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  1. This is one of my memorable drama. I love them all equally, has never been like this. And I was like oh... why it is only 12 eps? And I missed their Live tonight. I used to love Kyung Ho's drama, hardly like one for Yeon Seok's and has never watched any of Jung Suk's, not to mention any of Mi Do or Dae Myung. But here I adore them all. Everyone are so perfectly fit into the roles. I was so in love to watch how Ik Joon stared Song Hwa in silent and tired look in the kitchen while they had the late supper. And I was kind like "fall in love" again seeing how Jun Wan appreciated Ik Soon's decision for not having rings. On the other hand, I was so touched by how truthful Chi Yong to Song Hwa. It gave my mixed feeling of how to pair them, Song Hwa and Ik Joon or Song Hwa and Chi Yong. Although I tend to choose Song Hwa for Ik Joon, poor Chi Yong. Then I hope there will be a pair for Chi Yong in S02. For Seok Hyeong, he had a bitter marriage life but he has a very good bond with his mom. It gave the impression he had so much love left for his ex wife and we saw the ending was he took the call from his ex, Sin Hye. So it leaves a hope they will reunite in S02, hopefully I am not incorrectly remember the ex's name. So probably Min Ha will be with Chi Yong? Then Jeong Won and Gyeo Wool, there was a right time for everything, God made it so perfect for them in the right time, so it says. Well, another couple Seok Min and Sun Bin are an additional sweetness, thus comes also the long time friends made couple Ro Sa and Jong Su. In them we see how a long time friend could fill up the space when their lost their loved ones. Love is so sweet for the same of companionship. See how Jong Su gave hand to bring Ro Sa who planned to meet up Jeong Won in her worry and aversed. The other side, we see how Jae Hak's disapproval to Jun Wan's behaviour towards the patient's family. See first when Jun Wan had to bluntly tell the incurable little girl but later turned out he asked Jae Hak to wear black and met up with the parents who had lost their child, how Jae Hak saw Jun Wan gave a sympathy pat to the crying mom. And later by the end, their developed better understanding each other. Also the twins, Yoon Bok and Hong Do. It was so natural to see how first Hong Do cried when talking about their parent's accident, and later Yoon Bok couldn't hold the tears missing her moms after looking at the patient. I love seeing how Song Hwa stayed for Woo Joo many times when Ik Joon had to leave for hospital. Many times, I guess I cry in each ep, never in any drama before. It may come from seeing the patients' sadness, each ep gave me a reason to reflect in life. I couldn't hold up when I see Ik Soon's tears for Ik Joon's visit and pocket money. It was so extraordinary that Ik Soon asked and worry if anything happened back at home. Watching her as Ik Soon sometimes bring me back to her role in VIP. "Life" has not been easy for her lol. Well... I guess I have put my memory of this drama here. I love everything, I laugh at the drunk silly Jeong Won every year in front of the priest brother. I love their band, the songs, cute Woo Joo and Ik Joon, everything and everything that I can't possibly tell from beginning. And when I watched their farewell live performance tonight, when I saw Kyung Ho seemed to shed tears, I was sad too and after the canon, the farewell, they left the studio .. I felt a part of my heart was carried away too. A year seems to be a very long waiting, it is so much like a LDR across countries, parted and a long waiting to meet up, due to covid19 === THE END ===
  2. Pardon me to use this topic to post my appreciation to the team who has worked hard to provide me and my friend, to stream and enjoy lots of dramas, shows and movies. Suddenly everything ended and a big Goodbye shown on screen. Hopefully this is a right place to voice out my appreciation. A BIG THANK YOU. https://woman-and-life.blogspot.com/2020/05/destined-to-cross-paths.html
  3. A BIG WOW for Lee Min Ho. He is never failing to wow me . Though I have expected this King drama will be good, I let myself carried away by its flow. I love how the story goes so far and the ending of ep 4 is really making me hard to wait for another week. I searched for their eng sub presscon and swoon version, LMH is so funny. I wish there is someone to translate the whole presscon. His nonchalant response made him even more attractive, see his face on presscon talking about sunbae with KGE. Charming babe is back
  4. This is really the first Yoo Ji Tae drama for me. His image is similar to Ji Jin Hee, my fave actor. I finish watching ep 1 and it is good so far. Ep 2 is not subbed yet, so I have high hope that I will like this drama. I am not so much of a fan for Lee Bo Young while I admire her acting in My Daughter Seo Yeoung. She has this charm as a strong woman, I believe this drama will be a success, hopefully. Somehow this genre has its particular viewers. Can't wait for ep 2.
  5. Hi @angelangie, sorry if I am writing not following standard rules.  I am not sure where to post my question.  Do we have any thread on Heart Signal Chinese version?  I am missing Season 2 Ep 9 for download, as it is hard for me to do streaming.  Viki is not accessible from my site.  If you have any information, would seek your kind sharing.

    Thank you so much.

    1. angelangie


      er no we dont have that in soompi so im not sure where u can watch it either.....do u understand mandarin if yes u can try to go thru either youtube or google.com u might be able to get it there

    2. a15t3


      Thanks... I have gotten a source with Ep 1-10, excep 9.  Ep 9 is not downloadable.  Worst is, I will have to do streaming.  It's ok then.  Appreciate your prompt response, @angelangie.  Take care.

  6. We won't have the airing on this weekend. Will have to wait such a long time. Love to see how HB expresses his worry and how they look so lovely when they meet up in Seoul. See how he said she didn't give him full address. See how both of them have teary eyes.. why I become so sad yet happy. Not good, I fall in love again lol.
  7. Thank you for your detailed explanation. Yes, I find them so cute and can relate each other naturally. See the latest YT upload for Cosmo PH. Their chemistry is so great. Well, in every events, they just unbearable wonderful.
  8. Found this, fave scene from ep 9. That's why I love this scenes so much. He has successfully acted so much of innocence, child-like and very much in love Can't help to fall more for his smiles, Mr. Dimples