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  1. Looks like Ilyong pd is going for different feels with different cast members. Hopefully ratings are good, though the program won't be aired on a major channel. On another note, there's been so many scandals/crimes related to celebrities lately that I think TH and JH will find it really hard to make a comeback given the attention that's likely to be given to them. I don't expect it to end anytime soon until Burning Sun saga finally ends.
  2. I've heard that on the last day of Kim Jong Kook's concert recently, there was a mention of inviting TH as a guest but TH still feels that it's not really the right time yet. Hong Kyung Min also mentioned the same thing. But there's photos of TH with fans floating around insta so at least he's ok with these more private moments with fans. JH updated his insta to promote the comedy festival but I don't think he'll appear on tv anytime soon. Hope I'm wrong. JM is still appearing regularly on programs. DF has two regular programs other than Idol Room, I would recommend the one with Hyungdon for the good laughs though there's no English subs.
  3. KBS censored TH's face in the latest Entertainment Weekly. At this rate, I'm not sure if a 1n2d return is even possible within the year.
  4. He's definitely got to make a living but to let him helm a show that's basically a concert feels real awkward. I don't think you need to put in a lot of editing for effects for the programme, it's basically switching among different camera angles since it's just singing. If they were going to still delay 1n2d's return or just end it, just let the pd start on a new programme and he can hand it over later to helm 1n2d haizzzzz.
  5. Yongjin was on JM's brainfficial this week and mentioned that JM was at his wedding, too bad we didn't get a photo.
  6. Glad to see there will be no charges. The police likely also don't want to get more negative news after their image was tainted. Then again, it's unlikely we'll see news of a 1n2d comeback soon.
  7. Congrats to Yoon pd, I had the weird impression that any of the pds on 1n2d long enough would have been married by now, though Hojin pd is still not married yet I guess. JH attended a event held by Narae this weekend, so you can say it's his most recent public appearance. Glad to see that he looks to be in good condition, though it's a pity he wasn't on the 1000th episode of Gag concert.
  8. There was a official press conference by KBS today about 1n2d. Not sure if soompi will translate it, but I'll just put the main content here. The person holding the conference seems to be the one we saw welcoming the members at the start of the year, so his position is quite high. Main point of the conference is that 1n2d's production will be on indefinite hiatus (which is nothing new after so long). So to start off, the director apologised for the late statement which may have caused frustration for viewers, since 1n2d is held in high regard. Then, he talked about making the decision despite the negative impact it will have on their profits (which seems more like them trying to make their position look more pitiful). To add on, he talked about the petition against abolishing 1n2d being 3 times as much as the one for it (overseas fan make up a large part of it). To end off, he talked about the program being loved locally and overseas and how the program helped with the local economy so they are in a very troubling position. So basically, no changes in the current situation and no date in sight whether they will make a definite decision on the program. The long wait continues.
  9. Hojin pd appeared on you quiz on the block this week near the end as a participant for the quiz. Supposedly, you quiz pd was also from 1n2d and under Hojin pd. You can look for the subbed episode if you're interested in hearing some of this thoughts. Seho was also in one of his programmes before.
  10. Here's to wishing DG's drama gets high ratings! Gag concert will also welcome its 1000th episode on May 19. Seeing as how JH has dedicated his career largely to the program, it would be so sad to not see him on the program at such an important milestone because of what happened. I hope he will appear but I'm really not sure of the circumstances.
  11. DF is appearing on problem child in the house next week. I think it's the first time a 1n2d member is on a kbs programme after the start of the hiatus. Check it out if you are interested.
  12. Don't think there will be results anytime soon for the investigation soon if there is any. This isn't a high priority case anyway. The new program replacement starts broadcast at the end of this month, so I guess KBS is really dragging their feet on any decision on 1n2d. Understandable since 1n2d is such a big program and no one wants to take responsibility. It's really the end of an era for Korean variety, seeing as RM is the last one standing but it isn't doing that well too.
  13. KBS is making one of their pilot programmes regular for happy sunday, ROTS will be moved over to 1n2d's slot.
  14. Seems like the head of the variety department went for the news department's throat over the report on TH and JH. At least there's some higher up that's standing up for the team.
  15. Fortunate thing is that Yongjin hasn't joined the programme long enough and isn't promoted to official member yet. JJY scandal likely won't affect the event much. I'm not sure if the members will attend the wedding. Depending on whether the firestorm around JY die down in one month's time, it'll feel bad to hear people talking about it when you attend the wedding or worse, get asked about it. Edit: saw a comment on a chinese forum that basically no one in KBS wants to be the person responsible for continuing or cancelling the show, so that's why no news from KBS on the 18th. We probably won't know much on 1n2d's status anytime soon.
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