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  1. It’s inevitable as someone have mentioned they are the top two actresses of their generation (agreed). Imo, comparison is ok and even those two are somewhat used to it and still remain friends despite the comparison being never ending one. What i despise are those vicious attacks abt their body parts(i truly hope that commenter isn’t a fan of sso). Same thing happened in an article about sso’s black gown. Let’s never be like that
  2. I also wanna include my top 5 1. Princess Hours 2. My Love from the Star 3. Missing you/ I miss you 4. Secret Garden 5. Moon Embracing the sun
  3. No public announcement and haven’t caught by dispatch yet, so maybe they are not...yet? And you know uri sso, she has this ability to create chemistry with all partners, hence the title “chemistry queen” But this one with nokdu, imo, is above all else
  4. Didn’t expect that the selca we’ve all been waiting for would look like this All these updates in instagram and twitter about this ship is giving me all the feels
  5. I think he’ll be hosting the entertainment awards, so hopefully we’ll get to see them walk the red carpet together(Keeping my fingers crossed for this one) and sit in one table at the drama awards
  6. Agreed! Too cool to the point that i even imagine her saying this(last part) nonchalantly
  7. Sorry guys , so late for the party Thank you for these awesome recaps The drama Is the subbed video out now? I’m waiting for the sub as my korean is very limited to just reading and writing. But based from these recaps, i saw a lot of kissing, they look so natural like it was really ksh and jdy kissing and not nokdu and dongju(again with my delulu), in particular the wedding kiss reminds me of a my love from the star bts when jjh and ksh both smiled after the kiss The party Why is it that they have different gifts? Jdy’s only his characters, how will he remember dongju whenever he look at it??? I really love this drama, the characters(nokdu is one of the best male kdrama characters ever and my badass katniss everdeen ofc), the cinematography(bookmarking the locations for when i go back to korea), the story(even the politics) and specially the osts(any idea on the overseas shipping price?) . What i’m trying to say is i love everything about it well except for the ratings. Ok, i’ll stop the fangirling now
  8. Ikr, all those photos shared by staffs and casts even the manager of yang so min was smitten but what truly made me tear up was the photos shared by soohyang, it was like “yeah, gotta save the best for last” Hope they work together again next time.
  9. Thank you guys for sharing these photos. Excited and sad that it’s already monday and the last episode of TTON Yesss! Yulmu and the crazy king were not present in the wedding(assuming that all the casts at the first photo have witnessed it). But, where is the queen?
  10. All these posts about majimak filming makes me How will i survive another monday when the only good thing about it is TTON and macaron couple? Sepanx is real!!!
  11. Dunno if somebody already posted yulmo’s message, what did he say about Sso? And guys, how to share tweets/ig posts here? TIA
  12. Maybe the people on weibo are more hardcore than dispatch? Seriously, i need proof, only if they can produce one only then i will decide if i shld believe. For now, i’m happy on board the macaron ship
  13. Maybe they were pertaining to the time they went out with HMY? Because the first time i saw the pics, it looks to me like they were on a date
  14. I dunno how to put video here as i’m still noob in this, There’s a video of sso in dramabeans answering fan questions and one of them is about cooking, she laughed at that
  15. Prolly spending time with her mother and brother. Hangin’ out with her bestfriend jiwoo and their dogs mongsuk and momo. i hope she rest well first(she sure is workaholic), then hangout/dine-out/bowling with the casts and crews of TTON or better yet just with JDY and they’ll be spotted again dispatch-like to feed our delulu minds before she start filming LA2. Hwaiting sso
  16. Yay! Finally someone made this thread I’ve been lurking at the drama section but didn’t have the guts to comment It’s hard being a fan of sohyun, one time i’ve been a yibi(part of the minority) then i jumped into shyshy and now this(by far my favorite). Sohyunnie, when will you stop having this chemistry with all your partners(i hope not), ottoke? I dunno if i’ll ever move on once the drama ends and my feeds will no longer be filled with these cutie macarons
  17. You should watch it. Though her character wasn’t what us fans expected, she still delivered her best. And imo, she had the best chemistry with ysh (bts!!!)pre TTON. That’s why a lot people though despised the drama, were/maybe still are on the shyshy ship. I, included. But i’m more into macaron ship now and waiting for the official name and thread for these cuties
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