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  1. Congrats to Yoon pd, I had the weird impression that any of the pds on 1n2d long enough would have been married by now, though Hojin pd is still not married yet I guess. JH attended a event held by Narae this weekend, so you can say it's his most recent public appearance. Glad to see that he looks to be in good condition, though it's a pity he wasn't on the 1000th episode of Gag concert.
  2. There was a official press conference by KBS today about 1n2d. Not sure if soompi will translate it, but I'll just put the main content here. The person holding the conference seems to be the one we saw welcoming the members at the start of the year, so his position is quite high. Main point of the conference is that 1n2d's production will be on indefinite hiatus (which is nothing new after so long). So to start off, the director apologised for the late statement which may have caused frustration for viewers, since 1n2d is held in high regard. Then, he talked about making the decision despite the negative impact it will have on their profits (which seems more like them trying to make their position look more pitiful). To add on, he talked about the petition against abolishing 1n2d being 3 times as much as the one for it (overseas fan make up a large part of it). To end off, he talked about the program being loved locally and overseas and how the program helped with the local economy so they are in a very troubling position. So basically, no changes in the current situation and no date in sight whether they will make a definite decision on the program. The long wait continues.
  3. Hojin pd appeared on you quiz on the block this week near the end as a participant for the quiz. Supposedly, you quiz pd was also from 1n2d and under Hojin pd. You can look for the subbed episode if you're interested in hearing some of this thoughts. Seho was also in one of his programmes before.
  4. Here's to wishing DG's drama gets high ratings! Gag concert will also welcome its 1000th episode on May 19. Seeing as how JH has dedicated his career largely to the program, it would be so sad to not see him on the program at such an important milestone because of what happened. I hope he will appear but I'm really not sure of the circumstances.
  5. DF is appearing on problem child in the house next week. I think it's the first time a 1n2d member is on a kbs programme after the start of the hiatus. Check it out if you are interested.
  6. Don't think there will be results anytime soon for the investigation soon if there is any. This isn't a high priority case anyway. The new program replacement starts broadcast at the end of this month, so I guess KBS is really dragging their feet on any decision on 1n2d. Understandable since 1n2d is such a big program and no one wants to take responsibility. It's really the end of an era for Korean variety, seeing as RM is the last one standing but it isn't doing that well too.
  7. KBS is making one of their pilot programmes regular for happy sunday, ROTS will be moved over to 1n2d's slot.
  8. Seems like the head of the variety department went for the news department's throat over the report on TH and JH. At least there's some higher up that's standing up for the team.
  9. Fortunate thing is that Yongjin hasn't joined the programme long enough and isn't promoted to official member yet. JJY scandal likely won't affect the event much. I'm not sure if the members will attend the wedding. Depending on whether the firestorm around JY die down in one month's time, it'll feel bad to hear people talking about it when you attend the wedding or worse, get asked about it. Edit: saw a comment on a chinese forum that basically no one in KBS wants to be the person responsible for continuing or cancelling the show, so that's why no news from KBS on the 18th. We probably won't know much on 1n2d's status anytime soon.
  10. I don't think JM has a chance of being implicated. He's too cautious if he's not being his variety character and has not much free time with his schedule. KBS news throwing 1n2d under the bus is really detestable. The variety department pds took part in the strike to help them and this is what they are doing to their programmes. JH and TH both released apologies already. JH also hoped that there won't be baseless accusations towards the younger brothers.
  11. For the gambling news, I think we need more context before making judgment. Listing out the facts here, please correct me if I'm wrong. Firstly, amount involved is around 20 million korean won. You can convert that into your country's currency and see whether the amount is too high. Take into account that they are celebrities (their earnings) and it's unlikely they do it on a regular basis (likely a private bet over a golf session between them). Secondly, comments not in the minority are pointing out that this is just diverting attention from the Jang Ja Yeon scandal (google this if you need to). As someone put it, even civilians like them sometimes make wagers with money on the line. This is like people making bets over lunch money and the police walking in on them. I do not know whether this is considered a crime, but if people are openly admitting having done something similar online, I'm not sure what's the point of this law. Thirdly, someone who watches this programmes can help verify it. There's a comment that IC made a wager of a similar amount on the programme and NJTTW had some wish involving 10 million won. So the commenter was asking if these programmes should be on the news too. I'll leave it at that.
  12. The first paragraph wasn't really directed towards you. I was just saying generally that people will have differing views on how they enjoyed the episodes and there's nothing wrong with that. I mentioned the different seasons as an elaboration on what I had typed since you asked me where I started watching. I apologise if you understood it as saying something bad towards you due to my language. But it's true that I didn't get that you were referring to the bond between the cast when you were talking about being all over the place and picking momentum. Thanks for the clarification. Saying an indefinite hiatus is definitely better than saying till investigations are complete because you can't really say which point in time is the investigation complete just going by that phrase alone (arrest? conviction?). There's a internal review process for KBS too so that's also included for why they need the hiatus.
  13. Your post and the post below yours kind of shows the differing opinions on which era of s3 stood out. If people took Joohyuk's time in s3 as the best part, then the show technically revived and died in 2 years. For me, I've watched the episodes since start of s3 though not in real time (weekly following the episodes). I didn't really find any difference in enjoyment from the start to the end, even though what the cast portrayed changed over time. I didn't watch s1 and s2 so I can't comment on the quality of those seasons. My statement is mostly based on what I see from current variety and thus making a speculation on the future for s4. S3 was mentioned to only have 1 or 2 months planned for broadcast in its initial stages. So, even the pd himself doesn't have confidence that the public will respond well to the new season. There wasn't a good level of popularity to build on from S2 if the opinion was that S3 won't last long. JM himself thought that there wouldn't be a S3. I think we can all agree to a certain extent that Hojin pd brought the program back from the dead at the start of s3. Will we get another person like him for 1n2d? That's hard to say. In a similar vein, it's possible s4 can surpass s3 but I guess it is my bias that in my eyes, this team has achieved much more than any other shows that I have watched. Another difference between now and the start of S3 is the staffing situation at KBS. Both Hojin and Ilyong pd aren't there anymore. I'm not sure whether Sung pd is willing to do S4 with a new cast. I haven't seen any mention of In Seok pd recently. The other pds in the current team are pretty much almost all new. There's probably one or two ex pds still at KBS, but if you get someone not familiar with 1n2d to direct s4, I'm not sure if it will be a disaster with complaints that s4 lost its tradition etc. Then comes the issue of casting. For a new cast in s4, it is highly likely JM and TH won't remain. I don't think other members would be willing to stay on their own, so it's likely the whole s4 team would be all new. But given the current state of variety, when everyone is comfortable doing indoor observational styled shows, who is willing to do outdoors now? It's a tougher casting challenge compared to s3. To conclude, I'm skeptical of the programme's future if a s4 were to happen. I could be proven wrong though, especially if they go with something game-changing like removing bokbulbok or having female members. There's not even news of a s4 happening so everything is up in the air and talking about s4 for me now is just something similar to theorycrafting. I would be happy if the same team and staff come back eventually but the future is uncertain at this point.
  14. Well, this indefinite hiatus definitely came from the upper management in KBS, else there's no reason why they would film today and do this announcement. The staff are definitely the most affected by this hiatus. I hope KBS will find a way to still get them work. With that said, if they return with a new cast, it's likely that I won't watch it again. I've only watched s3 but also watched other variety shows. For me, this is the best cast I've seen with friendship and chemistry. I don't think there will be a comparable one in the next few years, especially since there hasn't been "new" variety stars at all.
  15. I agree that they should stop filming for now. We will see on Friday if they follow their plans. Though I don't want to say it, it's likely season 3 may just end here. Its been going on long enough and this scandal has too much repercussions. If they want to end it, ending it soon is better than dragging it. This scandal will always be at the back of the 1n2d team's mind till everyone involved is convicted.
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