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EP4 preview:


EP3 Clips:


Jihyun and Euidong's Recommended Book! "A book that expresses my love style well."

P.O's pick. Effects of emotion on P.O

Reason why a woman reveals her neck to a man she likes

Are you a Minchopa (mint-choco)? Mint Choco Signal of Jihyun-Euidong

The wind will be me..." The omniscient point of motion towards Jihyun.

The reason why Ji-hyun didn't choose In-woo's gift




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EP 3 BGM. I like this set of bgm in particular. Overdramatic at times but still loved it.


00:15 Break My Heart - Dua Lipa
06:12 Strange Rain - Patrick Watson
07:23 Colors - Amor Lee
09:55 I Miss You - E Z Hyping
11:52 Death Bed - Powfu
15:30 Love - John Lennon
16:11 Orange - CHEEZE
17:56 Destination Calabria - Jose Lokey
20:01 Comethru - Jeremy Zucker
21:15 Feeling A Way - Zach Oliver
23:23 달리자 - Jaejoo Boys
26:03 T-shirts (Acoustic) - James Smith
27:51 Pine View - Goldmund
30:25 What's So Shocking About It? - Kiha & The Faces
34:30 Barabajagal - Donovan
37:47 Branch - Keith Kenniff
40:00 희재MR - Various Artists
40:52 희재 - 성시경
42:51 All The Bright Places I - Keegan DeWitt
43:25 좋은 사람 (好人) · 토이 (Toy)
46:18 Like A Feather - Ziv Moran
50:45 You Needed Love, I Needed You - Angelo De Augustine
50:07 Make Me Whole - Amel Larriuex
54:08 Cool Again - Shoffy
55:44 Too Much - Carly Rae Jepsen
56:50 Lullaby - Ron Adelaar
57:28 Der Anfang Und Das Ende - Wolfgang Edelmayer
58:26 Dancing Next To Me - Greyson Chance
1:12:30 Coffeehyang Seorlaeim [Guitar Inst.] - Tearliner
1:13:58 With Coffee... - 브라운 아이즈 (褐眼男子)
1:14:56 Dance Monkey - Tones And I
1:15:52 Daydreaming - HANA2K
1:17:52 Games - Tessa Violet
1:18:52 다른 남자 말고 너 Only You · miss A

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Watch: “Heart Signal 3” Previews Escalated Tension As New Cast Member Makes Entrance

Apr 29, 2020

by L. Kim


“Heart Signal 3” is about to become more interesting with the addition of a new cast member!


“Heart Signal” is a romance variety series from Channel A in which eight strangers live together for a month. Currently, there are only six cast members (Park Ji Hyun, Jung Eui Dong, Chun In Woo, Im Han Gyul, Lee Ga Heun, and Seo Min Jae), and a seventh one will be joining them in the upcoming episode.


The preview for tonight’s (April 29) broadcast shows the deepening relationships between the cast members. Seo Min Jae and Im Han Gyul get closer as they cook together, while the love triangle between Lee Ga Heun, Chun In Woo, and Park Ji Hyun heats up.


Things take an exciting yet nerve-racking twist as the members receive invitations to meet the newest resident of Signal House. A focal point of the upcoming episode is seeing how the love lines of Signal House will rapidly change with the emergence of new members.


The next episode of “Heart Signal 3” will air on April 29 at 9:50 p.m. KST.


Source: Soompi



EP5 stills




New residents (catfish) will appear tonight.







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Hi everyone!

I'm new on Soompy, but I knew this site for a long time ago now.

I just discover this show and I'm loving it!

In fact I'm a big fan of Yoon Shi Yoon since I'm watching 2days and 1 night so when I found this show it make me decided to follow it.

However I think there are a lot of script on this show but  I'm wondering what's could be happening next.


I'm wondering, did I miss something? Min Jae asked Han Gyeol to go out and they didn't show yet??

By the way do you know the music on 24 minutes about episode 7? Thank you Happy Sheep for your posts!


P.S: sorry for my bad english^^"


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@Ysalindewelcome to the thread :blush:


I looked at it, the song around 24 mins mark was Fado by Milky Chance. I haven't seen ep7 fully yet.


I do feel the show is scripted in a way that producers are trying push narratives by editing and misleading scenes. I'm still enjoying it. It's like a half real life, half kdrama :lol:

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Thanks Happy Sheep for your answer.

Thanks to you I just discover Milky Chance!


I just finish episode 8 and OMG I really love this show. It's more and more better!!

I was really surprised in the end of episode 7 about who Ga Eul send the text.

But now I'm really intrigued by the new girl. She seems nice like Min Jae.

Finally the only one I don't really like so much in girls are certainly Ji Hyun. She knows that's she's beautiful and play with this because she knows all mens are in crush with her. But maybe I'm wrong :D

For mens I like In Woo at first but he richard simmons me off when he ignored Ga Eun and return back to Ji Hyun. Kang Yeol is more interested I think now, and Eui Dong is very kind. Finally Han Gyeol was the less interested for me.


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  • 3 weeks later...

Thank you @happysheep for making this forum. I found out about Heart Signal from my Korean friend and marathoned Season 1 and Season 2 just these last few months. I started Season 3 (after 3 episodes were already out). So then following this live every week.  I love the BGM. They get good stuff.


I haven't watched EP 11 but we are close to the ending.


I have been watching content talking about the episodes with no SUBS. It is challenging in Korean Listening skills but I like that members of S2 are talking excitedly about S3.


Sad to see not more people but thanks for doing this FORUM.


Also glad to see @Ysalinde here too.


I usually lurk and don't contribute too much as I am work (in USA  East Coast).


I like that HG is receptive to MJ and gave her tulips. YESH. Sad for GE with IW. IW still caught up with JH who knows she likes KY ( I agree the the panelist she is more fun and on a date with him ---look at the Lotte World / wearing HS school outfits). The look of love and joy from KY getting the dosirak that JH made. Also another episode you found out JH had fluttery moment from KY putting a hotpack on her hand while in the cab after the date (she told her friend in confidence ---panelists were saying ooooh a moment that we did not see as it was not filmed).


ED ---love he is liking AC and she is receptive. But AC also knows she is curious about KY but he is into JH. I saw some clips of ep 11, I am glad that AC finally was a bit jealous of ED and MJ. Also sad to see GE with IW (though paired with him) she know IW was jealous of KY and JH paired together during bowling.


*** News caught it seems like IW and GE at IKEA a few weeks back. (now that we don't know but I saw the pics and I have to admit it seems like them as both are tall and slender (from behind).


I liked when HG and GE were chilling listening to albums. Though both have similar interests and made it a cozy looking date, I did not see any heart fluttery reactions from both really. The fact HG gave the tulips to MJ was sweet. Glad he FINALLY gave up on JH and gave sweet MJ a chance. I loved he noticed how grateful and sweet she is. YESH.


ED is someone I like. As HG said in clip ep 11 I caught, he is a very caring and selfless person. He takes care and does things without saying anything. But he admitted wanting to look like IW as he is manly. 


I need to watch ep 11 in its entirety.




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@NodameI havent been able to update this thread as I got busy with other things :(


I think JH is really into KY now. Shes rejecting IW here and there. GH was really sad because of what IW did. I felt her pain. There was an IKEA photo circulating, I hope its true :lol:


As for MJ and HG, I'm so happy that HG has moved on from JH and is opening his heart to MJ. MJ really likes him.


We're the same about HG and GH. I see them as just siblings chilling out but if they end up together, im fine with it. They say there's an unexpected couple in the finale. Lets see what happens.


2 episodes and the possibility of lovelines are still so open for everybody

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