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[OFFICIAL] Jang Dong yoon and Kim So hyun [ DongJeon couple▶️ Beagle couple ▶️macaron couple]

Ameera Ali

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Fans clearly love the red carpet walk. They even used JDY's cover of "Me After You" as the BGM:

Happy New Year to everyone! 


@Ameera Ali Did you notice that the countdown happened during the Best Couple segment on stage. So now this OTP has spent the first snow together (during filming but scene was unaired but might be in the Directors' Cut Bluray) plus the new year's countdown. (Have to say though....KBS Drama Awards 2019 is way too long (8+ hours including the red carpet duration)....No wonder everyone looked tired towards the end).

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On 1/3/2020 at 8:29 AM, Lawyerh said:

So sad.. they will not appear in same day in Golden Disc :tears:



What were the organisers thinking? Splitting up a 2019 KBS Drama Best Couple winner :( 

BTS compilation from episodes 1-16:


That red carpet walk straight out of a fairy tale that starts with happily ever after:


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it's funny to see how embarrassed they were onstage. KSY kept covering her face with the bouquet and nervously touching her hair

I also find it hilarious that they kept bowing apologetically to the senior actors/actresses around them for their very hot kisses :D


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