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  1. No concrete news for casting yet., but it seems that DF hinted on Kim Tae Ho's crowdfunding show that he won't be on s4. KBS internal fights are still ongoing as of now.
  2. I'm going to repost a comment that we'll likely see casting news only in October since it's likely that they will get blasted by netizens if they release it too early. I'm going to post this here again if even it was posted earlier or soompi already reported it. The police already looked into the betting allegations and concluded there was no need to look further and threw the case out. I think this is a factor that JH and TH even resumed his activities. As for public reception, it was outrage that such a thing over betting even became a scandal. The chatroom didn't have all the members, else their names would have been reported by association and for greater impact.
  3. Though there's no news from TH so far, I just saw a translation of a post by TH on his official fancafe. This is not a full translation but I'll summarise the main points: He's likely starting work from October (drama/movie), expected broadcast in March. (Good news for his fans) He fully rested with no work for 6 months. Taeeun was disappointed to hear that he was going to start work again. (This is the important part for 1n2d) He's happy to hear that 1n2d is starting up again, but OF COURSE, he won't be joining it. He's not ruling out future appearance on variety shows. He feels at ease that JH resumed his activities. That's about it. Since TH has ruled himself out, I really see minimal chance that JH will be back for 1n2d. As for the rest of the members, maybe JM and DF will be back. But knowing this really lowers my interest for s4. Anyone who reads Korean news please post here if the KBS personnel responsible for the news report ever gets kicked out, I'll rejoice for that fact. Since both Hojin and Ilyong pd are doing shows with s3 members as cast, hopefully they'll do one with TH too. TH has too good a variety sense to not be seen on variety shows.
  4. Supposedly, 1n2d's advertising revenue for a year is quite close to the incurred losses by KBS for half a year. 1n2d pretty much helps with KBS revenue a lot even though they weren't doing much blatant PPL in the program. Whoever in the news department that started that report on TH and JH really shot KBS in the foot, that's why KBS office politics likely is still raging now.
  5. I was taking more into consideration the impact of Jung Joonyoung's scandal on him. I don't think the gambling accusations really affected him. After all, JH has resumed his activities and I think TH would have done it similarly if his hiatus was just over the gambling scandal. I've read discussions by TH's fans about how TH may need time with his family to explain to his children about Joonyoung since the children know him personally. The issue of betrayal of trust is there. Then, there's also SJK and SHK's divorce during the hiatus, which kind of affects TH"s agency. (But this is unrelated to 1n2d so I won't elaborate and I don't have that much information on this anyway). I definitely want TH back but whether that will happen is not up to me.
  6. It feels like the article is just throwing out names that they think is suitable but without any consideration for viability. I think it's really unlikely to see s1 members when they are doing shows under Na pd. The current batch on comedians on variety shows don't really match my preferences, so I don't have anyone in mind. For actors, I think the main criteria for casting would still be variety sense. I don't think there's a lack of actors in this area, but whether people are willing to be cast on a variety show is a different question. I don't have high hopes of all the s3 members returning, especially TH. There's roughly 2-3 months left till the proposed broadcast period, so hopefully we'll see more news soon.
  7. The "going back to our roots" part is really important for me. The current variety environment pretty much has anything similar to 1n2d dying out already. I really liked the old style from 1n2d and the fact that season 3 has been helmed by main pds who have worked a very long time in the program contributes to that. Hopefully, the new pd's team has other pds and writers from the s3 team to guide the new season in that direction.
  8. Lol I thought she was the TROS pd. If she's the current Happy Together pd, judging from the ratings, it doesn't look good. Just to add, it seems the KBS internal situation isn't that peaceful, so it's possible a lot of big changes can happen from now still. Anyway, JH is confirmed cast for Hojin pd's new variety show. It supposedly combines talk, games and outdoors with a guest format, focusing on forgotten classics and little known new songs. I have no clue what kind of program it will turn out to be, but since Jeon Hyun Moo is cast, there will definitely be a MC in the program to guide the flow.
  9. News should be out soon on soompi. S4 is confirmed for 1n2d, expected broadcast in late autumn or early winter but cast is not confirmed (whether old or new members). Well, what's most important to me so far is the cast, so I'll be keeping a lookout.
  10. From the wording, program is still in the early stages of planning, so I don't think even the cast is confirmed. The comedy festival is ongoing now, so maybe after everything is over then we'll hear more about JH's future plans. He's a "guest" for Seoul Mate 3 already, but if he were to be a regular cast on a new program, it's unlikely he'll do that before returning to Gag Concert (after all that's where his passion lies). It's already end August. Hopefully, we'll hear some 1n2d news if the rumours are true.
  11. https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4405666175012424 Short video of JH at the press conference for the comedy festival if anyone wants to see him.
  12. Since JM and Yongjin's names were mentioned, some more information and personal speculations: For Yongjin, one of his programs mentioned on broadcast that he kinda left the program, no mention of reasons. He's been appearing on and off for the past few episodes. So, the reason could be, discussions and preparations for appearing on 1n2d (which, if true, would mean DF who's on the same program wasn't included) or just taking time off from work to have more family time (since his wife is pregnant, congratulations!) For JM, Koyote seems to have some major activities planned later this year, so if 1n2d starts up again and he is cast, then it would mean it's going to be extra hectic for him. And I think if TH and JH, especially TH, aren't coming back, it's really unlikely that JM would come back. After all, JM mentioned that TH was one of the reasons he was invited back for s3.
  13. Well, there's not a lot of new information from this official statement and I'm not sure if the translation is accurate here. What I read from Chinese sites is that Sung pd resigned from the station, meaning he won't be with KBS anymore. TROS pd is a female pd so it would be interesting to see if she really joins 1n2d since she should be the first female main pd for 1n2d. Netizen comments seemed to be more inclined towards TH and JH coming back and JM staying. They don't really welcome Yongjin coming back (not sure why?) but want a new rookie (well, even if all 5 members are back, they would still lack one person).
  14. https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4403080013860653 (photos of JH inside) JH attended the press conference for the Busan comedy festival, his first public appearance. To translate what he said according to the status: I've spent time reflecting due to some disgraceful events. Today is the first time I'm appearing in a public event. I hope that everyone can give me their understanding as I had unintentionally caused a controversy and have reflected a lot. My job is to make people laugh, but after what happened, it's hard to do it again. I've thought about it a lot and discussed a lot with my juniors and company. Although a lot of juniors said that it's better not to be the chairman of the festival this time, I still came because of my sense of responsibility. (probably meaning that the juniors think that there's a smaller chance of backlash from the public for JH if he avoided appearing at public events). That's about it from the post. As for the rumours about an update from KBS on 1n2d status at the end of August, I'm not sure about the authenticity so I'll look out for more news.
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