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  1. Jang Dong Yoon And Kim So Hyun Share A Sorrowful Kiss In “The Tale Of Nokdu” Kim So Hyun and Jang Dong Yoon continue to head down a bumpy road in KBS 2TV’s “The Tale of Nokdu.” On November 12, the drama revealed stills of Nok Du (Jang Dong Yoon), Dong Joo (Kim So Hyun), and King Gwanghae (Jung Joon Ho) amidst the revelation of a shocking truth. The air that surrounds Nok Du and Dong Joo is different from before now that the two have knowledge of the truth. However, they have no choice but to hide their knowledge with each other. Meanwhile, King Gwanghae is seen with his sword out and his eyes fixed on Nok Du, who is wearing the uniform of a royal guard. Attention is focused on whether or not the King will succumb to his lunacy and commit an irrevocable deed. Spoilers Previously in “The Tale of Nokdu,” Nok Du and Dong Joo were faced with a shocking truth, and their tears made viewers’ hearts ache for them. Nok Du found out that his father, the King, was trying to kill him, and Dong Joo was devastated to find out that Nok Du was the King’s son that she had to kill. The producers of the drama shared, “The weight of the truth that makes Nok Du and Dong Joo suffer will magnify the sadness of their romance. Please continue to watch until the end to see how the tangled fates of Nok Du, who remains by King Gwanghae’s side despite knowing the truth, and Dong Joo, who now knows that Nok Du is the son of her enemy, will unfold.” The upcoming episode of “The Tale of Nokdu” airs on November 12 at 10 p.m. KST. https://www.soompi.com/article/1365131wpp/jang-dong-yoon-and-kim-so-hyun-share-a-sorrowful-kiss-in-the-tale-of-nokdu
  2. We are waiting for this scene. We Are ready KBS , don't let us down Jang Dong Yoon And Kim So Hyun Try To Protect Their Love In “The Tale Of Nokdu” KBS’s “The Tale of Nokdu” has released sweet stills of Jang Dong Yoon and Kim So Hyun! Spoilers Last episode, Nokdu (Jang Dong Yoon) and Dong Joo (Kim So Hyun) confirmed their feelings for each other. Nokdu’s heartfelt confession and their heated kiss made viewers’ hearts flutter. However, there’s still some truth left to be uncovered. With King Gwanghae (Jung Joon Ho) who tries to kill his son, and his wife (Park Min Jung) who tries to save him, the drama’s tension heightens as the tangled relationships are about to be unfolded. In the newly released stills, Nokdu and Dong Joo go on two different dates. As they hold hands and look at each other lovingly in the middle of a market, the two look like they have nothing else to care for in this world. However, in another occasion, they both look a bit worried. Despite their feelings for each other, the two are still facing a huge conflict as it was revealed that Nokdu is the real son of King Gwanghae, while Dong Joo still plans to get her revenge against the King. The production team stated, “Nokdu and Dong Joo’s heartwarming romance will be continued in this week’s episodes. Please look forward to seeing whether or not Nokdu and Dong Joo, who overcome harsh realities through their feelings for each other, will be able to protect their love by overcoming conflicts.” The next episode of “The Tale of Nokdu” airs on November 11 at 10:00 p.m. KST. https://www.soompi.com/article/1364658wpp/jang-dong-yoon-and-kim-so-hyun-try-to-protect-their-love-in-the-tale-of-nokdu
  3. Sohyun really good and wellknown actress. People always comparison their favourite with her ,especially if they are close to their ages. The person who dragged Sohyun into the argument is jealous. Because her favourite is not famous as Sohyun. But they forget one thing Sohyun not a new actress ,she is an actress from 2007. And knetz always praise her acting and know her hard work. (Yes some Sohyun's dramas didn't have high retinge but Knetz never criticize her acting ability . Because everyone know she is really a good actress and first choise of many writers and pd's . ) My life philosophy : BE POSITİVE and only focus positive comments :)))
  4. Tale of Nokdu: Episodes 21-22 Our hero and heroine enjoy having their feelings out in the open as the brewing fight for the throne gains speed. The king has sacrificed much to fulfill his ambitions but at great cost. He’s escaped his fate for years but that could all change as certain truths finally come to light. With everyone moving into place, our hero and heroine are closer to discovering that they’re in the middle of a dangerous game. EPISODE 21: “Dong-joo Enters the Palace” King Gwanghae exits the queen’s chambers in the morning to find his guard, Officer Baek, and Dong-joo’s former servants waiting in the rain. Nokdu and Dong-joo don’t seem to notice the rain as they kiss, or the rainbow that flashes just over them. When they part, Nokdu’s hands are shaking and he confesses that he’s suddenly nervous. Telling him that she’s perfectly fine, Dong-joo kisses Nokdu gently and then slumps in a near faint. The frightened servants apologize to King Gwanghae for burying the bodies of their lord and his family, unaware that it was a serious crime. After they insist that every family member died, the king asks for the location of the burial site. Dan-ho reports to a forlorn Yul-moo that Dong-joo wasn’t at the gisaeng house where Mae Hwa-soo now lives. Yul-moo calls off his search, convinced that Dong-joo’s disappearance proves how much she hates him. He is somewhat comforted by the fact Dong-joo isn’t with Nokdu either. Nokdu carries Dong-joo on his back but she jumps down when they get home and see Master Hwang with the king’s eunuch. The eunuch is there for Dong-joo after the grateful queen secured a job for the girl who helped the king with his insomnia. Dong-joo arrives at the palace at the same time that Officer Baek sends Nokdu out with the old couple to search for the burial site. The king enters Minister Heo’s cell with Yul-moo and the witnesses that he’s provided — Hwang-tae, Yeon-boon and Jung-sook. The Muweol Corps women testify that the widows were confined to their rooms whenever they heard a bell, which is when Minister Heo visited the shrine. Yeon-boon claims that Heo murdered their eyewitness, but not before the woman shared that he was hiding a young man who was supposedly destined for greatness. After wandering around in the woods all day, Nokdu tells the old couple that they’re done searching for the day. When Nokdu asks whose burial ground they’re looking for the wife answers that it belongs to Lord Yu Yeong-kyung and his family, who were killed after he was caught plotting treason against the king. When Nokdu asks why King Gwanghae wants to dig up the grave, the old man explains that the king doesn’t trust the claim that everyone died. The old man swears to Nokdu that everyone did die, even the girl. Once Yeong-boon and Jung-sook have been dismissed, Yul-moo informs the king, “It was your son whom the chancellor had hidden…” Hwang-tae then testifies that his brother always aspired to rise to the highest position and was sought out by Minister Heo for his plot. Worked into a frenzy, King Gwanghae grabs Heo by his clothes, “Do you not know how hard it was to get rid of him?” When Minister Heo accuses the king of abandoning him, his people, and his baby, King Gwanghae grabs a poker. Heo asks, “What are you so afraid of,” as the king plunges the poker into his body. Hwang-tae sinks to the floor in shock as blood pours from Minister Heo, who looks at his old friend with sorrow. In a flashback to the Japanese Invasion 20 years earlier, the future king wept when he came upon a street littered with the bodies. With generals Heo and Yoon-jo by his side, he lamented that it was the people with no power who paid with their lives. Heo’s eyes shone with pride when the future king pledged, “I will be different…I will make sure they are happy to be my people.” As the life leaves his body, Heo weeps at the memory, “I wanted to stay by your side and make your wish come true.” Minister Heo looks at Yul-moo before his eyes close for the last time and as the king weeps, Yul-moo smirks. In the marketplace, Chil-seong hides Yoon-jo when some palace guards walk by. Yoon-jo rejects Chil-seong’s suggestion to tell Nokdu the truth about his lineage, planning instead to see the queen who he believes is the only one who can save her son. When he returns to the palace, Nokdu sees the blood on Officer Baek’s uniform when he reports that the old couple wasn’t able to find the burial site. A shaken Officer Baek informs Nokdu that they no longer need to locate it. Upon hearing the news, the old couple thanks Nokdu profusely but he credits the king for their release. Nokdu smiles at the sight of Dong-joo hanging up sheets but the old couple is suddenly anxious to leave. Once the couple is gone, Nokdu returns to help Dong-joo who’s still recovering from her ordeal in the well. Nokdu asks Dong-joo to visit the swing with him later that night and they arrange to meet at the back gate. Nokdu leaves but soon returns and places a ring made of tiny daisies on Dong-joo’s left hand. When Dong-joo asks him about it, Nokdu explains, “‘I picked it up on my way here.’ That was what Master Hwang told me to say. But it was pretty, so I got it for you.” After kissing her hand, Nokdu starts to walk away until Dong-joo stops him and hugs him from behind. Dong-joo closes her eyes as she rests her head on Nokdu’s back, the sheets fluttering in the breeze. When she finally sends him on his way, Nokdu keeps turning back to look at her. Nokdu soon runs into King Gwanghae and is alarmed to see that his eunuch has to hold him up. In the king’s chambers, Nokdu watches as King Gwanghae gets very drunk. King Gwanghae asks, “Why do you look at me that way,” and Nokdu confesses he’s never seen him look peaceful. The king admits that his only peaceful moments are when he sneaks out of the palace and runs into Nokdu. The king asks if he heard what happened and Nokdu wonders if it had anything to do with the man that Minister Heo was hiding (Yoon-jo). King Gwanghae’s eyes fill with tears as he admits, “It is all my fault…Ever since that day. Everything has turned awry.” When the king passes out, Nokdu lays him in his bed and a tear escapes as he ponders, “Am I a part of that dreadful night?” While the king sleeps, he dreams of being locked in the dungeon cell with a dead Minister Heo, who opens his eyes to look at the king accusingly. King Gwanghae yells to be let out until a woman announces, “The skies desire a new king,” and he’s suddenly with a shaman covered in blood. In a flashback, we see that just days before Nokdu’s birth, the shaman delivered her message with King Gwanghae’s sword at her throat, “Your son who will be born on November 19 will become the next king.” Aware that his father only made him the crown prince because of the war, Gwanghae vowed, “I will make sure that I become the king,” and plunged his sword through the shaman. When King Gwanghae wakes up with a jolt, he sees that Nokdu is crying. After he remembers smothering his newborn son, the king tells Nokdu, “I truly wish that you will never find out what kind of person I am. EPISODE 22: “Your Son Is Alive” In the aftermath of Minister Heo’s death, Yul-moo meets with his supporters to finalize plans for the revolt. Yul-moo plans to occupy the palace when the king pays his respects at the royal ancestral burial site. Once the king is in custody and they have taken the royal seal, all that’s needed is the order from Prince Yeongchang’s mother to complete the transfer of power. Yeon-boon and Jung-sook are devastated when Ssook informs them that it was Yul-moo who destroyed their village and killed Lady Cheon. Yeon-boon wants to kill him right away but Ssook reminds her that they’re no match for Dan-ho. Ssook suggests keeping a low profile until they can come up with a plan. When Nokdu sees Dong-joo waiting for him at the back gate, he sneaks up to surprise her. Dong-joo is so startled that she accidentally hits Nokdu, giving him a bloody nose. At the market, Dong-joo argues that the accident was actually Nokdu’s fault but he just brags that he’s handsome even when he’s injured. Even though he has wadding in his nose, Dong-joo strokes Nokdu’s face and agrees, “You are very handsome,” adding, “But you are pretty at the same time. When you pretended to be a widow, you were prettier than a woman.” Dong-joo won’t let Nokdu put his arm around her but she does hold his hand. When Dong-joo sees Nokdu’s favorite candy, she stuffs some into his mouth remembering that he looked like a cute rabbit the first time he ate it. Their cheeks are stuffed with candy when Dong-joo begs Nokdu to buy her some shoes and when he refuses (worried that she’ll use them to run away from him), they bicker. A still pining Yeon-geun sees them and sighs, “They are a well-matched couple. Darn it.” When he turns to leave, Yeon-geun bumps into Bok-neo at the same time that Soon-nyeo and Mal-nyeon reunite with Nokdu and Dong-joo. There’s a huge reunion at Yeon-geun’s house and everyone sits down to share a meal. When Soon-nyeon mentions Dong-joo’s two day ordeal in the well, Aeng-du is sad to think that Dong-joo went so long without food. Yet when Nokdu sets out the rice, Aeng-du gets upset when she realizes that there’s a fried egg hidden in Dong-joo’s bowl. Nokdu explains that he gave the last egg to Dong-joo because the doctor instructed him to feed her well. When everyone grumbles, Yeon-geun scolds, “Stop making a fuss during mealtime.” He’s surprised when Bok-nyeo places some food on top of his rice and smiles bashfully. Soon-nyeo announces, “This meal is quite sweet,” and it’s obvious that she’s not talking about the food when she stares at Master Hwang. Ssook explains to Chil-seong that while she can get into the palace, meeting the queen is another matter. Chil-seong just needs her to make sure that the queen receives a letter and after giving it some thought, Ssook takes it. When Chil-seong asks Ssook to check on Minister Heo, she gives him sad news. Dong-joo scolds Nokdu when he asks permission to enter her room, worried that someone could open her door. Nokdu argues that it’s too late for that and scrambles in to lie down next to Dong-joo, who warns him to go to sleep. After Nokdu falls asleep with his arm around Dong-joo, she whispers, “Look at him sleeping. He always does what I tell him to do. When she lightly strokes his face and lips, Nokdu opens his eyes. After reminding Dong-joo that she’s the one who woke him up, Nokdu kisses her on the forehead, eye, nose and then her mouth. When they kiss each other, the door suddenly opens and Nokdu and Dong-joo roll apart. Aeng-du plops down on the bed while complaining that the widows are impossible to sleep with. Nokdu asks Aeng-du what she saw and he and Dong-joo are embarrassed when she replies, “How you two were stuck together like glue and kissing each other? Or how you both rolled away from each other as if your bottoms were on fire?” Aeng-du calls off the betrothal since Nokdu’s heart obviously belongs to another woman. When the three of them fall asleep, Nokdu and Dong-joo are holding hands with Aeng-du in between them. At the palace the next day Dong-joo listens to gossip that the king is spending lots of time in the dungeon and coming out with blood on his robes. After mentioning that a high ranking official just died, the women notice Dong-joo. When she sets down a basket, her flower ring falls off and Dong-joo shoves the flowers into her sleeve. When Hwang-tae admits that he’s upset because his lies led to Minister Heo’s death, Yul-moo reminds him that he has no use for someone who’s weak. When Yul-moo sees Dong-joo, he follows her just as she runs into Nokdu. Dong-joo reminds Nokdu that she’ll be sleeping at the palace but they’re interrupted when Yul-moo punches Nokdu in the face. Yul-moo grabs Dong-joo’s hand and when he ignores her demand to let go, Nokdu pulls his hand away. Yul-moo grabs Nokdu and Officer Baek runs up to apologize on Nokdu’s behalf and warn that people are watching. Reluctantly, Yul-moo releases Nokdu and then grabs Dong-joo again, hissing, “I looked for you everywhere, and this is where I find you?” When Dong-joo jerks her hand away, Yul-moo bellows, “Dong-joo,” just as the queen is announced. The queen is surprised by Yul-moo’s behavior and after confirming that Dong-joo is the new servant, explains that he’s not to disrespect anyone in her household. After she dismisses Dong-joo, the queen sends Yul-moo away as well. The queen asks to see Officer Baek and smiles at Nokdu as she walks away. Nokdu runs after Hwang-tae to tell him that it’s not too late to change sides but he insists that he’s already gone too far. Nokdu asks if Yul-moo is threatening him with something but Hwang-tae denies it and walks away. Ssook is close by when a tea tray is prepared for the queen. She manages to slip the letter under the teapot without being seen. Officer Baek informs the queen that Minister Heo was killed because he was guilty of treason. The troubled queen clutches the charm that commemorates her son and murmurs, “He (Heo) definitely seemed like he had something to tell me that day.” After dismissing the guard, the queen finds the letter and Officer Baek sees it in her hand as he closes her door. The king’s eunuch asks what to do with Minister Heo’s body and is surprised when he’s ordered to have it thrown out with the others. As tears fall, the king explains, “(Heo) Yun abandoned me a long time ago. Thus, I shall do the same.” The king turns when Officer Baek calls out to him. After the confrontation with Yul-moo, Nokdu checks to make sure that Dong-joo isn’t hurt. Dong-joo is about to tell Nokdu something but instead reminds him that she’s spending the night in the palace. Nokdu pats Dong-joo’s head and promises to see her the next day and once he’s gone, Dong-joo opens her hand to look at the tiny flowers he gave her. Nokdu finds Ssook outside smoking a pipe, deep in thought. After checking that she heard about Minister Heo, Nokdu asks how she plans to stop Yul-moo. When Ssook admits that she hasn’t figured that out, Nokdu shakes her hand and suggests, “Why do we not help each other?” Chil-seong sheds tears of grief as he rants to Yoon-jo, “How could he also discard his dead body like that?” Even though Yoon-jo wants to help him retrieve Minister Heo’s body, Chil-seong points out that it’s too dangerous and urges him to proceed with his plan to meet the queen. Yoon-jo explains how Minister Heo saved his life when he was a child. Chil-seong was near death but after Heo begged his father, the boy was treated by a doctor. Chil-seong argues, “I should be the one to go since I was granted a decent life thanks to the chancellor.” As he departs, Chil-seong apologizes to Yoon-jo, “I am sorry I could not protect you until the very end.” When his eunuch finds the king drinking alone, he offers to summon Officer Yeon (Nokdu). At the same time, Chil-seong finds Minister Heo’s body but as he weeps, a sword is held to his neck. While Yoon-jo hurries along a street, the queen sneaks out, unaware that she’s being watched. Dan-ho demands to know Yoon-jo’s whereabouts and when Chil-seong claims that he ran away, he’s cut down. Ready to join his master, Chil-seong grabs Dan-ho’s sword with his bare hands and plunges it into his body. When Dan-ho finishes him off, Chil-seong dies as he lived, by Minister Heo’s side. Yoon-jo enters a room and bows before a sheer screen that shields the queen, who’s shocked when she sees her visitor. Yoon-jo recalls that fateful day 20 years ago and confesses that he’s not the only one who survived, “His Majesty’s son is alive, Your Highness.” As Nokdu heads for the king’s chambers, the queen gasps in shock. She crawls to Yoon-jo’s side as he pleads, “You must protect him from His Majesty.” The frantic queen cries, “I will risk everything I have to protect him,” but before Yoon-jo can tell her anything, the door opens to reveal King Gwanghae. Dong-joo lurks outside of the palace, clutching the box that holds her bow and arrows while King Gwanghae returns to the palace with Yoon-jo in custody. The queen runs after them and when she stumbles, Nokdu catches her. When a royal guard sees Dong-joo, he points his sword as she hides her box with her skirt. King Gwanghae approaches and Dong-joo breathes, “Chief Administrative Officer,” before she realizes the truth. As the queen continues to chase after King Gwanghae and Yoon-jo, Nokdu picks up the queen’s charm that fell from her clothing. Clutching her charm in his hand, Nokdu follows the queen. COMMENTS As Minister Heo met his end at the hands of the king that he once believed in, I understood his inner struggle. In spite of his best intentions, King Gwanghae allowed his ambition to overtake his duty to his people, enabling him to murder his own son to thwart a shaman’s prophecy. In spite of his efforts to dethrone the king, when faced with a future king even more ruthless than King Gwanghae, Minister Heo did his best to warn his friend but it was too late. Minister Heo’s final moments, witnessed by a triumphant Yul-moo, were truly heartbreaking. For some time it’s been hinted that Nokdu’s birthdate is significant and now that we’ve heard what the shaman had to say, I’m beginning to think that King Gwanghae targeted the wrong prince. On Nokdu’s birthday, Yul-moo hinted that it was someone else’s birthday. Is it possible that Nokdu and Yul-moo were born on the same day? If that’s the case, the shaman’s prophecy is correct and it’s King Gwanghae’s actions that will make it a reality. It’s a shame because Nokdu possesses the qualities that Minister Heo believed made for not just a good, but a great king. Nokdu’s entire existence is a testament to missed opportunities, not just for his parents, but for a country. Because of the king’s desperate attempts to hang on to the throne, Yul-moo continues to gain support. King Gwanghae’s actions make it easy for Yul-moo to convince others that their king isn’t fit to rule. In spite of his friendly encounters with Nokdu and Dong-joo while in disguise, the king is nothing like that at the palace. Even as Nokdu begins to understand what happened the night he was born, he exhibits pity for the father that he never knew. King Gwanghae gives Nokdu a rare glimpse into the life that he was meant for and it’s not at all enticing. There’s no question that King Gwanghae feels a connection with Nokdu, but how will he react when he learns that he’s the son that he supposedly killed? How will Nokdu deal with that truth and the fact that he can never be safe around the king? It’s obvious that the only way that King Gwanghae and Nokdu can coexist is if neither of them is king, which is exactly what’s going to happen. Gwanghae’s successor, King Injo (Yul-moo), had limited power once he took the throne and I expect to see Nokdu play some part in that, together with Ssook and others. The queen is sure to play a significant role as well in order to protect the son that she thought was dead, especially after she learns that her husband was responsible for Nokdu’s death/exile. In spite of the palace intrigue, Nokdu and Dong-joo shared many memorable moments. The flower ring that Nokdu crafted for Dong-joo was sweet and deeply meaningful, especially because she not only accepted it but treasured it. Dong-joo fully accepted Nokdu’s heart and later, when they were alone in her room, it looked as if their relationship was about to take a significant leap until Aeng-du made her appearance. It was not only funny but it makes complete sense because Nokdu and Dong-joo don’t yet know each other’s true identities. Before their relationship goes any further, Nokdu and Dong-joo need to learn the truth about their pasts and about each other. http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/11/tale-of-nokdu-episodes-21-22/
  5. #KimSoHyun's titles/nicknames from the media and netizens: - Little Son Yejin - Nation's Little Sister - Nation's First Love - Hallyu Fairy - Chemistry Princess - Joseon Doll - Goddess of Tears/Teardrop Goddess - Come out of manhwa girl - Queen of School Dramas (by intl fans) cr:sohyuniverse -twitter
  6. He is not king for 20 years. He was crown prince when he killed his son . He is king for 6- 7 years ( Dong Ju's family killed make him king )
  7. Kim So Hyun And Jang Dong Yoon Are Sweet And Ship-Worthy Behind-The-Scenes Of “The Tale Of Nokdu” In the midst of increasingly heated romance in KBS2’s “The Tale of Nokdu,” the drama has revealed some behind-the-scenes photos from set! Kim So Hyun and Jang Dong Yoon pose for the camera and show adorable chemistry as they shoot romantic scenes. Even when the two are not filming, they are by each other’s side, laughing and joking around. A source from the drama said, “As Nokdu and Dong Ju’s romance intensifies, the secrets between them will also begin to unravel. Please stay tuned to discover Nokdu and Dong Ju’s fate and whether they will overcome crisis to find a happily ever after.” The next episode of “The Tale of Nokdu” airs November 11 at 10 p.m. KST. https://www.soompi.com/article/1364488wpp/kim-so-hyun-and-jang-dong-yoon-are-sweet-and-ship-worthy-behind-the-scenes-of-the-tale-of-nokdu
  8. Tale of Nokdu: Episodes 19-20 Struck with a startling double-revelation, our hero struggles to unravel the web of secrets and lies woven over the past twenty years while trying to keep the people he loves safe from harm. Hard truths seem to hit all of our main cast this hour and while some revelations threaten to drive people apart, some may serve to bring others closer together. EPISODE 19: “Heo Yun Framed” The day of the exam award ceremony, Dong-joo stands outside the palace gates. Despite Nokdu’s suggestion she pose as his family to watch, she thinks, “I cannot do that to you, no matter how awful I am.” Inside, Nokdu is horrified to find not only a smirking Yul-moo, but that the king (and his father) is actually the man he’d befriended in town. The king chuckles at Nokdu’s surprise and regaining his composure, Nokdu gratefully accepts his award. Outside, Dong-joo runs into one of the palace maids, who apologizes for sending Dong-joo to meet Lord Park. She suggests instead Dong-joo try entering the palace as a court lady and Dong-joo perks up to learn the king often leaves the palace in disguise. Afterwards, Nokdu passes Yul-moo on his way to meet the king. “Are you not curious…” Yul-moo sneers, “What I told His Majesty in there?” Nokdu tries to stalk past, but freezes when Yul-moo rightly guesses that he’d come with Yeon-geun, Master Hwang, and Aeng-du. With a sinister smile, Yul-moo leaves Nokdu to meet his father. Inside, King Gwanghae attributes Nokdu’s awkwardness to shock and Nokdu stutters that he is unfamiliar with palace rules. King Gwanghae smiles that there’s no need for formality between them… so long as Nokdu keeps his nightly outings their secret. Nokdu readily agrees and the king assigns him to Chief Administrative Officer Baek. That evening, Master Hwang glares as Yul-moo sits in their courtyard cheerfully feeding Aeng-du meat. Yul-moo tuts at Master Hwang’s treatment of guests and Master Hwang balks, pointing out guests don’t bring swords. He brandishes his broom at Yul-moo and Dan-ho snatches the other end, holding fast when Master Hwang tries to pull back. Master Hwang swiftly snaps the handle in half and the men square off. Before they can engage, however, Dan-ho finds himself held back by Aeng-du. She chides them for interrupting her meal and Yul-moo orders Dan-ho to stand down. Master Hwang wrenches Aeng-du away from Yul-moo and Yul-moo sighs that he has no intention of harming them… yet. Nokdu runs in and Master Hwang holds him back a s Yeon-geun apologizes for getting caught and leading Yul-moo to their home. Nokdu assures him Yul-moo would’ve found them anyway and orders Yul-moo to follow him. Alone, Yul-moo questions Nokdu’s entering the palace. Nokdu simply says he wants to earn a living and turns attention back on Yul-moo, wondering what his goal is. Yul-moo massages the shoulder Nokdu had stabbed and says killing him would be too easy. Nokdu warns him not to involve the others and Yul-moo breezily guesses Nokdu plans to tell the king about his treason. Unconcerned with Nokdu’s threat, Yul-moo informs him that he has Hwang-tae on his side. Nokdu’s eyes widen in horror to learn Hwang-tae returned to Yul-moo willingly. Yul-moo laughs that Hwang-tae is greedy like himself and Nokdu grabs his collar. Dong-joo returns home then and pulls Nokdu back. Fury burns in Yul-moo’s eyes as he notices Dong-joo holding Nokdu’s hand. Snatching Dan-ho’s sword, he slashes at the pair. Nokdu blocks and Yul-moo spits that Dong-joo should follow him if she wants Nokdu to live. They glare at each other for a moment and then Dong-joo gently removes her hand from Nokdu’s to fetch her belongings. As they wait outside, Dan-ho questions whether Yul-moo is angry with her. To his surprise, Yul-moo admits that he’s given up. Despite giving Dong-joo space because he’d understood she was struggling, she’d been swayed after Nokdu appeared. Dan-ho asks why he’s insisting on bringing Dong-joo out if he’s given up. “I will have her,” Yul-moo declares, “Even if she does not like me, I’ll keep her beside me forever.” Yul-moo continues that he will fulfill her wish and that gives him the right. Dan-ho then asks why he’s sparing Nokdu and Yul-moo’s face twists as he says that seeing Nokdu and King Gwanghae not recognize each other was amusing, “A king who kills his son twice. That will be enough to justify our revolt.” Nokdu follows Dong-joo and before he can say anything, she says this is the only way to keep everyone safe. She adds that she doesn’t care about Yul-moo, urging Nokdu to leave it be in order not to get hurt. Dong-joo says it’s only temporary. Minister Heo thinks back on Yoon-jo’s vehement refusal to help him put Nokdu on the throne. He’d bellowed that Minister Heo had no right to dethrone the king and as Minister Heo looks down at the royal command he’d taken from Dong-joo’s father years ago, he finally tosses it into the fire. His right hand, Chil-seong, reports that Yul-moo has gained more support and will likely move soon. Minister Heo notes that Yul-moo slaughtered a village of innocent women and even Lady Chun, who had agreed to defer to him. He resolves that Yul-moo cannot be allowed to take the throne and clenches a shard of an amulet in his fist. The following day he tells Chil-seong to stay behind and follow his orders should anything happen. The guards block Minister Heo’s exit and he informs them he must see the king. They offer to relay his message but Minister Heo bellows that he’s trying to protect the king. Meanwhile, Dong-joo sits with Yul-moo for breakfast. She doesn’t eat and instead questions him about the attack on the village, suggesting that he was the perpetrator. Yul-moo doesn’t deny it and Dong-joo asks if this is his true face. Yul-moo throws back that she was never interested in him before. Dong-joo dismisses it but Yul-moo argues that it was important to him. She asks why he’s treating her this way and Yul-moo replies that neither his wealth nor his actions could win her over in the past. Dong-joo cuts him off to say that while she’s left Nokdu’s house, she has no intention of obeying Yul-moo.”So if that’s what you want,” Dong-joo concludes, “you may as well kill me.” The guards escort Minister Heo to the palace and he goes to speak with the queen. He comments that she still wears a broken pendant and a flashback to 20 years ago shows her tearfully asking him to bury the other half of the pendant with her son. In the present she asks if he’d safely buried the child and before Minister Heo can confess that her son is alive, King Gwanghae appears and demands why he’s there. Dong-joo thinks back on what the palace maid had told her about the king’s outings and muses she can kill him without entering the palace… or she might die instead. Lord Park and his cronies are released from jail and he vows to punish the ones that sent him there. He limps away just as Dong-joo walks up to peer inside. Nokdu grins when he sees her and asks if she’s looking for him. Dong-joo denies it, but Nokdu is pleased nonetheless. Dong-joo assures him she’s alright and tells him to focus on his job. Nokdu brags that he looks quite handsome and she can’t help but smile back at him. At the palace, King Gwanghae confronts Minister Heo for breaking his house arrest. Minister Heo explains he’d come to tell him that Yul-moo is conspiring to usurp the throne and implores him to arrest Yul-moo immediately. King Gwanghae laughs bitterly that Minister Heo’s performance seems so sincere. They turn as Yul-moo stalks into the room with Hwang-tae in tow. A flashback reveals they’d arrived first and a tearful Yul-moo had confessed to discovering the king’s son was actually alive and that Minister Heo knew about it. He lied that Minister Heo threatened to accuse him of treason if he told the king and dissolved into sobs. In the present, Minister Heo pleads with the king not to listen to Yul-moo. Fighting back tears of his own, King Gwanghae grips Minister Heo’s collar and demands who he should trust. He shouts that Minister Heo was is closest friend and he’d hoped that his suspicions would be proven wrong. Minister Heo continues to beg him not to trust Yul-moo even as he’s dragged to the dungeon. The Muweol Corps trio argue over Ssook going to meet Minister Heo. Yeon-boon thinks it pointless as Yul-moo already convincingly pegged Minister Heo as Lady Chun’s killer. Ssook wants both sides of the story, however, and promise to be back by evening. Nokdu reports to Officer Baek and follows him on an urgent arrest mission. As they near Minister Heo’s estate, Officer Baek tells Nokdu that they must be quick so the man they’re arresting remains a secret. Nokdu realizes in horror they’re here for Yoon-jo. Inside, Chil-seong urges Yoon-jo to run as he confronts the guards. Yoon-jo makes it to the back door only to be caught by Officer Baek. Chil-seong defeats the all the guards but one and is saved just in time by Nokdu knocking the man out from behind. As more guards run into the courtyard, Chil-seong shoves something into Nokdu’s robes saying Minister Heo asked him to deliver it to Nokdu to prove his identity. He then punches Nokdu and runs away. Yoon-jo is at Officer Baek’s mercy when Ssook jumps in between them. Yoon-jo escapes while the two engage in combat but Officer Baek is momentarily distracted when he feels Ssook’s chest and she manages to get away. Nokdu runs outside just in time to knock out a guard aiming an arrow at the the backs of Yoon-jo, Ssook, and Chil-seong and they get away. The other guards arrive and Nokdu sends them in the opposite direction. He asks Officer Baek what happened and is told that the person that saved Yoon-jo was a woman. They return to the palace and Officer Baek orders Nokdu to wait while he reports to the king. Thinking fast, Nokdu stashes his conspicuous hat behind a bush and sneaks inside to eavesdrop. The king is furious and Officer Baek hands him a pouch containing the charred remains of the previous king’s dying order that they’d found in Minister Heo’s room. Nokdu can’t see what the pouch contains but hears King Gwanghae order Officer Baek to find Yoon-jo and kill him if necessary. EPISODE 20: “The Queen’s Jewel” King Gwanghae visits Minister Heo in prison and confronts him with the burned document. He’d told Minister Heo to bring him the document if he’d found it all those years ago and been told it was destroyed. King Gwanghae surmises that Minister Heo must’ve been plotting to overthrow him with it, thinking him not fit to rule just like everyone else. “That’s why you decided to abandon me…” King Gwanghae cries, “to serve under a new king.” Minster Heo is also crying as he says he deserves to die. Minster Heo repeats his pleas that King Gwanghae not trust Yul-moo, regardless of what happens to him. King Gwanghae demands that if Minister Heo insists on him not trusting Yul-moo, he reveal Yul-moo’s treason plot. Minster Heo falls silent as he flashes back to Yul-moo approaching him after his arrest. Yul-moo had informed Minister Heo he’d rescued his family and that so long as he remained silent, his family would be spared. “If you end this mess by taking full responsibility,” Yul-moo had added, “your family might have a chance to live their lives comfortably.” Chil-seong informs Ssook on Yul-moo’s plotting and murdering and she says Yul-moo had told her the same about Minister Heo. She asks who she should believe and Chil-seong urges her to think of how Yul-moo inserted himself into he chaos. That night, Dong-joo stands outside a gibang cradling a box in her arms as she recalls this is where the palace maid told her the king went on his outings. She sneaks inside and freezes when she hears a gisaeng address someone as, “your majesty.” Dong-joo pulls out an arrow from under her skirt and grips the box, but suddenly Nokdu flashes in her mind, declaring that he’d make her like him. She fumbles with the box and the arrow clatters to the floor. Luckily, no one seems to have heard and she sinks to the floor, images of the night her parents died intermingling with memories of Nokdu. She steels herself and stands just as a patron rolls out into the hall. A gisaeng calls him “your majesty” once more and Dong-joo realizes it’s nothing more than a drunken game. Nokdu numbly walks back for his hat, thinking of his two fathers. He’s alarmed to find it missing and the queen appears, holding it in front of her. Nokdu stares at her in awe and apologizes for losing it. She gently replies that he’s the one that seems lost. Nokdu admits he’s unfamiliar with the grounds and she hands him a lantern. Nokdu bows to thank her and his eyes fall on her broken pendant. With a smile, she walks away and Nokdu pulls out the item Chil-seong had thrust upon him to prove his identity — the other half of the broken pendant. He returns to the swing to think and that’s where Dong-joo finds him. She calls out to him and he says he was waiting for her. She asks if someone is tormenting him at the police bureau and Nokdu mumbles that he’s the one tormenting others. Nokdu says he made the wrong decision and should’ve lived a quiet life. He tells Dong-joo he’s lost but doesn’t know who to turn to in order for no one to get hurt. Shaking it off, he tells her to forget it and Dong-joo replies she didn’t understand anyway. He wants to walk her home but Dong-joo argues no one will welcome him there. Nokdu pouts that she does whatever she wants so he’ll do the same and takes her by the arm. As they walk, Dong-joo asks if he still likes her despite her being mean. “You look beautiful in my eyes,” Nokdu answers. He wonders why she’s so complicated — afraid, yet fearless — and says that because tomorrow is unknown, he plans to do as he please. He says they should hold hands and takes hers in his. Dong-joo says she’ll let go at the end of the road and Nokdu smiles that they’ll walk slow, then. The following day Yul-moo tells Dan-ho they must find Yoon-jo before the king. He’s planning to visit the Muweol ladies and orders Dan-ho to tail Nokdu, thinking he’ll surely seek out his father. Nokdu has also been tasked with locating Yoon-jo. He notices Dan-ho following and turns a corner. Dan-ho rushes after him, only to find Nokdu has disappeared, not noticing a woman scurry past. Ssook greets Yul-moo is dragged away before she can follow. She’s surprised to see Nokdu once again as a woman and he guesses that she was the one at Minster Heo’s . He asks after Yoon-jo and learns he’d left with Chil-seong, but didn’t trust Ssook enough to say where. Nokdu tells her Yoon-jo is his father and then asks if Ssook is there seeking revenge on Yul-moo. The king continues to suffer from insomnia while Dong-joo buys something at the market for Nokdu. Unfortunately, Nokdu isn’t home yet so she asks Master Hwang to deliver it. He grins knowingly and suggests she wait, but Dong-joo insists she has somewhere to go and her face falls when he says she can come again later. She hands him the parcel and returns to the gibang. Taking a deep breath, she steps forward only to stop when King Gwanghae walks up. He smiles and the pair head to the inn to chat. She notes he doesn’t look well and asks if he failed to catch the man he was chasing. King Gwanghae sighs that he always seems to fail. He asks why Dong-joo was outside the gibang, doubting she aims to be a gisaeng. Dong-joo agrees and says she’s actually trying to get hired at the palace. King Gwanghae is surprised and Dong-joo explains that she’d heard it provided a stable income. Changing the subject, she asks if he hasn’t followed her advice for falling asleep. King Gwanghae admits to feeling guilty asking his wife to soothe him when it’s been years since he’d left her alone. Dong-joo insists that it’s fine and thinks it’s likely his wife is waiting for him to reach out. The king leaves and Dong-joo returns to the gibang only to get caught by Lord Park and his cronies. She kicks him and runs, ducking under a sign warning that the area has been quarantined for plague. Lord Park follows and corners Dong-joo. She backs away and to both of their horror, falls down a well. One of Lord Park’s minions notices the sign and brings it to his master. Panicked, they peer down at Dong-joo’s limp body and declare her dead before running away. Nokdu returns home and Master Hwang hands him Dong-joo’s gift — the candies he likes. Meanwhile, Dong-joo awakens at the bottom of the well and calls for help. She tries to climb out, but she can’t. The next day, Master Hwang finds a worried Nokdu and suggests Dong-joo is with Yul-moo. Nokdu says Yul-moo is also searching for her and Master Hwng wonders if she ran away again. Nokdu doesn’t think so and Master Hwang points out he’s already searched the whole city. Nokdu decides to look again and Master Hwang thrusts an umbrella in his hands because it’s pouring. Dong-joo continues to call for help, but she’s shivering and the water is rising from the rain. Nokdu checks the swing and finds it empty so he checks the gambling den. Dong-joo isn’t there, but he’s spotted by Lord Park’s minion and they confront him outside. Nokdu isn’t in the mood, but stops short when Lord Park brags that he’s already killed Dong-joo. The water in the well is up to Dong-joo’s chin by nightfall and she thinks of Nokdu as her head dips below the water. Nokdu screams her name and jumps down to pull her out, cradling her unconscious body in his arms. At the palace, the queen steps out to greet the king. He tells her he can’t sleep and apologizes for his bad manners. “It’s not your fault,” King Gwanghae tells her, “Everything is… Everything is my fault.” He asks if she’d be willing to stay the night with him like old times. The next morning, Dong-joo opens her eyes and Nokdu frantically asks how she feels. She pushes him away and snaps at him for worrying. She yells at him for looking for he rand jumping into the well and storms out. Nokdu chases after her and finds her crying. She says she had a task to fulfill and that once she had completed it, she would go to meet her mother and be happy. She shouts that she’d lived for that and yet when she thought she was going to die before completing it, all she could think of was Nokdu. “Why did I only think of you at that moment?” she sobs, hitting his chest, “You keep making me want to live.” Nokdu admits he doesn’t know what Dong-joo is trying to accomplish or what she’s afraid of, but says that they’re alive and together now. “So… can you not follow your heart and just like me?” he asks. Dong-joo finally breaks and screams that she does like him. Nokdu pulls her in for a kiss and when he finally pulls back to look at her, Dong-joo pulls him back for another. COMMENTS And now they’re both going to get the plague… or at least a very bad cold. But finally! I really appreciate that while Dong-joo did push Nokdu away to protect him, it never felt like classic noble idiocy. Rather than external issues like Yul-moo’s homicidal jealousy, it was her own need for vengeance and the unlikelihood that she’d survive it that made Dong-joo reluctant to indulge in her own feelings. Her struggles were valid and even as she broke our sweet boy’s heart, I couldn’t really be mad at her for it. I am so thrilled that she’s finally letting it go, however. While her desire for revenge was necessary in giving her a reason to push on after the slaughter of her family, now it’s holding her back from living the life she deserves. Additionally, I can’t imagine she’d be able to go through with it if she knew that the kindly gentlemen she and Nokdu befriended is actually the king. Recent episodes have painted him in such a sympathetic light that I’m struggling to understand how he’s the same man that tried to murder his own child two decades ago. I’m interested to find out why it was so vital he do away with his son. Even now he seems remorseful, yet firm that his decision was correct. Which then brings me to Minister Heo. I was hoping by now we’d understand why he’s so hellbent on dethroning the king when they seemed to be such close friends. I wasn’t at all surprised that Yul-moo was smart enough to get in the king’s ear first. It was only a matter of time before Minister Heo attempted to expose him and while his tears were fake, his story wasn’t untrue. Minister Heo did know that the king’s son had survived and then to discover the ashy remains of the royal decree in his house was just icing on the cake for Yul-moo’s story. If nothing else, I feel bad that King Gwanghae is kept so much in the dark. Rather than being incompetent, he just seems severely misinformed. I worry what will happen when Nokdu’s identity is revealed because that’s just one more lie from a trusted friend and King Gwanghae is already at his breaking point. We already know that one way or another Yul-moo will get his way and claim the throne, but is it too much to hope he does so without harming our hero and his loved ones? This drama started off so fluffy and fun and now I’m worried that we’re going to end with everyone dead. If it’s any consolation, we should at least get some good kisses along the way. http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/11/tale-of-nokdu-episodes-19-20/
  9. Top 5 Scenes That Make You Want To Fall In Love This Week 2- “Tale Of NokDu” Kim SoHyun and Jang DongYoon as Dong DongJoo and Jun NokDu The couple of “Tale of NokDu” continued this week with their beautiful love story filled with obstacles. In the selected scene, Kim SoHyun fell into a well and she was struggling to breathe with the rising water from the rain. Close to the end of her life, she remembered the sweet time she spent with Jang DongYoon in the flower field when they held hands. At a few seconds from her death, he finally found her, made a heroic jump into the well, and saved her. KBS KBS https://www.kpopmap.com/top-5-scenes-that-make-you-want-to-fall-in-love-this-week-nov3/
  10. New BTS video of Tale of Nokdu Also Ent Story released BTS photos of Sohyun. Here is the link for more photos http://naver.me/x5KCcAIS
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