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  1. First time posting on this headache-inducing dark mode ... sigh ... my eyesight - is horrendous and this background is just worsening it, so unfortunately, I haven’t been keeping up with the back-reading .... AAARRRGGHHHH!! Just wanna thank @mychoiyoung @AgentQuake @KGE fan 1217 for your wonderful posts (sorry I can’t do any quoting, this background REALLY throws me off ...) & @makshimus' mane - Hahahaha! “Deadliest Catch episodes” ... yeah, trying to catch flying knives in the dark like this is NOT fun ... sigh! Hard to get back to a cheery mode with this CONFOUNDED doomsday-from-deadly-videogames background.... That’s why I am so thankful when I come across wonderful voices of reason & reassurance like the above! Thank you to @Miadee too for calling out falsehoods! In SG, we actually have a law against fake news - POFMA - Protection From Online Falsehoods And Manipulations Act. Some people may disagree with this law as they feel that it is a suppression of the freedom of speech, but with freedom, comes responsibility... and sometimes, we tend to throw responsibility out the window ... Of course, since we are shippers, we have to indulge in some elements of make-believe - BUT if we ship responsibly, we deduce or connect the dots from evidence aka breadcrumbs! Of course, we can speculate sometimes, but let’s try to avoid POFMA territory ESPECIALLY if we start to comment on LMH & KGE’s (or their exe’s) personal characteristics etc. And since this is a MINEUN SHIPPERS’ Forum, I really don’t see the point in bringing up exes or other ships. And when Uri MinEun is quiet and is not providing any breadcrumbs, let’s be PATIENT and not get antsy and start to ‘trigger‘ / ‘provoke’ cos we got bored or impatient. At the end of the day, it’s a relationship between TWO REAL PEOPLE, not characters in a drama written by us! So, let’s continue to LOVE Uri Beloved MinEun with more positivity please! We can BEAT this darkness ... we CAN DO it! @YaMomsChestHair! AWESOMENESS!!! HAHAHAHA!! Thank you for all the VERY APT putting our feelings into memes!!
  2. My Real Life has been creeping in and taking over cos we are emerging from our Circuit Breaker (that’s the SG term for ‘lockdown’), so I am mostly on lurker mode nowadays ... Sigh ... BUT, I have to unlurk- firstly to WELCOME you - I think you could be our very FIRST Royal Courtier or Royal Guard! I am not sure whether you know this, but we sort of identify ourselves as Lady Noh’s Royal Court Ladies cos Lady Noh was always praying hard and placing talismans in LG’s room and even ON LG himself - in the hope that he will get married and produce an heir!! Of course, that’s what we want for the King of Hallyu - LMH himself in real life - to be happy together with the Queen of his heart, KGE (maybe not forever - that’s reserved for the drama!) but for as long as possible till death do they part or to quote our Muslim chingus - till Jannah - AMIN! So, a VERY WARM WELCOME and Thank you very KHAMSAHAMNIDA for sharing your views! Very interesting indeed! Actually, I have never asked my guy friends about this - whether they listen to love songs!! Hahahaha! I just take it for granted that they won’t really like love songs!! I know my partner will NEVER listen to any love songs! Hahahaha!! TBH, I am not a big fan of Western love songs either - cos most of them are quite trite! But, somehow, it’s different when it comes to Korean love songs! Maybe because we are so used to them when we are watching any drama, ESPECIALLY a rom-com or anything romantic! Also, I am quite amazed at your wife’s (who is an unbiased party) take on the white-bordered picture. I think Our Lovely Boy (Sorry, I have to call him ‘Boy’ cos I think I am old enough to be his Omma or his Immu at least!!) has really gone all out in providing hints! It is his lowkey way of ‘announcing’ - and he probably can’t say anymore cos his Queen has put a gag order. And I have a sneaking suspicion that he has purposely included the shadow of the bicycle in his 3rd pic - he could have cropped off that shadow and the pic would still have looked just fine! The two IG posts on his Queen’s birthday are probably all part of his strategy to give ‘hints’ - his breadcrumbs became BREAD LOAVES!! Hahahaha!! ANYWAYS, WELCOME again!!
  3. Such a sweet voice! And his English pronunciation is good! The next one is just for shippers’ speculations! Hahahaha!
  4. Woooowww!! Our Captain is on a ROLL!! And @AgentQuake - you’re HERE!! You’ve migrated from our Drama thread (which I have kinda given up reading long ago ...) Yay ... but this means I have to start back-reading on this forum ... And let’s not go into shadow-measuring/analysing territory - cos it’s déjà vu SHOES-analysing all over again ... and we failed miserably - HAHAHAHA! We will just trust in Our CAPTAIN of this ship!!! Also, I am not expecting any announcements (even though I SO WISH FOR ONE ... ) soon, cos I think EVERYONE is under a GAG ORDER - from none other than Miss Sunshine Queen herself ...CAPISH?
  5. Hi EVERYONE!!! LOOOOOONG TIME! My last post was NONG NONG AGO ... But TODAY I just wanna say THANK YOU to God / the Angels / the Powers and LOVE of the Universe and all the Multiverses - Firstly for blessing us with Uri Miss Sunshine Queen - #HappyGGONEDay AND Uri Mr Giddy-Obvious-Determined-Pyeha, for his courage, determination and LOVE .... I hope they can ride together on a road trip one day!
  6. Ok Ok - need not ship them first! The MOST important question is - will there be a Season 2?? With the 2 of them again of course! Also, any FANFICS??
  7. Thank you for your response!! Oh, wonder whether DYX is dating a non-actor! ZLS and him are very very cute together but I think ZLS is probably being shipped to many other actors! Hahahaha!! She’s very ship-able! So, is there going to be a Season 2?? Are they going to act together again?? I REALLY hope so!!
  8. Hi everyone!! I just finished BINGE watching this drama in ONE NIGHT!! OMG!! I did fast-forward through some episodes! HAHA! I am gonna re-watch cos the OTP is SOOO CUTE AND ADORABLE!! Just wondering, any fanfic written yet?? Sigh ... hope there’s a Season 2! Or DYX & ZLS really need to act in another romcom together!! Oh, one more question, I am not that familiar with Chinese dramas, the only other C- drama I watched was Well Intended Love! Do the Male & Female Leads of C-Dramas get shipped in REAL life too? Like for KDramas?? Is there a Shipper’s Forum started for DYX & ZLS yet??
  9. Hi EVERYBODY! GOOD MORNING, GOOD EVENING! Sorry, I have NO Breadcrumbs about Uri Beloved Couple... I am just posting to see whether my Soompi ID has been changed successfully...It’s still kinda difficult to navigate sometimes. But REALLY loving these new emojis!! Important question: ANY NEWS about our Ms Sunshine Queen attending the Chunsa Film Festival today???
  10. @makshimus' mane and @MissSuperCyan HAPPY BLESSED BIRTHDAY!! (You have to share this organic carrot, Makshimus!) Please use at least one of your Birthday wishes for Uri Beloved Couple, ok? To wish that they will be HAPPY TOGETHER FOREVER as a married couple with a pair of twins!!
  11. Spotify has the incomplete list, only ITunes has thé complete and accurate one. And THIS!! THIS ... I CRIED SO MUCH ... Our MinEun is SOOOOO LOVED ...
  12. Wow, we can just ship the pics in their IG! This will be the BEST SHIP that will sail on FOREVER (unless some satellites fall and the Internet crashes). Or THEY are indeed DESTINED and from parallel universes on different timelines ... maybe they have met and were together in their past lives too ... https://www.instagram.com/p/CBiAHnBJtJS/?igshid=57crc1es4931