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I saw a comment saying that IW scenes' bgms are always sad and like they said you can see his face is much thinner compared to the start. If we ignore all the spoilers out there, I at least hope that he can tie up all the loose ends for himself by the time this whole thing ends.

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@lyd89 You are a STAR! YES, I only understand so much of their Korean (casual listener and never formally learned it) so you clarified alot for me. I got bits and pieces each week. I knew Prof Yang and Jae Ho were talking alot about IW and JH and sad for them. You definitely helped me alot! You are a star! 


*BTW where do you go? My Chinese is second year in college, but I would like to challenge my paltry reading skills.


@happysheep Agreed, I liked the Alliances scenes alot. As you said, a breathe of fresh air.


Yeah IW has lost alot of weight (from beginning and def has been sad). Agreed that GH has definitely friend zoned HG and IW friend zoned GH still pining for JH. Glad that JH (thanks to ED) decided to take the time off (even though she admitted she was VERY BUSY to take the time off to meet up with IW). 


Yeah the comments that KY is so different ---he is extroverted. But he is serious when he needs to be. I like seeing that side of him with JH. I agree those both have serious and conversations I enjoy. I did not feel that with IW when they were together. She was attracted to him (she knew her head is great) but I guess as timing and fate were not on IW's side.) I liked JH was truthful to KY about her wanting IW not him on her second date. But she later stressed but my thoughts CHANGED "ALOT" after the date.


I agree that KY was cool to Anna. He was not letting her in and showing interest. He was definitely a good rejection without hurting her feelings. He def drew the line saying--you have alot of time and you should go on lots of dates. (It must have been sad for Anna to hear as she liked him). Plus KY kept saying (yet again at the bar) I am still surprised you asked me to dinner. 


Yeah the --should you choose someone cause you like them over the person liking you. My mom always said choose the person liking  you. But I don't necessarily agree. Other factors are involved.


Def thanks @lyd89 for all the translations goodies about the next JEJU dates. I cannot wait to see . Finding love is never easy and not going to lie I like this SEASON alot.


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@NodameI am from a Chinese-speaking family and there's Chinese lessons in my school since young, so you can say it's actually my best language haha.



Source for Prof Yang's video translations and there's Chinese subtitles for reference. Part 2 for ep 12 came out so I will try to translate it when I have time.

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@lyd89 oh cool thanks! I grew up in USA & parents speak Cantonese. So I studied other languages but Mandarin for 2 yrs in College.


Bless your heart and kind generously to translate! So grateful & thankful.:Megathanks:

still in denial it’s ending soon. Now it kind makes sense if those GH & IW pics were seeing them in this spring could really be true.

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Prof Yang and Jaeho 12-2 analysis brief summary


HG-MJ date:

HG made a lot of preparations: made the tiramisu that MJ wanted to make, inviting MJ to his own workplace (his private space)

MJ would have been happy but then came HG's statement about his confusion.

Prof: this is like saying "I am attracted to someone, but I also felt sorry towards you."

So where did it go wrong?

Was it MJ who said trust is the most important between lovers? Or was it HG said everything in his heart after thinking about it for a long time, even though he agreed that trust was important? It's a real pity.

What MJ said at the end was great but also heartbreaking :"I hope it will become better after you told me your thoughts."

Jaeho: that smile is not really a smile.

Prof: actually before this, I can see that HG has some doubts. So did he say what he said because he felt sorry, looking at MJ who likes him alot? Or did he say it to make himself better before the date with GH the next day?

I was thinking, did he really need to say that at such a happy moment?

Jaeho: You would feel the greatest impact at the climax.

Prof: Didn't we ask before why HG couldn't sleep well? I think it is because of the sequence. HG is aware of IW. If IW went out with JH, then he would go out with GH, but JH ended up going out with KY. As JH and GH were on IW's mind originally, did HG feel trapped by this and asked MJ out instead of GH?

Jaeho: from HG"s perspective, if you consider it rationally, picking MJ is the right choice.

Prof: to make it worse, MJ knew about HG's date with GH the next day. MJ's expression didn't look good while talking to IW and drinking beer. What's even more heartbreaking is that she woke up at 5am the next morning still to make the sandwich for HG even though her culinary skills are poor.

Jaeho: and the heavy bags she carried

Prof: plus the note on the fridge


Comparing  the two dates:

Jaeho: The difference is really obvious. For the date with MJ, HG was accomodating for MJ's preferences. For the date with GH, their preferences matched a lot.

Prof: yeah, HG was great together with MJ. If we say that the HG with MJ was warm, the HG with GH was excited. (talk about the laboum scene). Why is this foreshadowing? Though the two characters became a couple in the first movie,  they broke up in the second movie. Now, the problem is when they were in the car (switch to GH's thoughts on IW), will HG take back his feelings towards GH slightly after hearing that?

Jaeho: Another interesting point is the girls' expressions during the date. MJ is like a HG sunflower, even though heartbreaking words were said, she still smiled at HG. GH's eyes were only on the LP during the date.

Prof: to GH, the action itself was interesting.

Jaeho: looking at this from a certain perspective, can you se this as grabbing the chance to tear away from the painful emotional struggle with IW?

Prof: from GH's point of view, that date might as well be seen as good quality time spent instead of a date with HG. From HG's point of view, it was a date.


AN-ED/AN-KY date:

Prof: AN went with the date well and liked it. After the phototaking and going to lunch, (cue AN's talk about meeting other people), this is very likely talking about KY

Jaeho: AN's  "even though I didn't think about it deeply, I will always think about it" is likely referring to KY.

Prof: I feel like AN is rejecting ED here and ED felt it too.

Jaeho: there's too many saddening scenes this episode.

(talk about the difference between KY's dates with JH and AN)

Prof: even though we didn't see it on screen, AN may have sent a few signals to KY. KY may have also felt it. From KY's point of view, the date could be KY's way of telling AN that he is JH's. AN mentioned one week and one date left. I don't think AN will go back to ED (the safe choice). When KY said to go home, if AN complied, that would be giving up on KY, but AN said one more bottle and perservered. Considering AN's personality, I think she will continue to send KY signals. Actually, if the last date is with HG/IW, AN really has nowhere to go (side note: if the deduction is true and there's only one date, AN really has nowhere to go).


Prediction for loveline:

(to conclude after eliminating some of the possible lovelines)final couples: JH-KY, HG-MJ

Prof: though it looks like that, if there are strange signals later, I will be confused.

Jaeho: Will this become reality

Prof: Or will I be scolded?

(asks Jaeho for his predictions)

Jaeho: I agree with this. There's no other possibility.


Last part was a viewer question about the bgm playing when GH was asking IW if it was her when he talked about the touching moment. The name of the bgm sounded like attracted to HG, so was it foreshadowing a GH-HG couple? 

Prof: if you look at it from another angle, the drama's name is she fell in love with my lies, so this couple is a lie.

Jaeho then talks about the navigation app error because they mentioned before that this error foreshaodows that the couple is over.

Prof: I don't think there's a high possibility of HG-GH couple happening.



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@lyd89 Thank you for the translations! It was very illuminating!


Totally makes sense.


Then the rumors IW with GH (not JH) makes sense if it is true. 

KY and JH really enjoyed their date and Ky with Anna , I had mentioned before he definitely drew the line with her.  

MJ and HG, she was sad. But if you are honest with how you are trying to figure out your feelings is never easy .


Tough to see these love triangles - 


HG likes GH and MJ likes HG

IW likes JH who likes KY 

ED likes Anna who likes KY


Before this episode and last slew of dates 

IW and JH liking each other 

IW got swayed by GH

Both HG and ED gave up on JH when they saw how strong IW and JH ( before KY came on the scene )


I loved HG and GH hang outs - in the house and the LP outing (could be considered a date by HG but I don’t think by GH ) - but those sessions were my fave hang outs.


Looking forward to next week! 

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@lyd89 Thank you my dear! You are a star! :heart1:It is ok, I can guess like 60% from my Korean drama listening skills over the years. It is the finer details I don't get. Oh don't know these guys, they are very interesting perspectives on their facial expressions and interpreting their actions. Hmmmm wow very different. I need to learn some of the vocab. LOL.


I appreciate it and NO PROB I get that it is high content and time needed. Whatever you have been sharing/doing has been IMMENSELY appreciated!


I cannot believe it is FINALE tomorrow too.


I am now at work and 1 more hour before lunch time here for me. Hope you are well and enjoying your night/day.

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Expect a DG and a GB this season. :bawling:


1 hour ago, endeavor said:

With tomorrow being the finale, my hope is that, if ED and MJ do not end up anyone (seems like they won't), they will meet someone after the show who appreciates them

Same. I don't think ED and MJ will end up with anyone. I wish they can find someone outside who deserve them.


14 hours ago, Nodame said:


I cannot believe it is FINALE tomorrow too.


Is it really final episode today? Can they fit 4 dates and decisions in 1 episode


14 hours ago, lyd89 said:

so forgive me for not translating haha.

No prob. Thanks for translating those vids for us. We appreciate it


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I've just finished watching the latest episode and sorry to say that we still have more episodes before the end. How long it will take, I'm not sure.

Small spoiler for actual dates today:






Preview looks like a sea of tears sadly.

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@endeavor Welcome to the thread! Agreed ED love language is to serve and make the other comfortable. He is such a caring person. I admit I was not sure of him at first glance. But after hearing him speak and he has such a soothing voice and demeanor. Hard to not like this thoughtful man who loves animals. Glad he got chance at love with Anna even if they don't end up together. Glad that HK  saw and mentioned about his personality in front of Anna.


I also teared for ED that Anna was not happy he was willing to do it all alone. She wanted to help him, though she might not want to be end game with him, at least she is compassionate and doesn't want ED to take the burdens he willingly takes by himself. 


Today is not finale day and I have to wait for subs by tomorrow. I am at work if I have a chance during my late lunch to see the clips on YT.


@lyd89 Thanks for your update.


Quick recap review of ep 12 by Jaeho (S2) and older bro to one of the panelist Dr. Yang



Jaeho from S2 and the older brother of one of the panelist (the dr) I have been watching them on ep 12.








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At this point, I really think that some invisible force is working to mess up IW's time at the house.


There was previous mentions of someone breaking the rules in the program (not sure was it official news or rumours). Fans are now speculating that there would be a change of date partners for the next day, and KY will break the rules by insisting on JH.


I am not sure why I have a premonition ED will start the emotional rollercoaster in the preview for next episode.


Prof Yang and Jaeho 13-1 analysis


Prof: 3 thoughts after watching this episode: 1. want to go to Jeju 2. want to date someone 3. it must be very cold.

Jaeho: what's disappointing is that for s2, there wasn't a 2d1n date nor was there a plane

Prof: for viewers who watched the previous episodes, Jaeho likes staying out

Jaeho: (startled deh?)


KY-JH scene

Prof: You can see the conflict between these 2.

Jaeho: JH mustered up her courage to say "the reason for the date was..." then KY interrupted her suddenly. It really feels like a lovers' quarrel.

Prof: My opinion on what it means is that wanting to tell you there is nothing between AN and me, I interrupted the talk to reassure you. I think KY really has sense. He's really clever.

Jaeho: he still blasted music, vented his emotions on Instagram. This looks a little cute no matter how you look at it.

Prof: (agrees)Even though my (KY) actions are a little off due to your date with IW, I will still respect your wishes.


Choice of dates

Prof: When they were picking the cards, I had this thought looking at IW. From what I see, it's not that IW's luck is not good, he kicked his luck away. Anyone who looks at the card will know that that's JH's.

Jaeho: The only person who talked a lot about the topic of fate is JH.

(looking of IW's card pick)

Prof: This is due to IW wanting to change JH's heart as what people would have expected, so what Anna wrote caught his eye.

Jaeho: (talking about what JH wrote)first line hints at KY, second line hints at IW

Prof: From JH's point of view, though she did now know who will come, but I think she at least had a feeling that one of the two will come. Actually, for the fourth time, KY really just gave up at the last moment. After IW's pick and winning the game of scissors-paper-stone, he gave ED and HG what they wanted and took the remaining one.

Jaeho: You may say that this is destined,  but KY is actually really clever at grabbing chances. The only person that KY should be cautious of is IW. But as anyone could see, what IW picked is not JH's. Even though we have to play this game of scissors, even if ED or HG get JH's card, there is no problem.

Prof: It's possible. It's not as if JH will suddenly get closer to ED or HG.

Jaeho: Because it will not happen, KY is confident. You all can pick what you want and leave the last for me. From what I see, KY cleverly created fate.

Prof: From KY's viewpoint, it's find as long as it's not IW. At the start, IW foolishly picked his card and KY just said "oh you can take it."

Jaeho: ahh sunbaenim

Prof: KY tells him to quickly take it away.

(cue IW saying he feels uneasy)

Jaeho: that feeling is right, sunbaenim

Prof: KY created the event to make it look like it's destined.

Jaeho: KY just has to let his actions make the other person believe that it is destined, then it's settled, no matter what the action is.

Prof: I think Jaeho is good at this too.

Jaeho: (using noodles as an analogy, even starting with meaningless stuff, attack at the gaps, even the noodles will look like it's destiny)


KY-JH date

Prof: These 2 are really excited from the start. (cue the phrases for destined meetings) It creates the atmosphere that people who are meant to meet will meet just nicely. This likely will leave a mark in JH's mind. This person is my fate. Moreover, if you look at the conversation, until now, no one has sent such a strong signal yet.

Jaeho: What's funny is that after saying let's do what you want to do, after losing the game of scissors, KY put his hand into the sea with a look of disgust.

Prof: At there, from JH's view, a lot of feelings have been obviously expressed. (cue JH's lines) What this means is that "KY is my blessing", "I hope that oppa will appear" To say all this requires a lot of courage for JH, but JH still said it.

Jaeho: Next is skinship. The first one for this season

Prof: I think that KY may have already known that JH was touched by the heatpack before, but acts like he doesn't know, so the same situation suddenly appeared in the taxi. He quietly held JH's hand but what's more important is that JH didn't let go. I can understand KY's action but is there more meaning behind JH's actions?

Jaeho asks about the change in mindset after skinship.

Prof: There will be a feeling of greater intimacy. When you like someone, you will naturally want to touch them.

Jaeho lets out a "Oh!" and gets teased.

Jaeho: I think what differentiates a ambiguous relationship and lovers is skinship.

Prof: Although the desire to touch is an instinct, whether you can actually touch the person is another problem. If I am the only one who has feelings, there's no chance that I can touch her. Only when you are certain of the other person's feelings (referring to two way here), will skinship happen. Conclusion is that KY is certain of JH's feelings. What's interesting is that once skinship starts, you will develop possessiveness of the other person. In another way of expression, jealousy will be more severe. It could be because of this that JH and KY got closer. If the two of them go on separate dates, it may cause a huge conflict.



Prof: IW, who even chose the wrong card, had a talk with AN. AN told IW that you need to be more precise in your expression. (cue IW"s famous 3 days once, this will really go down in heart signal 3 history, probably other than the lovey-dovey scenes, all the other legendary scenes are from him) (to Jaeho) What's really wrong with this sunbae of yours?

Jaeho: Why did you do that, sunbae? You are only left with 6 days. It's at a state whereby expressing your love in the morning, afternoon and night everyday won't even be enough.

Prof: What should we do with him?

PD: IW-JH possibility?

Jaeho: Since there are 6 days left, so 6%?

Prof: 0%, reason is that before, when JH asks KY who did he want to come, JH didn't say hers. This is the first time she said it. I am now certain of JH's feelings for KY. Looking at JH's personality, it looks impossible for her to have a change of heart in 6 days.


(fan letter time, cue the different clues in teaser and actual episodes for KY-JH loveline. Prof brings up pareidolia, something like you will see what you want to see)


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Prof Yang supposedly finished his analysis for ep 14 already and one of his ins tag was crazy party. It seems like the next episode won't be a mild one.


Prof Yang and Jaeho 13-2 analysis


IW-AN date

Prof: IW should be feeling depressed since everything isn't going well for him, but AN pointed somethng out. IW is likely feeling that the events so far are unfortunate. After IW said the 3 days once part, AN negotiated to be 2 days once.

Jaeho: It's fortunate that it was changed to 2 days.

Prof: IW already does not have the free time now.

Jaeho: The feelings between KY and JH would be so stable after the hand holding. It would already be too difficult to squeeze in everyday and ask for a date. The 3 days part is really nonsense from my point of view.

Prof: From IW's viewpoint, this is the first big setback since coming here, because IW is already certain that JH's heart is leaning towards KY, so even if IW does the 2 days once, it will still be difficult for IW. One more point of worry is that if JH whose heart is with KY directly rejects him again, IW will really be hurt deeply. I am really worried about this.


(cue AN's words during the date with IW)

Prof: This also means that AN has no romantic feelings toward ED. She's drawing the line. AN's heart is already leaning towards KY. The person that she was talking about with IW is almost certainly KY. IW is talking about JH. AN is talking about KY. Both of them are fully aware of that. These two would have such deep comrade love between them.

Jaeho: Through this date, I think I know a little about AN's romance preferences. When she is in love, she is very passive and does not obviously show it, a person who waits.

Prof: From what I see, these 2 are just the same type of person sitting beside each other, something like that.

Jaeho: In the remaining 6 days. I am curious about who AN will choose.

Prof: I am not curious. AN will definitely not choose ED. This is because she already expressed it many times and drawn the line constantly in front of others. (I expected as much) I thnk that AN may also have some regrets. She only heard what KY said and hasn't said her thoughts. Because I haven't shown him what kind of person I am, there would definitely be regrets. So, it may be possible that she would be more eager at aiming at the gaps between KY and JH and send all types of signals.

Jaeho: Both IW and AN are people who can only obtain happiness by breaking up KY and JH.

Prof: In that case, IW-JH possibility may not be 0%. In fact, JH was quite angry about KY and AN's date. If IW and AN cooperate and squeeze in between them, a change may be possible. 


Jaeho: The HG-MJ scenes feels very comfortable.

Prof: MJ's reaction upon seeing HG really shows her fondness for him in her heart. You will realise that a person will be that beautiful when she likes someone. From MJ's point of view, this is the first time she has physical contact with HG. Even though HG's scarf was hitting her face, she still likes it. HG at the front on the motorcycle was also smiling very happily. It was a really good date.

Jaeho: Doesn't the scooter feel a bit like an amusement park facility?

Prof: The suspension bridge effect. After riding the scooter, HG said (cue HG scene)It's possible that those words have no meaning, but if you consider HG's reliable personality, did my feelings lean towards MJ compared to GH now? HG might have unknowingly showed that a little.

Jaeho: He's said that during all of the dates, including GH's

Prof: What's important is the sequence. HG's heart that was leaning towards GH has now leaned a lot towards MJ. Didn't HG said that I know this card was yours. It gave MJ a lot of courage.

Jaeho: MJ also mustered up a lot of courage to say this. (cue MJ's and HG's words)

Prof: Although it may not be the answer that MJ wanted, it is still a good sign. From MJ's point of view, "Ah, HG's feelings towards me have slowly deepened." MJ may have understood it as this.


Jaeho: ED and GH both started with a good atmosphere, but there was a sudden turnaround. (cue the previous dates) It was good at first, but they got hit hard by other people. These two make your heart go out to them.

Prof: So the GH-ED date felt a bit like it became Healing Camp. (cue GH saying it would be great if today is a healing experience and ED's reply)

Jaeho: ED said that if you lose your fighting spirit and take back your heart, you will regret it. Give it your all for what you can do so that you will not regret it even when everything ends. I think the reason that GH will be more direct is that (cue GH's scenes)

Prof: During the conversation with ED, it looks like GH unknowingly became emotional(?)(I'm not too sure about the word used here)So, I still liked IW a lot now.

Jaeho: Then the timing is also just right. JH has completely leaned toward KY. This is a chance.

Prof: I (GH) must protect my heart and end it now. After Healing Camp, it will be a war. I think ED himself also knows that other than giving his all to do what he can for AN, there is nothing else left to do.

Jaeho: I think ED's chances are dismal. GH still has a lot of possibility.

Prof: In situations like this, like how GH felt better because of HG, when IW knows things are going well between KY and JH, if GH immediately moves towards IW, the possibility of IW-GH will be big.


Jaeho: I have a question. They mentioned a 2d1n date. After the first date, I am really curious if there will be a date before they return to the house. I think that there's enough time for one more date.

Prof: If you think for a bit, the guys may sleep together and the girls may sleep together. What will they do on the second day?

Jaeho: They should be doing something before taking the plane. (cues GH taking action)

Prof: When 8 people gather together, what will they do? (brings up the double dates before)

Jaeho: Or they may secretly invite people out for a cup of coffee before taking the plane.

Prof: I feel that something will happen that night or the next morning.

Jaeho: If there are other dates on Jeju and the dating partner changes, it will be very interesting.

Prof: Although I won't know whether it will be 4:4 or 2:2:2:2, but there's a feeling that something will happen.

I am not sure why but the first date in Jeju feels like the relationship has stagnated for everyone minus KY-JH. Moreover, if you look at the relationship web, KY and JH hold the reins in deciding how the other relationships will move on. If there is still no action from them, I am not sure if GH will really be enough to bring about a change the next day, or there could be an explosion of emotions due to being pent up for too long.

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@lyd89 Good observation! I admit I was never the very good eagle eyed person for these kind of details. Could definitely mean something or not.


You are an angel again for translating all those words and helping us out! Like I said, I got the overview what was said but getting the nuances and details were great too about ep 13.:Megathanks:


-So KY and JH were so cute! I loved how KY was happy and left it to fate. I  mean the hyungs (and him) let IW choose as he was resolute about his choice. (Oh the gut instinct comment should I feel weird/uneasy---was so on target. He does lack instincts about JH.) 


-KY smoothly leaving his hand over JH (cause she only had one HOT PACK) was fluttery moment yes the first SKINSHIP of S3 and in the cab (HEHEHHHEHEHEHE) I liked it alot.:hypehype:


-Interesting how Anna's words got IW (his hope with JH) and even KY not sure of JH 's thing as she inferred both IW and KY (he has mad good luck to have dates with JH. Frankly their dates are REAL date atmosphere makes you giddy and happy for them. (JH and IW were dates too --they arranged their meetings but lacked the awkwardness and giddy feelings---not as much as match of personality I thought)


-GH thanks to ED cementing though she was maybe thinking of HG, it was IW all the way as she was prepping for JEJU date.:coolshades:


-ED poor man likes Anna but seems like she has drawn the line and he is alone. I was happy for his two fluttery moments were with her.

He is a good man. :lazyandfart:


-MJ and HG were cute. I liked her genuine excitement to see him (he saw it) also giving the gloves and just being giddy. Her forthrightness, I agree and bravery I applaud HG for saying he admired that in her. (He may have had comfort with  GH--it was lucky a comfy couple and same tastes, GH is not into him fundamentally in that way.) GH is just a cool gal.:ok:


Seeing their dates makes me want to visit JEJU again. I have gone twice but with the world like it is now, it will be AWHILE til I can go there again. Sigh.  Sad.


OMG is tomorrow the FINALE then ? Hmmm Right now going in I def feel 2 potential couples.

It was interesting seeing Shin Dong with his flashy shirt last episode sitting in for PO.



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I saw someone comment that the pd team should have enough content for 2 episodes given that they show 3 girls crying in that preview. I don't think tomorrow's episode will be the last.

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@lyd89 OMG really?!

Woah so this is the longest SEASON then so far!


Well I was going to say to wrap up 1 more day of JEJU date and then END was kind of tight.

Plus I didn't want it rushed. As we know, once they make final choices, we have to see them waiting for that person etc.

SO to fit it in 1 episode even 90 minutes is tight 


Thanks you are an angel!:ok:




I haven't watched this yet. So ep 14 is the finale.


So ep 14  #1 recap (no subs) 


so ep 14 #2 recap (no subs)



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Wow, the comments from Cnets and Knets are on two different sides for ep 14. IW is pretty much getting trashed by Cnets, while Knets are quite critical of JH. To be honest, I'm leaning more towards Knets' side here, though I'm not sure if they're criticising her way of dealing with IW or with KY. The Chinese subs for Prof Yang's 14-1 analysis are out and though they didn't point fingers at anyone, the analysis pretty much lays out the specifics about IW-JH relationship. I will translate it soon.


Ep14 has quite a light content load so I'm not sure why we are dragging it to 15 episodes but next week is definitely the last episode (not including the special). I'm not sure if the pd team is leaving a few big bombs for the last episode that's why ep 13 and 14 were so light on content.

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