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I watched this show with Chinese subs since they translate captions. I think this show is the only one of its kind so far to keep me interested for so long. Many viewers said that this season feels the most real.


I really doubt the IW-GH picture hinting that the loveline came true with what happened this ep. On the other hand, a lot of the Chinese viewers are discussing hints that KY-JH became a couple. The IW-JH storyline feels like a tragedy to me.


To summarise the general view of Chinese viewers of the members:

IW- pretty much gets trashed by a lot of people over what happened with GH, honest to a fault and transparent (which some viewers say is a real pity and puts him at so much disadvantage in this show), slow to catch on.

ED- the darling of the viewers, kind, considerate, viewers say that he's the one with the god's viewpoint in signal house (he is pretty much aware of all the underlying relationships in the house and sadly about AN wanting to go on a date with another male member)

HG-the korean use of "sense", viewers are pretty much split over pairing him with GH/MJ, his small actions are really well liked by viewers, his line with MJ is thought to be worsening based on recent episodes?

KY-basically called the best "player" with a lot of charm, despite the assault conviction, viewers can't get over the KY-JH line, you can say viewers are really divided on how to view him when the show ends


GH-her fans call her teacher because of her direct lines and strong personality, viewers think she really carried the show before KY arrived

MJ- another darling of the viewers, adorable and kind, viewers really hated her lack of screentime earlier on, her clips have the most view on naver

JH-what viewers call the emdbodiment of the "first love image" (her smile, mannerisms etc.), the bad part of watching this on Chinese sub is when you see GH and JH fans basically fighting each other over their scenes by criticising them (double standards etc.), really cautious and doesn't really express herself much

AN- basically not much good stuff about her due to the bad news?, but based on impression alone, viewers still like her looks and aura


I don't think ED-AN will happen and HG-MJ is a doubt too. KY-JH seems to becoming true sadly. As for IW, unless the show forces you to choose at the end, I really want him to stay true and not choose GH till the end (GH being second choice and so and so). Of course, whatever happens in the future, since the present is about 6 months after filming, is up to fate.

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1 hour ago, lyd89 said:

general view of Chinese viewers

Interesting. I thought IW was just being honest with his heart and really wants to pursue JH but with GH on the sideline his goal has become more difficult and his actions were judged

1 hour ago, lyd89 said:

I don't think ED-AN will happen and HG-MJ is a doubt too.

I feel really bad for ED. I don't think AN likes him. You can see AN being burdened with ED's effort. I still have hopes for HG-MJ but HG is still not sure about his own feelings. we will know the answer to it next week.

1 hour ago, lyd89 said:

I really want him to stay true and not choose GH

Exactly. IW better not to choose GH at the end if it's going to be one sided love

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I think the show isn't that popular among international viewers so that's why there aren't that much harsh comments towards IW, which is a good thing. (The last thing you need is for people to spam toxic comments) There isn't much to fault him on except saying that there could be better ways to handle it.


Supposedly, this season has 15 ep? If true, there could be another major shift in relationship dynamics soon?


The major theme about IW-JH as stated by the observers (including the spinoff on the youtube channel), or you could say destiny/fate in another sense. The viewers agree about IW not getting to ask JH out while KY gets consecutive date really is close to a fatal blow to him. The movie ticket choosing basically forced him to either choose MJ/GH (though I'm not sure if he knew which ticket was GH"s), or else ED won't get a ticket. To make things worse, when it's pair activities, he has no choice but to stay with GH in the same space.


There hasn't been any male-female cast interaction at all post-filming, though all the guys did send flower wreaths to HG's new cafe and GH, JH and  AN were in a photo together just today. I guess they really are not giving official spoilers for the lovelines.

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@lyd8913 Ep + 2 special so there will be 2 episodes left.


IW never had a chance to have an official date with JH and that is one of the big factors why JH feelings for him cooled down. JH is much happier with KY now.


The girls seem to be in good terms. I like seeing them hang out together.

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Hmm, if it's 2 episodes left, it will feel too rushed for me. You need to cut 4 dates into one episode plus the introduction for that next mission. Assuming it's the last mission, the last episode would be the mission plus ending. It feels like you need 2 hour episodes for this lol.


Is your username from YSY's ID during 1n2d when KYJ came over as a guest?

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@happysheep Thanks for your response and it is ok to be busy. You were holding fort for this forum. I did not know it existed. I got into this show like I said thanks to a friend. Then due to Shelter in Place did marathon of S 1 and S 2. 


@lyd89 Thanks for sharing the thoughts of other fans and reading the Chinese Subs. Yeah one thing I agree the times i was able to catch Chinese subbed content of Korean shows/dramas the thoroughness of the translations. Better than some English subs (as captions or lyrics not always were translated) yet in the old days FAN SUBS in English were thorough and amazing.  


I miiss them immensely. (I used to watch Kdramas with badly translated English subs from Chinese Subs. I preferred the Chinese subs as more accurate but I only took 2 yrs of Chinese in college-so very limited knowledge. That coupled with my now 17 yrs of Korean drama watching, I get jists of conversations if they don't talk too fast and the conversation is simple.)


I want everyone to be happy. But yeah IW has had tough luck. Heart wants what the heart wants, it fluttered when GH showed her feelings for him. It got stirred (who wouldn't) but yeah I feel KY and JH are very into each other as they just were lucky to have those dates. I think this time around the Catfish are doing better than prior Catfish.  


The thoughts that KY is a female GH in a sense I can see that.  She is so cool and KY is cool (goofy) and I loved in the last episode how the Hyungs all believed he was leaving it to fate (he woke up and used the pic and wrote a note for a date with JH and put it smartly by her phone was genius).  But hey IW did similar taking JH waiting for her so poor HG was waiting in the dining room having made her breakfast but she did not know about it. Makes you think, all is fair in love and war. They really don't have alot of time together. I remember listening to S2 people talk about the experience. You really go after your regular day and then to the Heart Signal House.  We get to see more the hidden BTS stuff as we are like over all views. But from each person's POV not as much.


I agree that ED is very perceptive. When he knew he likes Anna but he also knew he could burden her knowing she had no chance to have other dates than with him. But also Anna is not blind that KY and JH are close. She is curious about him still but def not having much luck. The fact Anna remembers KY saying HG hyung looked cool making coffee, she wanted to see him make coffee. Hmmmm. 


Let's talk about how about KY is sooooo comfy going into the women's room. Go KY!  After that time he went and came back (after knowing JH and IW went out) he just went back in ---JH asked why you came back--I have no where else to go.) Oooooh cool KY. Smooth.


Controversies and Scandals--- Anna Choi, GH and KY they definitely had the most for this Season out of prior seasons.  Anna Choi and GH both on bullying. Assault for KY, but not knowing too much based on what is up, KY was protecting his GF it seems like (?) But still ratings are still high and good. Despite all this, my fave season too overall. I cannot say much about Anna, she is pretty and doesn't say much and giggles at weird times (almost a bit like JH) . Last episode, GH noted it and said, KY has an injury but you laughed. What is funny? When you laugh I want to laugh.


Yeah if 15 episodes ---as @happysheep noted historically 12 episodes tops 13 and 2 are just BTS .  So alot can change and as other Seasons a twist can occur from dates and feelings.  


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@Nodameyou tagged the wrong person :joy:


I feel JH is still have this little feelings for IW. They just need to have a proper date to spark those feelings again. But JH and IW are so awkward lol theyre sometimes hard to watch when they talk seriously. If not, IW needs to open his heart to GH. GH is I think moving on from IW now. For ED and AN, IMHO they wont end up together. Everyrhing depends to AN. ED is so into him already. AN just needs to clear her minds especially about KY. The last date will really determine the fates of residents just like HW and HJ in S2



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@happysheep  Oops sorry about the wrong tag. :cold_sweat: Thanks for being understanding. I haven't been posting in forums that much (after a few years) just back slowly after mainly lurking.


Yeah Anna definitely though has good feelings about ED, she is not into him as he is to her. ED is so thoughtful and caring and worries about being burdensome. I think now Anna is happy to have a date and not be alone. In prior seasons, even if the catfish were nice people, it was hard to get into existing relationships and make headway.  Ok the second season the male catfish chef Kim Hyun Woo had more time ---he was cooler than the other guys (even I thought so though I was a big fan of Do Gyun -the Traditional Asian Doctor. Aspects of him remind me of Euidong. But Euidong is not as awkward.)


I think Anna feels that KY is totally for JH and she cannot get in the way. (Unless the last date gives her a chance.)


IW and JH, JH does still care. But I cannot help get out of my mind what she told her friend. She knows in her head he is a good guy. But she is moved by the fun guy she initially was not into KY, but the more she had chances to date him, she saw other unexpected sides (he showed only on the dates). Frankly smart on his part but KY is so very free and comfy like alot of Americans I know. Not very conservative and stiff. I agree IW and JH had chemistry and liked each other but later on it got too awkward. I agree they did not have a PROPER date yet together as fate would have it.  Sucks.  At least JH did get brave and ask to meet up with IW so he knew she was interested. When she told her own brother she was scared of her liking him too much but did not want to show her emotions that openly (in the beginning).


Finding love on a reality show---it is a brave thing. No matter if we think it can be scripted or not, being able to let strangers see your feelings and vulnerabilities is not easy. I admit I liked that S1 and S2 have cast members become friends. Even one member is married the race car driver in S1 , he got introduction from Heart Signal celebrity panel cast. 


As for GH, I really like her. That not date/ but they hung out as everyone out on a date---hurt my heart for her. She deserved better. IW is definitely showing to her his pining for JH. I cannot blame her for wanting to give up, you can only invest so much time into someone who is "just not into you" especially when you have limited time at Heart Signal House.



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@NodameI like DG than HW. He was awkwardly charming. 


KY is more outgoing than 3 other boys combined :lol: He knows what to do to get JH's attention and it worked. As for GH, it's better to find her love outside Heart Signal but if she would still choose IW then maybe that's really her happiness. 


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@happysheep I agree totally! DG is soooooo awkwardly charming. He is handsome (as they always compared him to Gong Yoo) and has a lovely deep voice. HW was quiet and I guess had a bit bad boy vibe and prob made the gals wonder about him. As the panelists would say he had edge. DG just did not and he thought alot about every move. 


Did you know he does reviews of each episode with the catfish female and her breakout start designer friend every week? They talk about the fashion and pieces wore by the Heart Signal S3 cast.  (They are a well dressed cast and really that one luggage they brought with them all their clothes? I don't believe it! ) 


Yes, agreed KY is Mr. Social and it helps him interact with everyone and definitely being comfortable to come and go from the women's room (a Heart Signal first) was eye opening. Even the other cast members initially felt weird but later got used to his visits. LOL. He knows how to express himself well . IE when JH made the dosirak---his look of joy and happiness. He did not expect a homemade one. So cute! Or telling her he was happy it was her to walk up to him and show up for their date. Or how he hates rides he rode them all for HER. YUP KY likes ya girl.


GH,  I agree I want her happy if no with the Heart Signal guys but outside. I loved Young Joo and Jang Mi in the  last season. She was /is so cool and calm. I liked she was friendly with DK and JH. Love that they still hangout time to time. 


Some Clips of EP 12 no english subs


OMO OMO KG confessed to JH  that the fried rice gave him bigger 심쿵 than the kimbap dosirak!



JH and KY --KY says he likes Korean food so happy to be there for dinner, JH agreed with him. JH says KY is so different from what she initially thought. I liked she could talk with him comfortably. They are so comfortable and cute. I like how she asked him---I notice you don't ask what I think.  I tend to ask more what you think. OMG KY is so thoughtful the gist what I got is words are important and think about it. (OMG I agree I was taught you cannot take back the words once you say them. Thanks mom. Love it KY!):relaxed:


But props for JH being honest on their second date, HE was not the person she was expecting to show up. But after the date she agreed ALOT changed during that SECOND date.YESH! Then KY said he FELT It! AWWW. So that is why he asked her on this date. KY admits he was uncomfortable and jealous when she was out with IW.  Not going to lie love this HONEST conversation.  I squealed like the panel based on the Korean I understood anyways.




This clip has Anna on a date with Kangyeol. She is shining and very happy as she asked Kangyeol to eat. She even says he is the tsundere type too. KY asked why asked out just for meal? She admitted I only hung out with Eui Dong alot and not had much chance with other Oppas. I did not know much of schedules when people got off work etc. He understood her asking him and he admitted her dinner invitation was very out of the blue.



Inwoo and JH together and he tears up



Another outing Anna and Kang Yeol-- drinks after dinner (?)



I mentioned I watch some episode reviews/recaps from fans etc. This one has the latest episode 12 recap with the older brother of one of the panelists and Jaeho from Season 2.  Plus they give their thought and theories as we head to ep 13 (FINALE)




Ep 12 Heart Signal --#골방예측단 12-1] 눈물을 보인 천인우, 눈물의 의미는..?



 12-2] 한결의 혼란.. 그리고 안나의 움직임

The preview for the FINALE is out for EPISODE 13. The final date is 2 days 1 night travel to JEJU! OMG!  As someone is quoted, it is not over til it is over. OOOOHHHHH .


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@Nodame everything about DG is so likeable.


Last episode next week. Who do you think are sure to choose each other? I wish we had a couple like JH and DE from season 2 :bawling: I think next week is going to be heartbreaking


I haven't watched EP12 yet but I enjoyed reading your post. Will there be a twist for AN and KY? I think KY is set to JH. Someone posted a photo he saw GH and IW dating. Is this for real? 



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@happysheep Agreed I had a crush on DG! So seeing him weekly with JM talking about clothes and Heart Signal 3 is interesting as no subs. I try to get the jist of what they say. I agree it was sweet to see DE & JH couple. (I see her acting in the weekend drama Once Again. When I saw her, I thought she looks familiar to me why?! She plays a minor character. Still happy she is living her dream!)


There was a photo posted online awhile ago of two people (tall and slender from behind) walking around IKEA. Netizens were guessing it was GH & IW. Not going to lie it does look like them from behind.

** You are up to date, new pic obscuring the faves definitely IW & GH!

I too haven’t seen Ep 12 yet as not subbed. But it will be by tonight (now 3am here). I should rest soon!

Based on the clip of Anna and KY, there wasn’t a twist. Anna expressed her curiosity and interest in him. He seemed surprised and was nice but not overly working hard to charm her. He kept saying in the clip during the date- I was surprised and didn’t expect it. But during the date when she didn’t want to leave the bar & have another drink (after he said it is late we should leave ) he did agree to stay. I felt not cause he liked her more being a gentleman.


HG I wonder about him. He is a nice guy but gave tulip to MJ and gave LP to GH (granted he prepared that before meeting everyone at Heart Signal House). Seems MJ made sandwich and had a book for HG. She really likes him. 

When I see MJ devotion to HG reminds me of JH.  Just HG gave up JH after seeing he was against IW and clearly JH was feeling him before KY came in to stir the pot.


Seems HG asks GH to go to the LP shop. MJ was jealous. And I loved they have great taste in music, The Carpenters! Omg a classic. The device GH found - I had one growing up and like her I forgot the name of it. They are just so cool and comfortable and not awkward. 

1) too comfortable can mean no romantic feelings (YJ and DG in S2)

2) one might have interest the other doesn’t 


Right now HG has two choices with GH seemingly giving up IW and not wanting the other guys but you got to choose a love line. HG did say initially thought GH as a sibling until their date he realized her charm.


As they say, it isn’t over til it’s over. As we know there are NO 100% couples and from rumors there is a surprise couple. But you no DE & JH.


Also thanks for the thoughtful and kind gift! I appreciated it and I was touched.:heart:



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@NodameYW :heart:


DE is living her dreams indeed. 


Yes the new pic where they were spotted last May at an amusement park. 


HG and GH have so many hobby similarities. I love watching them listening to jazz music, it's calming. Yup it's not over until it's over. Wonder who was the surprise couple. could it be ED and JH? :lol:


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I watched ep 12 yesterday night live and couldn't sleep well after watching IW and JH's talk (this line was tragic from start to end(?)). I can't understand Korean but the scene really had a huge impact.


Putting this out first, the most likely pairing for the last date (based on netizens' deduction from the background):

IW-AN (at the church)

ED-MJ (sea)

HG-GH (sea)

JH-KY (if this line doesn't come true, I don't know what to say)


At this point, I really don't understand how will IW-GH happen at the end of this show. If it happens outside of the show, then there's nothing to say I guess. There's no concrete photos about any intimate actions as far as I know, so it could also be a smokescreen designed by the members or the pd himself or they're just out as friends.


From the looks of this episode, I am not sure how the HG-GH line will move during the final date. GH talked about IW in the car, so HG should have realised GH's feelings towards IW. What step he will take from here regarding GH and MJ is really a mystery. He's pretty much getting flak from Chinese netizens for this and you could say it's worse than IW since MJ is really the viewers' darling.


I doubt ED-AN will happen either, with what AN said about her experiences so far. Since ED-MJ is likely happening for the final date, that could be a big talkout about all the underlying relationships in the house, since these 2 are really the most perceptive of the others in this show and they are really honest.


IW and AN pretty much have no interactions on this show at all (don't think they are from the same family tree). It's a fresh combination.


I don't really watch KY's parts because of his news (personal bias against him) but the KY-JH date should be as sweet as this week's.


IW-MJ and ED-JH buddy interactions are rare to come by but really nice to watch. I really hope this friendship continues past the show. (ED best support with closing the door)

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@lyd89  Thanks for sharing your thoughts and predictions as well as the Chinese fans thoughts.


Hmm if the predictions are true for the JEJU dates, OMG.


yeah I am still waiting for subs. Though I get the jist of the Korean, I don't understand it all. (All these years of watching Korean dramas is helping. It is how I learned my Cantonese--watching TVB dramas). 


- ED and JH at the laundry mat--- he is such a sweetie . So observant and sweet. Though he was also interested in her in the beginning he did back away knowing she was not into him. They def clicked well (I recall that time in the car to the market and when he asked what kind of house she wanted to live in). Though ED was sitting in the back, he had a more meaningful conversation with her. (Not easy to do.)


-Anna with ED, I don't feel it either. ED likes her (glad he had a chance to have dates as usually the female catfish has no LUCK in prior seasons). But when she was so cute and happy with her dinner date with KY. It was obvious. When KY asked WHY ask me to dinner ? Only for dinner? She had to confess she was curious. But who dislikes being liked and getting attention.


They are all attractive people, so when someone is out of sorts and not getting attention it is weird for them. Prior season members have mentioned it too. Hey first time for anything to feel it.


-I can understand the Chinese fans liking MJ. I like her alot as well and wish her well. She knew from get go HG was for her.


-IW get go knew JH was for him. JH was receptive to him first. But others interested in them GH and later KY for JH came into play.

If that wasn't there, it would very boring to watch and not fun.


But I don't think HG is that awful.  In their perspective they have a month together (catfish have less). We see it in 12-13 weeks increments. We see more what THEY cannot see. Unless you pay attention like ED and are perceptive and thoughtful, you can miss out on alot.


Seeing that teary IW and JH outing , IW stepped up to JH and showed himself to her. I have to give him props.He liked JH majority of the time and got swayed hard by GH (heck cannot blame him--she is an amazing gal). 


@lyd89 About the scandals, this seasons the cast members have so much beside prior years. I try not to let it bother me.

KY with the Burning Sun ties, he is unlucky with friends. The world is small but doesn't mean he was doing all those bad things. I recall when I was young enjoying life and having fun. The latest assault charge for protecting his GF.


GH who I adore and Anna both have bullying charges in the past. 


So trying to understand people can change and be better. They should be able to grow and be better and move on. 

Netizens though in Korea are pretty brutal and unforgiving.


I def looking forward to seeing the WHOLE episode with subs.


@happysheep Predictions---hard to say.I def do NOT see ED and JH. They are good friends who understand each other. Other than ED liking JH in the beginning, that ship has sailed once he saw IW with JH .  So I can 100% say no for that guess.


Also here is a clip of DK and JM with her designer friend talking about ep 12 (sorry no subs) 



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I've put the picture that netizens use to deduce the date pairing for Jeju.


For ED, something that people pointed out in recent episodes is that he still occassionally ties the string at his collar like a ribbon (something that JH suggested to him much in the earlier weeks). In the car before they drove off, he commented that it's been a long time since I looked at you like this. You can really sense the lingering affection he has.


As for HG, he needs to sort out his thoughts and give MJ an answer, hopefully before this whole thing ends.


Personally, I would be happy with either a IW-GH or IW-JH ending, though either will really result in many lingering regrets for one person. You can see that GH hasn't totally gotten over IW in that conversation with HG in the car, which of course HG noticed, that's why he drove into the wrong road (like IW).


Some viewers have said that the observers' comments are really important to know how the future story will flow. YSY's analogy about JH as a deer predicted JH proactively going out with IW. LSM jokingly commented about IW heading down a path of tragedy during the cast's job reveal and look at where IW is now.


Supposedly, Netflix has this show at 16 episodes? If there are specials it makes the whole show 14 episodes in total? I really don't see that they can finish this in ep 13 even with it being 2 hours long like ep 12.

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IW-MJ and JH-ED alliance is a fresh of breath air. At least we get to see some strong friendships despite all the lovelines tension in the house.


GH rejected HG in the car when she mentioned IW. Ouch. I hope that sorted out HG conflicted feelings. MJ decided to just go with her own pace and not compete I think thats a best approach


IW and JH lovestory is just sad. They basically fell in love at first sight with each other but all in the wrong timing. JH telling IW her feelings didn't change bc there wasn't really anything on between them hurt him. Them crying is so sad.


AN asked KY out but KY showing little interest in her throughout the date. KY is really into JH. ED knew AN's conflicted feelings so he wasnt still opening to her and still careful not to ruin anything.


EP12 was so long they tried to put everything in an episode lol.

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Supposedly, they are really ending the show at 13 ep. Last ep 4 hours anyone?


I'm not sure whether HG will give up or wait for GH after that trip. Both routes look possible.


Someone did a take on the relationship for JH-IW-GH and MJ-HG-GH. Do you go for someone you like or someone who likes you? I guess this will be answered next week.


JH-IW-GH storyline really has a strong theme of timing/fate/destiny. Timing is always off for IW-JH, and always there for IW-GH. 


I read a really interesting point about how MJ and IW probably have the toughest time filming due to the nature of their jobs, balancing work and this love life/battle. This, I think, is a really big disadvantage for the two of them. As LSM said, the one with the better condition will win. ED looks like a close second in this since his workplace likely isn't even in Seoul, considering his hometown isn't.


There is a Chinese sub for Prof Yang and Jaeho's analysis of ep 12 part 1.


Brief summary:



Prof thought IW cried after hearing JH's "nothing happened between us" and got sad.

Jaeho's thoughts on IW's crying: there wasn't much communication between jH and IW between KY's arrival and JH-KY dates, so this sentence could be interpreted as "there was no room for development in our relationship during that time", so IW cried after being saddened at this state in the relationship.

Prof's small conclusion: timing was always off for the two of them.

Jaeho: the crucial point is during the second date (that school uniform date), because IW had to take care of ED (who only had one ticket), things ended up like that, so could it be that he was saddened by this and cried?


On why JH cried:

Jaeho's possibilities: 1) she felt sorry, 2) she also likes him but it would not work out so she was sad too, the rest was shot down by Prof haha.


Prof agreed that the the reason for IW's tears could be the grief and regrets at the consistently off timing.

Elaborating on IW's tears after JH's sentence,

Prof: From IW's perspective, although he felt that he has already expressed a lot towards JH, it feels like all these has been denied, thus the tears.


Jaeho's bottle analogy on the situation of there being no chance for dates between IW and JH: feelings towards IW stayed as A, while feelings towards KY kept increasing as B over the dates, so KY was too good for JH  to choose IW instead, so IW was lamenting over the lack of chances.


Prof followed up with the question that if this is the case, why did JH ask IW out at Yeouido?

Jaeho: Because of what ED said to her.

Prof: This date is to sort out the feelings or to confirm them.

Jaeho: Right, if it is not to confirm, JH"s feelings may beome stronger after this outing. This situation may also be incomprehensible, but this kind of stuff happens naturally in signal house. It is not the end until it's over. You would have the desire to have one last confirmation about the other person's feelings.


On JH's dates,

Prof: With KY, she will express a lot of her thoughts and ask about the other person's feelings. She doesn't ask about the other person during dates with IW, just talking about her own story. This is because people become more eager at places that attract their feelings stronger. So, JH's heart is definitely leaning towards KY.


But as we saw JH send the message to IW, is this the signal to sort out, apologise or make a fresh start, it is not known.


(talk about why Jaeho went to heart signal)


Prof: KY's lines look like they come out of manga and dramas.

Jaeho: It's like picking the lines that women will definitely like to hear.

Jaeho's observation: when JH starts getting eager during the conversation, KY will become even more eager.

Prof: Because JH opened her heart, KY just charged in.

Jaeho: KY's lines were totally straightforward. (supposedly Goblin's lines make a appearance?)

Prof: You can see it as KY expressing that though I am a rational person, because of my feelings towards you, I cannot objectively look at this.


(Joke about going home late or later)


Talk about opposites attract,

Prof: I don't think that KY and JH are that much different. People's opinions about KY are that he's different from their first impressions. As KY expresses a lot of his inner thoughts, the possiblitiy of JH being attracted to this difference in impressions would be high (also the difference when he's at home and at dates) The talk about opposites attract is due to our preemptive judgement. If you look at it clearly, this couple has mentioned their inner thoughts the most.



Jaeho: This Yeouido date could bring about huge changes in the latter half.

Prof: So a restart after sorting out the feelings?

Jaeho: IW's flame may once again be ignited.

Prof: I feel that IW's heart may be feeling very tired right now. Though they are laughing together, he would be feeling really down. (asks Jaeho for his thoughts)

Jaeho: I am also not clear about this.



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