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  1. I had a song created for a private wedding. It is an English cadential translation* of "Don't Forget" originally written and sung by Baek Ji Young for the Iris OST back in 2009. It is done in video format and sung by a male artist (uncredited). I have not submitted this cover for sale as I have not had permission by the artist nor her management (cannot get in touch with either). Is it ok to post the song here, just for enjoyment? Thanks. *English cadential translation is a language translation of lyrics that closely matches the spirit and meaning of the original (Korean) language, while matching the exact cadence, syllables, and inflections of the original song, rather than a literal English translation which would not match the original cadence well.
  2. Hello! I created a cover song (unofficial) and video of Baek Ji Young's iconic song from the IRIS soundtrack, "Don't Forget" using English cadential translation* and an Italian male pop artist (uncredentialed in video). Is it ok to post it on Soompi (YouTube link), and if so, what forum? Thanks you. (If you need to see the link to the video I can provide it as well).


    "English "cadential" translation" is a format that translates song lyrics so that the English language matches the cadence of the original language song, with the actual translation of the words to closely resemble or embellish upon the original, to make up for the fact that literal translations rarely make for synchronization with the actual song melody or singing parts.

  3. Just for the record, "afro wigs" worn by non-Black individuals is racially insensitive. The scene of Eun Soo, her sister, and her son wearing afro wigs singing to "I will survive" in Episode 3 may be a charming family activity, but racial insensitivity should be monitored more by production and direction staff, particularly as the show is streaming to global audiences. https://cafemom.com/parenting/afro-cultural-appropriation-halloween https://shunhair.com/article/are-afro-wigs-offensive
  4. Technically, unless Dong Gu was the father (!), they would not be biologically related even if Jung Ae was Sun Woos biomom. Just half-siblings once again. Biological concerns wouldn't matter; only protocols at that point.
  5. Never mind. I had to rewatch it three times more before I "figured it out." Sun Woo's mother is to this point unnamed, but had died of an illness shortly after Sun Woo's birth. (D'oh!!) The reason I was confused was Ki Seok kept saying "your mother" in a way that I thought he was talking about his birth mother; then when the actual Dong Gu / Jung Ae kerfuffle came about it had been a long time after. In retrospect, this is a bit unusual that Ki Seok had seemed to erase his first wife's memory completely out of his life, even with the situation involving Jung Ae's children. In any case, mystery solved and I edited my first message about this. Thanks.
  6. Yes, I know Sun Woo is not the biological son of his current mother. As Sun Woo's father ki Seok explained to him, the mother was the woman who died during an accident of a vehicle belonging to Ki Seok back when Sun Woo was two or three, and that woman had been divorced from Dong Gu. So unless it was a mistranslation, it appears that Dong Gu had been married three times: Once to this (unnamed) woman who gave birth to Sun Woo, next to Jung Ae who gave birth to Eun Hyeok and Eun A, and finally to Chun Young who gave birth to Eun Sung.
  7. Color me slightly confused. Is the reason that the elders cannot absolutely allow Sun Woo and Eun Sung to date and get married because Dong Gu is the biological father of both of them? I'd say "explain it to me like I'm 5 years old" but I don't think that's even possible. EDIT: Never mind, I finally figured it out with the help of someone. I had to rewatch three times before finding out that, indeed, Sun Woo's mother died from an illness long before the issues involving the rest of the elders occurred.
  8. Yep, I called it back in January. Remember the "First night together conception" trope is mandatory.
  9. Look who's coming around in a few months... Yoo Eun Hyeok & Shin Ha Young really oughta lay off the Sake at times...
  10. Random: Based on the characters and some of the lines I heard being practiced within the show itself, I decided to write a screenplay for the movie "Hidden Memory". Here is the basic synopsis so far: Act 1 (First 30 minutes): The movie opens with Ye Won leading a modest life as a swimming coach, haunted by the echoes of her unfulfilled Olympic dreams and the mysterious tragedy that shattered her family. She shares a complex, intermittent relationship with Kwang Il, a man whose intentions often seem unclear. Their dynamic is further complicated by Mi Sun, a wealthy and beautiful woman who harbors both envy and affection for Kwang Il and resentment towards Ye Won. The turning point arrives when Ye Won starts receiving anonymous letters, filled with cryptic messages and hints about the true nature of the family tragedy. Intrigued and desperate for answers, Ye Won turns to Kwang Il, rekindling their strained relationship as they embark on a quest to uncover the truth. Act 2 (Middle 60 minutes): In the first half of Act 2, Ye Won and Kwang Il's investigation deepens. They revisit old memories, meet past acquaintances, and comb through forgotten places, gradually piecing together the events leading to the tragedy. Their journey brings them emotionally closer, reawakening old feelings and creating moments of tenderness. Meanwhile, Mi Sun, watching from the sidelines, grows increasingly anxious about her past actions coming to light. This culminates in a mid-act climax where a critical piece of evidence is discovered, suggesting that the tragedy was not an accident but a result of someone's envy and malice. In the second half of Act 2, the focus shifts to the emotional turmoil within the trio. Mi Sun, driven by fear and guilt, attempts to sabotage Ye Won and Kwang Il's efforts. This leads to tense confrontations and a series of revelations that expose the depth of Mi Sun's envy and the extent of her involvement in the tragedy. Amidst these revelations, Kwang Il's deep, unspoken love and sacrifices for Ye Won come to light, adding layers to their already complex relationship. Ye Won grapples with feelings of betrayal, anger, and confusion, leading to an emotional breakdown that sets the stage for the final act. Act 3 (Final 30 minutes): The final act is a powerful blend of confrontation, forgiveness, and resolution. Ye Won, after processing the revelations, confronts Mi Sun in an emotionally charged scene. In a heart-wrenching confession, Mi Sun reveals her motivations and expresses genuine remorse. This moment of truth brings catharsis, leading Ye Won to a path of forgiveness. The climax is a poignant scene where Ye Won, Kwang Il, and Mi Sun reconcile their past, acknowledging the pain and love that bind them. The film concludes with Ye Won fully embracing her role as a coach, inspired by her journey. She is seen imparting lessons of resilience and hope to her students, symbolizing her growth and acceptance, and the screen fades to black as she watches her students swim, a content smile on her face, signifying closure and a new beginning. _________________________________ If anyone is interested, I can whip out a script within a couple of weeks, hopefully before the season of "Unpredictable/Tumbling Family" ends.
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