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  1. I think the effect that the IW-GH leaks achieved was really to keep some of the viewers watching for the twist in the ending since IW looked so set on JH. Since the first few episodes were quite slow-paced, the leaks helped to keep the viewers' attention. As a result though, most netizens who knows the spoilers will view IW as GH's boyfriend and IW was pretty much flamed from start of the season till the end because of how he was going for JH and how GH was reacting to all of this. IW crying at the end of ep12 did help relieve some of it but it really didn't go away until the end. JH also got some of the flaming, but since there's so many KY-JH shippers on the net, it was not that impactful. As for IW-GH's current status, I'm on the fence about whether they decided to remain friends, are lovers or it's currently somewhere in between. There are Cnets who post that you should believe in their status as lovers with the evidence floating around (the spoiler pictures, flowers GH received on her birthday (message was just happy birthday and good luck for your tests), both wearing caps with the same logo (doesn't look like it's an expensive one), how GH's ig stories of food looks like IW's preferences). Some even went as far as pointing to some ig comment about GH's suppposed english name, but this is really too far-fetched and minimal so I won't touch on this. I really can't read both IW and GH's inner thoughts in the final episodes. My interpretation for GH is that the hurt was still lingering and her final choice was of the same nature as her final talk with IW. She's thanking him and I think her feelings for IW were stronger than HG's so that's why her choice remained as IW. She doesn't think that this ending (whereby it's not a mutual choice) means they should become strangers due to bad blood so she's saying let's still meet again. IW"s replies to her during the final talk and final choice were reaffirming to her that he isn't lying when he said he was attracted to her, so GH does not have to treat his actions/gifts as meaningless or fake (throw them away). This talk pretty much mirror's Dogyun-Hyunjoo's part in HS2. (This loveline is my "what-if" for HS2, it is a torture to watch when you see how Dogyun pretty much knows Hyunjoo's inner thoughts at every moment, her understander) For IW's part, I'm not sure how long he will take to sort out his feelings and how long his regrets regarding JH will linger, but I think he does share the same view as GH that they should not just become strangers because of this. A lot of Cnets who were harsh on IW for how he was treating JH deemed the final episode as the big revelation for why he was so devoted/obsessed about JH. IW's talk with JH this episode finally revealed IW's true intentions. There's a Cnet OP post on this that I'll try to translate in the future. Cnets pretty much let IW off after the final episode. (IW was pretty much dragged through the mud all the way till the end by the pd) Since the feelings involved were so intense, will it really dissipate that fast? Dogyun from S2 has remained single till now (no dating) as far as I know. (I don't think Dogyun and Hyunjoo interacted anymore after they filmed the special, though both are still close with Jangmi) Youngjoo also mentioned in the vlog with Dogyun last year that she doesn't watch the replays of the season. Could it be because of the same type of experience as IW? This is why I am waiting for the special to give a concrete reveal about IW-GH. Edit: Jaeho mentioned in the video with Prof Yang that he's looking foward to the special to know what happened to IW-GH after the program (pd hint perhaps?) There's no translation for 15-1 and 15-2 so far though. Edit: By the way, the youtube channel has a complilation of scenes for the different lovelines. IW-JH title: Love is timing IW-GH title: To the person who does not love me. Yeap, they are really going with this suspense game. HG-MJ's editing direction seems to follow that of Jaeho-Daeun from S2. The loveline is pretty much set quite early, so you really don't have much to show. The outlier was the chemistry between HG and GH. So, the result was that the pd is able to leave a lingering question about GH and HG"s choices when he shows HG-GH scenes (GH's messages were also sent to HG) and MJ also gets more screentime when she is aware of this chemistry and has doubts about her efforts being still worth it. Jaeho's high level of relationship management in S2 pretty much resolves doubts fast and leaves no room for the pd to create any suspense there, so the loveline was pretty much set all along. I think currently HG-MJ and KY-JH are still stable now from what Cnets are digging up. On a side note, IW"s ig has become a English naming site now. MJ is Rosie and ED is Dylan lol.
  2. @NodameThis season is really good. I am watching S2 now here and there and had this "what if" thought to put s3's male cast together with s2's female cast. It feels like the interaction would be really interesting since s2's girls are really outgoing. I am putting one of the translated top comments under the IW-JH date video for ep 15 here. It's food for thought as we look at IW's actions this season. I really have not seen someone like him in my life so far. Comment: I feel that, in this seaon of Heart Signal, the point about IW that left a deep impression is that it is very difficult for people to be so frank at every single moment in real life, because people will be conscious about other people's expressions and thoughts and their own image. However, even in a filmed program, IW was the most honest with his own feelings, and thoroughly displayed that to others at the same time. There are no moments when you feel that he is lying or fake. You can feel that he really is just being what he truly is, a really truthful person, and also his pride and dignity of the person he is. The reason for why he can do this is that IW thinks that his own feelings and thoughts are the most precious compared to the image that others have of him. Although some people will think that this frankness, directness, saying what you shouldn't say, is not good, but I really admire this frankness. This shows that he has a resilient ego that allows him to fully express this frankness and it is very charming. Another comment from Cnet for the OP who translated the Korean comments: This is a point which I admire IW about. When someone grows up, he will always be educated to know his boundaries and be more smooth in talking. There's nothing wrong with this, but there will also be many moments when you faked politically correct answers or say things that go against your true thoughts. IW's directness from start to finish breaks away from this trend. When the atmosphere in society leans towards ambience, it is really precious to see someone come out to say his true thoughts. Although this precious quality would sometimes be hurting, it is at least simple, with nothing in there to be doubted.
  3. IW-JH will forever be my regretful "what if" loveline, while IW-GH will be my "please happen" loveline (I'm just waiting for the special to hopefully tell us about the actual status of IW-GH, or any ig reveal after that is also fine. GH is practically teasing CP fans with that ig profile pic) Really heartwarming and cute ig interaction for ED-MJ-IW ED: Oppa, if you reply me, I'll drink and dance MJ: Oppa, you are just using this as an excuse for a chance to dance, right? Just eat your meat. IW: That's right, What MJ said is right. If you really wanted to dance, you should be singing in the last episode. Why are you asking me to sing then? Edit: IW wants ED to dance to Rain's Gang so that he can put it on ig lol.
  4. The main storyline is pretty much over. What I want now is more IW-JH and IW-GH moments for the special. (Look at GH's instagram profile now. I really don't know what's the IW-GH status now with all these teasing spoiler pictures and last minute turnover in the episode itself lol) I've seen comments on reddit complaining about the editing direction for the show (JH-centric, slow etc.) but didn't really see people analysing the reason behind it. I have seen some posts by Cnets that actually go into this analysis and it's a really good read. Some even talk about the specific bgm played during the scenes, example: the lyrics of lover during IW-JH scenes that pretty much describe their states. I think the Netflix version(?) switches the bgms so you would need to find the original Korean version for the correct bgms. I'll share some posts here and if anyone here wants to rewatch the season sometime in the future(I think we have less than 5 users here haha). Using this viewpoint may give you a whole new perspective into the cast's feelings. As I have seen someone mentioned for HS2, YJ's viewpoint and HW's viewpoint really will make you understand the ending differently. (I've only seen snippets of HS2 but the female cast for that season really stood out) First post was likely posted by the OP around ep 12 (when IW cried) I'll add more here when I have the time to translate more haha.
  5. Prof Yang's 14-1 analysis, guest: Soyoung from season 1's panel (I think she has a psychology degree too) Since this analysis is part of the offical channel's videos, the analysis tends to be milder and more civil, but you can still use the analysis to see who is the key person that affects the relationships. Ep14 was really frustrating to watch for me because it continues the stalemate from ep 13. I'm not sure HG-MJ will be able to take a step further. On the other hand, I'm glad to see ED-AN reached closure. These two are able to share their thoughts without holding back and understand the other side's position. I think ED really has no regrets like he said. How I wish these 2 can talk some sense into the key parties for the other relationships to really make a clear cut decision. 4 more days before the final resolution(or lack thereof). Edit:@NodameYeah, I think the reason why the occupations felt more special this season was particularly due to pd looking for people who didn't need the fame (or will get accused of it). IW's job pays well and MJ is definitely doing her job due to her passion. I think ED's job isn't really affected by media attention, though if he gets more personal commissions, it's good for him since I don't think the demand for personal models are that high. AN as a secretary also doesn't really need the fame. I can't speak for the current students but the rest may really need the advertisement lol.
  6. To elaborate my views based on the points mentioned in @endeavor's post I agree on the part about the photos. Especially when you take into account that IW still hasn't resolved the ties with JH so late in the show, people do not like that GH became a second best choice when IW gets rejected. To be honest, the photos do not really suggest anything that IW and GH are lovers not friends, and words can be made up. My preferred response from IW would be for him to give a considerate answer to GH instead of saying let's start a relationship now, though I won't know what will happen for the last episode. Knowing that you are the second best choice when watching the show isn't a good feeling. A comment mentioned that GH must really have a strong heart dating after watching all this. Whatever happens though, I will respect their choices. I lament that IW-GH scenes are too few to come by in this show. They really look compatible on screen. I also don't think IW is detail-oriented but I think his conduct in front of the other girls is quite considerate. I still remember the part during IW-AN date whereby AN mentioned that the girls said that you will always open the door for them first so she wanted to experience it (lol like a tourist attraction). Same consideration showed during that long drive with GH at ep 11 whereby he asked if she would be able to get in and drove the car out for her convenience. Unless it is something that was programmed into him like some training, his good intentions behind his actions does show in small parts. For female-male interactions after the show so far on the net, if you take away the IW-GH photos, theres a JH-HG-ED photo of them visiting HG"s shop (likely his shop) and then there's MJ leaving a comment on IW's instagram and IW responding. Given how MJ is potrayed as perceptive and straightforward on the show, if IW was really that bad, I don't think she will still do this after the show. (small detail of her helping to steady the small saucer when IW was pouring the drink at night, really caring of her) Emotional intelligence is really a glaring weakness of IW but then I also wonder if this is something that you are able to get better on quickly since it is something intangible. I think that everyone has different starting points for different aspects in life. It may take years for someone to catch up to others' level in a certain aspect. I am really not sure if it is more realistic to expect IW to ask JH for closure nicely or for JH to pick up courage to give IW a straight "let's stop now". I didn't include the "no feelings for you" part for JH because both observers and herself know that it's still there. We are reaching the finale soon and to report on some news of the cast. Knets are really ruthless in digging up your history and background. So far, out of the cast, only IW, ED, MJ, JH have really nothing bad coming out. I think GH and HG are suing. KY's is pretty much there and he posted an apology letter (though I don't know why he made that instagram post private and incurred the wrath of Knets again). As for AN's, there's really no waves so far. ED is really popular among the male viewers (lol). JH comes from a rich family background. Any reveal about MJ is basically about her being a goddess/angel (lol). I think Knets went especially hard on IW (likely due to his high profile job), digging all the way back to his high school but it is totally clean so far. I have seen comments from people working in IT companies that IW's qualifications are pretty much close to the roof for what you can find in the field (and apparently Facebook's standards are really high). Moreover, he was poached to his current company. Edit: I forgot to add that someone quipped that if IW had such a likable and popular personality, you wouldn't even see the guy on a dating show lol. IW's and ED's instagram replies sometimes get posted online for amusement. ED's replies are really funny and IW"s replies are pretty much like IW himself lol.
  7. I'm not at my computer now so some short thoughts. The amount of ppl is indeed high I can't help but think that pd is laying the ground for something big. Knets are actually quite balanced on their views of JH this episode in case JH fans are worried but it's a landslide bashing of IW by Cnets. We all agree that IW is trying to get closure but it seems people bashing him don't try to understand him from that angle and criticize his actions alone. People forget that there's a time limit to this show. If you don't get closure, the emotional scarring is only going to get worse. To take a part out of Prof's analysis from 14-1, it's not full closure for IW yet and they are hinting the possibility neither is it for JH. This episode was depressing to watch and I wrote down a lot of thoughts. To be honest, though the love lines look like they are set in stone, it feels more like a choice for the sake of the time limit. Edit: I agree with @Nodame that editing will distort the storyline. There were people who pointed out that IW was maliciously edited to be over eager for the first episode. There seems to be a lot of parts cut from the JH KY talk for the drama but I think most people will ignore this anyway since these two are pretty much end game.
  8. Wow, the comments from Cnets and Knets are on two different sides for ep 14. IW is pretty much getting trashed by Cnets, while Knets are quite critical of JH. To be honest, I'm leaning more towards Knets' side here, though I'm not sure if they're criticising her way of dealing with IW or with KY. The Chinese subs for Prof Yang's 14-1 analysis are out and though they didn't point fingers at anyone, the analysis pretty much lays out the specifics about IW-JH relationship. I will translate it soon. Ep14 has quite a light content load so I'm not sure why we are dragging it to 15 episodes but next week is definitely the last episode (not including the special). I'm not sure if the pd team is leaving a few big bombs for the last episode that's why ep 13 and 14 were so light on content.
  9. I saw someone comment that the pd team should have enough content for 2 episodes given that they show 3 girls crying in that preview. I don't think tomorrow's episode will be the last.
  10. Prof Yang supposedly finished his analysis for ep 14 already and one of his ins tag was crazy party. It seems like the next episode won't be a mild one. Prof Yang and Jaeho 13-2 analysis I am not sure why but the first date in Jeju feels like the relationship has stagnated for everyone minus KY-JH. Moreover, if you look at the relationship web, KY and JH hold the reins in deciding how the other relationships will move on. If there is still no action from them, I am not sure if GH will really be enough to bring about a change the next day, or there could be an explosion of emotions due to being pent up for too long.
  11. At this point, I really think that some invisible force is working to mess up IW's time at the house. There was previous mentions of someone breaking the rules in the program (not sure was it official news or rumours). Fans are now speculating that there would be a change of date partners for the next day, and KY will break the rules by insisting on JH. I am not sure why I have a premonition ED will start the emotional rollercoaster in the preview for next episode. Prof Yang and Jaeho 13-1 analysis