cast close?

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@lyd89 Great to hear from you! 


Yup agreed. Jaeho is the total glue and mood maker and people person. 


Season 1 def not as close either as S2 is very tight. LIke that Oh Young Joo and Do Gyun are close (Like MJ and IW). JM sees DG for the reviews this S3 Heart Signal to talk about fashion. So it was cute to see their interactions.

I forgot who had a house warming (was it JM?) Jae Ho and Young Joo and DG all went. (If my memory serves me right) Love their friiendships.



I guess being single def helps me plan to watch dramas more-this pandemic has me using it to keep me from being too depressed. With no social live anymore, I have been hibernating and not going out due to Shelter in Place here . Even though we are opened up all PHASE 1-3, I don't still trust being out a lot to be truthful and still have limited grocery runs and go for occasional walks. I did go to the local mall last Saturday (once they opened) . But otherwise cooking more at home (clearing my pantry) and being healthier has been a good thing.


Plus meeting nice people like yourself.I was hoping you watched dramas. This is the first REALITY show I followed (Korean) for dating due to the Pandemic. I watched the scripted We Got Married but that ended a few years back.


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Finally watched the BTS! Dang editing is king and keeping out stuff! My mouth dropped like the two hosts too watching the outtakes and stuff we didn’t see.


@lyd89 and @endeavor already wrote alot of good stuff already. The almost 2 hour special was different from different seasons. You actually had the cast members, then them with friends /colleagues and updates /thoughts.


Just thoughts to type out:


- ED busier now with orders til year end and working in HG studio was interesting. Glad he felt he was true to himself. Def agree this season nice guy like DG (what I thought too). Just overall sweetie abs ear for others as it turns out too. Liked Anna noticed him & helping with housekeeping chores he willingly did. His diary cute how he draws well too and so thoughtful.


-Unseen footage doing laundry was funny indeed- socks, underwear and ED saying the gals stole all my underwear lol! So hilarious!


-HG being busy and having his own cafe/brunch place/bar, I wish I could visit! I laughed how he was teased for saying “oh really “ a lot. I didn’t know til he mentioned it and he didn’t either. Lol. Being busy after the show and working hard for his dreams good for him. Glad at least he and MJ are friendly (not surprised) now. Him appreciating MJ making the sandwich for him even though cooking isn’t her strength.


-HG interestingly saying GH declaration to IW in Jeju was the big memorable impact memory . Wow. He still feels it. Wow!

- We didn’t know GH bought HG cds during their outing not shown and HG admitted putting earphones on GH and teasing her then was comfy but not his usual personality. He def admitted putting his all in terms of emotions.


- Him having feelings for MJ didn’t seem so strong during show when he mentioned but the date where he made cocktail for her (but we didn’t see it) Eana said he is a player. Lol!

Or that his parents were enjoying watching him and surprised he was such a gentleman side to him on the show lol.


-MJ looking cute and sweet talking she understood IW as both thought similar & being nervous and liking HG from get go. Hearing the extended version of her asking him out totally showed her more into him. Sad how she was sensitive seeing IW in pain losing weight and JH not happy (caught between the two guys). She def got points for being brave and forward. Cute how replayed her sleuthing asking HG for his writing sample & how later she loved figuring out the going ones in the house. Lol!

-IW getting ribbed  by colleagues. They were like he is so cool at work image. IW def admitted with diary being swayed by GH on the pottery date making the cup. So he def kept being true. Admitted he didn’t see JH cry a good thing in Jeju. He made up in work as during month seems out stuff in hold. He admitted hanging out with GH a few times but def not dating. He is honest guy to the end. He also said their waking around and him buying the earrings was not entirely shown.  IS regretting not asking at midnight JH for a date.


-GH getting almost 4.0 and cute working at the clinics. She and MJ got women fans asking for pics! Aww she joked I am not nuna but eonni to fans. Even she didn’t realize how she was on screen, but she was great being her I think. Her talking about meeting IW with others and stopping due to HS going on and fans telling her they support her as well as MJ too. Liked how she said having similar preferences are nice but not mandatory for partner.


- Anna keeps in touch and keeps working, she lost weight and doesn’t want to be known as eating well. Cute she didn’t realize that one date with ED set that nickname. She gave a present to ED. She appreciated him but was not in love with him as we knew but attracted to KY.


-KY funny living next door to work and partnering with friend from elementary school keeping it real says the show was boring. Lol! He lost weight and worked out and dang like Bachelor and Bachelorette not allow final couples be seen in public. Cute he said seeing him with that expensive light fixture he bumped into and hung laundry from it. Enjoying that Lotte World Date and eating the kimbap dosirak as highlight. Pure happiness of a Jeju and thinking JH was sleeping when he left the photo, JH was like I am not that flat! Lol. KY did admit it was a chance as she could have had a date ! But he got his date with JH walking sleepy eyed in the women’s room. He was very honest and straightforward with JH and everyone knew.


- JH as last doing zoom classes not going to Japan and only texting with KY 3months. When they met up we saw , KY wanting video chats she didn’t do not wanting no makeup face. Lol KY reasoning then vchat when you are out. She was not wanting to he a burden but he was sweet saying I make time for you! Omg! JH admitted not being as straight forward but her crying after IW saddened her as she knew not going to keep in touch with IW after and stop his pain & uncertainty in Jeju. She cried as she cared about him but realized she had to be honest about her feelings.


- Cute how JH family parents watched a lot and that her brother watched it standing. She was careful to say KY was the one her family liked. I am glad that KY and JH are now able to be a couple and now be able to try with the show being over .


-JH being shy about the Hotpack handholding being only able to see once. Dang editing how he really held her hand intertwining fingers and she smiled and covered it! Omg I was shrieking with Sang Min and Eana!! Go KY!


- all of them surprised by the fame and fans from around the world and comments in various languages! Lol I am a fan from USA myself ! 

- My fave season overall but must admit I was getting frustrated in middle all about IW and JH narrative . But then they had to make tensions shown.


i hope they are happy and all stay healthy.


i enjoyed this Ep 16.




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Prof and Jaeho's 15-1 analysis


Prof: Two couples were formed in the end.

JH: I actually knew. You predicted wrongly the last time. Why?

Prof: Help me call someone else haha.

IW's reason for the final choice

Prof: To be honest, last time at Jeju, (scene replay), like what we said previously, though this was a last goodbye, IW absolutely has not completely given up on JH. (IW's talk with JH back at Seoul) During the date, they talked about their first meeting and mutual attraction and JH mentioned the part that she was most regretful about (JH's talk). From JH's perspective, this is to sort out her feelings towards IW and to express her thanks and apologies to IW. From IW's perspective, "Ah, thought it is too late, JH was concerned about me more than I expected." IW may be even more regretful, so I thought could this be the reason IW chose JH not GH for his final choice?

JH: It is also very difficult for IW to choose GH.

Prof: Yes, because GH herself did not think IW's choice will be her and she does not want to be the second choice. From IW's persepective, even if he had the intention to choose GH, if he did choose, as everyone knows that IW is thinking of GH as the second choice to JH (I'm not sure who this "everyone" is referring to), GH also knows, so it's likely he cannot choose GH. (Poor IW really suffered from start till end due to the house's rules lol)

IW-JH-KY triangle

JH: Didnt KY and IW have a drink?(scene replay) It's 3 days before the final choice, yet IW has not made a decision. IW is someone who thinks that his thoughts are not important compared to the other person's, while KY is someone who does not think further once his heart is set. This is my impression.

Prof: It is possible that IW still does not know his heart till the very end so he said that.

JH: JH's final choice is KY. I've thought about the reason for her choice. JH seems to be avoiding the personality that will cause more harm during dating, so JH chose someone who likes her and did not waver.

Prof: Compared to IW who needs certainty from others, there's a higher possibility that JH will be attracted to KY who provides the certainty. JH would think that IW's certainty may not be real. On the other hand, KY was direct and provided a lot of certainty. To JH, KY makes her feel more secure compared to IW. The interesting thing is when you look at how this love triangle links up. To IW, JH is love at first sight, while GH is someone who always looked at him. The emotion that IW felt is the first impression at the first look, so it may result in more regrets and infatuation after having things that could not be fulfilled. The reason for the first love being not that successful, there's a terrm called Zeigarnik effect. People will not have regrets about things that they completed and do not remember them clearly, but they will remember strongly about things that were not completed and have regrets. People will have this trait. Actually, JH may also be like that. When we look at it from a third person's point of view, we may think that why are the feelings that strong in such a short period of time, but if you constantly stayed there for 4 weeks, when you have a lot of time together round the clock, talked a lot, experience a lot, you really will devote all your emotions into it. 

JH: The emotional exhaustion in one month at the house is about equivalent to one year's worth of social life.

Prof: During S2, weren't you in the least pain?

JH: To be honest, I was quite happy. 

JH and IW, the miss in destiny

Prof: IW and JH has brought up the topic of destiny a lot, especially IW who mentioned a lot about no offical dates with JH. But actually, even though there was no official dates, there were a few unofficial dates. For the 7 dates with GH, that's counting carpooling. If you count it this way, there may be more than 10 dates with JH. "We did not have an official date. We keep missing each other. I have no options" Was IW always thinking about this? (A Cnet has pointed ou that your state of mind for a offical date and a unoffical one is very different. I tend to agree with this because like what the Cnet mention, an unofficial date hints at desperation to close the gap and make progress that is lost.)

JH: From JH's persepective, she wants to find someone who she converses well with. The conversations with IW keeps breaking off. From IW's perspective, he wants to have a good conversation, but because he always did not accomplish it, he suits GH who can hold the conversation very well.

Prof: Though we know that IW has regrets, in that sort of situation, it's the natural state of things for JH to choose KY. (JH-KY Jeju scene replay) We can feel that KY is upset, but this got resolved pretty quickly. When everyone gathered to discuss their happiest moments and regrets, (JH-KY scene) In that situation, they resolved their misunderstandings and the upset feelings vanished, so what you saw for the final choice happened.

JH: I think that these three's definition of destiny are different. JH seems to be looking for her destined one, so she would naturally be more attracted to KY. KY keeps driving in the impression that we were destined to meet. For IW's situation, because our timing is constantly off, so he was depressed thinking that there's not destined meeting in his life, so he made the decision to create the meeting. But, though he created the meeting, it was too late, so in the end.... KY seems to have done well in creating destine meetings that look like a coincidence, as what I have said before. KY has the ability to create meetings that let the other person believes that this is destined. 

Prof: Actually, destiny is based on my actions. My life is not decided by destiny. If we talk about the concept of jinxes, (talks about red underwear, sports jinxes etc.), it's similar to the concept of pareidolia that we mentioned previously. For things that are not related, after a few coincidences, you will believe that there is a causal effect. You can see it frequently in relationships too. It's between these 2: either I have developed reliance or I am looking for excuses. If you think that the cause of a unsuccessful relationship is due to destiny, you may feel better. If you keep meeting her, you may similarly have the thought that are we destined? It's a bit like a double-edged sword. Honestly, I do not like to discuss about the topic of destiny. The tenants should not just discuss about destiny. They should try to break free from the chains of destiny. Now that it is all over, the emotions that you felt in signal house, how you expressed yourself to the other person, the other person's change in the ways that she treats you, all these content that you missed, if you looked through the program once again, look into the details and it could be a chance to deepen your understanding of yourself. GH actually said this, that she saw her shadow in HG. In our relationships with other people, if you only care about looking at the other person, you can actually see more of yourself through this (like a reflection), so I think that this is a very good chance.

Moving away from this translation, I actually really like to repaly HJ-DG scenes from HS2 a lot (not sure why haha). Comparing these 2 to IW-JH, HJ and DG definitely ended off with a better note (of course it may not really have ended, small wish haha). HJ-DG  doesn't really have a heavy atmosphere and though these 2 did not really lay everything out, they have a subtle understanding of the other person's thoughts and it's less hurting that way combined with the constant laughs they had, so these 2 can still occassinally see each other in cast gatherings after the show. For IW-JH, JH really is too deep to read with the high wall she sets herself too. IW really tried too hard and too long to get a full answer (kind of like ED's advice to walk until there are no paths left). In the end, the hurt is much more and I don't think these 2 will ever see each other again.


For IW-GH, though I am still holding on to the little hope of the progress in their relationship, my bigger desire is for these 2 to not totally become strangers. It would be such a pity.


Edit: Since today's friday, ig is on fire from the cast.

Someone asked IW to think of a name for their dog and IW asked for the gender.

MJ happily commented on IW's ig that she's followed the 30 min rule and has arrived to comment (IW previously mentioned he will focused on replies for the first 30 min of the post)

There's a huge war happening over at KY's ig over the current KY-JH relationship status (lol I was right that that special really didn't make it clear). KY is now seeking help from IW on ig lol.

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@lyd89 Thanks for the translations and  nice to understand what both mend said. LOL JH so happy in S2, yes he was!


Emotions ran deep in S3 for sure. 

Nice to read what Prof and JH said.

Interesting you like HJ and DG scenes, awww DG such a sweetie pie. I admit OYJ was my fave and female crush from season two and next JM. So when GH was on the scene I was reminded of OYJ a little.


Thanks for sharing the IG info about KY asking IW for help LOL. MJ about her 30 min rule that was smart of her.

Yeah I agree IW and JH will not be friends. Just too much emotions there and GH and IW I hope can still be friendly.

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Hyunjoo and Jihyun gave me very similar first impressions, but the difference lies in what Prof Yang analysed in HS2 about Hyunjoo, Hyunjoo is open-minded and has that charm that allows people around her to open up to her. You really can see DG's playful side a lot around her. 


As for KY's ig comments asking from help from IW, the more rational Cnet analysts think that this is likely a sign that JH and KY chose to remain friends. Though KY and IW do hang out, I really think there's a lot to be seen from KY asking help for something related to JH from a ex-rival like IW. (What kind of fate is this that IW has with JH lol?) The reason for this intense ig war is likely due to the stark contrast in atmosphere between the special and the previous lovey-dovey scenes. It makes people question whether it was all for show. (I think it's still legit)


The problem with IW-JH-GH relationship dynamics is that GH and JH are really very close but they really did not mention one word about IW during their house stay between themselves. I have a feeling the two of them still have not talked about it after the show. IW is in an awkward position for this and I think his hands are tied for any solution to this situation. Compare this to HJ-DG-JM, JM was really open about it even in the house, helping DG to land assists on the HJ front when she pretty much knew who DG's heart was leaning towards. The three of them sorted it out pretty well. DG-JM interactions on ig sometimes blur the line between friends and lovers, but people pretty much find the way it was presented to be interesting and that's it. HJ and JM still hang out too. I am not sure if you can attribute this to age difference (thus social experience, the 2 maknaes vs the oldest unnie, even HJ was older at the time of filming).


HG came out with an apology for the fire at his side that has been started for a while. Ignoring what his true intentions were, he really should have considered the kind of effect that the photos and actions on ig will bring. MJ became an unwilling victim too.


Update: MJ has unfollowed HG.

-Haha, someone asked MJ to think of an English name for him/her. MJ said this is not her expertise, then dear Lucas joined in to think of one.

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@lyd89 Thanks for your thoughts. Yes HJ and JH give similar first impression bright pretty smiles. But yes both of them are different. 

I agree the JM DG HJ differs greatly from IW JH GH trios. Their ages, personalities and relationships with each other definitely comes into play.


You are up to date with everything. I did go to HG IG and saw his apology per your note.


Love reading your comments telling me CNet and KNet comments lol. Such a big difference.

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