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@endeavor You bring up good points. I agree IW was charging ahead in beginning with JH but dates and stuff and being swayed by GH. ( cannot blame him) 


I still haven’t watched the subbed Latest episode yet 


I feel  I agree IW compared to the other guys, they are  more observant than him so when he got the wrong present and wrong post card for Jeju. The Lotte World date he couldn’t take though he knew it was JH.  

I don’t know netizens comments but I am think neither their faults and frankly the PD making us see some stories and not others. Also i applaud IW asking at least to give closure as he sincerely liked JH. JH did too but KY was lucky twice and they have better chemistry at that time. 

Sad JH cried but I felt compared other seasons not that dramatic. But hot pack hand holding omg big signal lol. I like ease of KY and JH. When she said you look good in turtle necks he was like I should wear them more.


Also glad KY told Anna’s after thought no to cafe date and talk in Seoul.


Glad HG told MJ I want to stop talking of others and concentrate on us & our time together 



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IW has sorted out his feelings with JH. He just confirmed that JH and him have no chance. That can be a start to open his heart to GH. I dont think IW deserved all the hate he's getting. I admit i get frustated at him sometimes but that doesnt change the fact that he's just following his heart just like the other tenants.


Sad for ED. Not a slight chance. AN ended it but I do think ED will still vote for her (just like DG last season)


Unless HG change his mind in the last 2 days, MJ and HG is a sure couple

10 hours ago, lyd89 said:

Ep14 has quite a light content load so I'm not sure why we are dragging it to 15 episodes but next week is definitely the last episode (not including the special). I'm not sure if the pd team is leaving a few big bombs for the last episode that's why ep 13 and 14 were so light on content.

Noticed the amount of PPL is greater than last season. They're probably milking it cuz show's doing well.

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I'm not at my computer now so some short thoughts. The amount of ppl is indeed high I can't help but think that pd is laying the ground for something big.


Knets are actually quite balanced on their views of JH this episode in case JH fans are worried but it's a landslide bashing of IW by Cnets.


We all agree that IW is trying to get closure but it seems people bashing him don't try to understand him from that angle and criticize his actions alone. People forget that there's a time limit to this show. If you don't get closure, the emotional scarring is only going to get worse. To take a part out of Prof's analysis from 14-1, it's not full closure for IW yet and they are hinting the possibility neither is it for JH.


This episode was depressing to watch and I wrote down a lot of thoughts. To be honest, though the love lines look like they are set in stone, it feels more like a choice for the sake of the time limit.


Edit: I agree with @Nodame that editing will distort the storyline. There were people who pointed out that IW was maliciously edited to be over eager for the first episode. There seems to be a lot of parts cut from the JH KY talk for the drama but I think most people will ignore this anyway since these two are pretty much end game.

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@lyd89 Thanks PD and editing for sure 


Yes I was going to watch and then got friends needing my help. I will catch up tomorrow.


Yeah JH still cared ergo crying . Yeah the IW and GH IKEA and other recent pics make sense 


JH and KY yeah we shall see as I haven’t watched episode 


MJ and HG , he likes her but I don’t feel he is smitten but appreciates /respects her , but MJ is totally Gaga for him 


ED doing DG I agree. But yeah when Anna asked HG for cafe date I don’t blame her as no other choice than ED and she isn’t into him. 

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To elaborate my views based on the points mentioned in @endeavor's post


I agree on the part about the photos. Especially when you take into account that IW still hasn't resolved the ties with JH so late in the show, people do not like that GH became a second best choice when IW gets rejected. To be honest, the photos do not really suggest anything that IW and GH are lovers not friends, and words can be made up. My preferred response from IW would be for him to give a considerate answer to GH instead of saying let's start a relationship now, though I won't know what will happen for the last episode. Knowing that you are the second best choice when watching the show isn't a good feeling. A comment mentioned that GH must really have a strong heart dating after watching all this. Whatever happens though, I will respect their choices. I lament that IW-GH scenes are too few to come by in this show. They really look compatible on screen.


I also don't think IW is detail-oriented but I think his conduct in front of the other girls is quite considerate. I still remember the part during IW-AN date whereby AN mentioned that the girls said that you will always open the door for them first so she wanted to experience it (lol like a tourist attraction). Same consideration showed during that long drive with GH at ep 11 whereby he asked if she would be able to get in and drove the car out for her convenience. Unless it is something that was programmed into him like some training, his good intentions behind his actions does show in small parts. For female-male interactions after the show so far on the net, if you take away the IW-GH photos, theres a JH-HG-ED photo of them visiting HG"s shop (likely his shop) and then there's MJ leaving a comment on IW's instagram and IW responding. Given how MJ is potrayed as perceptive and straightforward on the show, if IW was really that bad, I don't think she will still do this after the show. (small detail of her helping to steady the small saucer when IW was pouring the drink at night, really caring of her)


Emotional intelligence is really a glaring weakness of IW but then I also wonder if this is something that you are able to get better on quickly since it is something intangible. I think that everyone has different starting points for different aspects in life. It may take years for someone to catch up to others' level in a certain aspect. I am really not sure if it is more realistic to expect IW to ask JH for closure nicely or for JH to pick up courage to give IW a straight "let's stop now". I didn't include the "no feelings for you" part for JH because both observers and herself know that it's still there.


We are reaching the finale soon and to report on some news of the cast. Knets are really ruthless in digging up your history and background. So far, out of the cast, only IW, ED, MJ, JH have really nothing bad coming out. I think GH and HG are suing. KY's is pretty much there and he posted an apology letter (though I don't know why he made that instagram post private and incurred the wrath of Knets again). As for AN's, there's really no waves so far. ED is really popular among the male viewers (lol). JH comes from a rich family background. Any reveal about MJ is basically about her being a goddess/angel (lol). I think Knets went especially hard on IW (likely due to his high profile job), digging all the way back to his high school but it is totally clean so far. I have seen comments from people working in IT companies that IW's qualifications are pretty much close to the roof for what you can find in the field (and apparently Facebook's standards are really high). Moreover, he was poached to his current company. Edit: I forgot to add that someone quipped that if IW had such a likable and popular personality, you wouldn't even see the guy on a dating show lol.


IW's and ED's instagram replies sometimes get posted online for amusement. ED's replies are really funny and IW"s replies are pretty much like IW himself lol.

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@lyd89 omg :yaaa:

I def see your points and agree.


I too wish GH and IW scenes more & frankly she is brave to still try. All you can do and for her seeing KY and JH close. The chat with ED date was illuminating. Plus preparing using IW camera and the earrings def she cannot let go.


Dang netizens looking forward dirt. Should it matter no one is a saint angel. I recall seeing IW chubby pics. Yeah in USA Facebook is top place for top talent . Anna had supposed work bullying scandal & GH too in regards to bullying. But seriously why people want to drag people in the mud once they get famous? Makes you wonder how unsatisfying their own personal life must be.


- Need to watch the episode but yeah need drama or boring.





My friend did typing transcripts for the USA reality show The Bachelor - she said a lot times if the people are too nice or boring they had them/say do things to make it more interesting . So she always said don’t believe reality tv and a lot just wanted fame/fortune & popularity.


- IW was always having good manners with the ladies I did notice too 

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Prof Yang's 14-1 analysis, guest: Soyoung from season 1's panel (I think she has a psychology degree too)


(exchanging formalities)

(cue the heatpack signal)

SY: I think that KY knows a lot about how to touch someone's heart.

Prof: There's really a lot of people who went back to rewatch the scene, looking at whether he grabbed the heatpack or the hand, and even doing an analysis from different angles. But we can definitely confirm that JH responded, looking at JH's moving finger.

(talking about date application)

SY: I think that KY is really good with words. In order to not hurt AN's heart when rejecting her, it looks like he tried to make his words sound nicer. But I think that though the reason for rejecting her may be that he doesn't like AN, when washing dishes, IW asked him about the date with AN, KY could have realised that after the meal with JH, IW may ask JH out when he goes on the date with AN. Could it be that due to this, KY was more firm in his rejection?

Prof: "If I go to the cafe with AN, IW may do the same with JH." Due to this worry and sense of insecurity, KY gave a firm rejection. After the date on the first day, JH was constantly aware of IW's facial expressions and KY constantly noticed that. From KY's point of view, it is impossible not to be cautious of IW, so in order to protect JH, he rejected the date with AN.

IW-JH talk

Prof: This is one of the highlights of today's episode.

(conversation scene)

Prof: I can feel that IW now has slightly let go of his feelings for JH. "I get it. To put it simply, your date with KY has nothing to do with me" He sorted out the sequence of events from the conversation. Because her emotions seemed to have welled up, JH immediately said "I'll leave first" and left the place. Then IW said goodbye.

SY: That was really saddening. I really understand JH"s perspective. Didn't JH study overseas and said that it was a hard time for her? I'm now living in the US and studying there. Looking at the lives of the peers around me, there will definitely be a lack in the sense of security. Because of this, they will look for guys who can lessen this sense of insecurity

Prof: A sense of certainty

SY: They will be more attracted to people like this. In signal house, though one's feelings may change, although IW is not bad, but there are no disappointing things about KY, which IW has, so KY is the safer choice.

Prof: But in that situation, no matter what, if IW grabs at the chance once again or express himself once more, I also thought about what will happen after that.

(JH crying)

Prof: Why did JH cry? It's because she felt sorry towards IW and there were regrets. What I see is that JH crying is a form of sorting out her remaining feelings for IW who is like a first love. Her tears bear a meaning that only belongs to her. (SY"s ahhh) What's with that expression? It's not like this?

SY: For me, JH holding back her tears and looking  at the sky seems like she's sending out a signal. In that case, if IW was more sensitive,

Prof: You thought he may chase after her.

SY: I think that JH's heart may be looking for consolation or hoping that someone will witness her crying.

Prof: So she started crying after walking a few steps?

SY: It's possible? (laughter)If you say it that way....

Prof: Actually, even if IW knew that JH is crying, he's not in a position whereby he can chase after her. You can't say IW did anything wrong when his heart wavered due to GH, but JH did got hurt due to that. After that when IW turned towards JH again, looking at how well the KY-JH relationship was going, he's in a constant state of getting hurt with the physical and emotional exhaustion for all this while, Then in front of my eyes, JH tells me that it has nothing to do with me, no matter what my decision is, she will still go on the date with KY. IW once again confirmed that JH's heart is leaning towards KY. About JH crying, though the possibility of IW not knowing is large, even if IW knows, he's not in a position to chase after her.

IW-GH date

Prof: IW, as we have always joked about, has all the characteristics of someone from a engineering background. Only when he has confirmed something, will he be relieved of his wories. Regarding things that are not confirmed or unable to be confirmed, IW's psychological exhaustion in signal house is really big. IW wanted to see JH's response and was rejected by her. Although he's really hurt by this and very tired, on the other hand, it is very possible that IW has sorted out all his thoughts in his head. At the moment that the answer "Not JH" appeared, between two options, when one is wrong, the other option would be correct. So from IW's point of view, once the option of JH is gone, "Ah, JH's choice is not me, then I have to take back my feelings." The burden on his feelings may possibly be lightened. Compared to IW's drinking the night before and his talk with JH, his tired expression after being rejected by her, when in the car with GH, his facial expression became better and better. Of course, GH's effect was huge. But, isn't it strange for a guy who got rejected by the girl he likes to get better so fast? I think this is due to IW managing to clear the confusion in this head.

SY: I think that GH is really good at leading the conversation.

Prof: The best. When the date started, what did GH say? (GH talking about the market) GH is really aiming straight for IW. (GH talking about setting down the date for saturday together. Prof talking about the hot choco) Each of her sentences conveyed her feelings towards IW. Then what did GH do? She took out the IW item. (GH wearing her earrings)

SY: I feel that she's really good at dating.

Prof: GH is the best. (Lol Prof is really GH's fan by this time) GH definitely has her competitive streak. The reason for that was that she was attracted to IW from the start. Then she laid it all out. Then IW said something that motivated her. "I was attracted to you during the first date" GH's expression after that was really of someone who got the world. It feels like the tired IW managed to find a booster like GH. It really is like GH bringing up IW's condition up at once from the ground.

SY: From IW's point of view, what's different from the previous date with GH is that he now knows more about GH's unrequited love, so he will be more thankful towards GH. When taking the photos, IW was hanging the camera around his neck. That camera has always been a IW item that belonged to GH. Seeing that IW was carrying it for her, I think that GH will be very happy.

(IW comparing the pottery and toy model)

Prof: There seems to be a subtle meaning behind IW's words. I didn't really expect IW will be able to say this. Really, after so long, IW's arrow is now pointing towards GH. Then, will he really completely take back his feelings towards JH?

SY: Of course not. (laughter) I think that if JH were to say, "I'm consious of you" or "You caused my heart to waver." Just one sentence. It feels like she will only need half of GH's effort to waver IW. It's only a change of routes, but the original route in his heart does not look like it has now disappeared.

Prof: It's a road that he wants to go but can't go, but that road has not disappeared. It really feels like JH only has to say a few words then she can accomplish it. If JH just looked at IW and asks him to say something, IW may just immediately KO. Even though IW may waver again if given that leeway, compared to before, IW more or less should know in his heart that he should not be wavered by JH.

(final couple prediction)

Since this analysis is part of the offical channel's videos, the analysis tends to be milder and more civil, but you can still use the analysis to see who is the key person that affects the relationships.


Ep14 was really frustrating to watch for me because it continues the stalemate from ep 13. I'm not sure HG-MJ will be able to take a step further. On the other hand, I'm glad to see ED-AN reached closure. These two are able to share their thoughts without holding back and understand the other side's position. I think ED really has no regrets like he said. How I wish these 2 can talk some sense into the key parties for the other relationships to really make a clear cut decision.


4 more days before the final resolution(or lack thereof).


Edit:@NodameYeah, I think the reason why the occupations felt more special this season was particularly due to pd looking for people who didn't need the fame (or will get accused of it). IW's job pays well and MJ is definitely doing her job due to her passion. I think ED's job isn't really affected by media attention, though if he gets more personal commissions, it's good for him since I don't think the demand for personal models are that high. AN as a secretary also doesn't really need the fame. I can't speak for the current students but the rest may really need the advertisement lol.

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@lyd89 Thanks again angel for translations!!


- true about the occupations but I read MJ and JH were beauty pageants and GH in a supermodel competition 


- though MJ job is her passion and JH does what she wants, both used their beauty in pageants 


-KY could use customers for his biz and HG could consult more potential clients with exposure and minor scale ED too


- Anna not much as personal assistant and IW too


- GH school but helps sibling out could get more clients to that clinic she volunteers at 


-I agree not seeing MJ sailing with HG due to him. I don’t see him

into her as she deserves. It’s nice to admire & like someone but he is not the same level of interest as MJ 


- Sad for ED but he tried his best like Anna is with KY with no success too . Can’t blame her for trying coming in so late (way later than KY)


-IW and JH yeah hard. But saying unresolved feelings with fully knowing JH great points shared by the panelist - but right now led to believe KY and JH

(still not watched the episode yet)

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Prof Yang's 14-2 analysis, guest: Joowon from S1 cast


(exchanging formalities and asking about recent condition) (note: I'll omit out HS1 stuff that they occasionally ask in the video since I lack context (I didn't watch the first season lol))

(asking JW about the HS3 viewing experience, JW's favorite line is IW-JH)

8 people gathering after first day's date

Prof: On the first night when everyone gathered for dinner, you can feel  the kind of glommy atmosphere.

JW: IW should be feeling very frustrated with himself now. I feel that although IW himself knows that he's lacking in some aspects, he's unable to express it so he's drowning his sorrows.

Prof: After JH arrived, IW's expression got worse, so JH was really consious of it while KY was observing JH and IW from the side.

JW: It's a suffocating atmosphere.

Prof: To describe how the atmosphere there was suffocating and depressing, (scene replay), everyone started dispersing.

KY-JH date

Prof: At the start of the date, KY joked, "Why did you cry? Are you a crybaby?" to convey the message that I knew that you cry. After JH heard that and looked at KY's expression, she was constantly concerned, so she said to KY, (scene replay) JH's way of explanation (feelings that only she and IW understand) might have hurt KY. KY said something really important (scene replay). KY's way of viewing people's feelings is all or none while for JH, people's feelings are in the form of percentages. I think this may leave room for confusion in the development of their future relationship. What do you think, JW?

JW: I think JH did not leave any leeway. When you look at the scene of the date, (talking about the bowls of rice) I think this indicates the intention to share with you. So, although I am apologetic towards IW, I think it does not look like JH has left any room for IW.

Prof: Actually, KY also knows this. Although he knows that JH's choice in her heart is him, but how do I say it, KY may have over-expressed his sadness. But then from JH's side, she may possibly feel panicked or sorry about this.

(JW describing his personality as different from KY and that he may be more accomodating instead)

Prof: Although he has been acting fine all this time, it is very possible that a lot of saddening things accumulated in KY's heart during this period. KY may have been venting it all out. It may not be due to the skinship the previous day.

(JW talking about the effects of skinship that I mentioned before in a previous analysis)

Prof: I originally thought if IW or AN made a fuss,, there may be a change in KY-JH relationship, but KY is not angry about IW but JH's feelings. Even small cracks can cause a relationship to break down. If you eliminate these scenarios, these two will become a couple likely.

JW: I think JH and KY's relationship will progress as normal. If room is left for IW now, it will be a little difficult to draw the line again in the future.

(HS1 stuff)

HG-MJ date

JW: After watching it, it really feels like the usual HG.

Prof: Although it was nice to see the couple I support progressing well, MJ's heart was actually experiencing turmoil. (scene replay) MJ seems to be expressing her apologies towards GH and HG. If she knew GH and IW were having a good date, she may have felt slightly better. HG gave a mature and gentlemanly answer to this. (scene replay) HG looks really charming here.

(jokes and HS1 stuff)

ED-AN date

Prof: ED feels sorry for him seemingly causing AN inconveninence and burdening her. It was also about whether he has snatched or hindered her chances for dates with the other guys. From AN's point of view, she's aware of AN's good intentions. Though she's thankful, she's worried that ED might misunderstand so she didn't say it out. Because she didn't say it out, she felt even more sorry. Through this conversation, the misunderstanding seems more or less cleared. (asks JW on this thoughts)

JW: If there's no turnaround, it's hard for this couple to come true. There's also what AN said at the end. (scene replay) This seems to be saying that "I liked KY but couldn't get his heart so I feel that I am lacking". It feels like she's clearly rejecting ED. 

Prof: I feel that there's 2 possible reasons. One is what JW said. The other one is also about rejection. "I am lacking in many areas, so I feel sorry about you" If someone likes me, but my heart is not with him, I think a clear rejection is the expected courtesy. (Haiz when I saw this, I can't help thinking about the what if if JH had arrived at this already. IW had to force something out of her and is now getting shot on the net for it)

JW: It's really not easy in the house.

(HS1 stuff)

Prof: You can actually see one's personality from this. It is not about being cool. Because I do not like ED who likes me, I rejected him. I wanted to send the message to KY once again that I like him, so that I do not leave with regrets. She does not want to regret it.

Final couple prediction

Prof: Your thoughts on the last 2 days?

JW: You will have a lot of internal struggles. Will it be not as tragic or will it be more tragic?

(arrows for the couples)

JW: I am unsure about IW because he may still lean towards JH.

Prof: I think that IW has already let go of a lot of his feelings towards JH. If JH leaves room for him, he may waver, but since IW is really tired from all this, it's likely impossible.


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@lyd89 OMG interesting and thanks for the illuminating words about ep 14.


Anna when she was stewardess that bullying rumor, hmm thanks I was wondering .


Finally watched ep 14 over the weekend, took a bit of time life and bad internet.


-I can see why Anna is wanting to go on date and not have regrets. I mean her time is SHORT and though she appreciates ED, she knew that meeting was ED wanting to apologize (so sweet and so HIM to want to do it) Def feels like Anna knows what kind of man ED is but unfortunately she doesn't return his feelings. She will keep on KY even if she has no hope as she has no feelings for the others


-ED glad he got closure but still ROTS for him and his heart. He is this season DG for me. Awww


-IW is finally able to MOVE on after JH told him her decision to eat meat with KY would not have been different if he asked her to do something. Sad for him, but I CANNOT begrudge ANYONE trying their best

(I mean we as audience see what the PD nim want us to see. They cannot always catch everything what everyone else is doing)

Yeah if JH was wavering, then GH would not have a chance with IW. I think this last chat with IW giving him closure to go to GH who is TOTALLY into him.


-GH really likes IW and I hope IW is sincere with her and not with her for EGO and just be the balm for his love wounds from rejection from JH. GH seems like ok with IW if JH doesn't want him. I mean others have mentioned that she is second best. This is a not normal situation and you are stuck for a month. People date others and sometimes other new couples are from amongst friends or people who were interested getting a chance from their crush to date them. So nothing knew, nothing to be shamed if GH gets dates with IW if JH is with KY. She is clear on her goal and it is IW and that is it. NO matter how she can DATE or be with him that is IT. 


KY was interesting showing his concern and not being happy, it is natural and will that make JH waver back to IW. IF that does that is soo messed up. 


HG and MJ are cute but again I didn't feel the LOVE from HG as much as MJ likes him. (He was more animated with GH as due to same interests) and HG caters to MJ what she likes and remembers-- the tulips, having a date at his studio to make a cake (her dream to do that). etc.


As we gear to the finale, I hope ALL find happiness no matter in the house or out. Frankly it is VERY rare reality tv couples get married or stay married --even with USA Show The Bachelor and Bachelorette. This was filmed and ended in winter and now is July. IT has been some time since the show ended and these folks been living their normal Day to Day life since then. 


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@lyd89 OK I am ok with spoilers I WANNA know!


edit: Found out on YT comments, the only two couples I thought before.


I won't have subs til at least tomorrow night and I haven't watched any clips of today's episode. 




edit: Lunch time found some clips of the final interviews and watching them unsubbed right now.


Unsubbed review of ep 15




review number two of ep 15






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The main storyline is pretty much over. What I want now is more IW-JH and IW-GH moments for the special. (Look at GH's instagram profile now. I really don't know what's the IW-GH status now with all these teasing spoiler pictures and last minute turnover in the episode itself lol)


I've seen comments on reddit complaining about the editing direction for the show (JH-centric, slow etc.) but didn't really see people analysing the reason behind it. I have seen some posts by Cnets that actually go into this analysis and it's a really good read. Some even talk about the specific bgm played during the scenes, example: the lyrics of lover during IW-JH scenes that pretty much describe their states. I think the Netflix version(?) switches the bgms so you would need to find the original Korean version for the correct bgms.


I'll share some posts here and if anyone here wants to rewatch the season sometime in the future(I think we have less than 5 users here haha). Using this viewpoint may give you a whole new perspective into the cast's feelings. As I have seen someone mentioned for HS2, YJ's viewpoint and HW's viewpoint really will make you understand the ending differently. (I've only seen snippets of HS2 but the female cast for that season really stood out)


First post was likely posted by the OP around ep 12 (when IW cried)


At around ep10, IW recounted that on the second day after the first date, JH in her black coat came in like a cloud slowly appearing, and he experienced the same feeling as seeing her on the first day at the house.


I only understood after watching till here. If this season's theme's (Once again, first love) female lead is JH, then the male lead is actually IW. The pd team's editing direction is from the angle of describing IW and JH"s emotions at every moment.


The pd team spent an entire 10 episodes to describe in detail this couple's meeting and overlap until their gradual parting. You can see every moment of their emotional concerns and wavering, how they parted ways, how they changed. The pd team sacrificed and compressed the other cast members' screentime for this. The centre of the screen is always the close up shot of IW and JH's facial expressions like a drama.


The pd team narrated the story from JH and IW's perspectives, but this story's female and male leads did not end up together. They ended up parting ways and moved on with the person of their choice. But then for ep 11-12, the pd team's editing directions still puts IW and JH's emotional turmoil at the centre. 


Sometimes, I can understand why the pd team said this season is historical. It is a little unbelievable to display such exquisite, sincere even classical emotions in modern society, how a person's pure instinctual reaction would be when he likes someone.


To add on with a comment by a different user, whose posts are one of my favourites:

After reading what you wrote, I understood why the first 8 episodes felt so scattered and boring. Just like how JH was criticised to be uninteresting and awkwardly laughing, a gentle and restrained character would not be popular at the start. These small boring details that lay the ground for the female lead and this unbearably awkward atmosphere were elevated into a shocking display of tears (JH"s) in ep 12. This season is already a classic based on this storyline alone.

I'll add more here when I have the time to translate more haha.

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@endeavor and @lyd89 I am happy with the last episode choices too.


I plan to watch tonight.

I watched a TON of clips on YT (non subbed). So yeah seeing HG and MJ clips going into the end, I appreciated HG to MJ and felt more comfortable with the pairing.  I loved he had flowers and took hold ofher HAND when they met up! I loved he said you ALWAYS were going to me and this TIME I will go to you. OH MY HEART!


As for HG and JH, I was glad too. After they confirmed their hot pack hand holding (every so slight) it was the FIRST I saw and very record breaking to see that. Good for HG. I was worried he was still confused and did not like MJ enough to choose her.


I applaud ED and Anna for choosing who they like, even though THEY knew that person did not want to be with them. The heart wants it wants no rhyme or reason and the HEAD added in doesn't always help.  Give props for GH going to IW and bringing the cups (taking the initiative to pick them up).


I agree with @lyd89 good of IW to go and be true. He did not lie to GH when asked if JH said yes would he have not said yes to her her for peanut ice cream? But glad he also said the heart skipping a beat moment from their dinner date. He was real at that point and DID feel moved by her.


Interesting and cool you noted that the PD nims of those show and I do agree were all about IW and JH as the MAIN OTP. The first love (falling at first glance) and the other seasons had that JH character too. I think out of the three I like JH the best. She is someone who received alot of love and she IS lovely. She does have a pure heart and so does IW.  Fated to meet but destined to NOT be together in this who.


HG and GH had great comfy times together. If GH was interested I think HG would have been more swayed. But GH was so into IW and though she considered him briefly, IW was the person. When she had talked to ED during their date, she admitted in Jeju without knowing I got IW earrings and camera with me. Even if she wasn't sure her heart and brain were not united. She unconsciously pined for IW. 


True about GH and IW pics did not help IW image. But frankly I am glad they were friendly and were able to meet after the show. I applaud GH she is woman crush. Good for her. IW and JH are good people but not for each other. Sad that JH now regrets knowingly NOT choosing IW's present when he gave her the BIG hint and freebie his present. That one decision changed everything.  The fact THEY could have had a REAL date from the beginning but she was fearful and scared of her strong feelings just shows she was not ready. Even with HG she had trepidation and HG was able to go on dates (not expected) to see JH , it was their time.



@lyd89 I love your participation and kindness to share Cnet and Knet news. I don't read much and the English subbed stuff is LIMITED. So apart from the popularity in searches or the bullying scandal and Burning sun not much I saw about this reality show. So this forum gave me some sanity. I loved that the women in S2 are close and friendly. I watched all S1 and S2 but both without the original BGM (and let me tell you) it was boring and I wondered why they were left out. Knowing it was out for licensing was annoying so watching the scenes your senses are more heightened for the reality show. Sad I missed out as both S1 and S2 I just watched due to the pandemic and more time at home.


Thanks @happysheep for making this forum. Though we were small, it was nice to share with others. I don't know the Chinese resources and my Korean though ok for simple Korean details def were missed.


I cannot wait to see the BTS and bloopers and stuff they did not want us to see. If I had MORE time I would rewatch but dang 90 min episodes are long. I don't have it in NETFLIX in North America. So I am glad to FINALLY see it IRL with the official BGM. Dang so much better setting the moods of the dates, members of the cast and just vibe.

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IW-JH will forever be my regretful "what if" loveline, while IW-GH will be my "please happen" loveline (I'm just waiting for the special to hopefully tell us about the actual status of IW-GH, or any ig reveal after that is also fine. GH is practically teasing CP fans with that ig profile pic)


Really heartwarming and cute ig interaction for ED-MJ-IW

ED: Oppa, if you reply me, I'll drink and dance

MJ: Oppa, you are just using this as an excuse for a chance to dance, right? Just eat your meat.

IW: That's right, What MJ said is right. If you really wanted to dance, you should be singing in the last episode. Why are you asking me to sing then?


Edit: IW wants ED to dance to Rain's Gang so that he can put it on ig lol.

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@lyd89  Thanks for your thoughts.


I finally watched the almost 2 hours finale. My connection stopped and started a lot.


I agree IW and JH ---"what if" and IW and GH "please happen" is so true.

But you know, as the panelist from Season 1---both IW and JH though liked each other, they were never as comfy (or got to that point) as IW was with GH and JH was with KY.


HG was so sweet to make the afternoon tea--- I love afternoon tea and specialty drinks for each person. So thoughtful. Funny how little bro like KY was with GH wanting to try her hot chocolate! LOL. I love mojitos and interesting that HG wanted to make for him. I don't think as something with afternoon tea or winter but still cute. ED with his Lemon Coke and the others with coffee. Nice his for MJ was Austrian Style. IW just straight on I need caffeine fix and JH with her Iced coffees/Americanos.


The final 10 minute interviews were interesting. 


KY was nice to talk to Anna and let her know he felt bad about Jeju. He is a decent guy. He did the right thing staying with JH but he was always making sure to let the other person know to not leave hanging.

I think communication if late or or not conveyed eventually WERE and that was KEY and refreshing and nice to see. When you are in a fish bowl, the panelist from season 1--everything is heightened. One thing being on panel seeing everything, like all knowing, but when you are in it---you are anxious and don't have that ability to see everything as you are LIVING  your life and having your life watched too at the house and on dates.


The first OVERNIGHT and TRAVEL dates that needed flying, the other seasons I think had driving dates (day trips) no overnights. Though Season 2 had Busan but no mention of staying over in Busan though.


IW and JH when they met up, how IW did not want a bad last memory with JH so he wanted to meet up in Seoul. I agreed with JH , I would be surprised too . But knowing IW personality it was him to do. I am glad no regrets. JH was so candid to let him know her biggest regret was being scared of her strong feelings for IW she deliberately did NOT choose his present. (I recall her saying that to her own brother and gf/wife when they met up.) Both had first impression (strong impression of attraction). Def agree about the "what if" vibes for sure.


Awww cool GH, even thoughts she does want to know and doesn't want to know, mad respect for her doing what she did. I liked that they left it as see you later (after the show). Which we know they hung out. That is prob with men and women hanging out, you don't know if dating or chilling (unless obvious skinship). The pics posted in May they were just walking around.  


(I am single and I have a guy friend we hang out alot and travel together. People always assume we are married or dating. We are not.) At times it gets tiring we don't correct them if we are never seeing them again or it is not important. LOL.


Congrats on PO and Eana for winning this Season. I agree this season was the best one. I agree some article I read that S1 was about appearances and not wanting to be alone and choosing the safe choice (I felt that a little in S2 for one couple). Season two def loved the bonds of friendships of the CAST so strong. DG I loved and seeing ED reminded me of him, but ED is a bit more savvy than DG though. Both have great voices, thoughtful and attentive. Oh Young Joo was my female crush that cast. I loved Rose (from NY) she was a cool addition. The male catfish Hyun Woo -chef he was alright. I liked KY better than him , but both are different people. HW was chef and oldest and jaded by love. KY is younger and more outgoing and def DIRECT.  He was all for JH. HW was not he wavered and though he seemed to go for one gal (he thought) he did not.  OYJ to me is like GH in sense the cool gal and you like her a lot. 


I agree ED, IW Anna , and GH all going to who they want even if they won't be chosen. Wow two COUPLES that is amazing. I was glad HG was very clear and sweet telling MJ he was charmed by her the more he got to kow her.  This is my fave season. Though the PD nims loved IW and JH (there is always a couple they love to show the most) I liked the other interactions. Season 1 --one gal cute and attractive was having NO attention and dates. Saddened me. Season 2 DG and Rose /Changmi did not date too much--though Changmi was interested in DG. Smart of ED and HG to give up on JH knowing of IW. Other seasons the guys liking the gal with the pretty attractive smile (great first impression) was harder for the guys to let go.


I loved hearing the REAL BGM this season as I couldn't for the versions I watched online that I could access at Rakuten/Viki --so the periods of silence wondering the music used ---sad. I wish  I knew of it.


Very curious about the next episde BTS/ snippets /bloopers etc. Cute that KY still bumped into the hanging light fixture (even towards the end) . The perils being tall. I liked his bromance with HG. Cute that HG asked JH why KY liked him. LOL. Adorbs.


Def feel friendships will last outside the house. JH is sweet and I am sentimental like her. I loved her saying enjoying the people around greeting her and eating together.  She is a sweetie pie. Def liked the cast alot this season, I wish them all happiness. Hope the  "new" (actually old) couples as this was months ago work out, even if they don't they were true to their feelings and once after the CAMERAS are off is the real time to be a couple.


Again, I have to say, I know I said this loved HG said I need to be the one to go to you as you come to me every time bravely. After giving the gorgeous bouquet the fact he asked to hold her HAND (yesh). Loved it!


 I hope we can wrap up chatting after seeing next week's episode @happysheep and @endeavor @lyd89 Thanks for being a place to chat and learn (I wish we had  more people) but it was enough. I appreciate you ALL!

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@NodameThis season is really good. I am watching S2 now here and there and had this "what if" thought to put s3's male cast together with s2's female cast. It feels like the interaction would be really interesting since s2's girls are really outgoing.


I am putting one of the translated top comments under the IW-JH date video for ep 15 here. It's food for thought as we look at IW's actions this season. I really have not seen someone like him in my life so far.


Comment: I feel that, in this seaon of Heart Signal, the point about IW that left a deep impression is that it is very difficult for people to be so frank at every single moment in real life, because people will be conscious about other people's expressions and thoughts and their own image. However, even in a filmed program, IW was the most honest with his own feelings, and thoroughly displayed that to others at the same time. There are no moments when you feel that he is lying or fake. You can feel that he really is just being what he truly is, a really truthful person, and also his pride and dignity of the person he is. The reason for why he can do this is that IW thinks that his own feelings and thoughts are the most precious compared to the image that others have of him. Although some people will think that this frankness, directness, saying what you shouldn't say, is not good, but I  really admire this frankness. This shows that he has a resilient ego that allows him to fully express this frankness and it is very charming.


Another comment from Cnet for the OP who translated the Korean comments:

This is a point which I admire IW about. When someone grows up, he will always be educated to know his boundaries and be more smooth in talking. There's nothing wrong with this, but there will also be many moments when you faked politically correct answers or say things that go against your true thoughts. IW's directness from start to finish breaks away from this trend. When the atmosphere in society leans towards ambience, it is really precious to see someone come out to say his true thoughts. Although this precious quality would sometimes be hurting, it is at least simple, with nothing in there to be doubted.

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@lyd89 Thank you so much for sharing.


Yes S2 gals were sooooo cool! I loved them! Loved the reviews of S3 with Changmi and DG with her designer friend talking about the fashion. (Her fashion designer friend break out star LOL to get attention.)  They were so precious! Glad you are enjoying it! 


Yes IW is a gem and even though he says the truth he is not hurtful or mean just being him. You know he is being sincere and trying his best. I cannot fault him on it. I loved the comments  you shared . I agree he is a RARE person in today's society.I like to think I am truthful, but I too don't do what he does for social harmony or fear of hurting feelings etc. 


So true IW does not want to leave any doubts.  He may not be the smoothest person but  I agree with the panelists whoever is with IW will not have to worry about lack of communication. I think this SEASON is BEST in that by far. Def got better as seasons progressed. Wonder what they will do next season, going to be hard to beat this one. Even though there were scandals, it overall did not hurt the show. I loved seeing the HIGH finale ratings I read yesterday.




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Im also glad they chose the person whom they liked until the end even it meant ending up alone. Season 3 was so good. It feels more raw and authentic.


The "leaks" like the surprise couple were just diversionary tactic because the couples were quite predictable. If IW and GH were really dating now, then good for them. When IW asked GH about the gifts, it felt like a confession that he's ready to open his heart to GH outside the show. It was a sweet moment.


Fate really sealed KY and JH.

MJ and HG. Wow. What a love story. I remember thinking that MJ might end up alone in the first half. When he hold her hand I wanna scream lol


@Nodame @lyd89 @endeavor thank you for joining the little discussion of this thread. I had fun reading your thoughts and it helped me a lot to understand the cast members more. ^^


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