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  1. Yoon Shi Yoon Interview Love watching crime dramas? Then you’d want to watch one of the latest Korean dramas, Train. The K-drama, starring Yoon Shi Yoon, follows his character as a detective who gets embroiled in the string of murders across universes. Sounds confusing? You might get confused while watching the first episodes, but it’s so engaging that you’ll keep coming back for more. In fact, the drama already started serving plot twists in the first two episodes, so you know you’re in for a ride. We managed to get some time from the lead actor, Yoon Shi Yoon, who acts as Seo Do Won, for an email interview to find out about the drama, how he has grown as an actor and what he would do if he met his other self in an alternative universe. [Both Psychopath's Diary And Train Are Crime/Detective Shows. Aren't You Worried About Working On Too Similar A Genre Back-To-Back?] As the genre of crime is a universal genre, I don’t think both would come across as similar. Despite the genres being the same, the method of approach is different. Psychopath’s Diary was about an ordinary civilian who got mistaken as a murderer, while Train is about the unravelling of the truth behind a serial murder case through the crossing of universes. Because of that, I don’t think both will give of a similar feeling to the audience. [You Act As A Detective In The Drama. If You Were A Detective In Real Life, What Kind Of Detective Do You Think You'll Be?] It probably would be a detective who lives up to his principles because justice holds power among the rules set by the majority. I guess I would put my job aside and carry out justice if mandatory evil social rules exist. +8 more questions Read more https://www.herworld.com/gallery/life/entertainment/interview-yoon-shi-yoon-kdrama-train/
  2. That makes their romance really one of a kind. --- Screencaps from behind the scenes! It's really over
  3. I did not expect them to explain how Train parallel world travel mechanism works or when it started. All we know is there's a hidden passage somewhere left to be discovered. It remains the mystery in the drama just like any other parallel world/fantasy shows. @aria26 was right if we based it on what Chief Oh said. Only when you are desperate and have nothing to lose, you'll discover the train. I can't exactly remember but she said Huntington disease for men starts early so she was afraid to see him slowly succumb from it. --- That would be a good scenario if SK is fetching DW to live in world B. Their only problem will be DW's fate (Seo-kyung dying) in world A had merged to DW's fate (Saving Seo-kyung) in world B. She will always be in danger in world B but DW will still able save her. It would be hard for her if she always get stabbed or something.
  4. From Baek Jaewoo IG Good memories with the Train squad. Will surely miss them. The first pic, I kinda want to see the dynamics of these four Gorgeous KSJ Twitter
  5. Final thoughts Min-jun asked her mother to choose between being a mom and a police officer. Chief Oh chose the latter because she couldnt take the risk of losing him if she arrested her again. But fate knows its way. Chief Oh disturbed the calm water and turned it into a raging river. Her decision was to protect her son in a heinous way. In the end Min-jun still killed himself, Chief Oh ruined a lot of lives. For me Chief C is to be blamed for everything. They're both evil but she is worse than her son. Chief C also murdered the many versions of herself. Chief C was the reason Seo-kyung A died. Seo-kyung A was not supposed to be dead but Chief C changed her fate by crossing 2 worlds. So, I think Seo-kyung B will be safe with Do-won as long as they don't interfere their doppelgangers. About Jung-min. She lost Do-won as her best friend in world A and she lost Do-won as her lover in world B. A sad fate of a genuine character. I wish we had more scenes of her. I felt really really really sad when they talked for the last time in ep12. I'd like to think Do-won C and Jung-min C have happy relationship. This makes me feel a little better. Do-won had no other choice but to leave world B because that's the only way to save Seo-kyung from her eventual death. He filled Do-won B's gap in that world so there are consequences, just like how Chief C filled Chief B's gap. But since there's no other way to go back to his own world, his only choice was to kill himself. I'm glad the ghost train from world C arrived before he pulled the trigger. I wouldn't have liked it if they really killed Do-won just like that after he experienced so much pain. After a period of time, Seo-kyung was able to find the train to world C and traversed world, meet each other. I would've also liked it if he went back to his world but part of me wanted his happiness after the all the bad trouble he went. I was rooting for Do-won's happiness and I think he deserves it. It's an open ending, not happy nor sad. Leaving it to the viewers' imagination. But I think as long as they don't live and fill the gaps of their doppelgangers' lives, they'll be fine and if they feel fate is changing again, they can leave world C and travel to world D. That would be their best set up but troubling. It's hard but that's how they (or I) want to live. They are fated to meet each other over and over again anyway. They're now like ghost-wanderers of infinite worlds. Kinda mind-blowing. World C looks like a place where everyone is happy because Min-jun was captured that cleared DW father's name and Chief C isn't there. Do-won is a chief! I loved it! I'm satisfied with the ending. It's not tragic, but I can't say it's a happy ending. I will miss this show Ahh! It's over. Thank you so much to everyone for the fruitful discussions and continuous updates! I want to tag you all but I'm afraid I'll miss out someone!
  6. I am scrapping the idea that Seo-kyung is from a different world. It must be Seo-kyung B. She knows the phrase "Lets start over here", she also knew Do-won is a traveler. I prefer if it was her because they have memories together. Detective and the serial killer
  7. As I interpret the ending, the Seo-kyung we saw came from say world 'P', Do-won is probably dead in that world. Remember Chief Oh said the reason some people were able to cross worlds is because they've lost someone and have nothing else to lose. So Seo-kyung "P" hopped the Train to meet Do-won in a different world. But as she hops different worlds, she finally crossed path and meet Do-won "A" who also lost seo-kyung in his world. For me it's somewhat a happy ending because they've lost each other's in their respective world but finally met in a different world as doppelgangers. They can now hop the Train together and travel worlds together. I don't think they specified from which world Seo-kyung we saw at the end. She might have come from World P or something like that. Edit: But its also highly possible it's Seo-kyung b, someone pointed out to me that SK asked Chief Oh and she probably found out how to travel worlds. I would actually prefer this scenario than the one I initially thought. The world we saw Do-won is a chief was either probably a different world from Chief C or he was promoted to chief position because Chief Oh is missing from that world. The dates Chief Oh mentioned were the dates her son died to suicide. She crosses a total 6 worlds. Seo-kyung A dying is Chief C's fault in the first place. If Chief C didnt stay in world B and traveled to world A, Seo-kyung wont die in world A.
  8. Yup the clues are hinting of possible world C where the current Chief B we know came from. I think @aria26 could also be right that the there's something suspicious that happened 3 years ago. I think the fate changed as early as 3 yrs ago and it's all because of Chief C when she started crossing 2 worlds 3 yrs ago. I hope Seo-kyung won't die. I will be really devastated.
  9. Just YSY and KSJ smiling Source Tving @aria26 That's so nice to hear ^^
  10. I'm really confused. I actually intially thought that was only a suicide attempt and she doesn't want to lose him anymore. But when they found a body in the car with a 3 star badge, I was left all confused because Chief Oh is the only character here who has 3 star badge. There could be a world C after all but let's see. I might be wrong If it's true then it would turn out Do-won is not the only one changing fates in world B, but it's also Chief Oh.
  11. So the reason Min-jun has so much grudge to her mother was because he was abandoned and he thought it was because of his disease that he inherited. That was such an awful mother and son relationship. I slightly feel bad for Chief A but what she did was still unforgivable. That choice to protect her son has affected so many people's lives esp. Do-won and Seo-kyung. She was a selfish mother who only thought the world revolves around her son. A mother's instinct is to protect her child, but in this case her reason of protecting him is really unacceptable. Do-won and Chief A confrontation was really satisfying. Do-won never held back, I'm glad he didn't accept her reasonings. Do-won could forgive her someday but he will never forget. Seo-kyung is yearning for Do-won. I cant get over with the scene on the tracks tho, they're so close yet so far. I thought it was real! I'm confused the with the suicide scene. Was it only a suicide attempt or was Min-jun really dead? Why is this scene telling me That's Lee Jin-sung. He saw the body in the bag in the train station. Since he's basically a witness, Chief B killed him to protect his son.
  12. YSY final greetings. Saying goodbye Resolution EP11 clips Just starting EP11
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