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[OFFICIAL] Jang Dong yoon and Kim So hyun [ DongJeon couple▶️ Beagle couple ▶️macaron couple]

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3 hours ago, Breeze said:

This  photo from Jang Don Yoon 's fan meeting . They are so cute :)




cr:pnaT_Tang -twitter

Didn’t expect that the selca we’ve all been waiting for would look like this:joy:

All these updates in instagram and twitter about this ship is giving me all the feels:love::wub:

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Hi everyone,   I'm very late to the party, but I've finally come out of lurkdom and created an account so I can post here. Tbh, I started this post in the Nokdu drama thread but realised it

As a kdrama veteran watcher, I know a lot of actors. But if I am KSH mother, I will put this kid, JDY as a perfect candidate for son in law. I mean this kind of young man is hard to find. He is like a

Agree, that’s why I’m a little reluctant to say I ship this couple. Not entirely sure if I want to try and trust things that may or may not be there. That and KSH is only 20, meaning there’s a lot of

Lol... I was so busy lurking and spazzing in Twitter that I actually forgot this thread :sweatingbullets:...




And here's some edited moments from the gathering from our business analysts of Macaron ^^...








Yesterday was so full of Macaron contents as well as Jang Dong Yoon's first fanmeeting.. and I especially like this most-awaited selfie of the two :)



Although I would want at least a video message from Kim So Hyun but I guess this is already enough :heart:.. this is probably just one of the many selfies they have together in Dong Yoon's phone B).. which they aren't sharing much... HAHA

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Twitter is filled with Macaron couple "business" analysts and gurus: :lol:

The above clip is a teaser - PD's interview with JDY - for the KBS Entertainment Awards which will be held on 21 December. Last chance to see JDY with longer hair, as he mentioned that he will cut it after the KBS Entertainment Awards but ahead of the KBS Drama Awards (31 December)! He mentioned yesterday that he hasn't cut his hair yet because of his attachment to Nokdujeon and Nokdu the character.



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nooo i'm not ready for him to cut his hair.. he looks so good with longer hair..

Im so happy with all the updates and all the fans pointing out moments of macaron couple :wub:

I hope they will win awards and im so curious to see what they will wear 

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Hi everyone,


I'm very late to the party, but I've finally come out of lurkdom and created an account so I can post here. Tbh, I started this post in the Nokdu drama thread but realised it became my ode to DongJeon so I figured posting here would be more appropriate :sweat_smile:


What can I say? I've watched dramas on/off since 1999 (My Fair Princess with my parents) and have binged many a C-drama, Netflix series and K-drama over the years, lurking on these forums and reading Soompi articles / Dramabeans for my Kdrama obsession. I even went to the Dramabeans anniversary party in LA and won the Scarlet Heart: Ryeo soundtrack in a raffle. However, despite all that, I've always been a quiet observer and keen absorber of other people's comments, thoughts and ideas. Even my love for Angel's Last Mission: Love, or my adoration for Gong Hyo Jin and all her projects couldn't compel me to finally join. But alas, here I am, thanks to Kim So Hyun and Jang Dong Yoon.


Honestly I'm thankful I didn't get into this drama until the day the final episode aired because the suspense from week to week probably would have killed me. But I started becoming intrigued when I read that it was getting super popular, plus I'm a fan of Kim So Hyun and the synopsis sounded hilarious and refreshing (love the idea of a cross-dressing man trying to get into a widow's community). And thus began my so far 2.5week love affair obsession with this drama and our DongJeon couple.


I binge watched all 16 eps in 2 days (hello, 6am sleeping, 10am waking to continue), and then immediately re-watched the entire thing again... and again... and again. I'm on my 5th time re-watching. I even got my husband to watch with me. I honestly don't think I have ever been so in love with and invested in a couple's on/off-screen love story that I'm literally following every hash tag they're under on Twitter and Instagram. I refreshed this DongJeon couple thread daily, I read 149 pages worth of all of your comments and photos on the drama thread (loved them all, btw!), watched and re-watched the BTS scenes multiple times (literally my hubby was like, "didn't you watch that video already? Like, just now?"), started following cast members on social media and YouTube, recorded the fast-forwarded videos on my phone so that I could slow them down to observe all the DongJeon couple moments and basically I'm thinking I should go see a doctor at this point because I cannot move on from this drama or this couple.


It's just been absolutely perfect for me from start to finish, like so many of you have already pointed out -- the entire story made sense, it was so well-written, every single cast member was well-rounded and multi-dimensional, the women were bada$$ and I loved it, and of course... our DongJeon couple, I just don't have enough words to praise them. Their chemistry is just insane. I've never seen KSH so comfortable with a co-star before; I literally even watched multiple BTS of her with other co-stars from her other dramas (LFG because ppl say she had great chemistry with Taec, Radio Romance because it's her first "adult" role, Love Alarm because it's her most recent drama) and can confirm she doesn't act in that way.


There's no denying that JDY adores her but she's a lot more subtle and difficult to read. However, her actions speak volumes i.e. the way she teases and jokes with him on set "Our first night?", "Hurry and hug me!", the way she kept her arms around him for their kiss scenes, how comfortably she kissed him, the fact that in interviews with previous co-stars, she's always answered ideal type/which co-star character do you prefer questions very diplomatically and politely whereas with JDY she teases him by answering Yulmu or totally avoiding the question ("Can I not answer that?" in one interview, "I prefer Aengdu" in another) which shows that in her heart she feels so strongly towards JDY that she's trying to hide it. Same can be said for the BTS where she said to JDY, "I honestly can't compliment you!" -- she can easily compliment her other co-stars from other dramas, because it's purely business. But with JDY, she's so shy as she giggles, "it's so hard to compliment you! I really can't do it!" and as a woman, the only way I can interpret her words combined with her expressions and body language is that she has a gigantic crush on him and is afraid of letting too much of her feelings show. Trust me, you don't do that to guys you aren't interested in.


Not to mention in their year end gathering video (thank you, Han Garim!!!!!!), they were practically joined at the side. I'm actually glad their other cast member took JDY's original seat next to KSH half way through because you can compare their distance and it's like night and day. With JDY, they were basically in their own world with their shoulders glued together (so close, in fact, that at one point KSH's arm is basically squished behind her in their efforts to be closer to one another LOL), heads huddled together and laughing and joking with one another, barely paying attention to the cast members next to them (at one point, all of the cast members start pointing at them as if to say, "Dude, are you two dating on your own over there?" especially as then they suddenly break apart a little and start shaking their heads like they're denying it lol) and when JDY is exiled to the other side of the table (lol) KSH suddenly starts interacting with the cast member on her left, and you can see her physically shift her chair away from the other guy (as well as the other guy shifting the chair further away from her too at one point), so there can be no doubt that her intimacy with JDY was not due to the camera angle.


I loved how they gave each other strength in the drama as well as BTS. They cheered each other on, cheered each other up, made each other laugh, were just such a delight to watch. My heart was just so full watching their interactions. They've both confirmed they meet up outside of the drama, and I hope they still meet up and message each other regularly. I hope they win Best Couple Award (apparently you need to give your social security to sign up to KBS to vote?! What the...) and am looking forward to seeing more Macaron interactions at the Drama Awards.


That said, they are both so young... I would love for them to really be together, but I think I'd prefer for them to be very close friends for now. I'm interested in seeing LA2 BTS and kiss scenes to compare if her kissing JDY was genuinely an improvement in acting or because her feelings ran very deeply for him/Nokdu. I have a suspicion it's the latter, but we'll see! Right now they both are still trying to pull away from their characters (darnit can we get a season 2?? Even if it makes NO sense whatsoever because this entire drama was just too perfect) but I believe KSH will always have a bit of Dongju and love for Nokdu in her, and JDY doesn't need any help to fall for KSH so perhaps once time has passed and they're taking on new roles, they can figure out if they really have feelings for one another or just their characters.


Ahhh I am hoping this thread will stay alive with coffee and food trucks between the two for years to come. If anyone is interested in my observations from their year end party and BTS scenes I guess I can edit some screencaps? LMK...


Okie doke sorry for the essay and verbal diarrhoea. I was going insane with all of that bubbling inside of me, maybe I can finally start to move on. 


Lovely to meet everyone! See you~~

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5 hours ago, bobbieness said:

Ahhh I am hoping this thread will stay alive with coffee and food trucks between the two for years to come. If anyone is interested in my observations from their year end party and BTS scenes I guess I can edit some screencaps? LMK...


Your observations will always be welcome here :) This thread isn't as lively as some other shipper threads, because I think Macaron couple shippers seem generally quite "chill" (self-declared LOL) and moderate. I started as a drama fan who progressed into supporting KSH and JDY individually. Their on- and off-screen chemistry is truly remarkable and I think both mean it genuinely when they say that they are close in real life (the whole Nokdujeon cast and crew truly seem like a tight-knit family). And yes, they are both still young (young in acting career for JDY and young in age for KSH) and have a lot more to achieve in their acting careers and in their personal life, so who knows what the future holds.


If their relationship as friends and colleagues ever blossoms into something more, that would be lovely. But no matter what, I hope such a precious friendship will go the distance. To see them reunite again in another good drama a few years down the road, that would be a dream come true (somehow they remind me of a younger version of Gong Yoo and Jung Yu Mi, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin).


And one of the best parts of this fandom is how funny and witty the fans are:





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I've binged watched bring it on ghost and just dance this past week and I still think kim sohyun and jang dongyoon make the best couple. Don't get me wrong I loved both dramas but these two have my heart. Hard shipping isn't my thing but I've been catching up on the vlog posts and the chemistry is still there in real life even after the drama ended. 

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