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  1. Seasoned K-drama and other Asian drama production decision makers with regard to series extensions should always be cognizant of both the general storyline as well as the contract limitations of its primary actors, and be able to craft satisfying plot devices to ensure credible continuity and closure. Experienced writing teams, for instance, should always have credible plot sequences on hand for various extension lengths, and while for the most part actors are able to adapt at a moment's notice, too often I see writing not following suit. That said, all the professionals do the best they can with the tools they have at their disposal for the most part. K-drama is about as close to JIT ("just in time") production protocols as any in the industry, but I think with a bit more foresight, continuity and context can be improved from the producer's level.
  2. Random: The "pet noise" case that OYS was referring to in the US about the lawsuit that resulted in a $500,000 (not $500 MILLION as erroneously subtitled) judgment happened in Seattle in 2015. The complaint was about a dog that supposedly barked at a constant 128 db, which is louder than a chainsaw or even the takeoff of a military jet. Source of the story: https://whnt.com/2015/02/11/family-could-lose-house-over-500000-barking-dog-lawsuit/
  3. Random question: Character name "Esther" Is there some sort of subliminal PP going on with that name? It sounds vaguely cosmetic-ish.
  4. And here we go with the "present" being the future, in this case 2021. It will be interesting to see if the writers can insert some new tech, and possibly a reference to a news article about a newly elected American president, perhaps with a "she" or "her" thrown in...
  5. On the lighter side...anyone catch the Dr. Who Easter egg? "Ood Truck Factory"... complete with Ood logo!
  6. One reason that K-dramas are becoming more popular is the strong traditionalist and strong family-friendly scripts and plots. Most English-language scripts have evolved to a new code in which political correctness boxes must be checked, and Korean-and in extension, other Asian - dramas are more conducive to people who want more TV escapism than they want real-life political indoctrination. I've been a fan since I.R.I.S myself, and have found my top shows are consistently from the Asian theater for this reason.
  7. Out of curiosity, do they have an actual video game being considered for development from this drama?
  8. Wonder if we are going to see a crossover between "Empress" and another drama with the famed Barry Kite canvas, "Vincent Van Gogh with Mona Lisa"...
  9. A little offbeat, but perfect for K-Drama formats. I'm thinking of a Columbo reboot, maybe with Lee Sun Gyun of Pasta fame in the title role, and include a few of the Columbo tropes: unkempt raincoat, uncombed hair, crappy car, cigar (lots of dour "no smoking!" looks from the women), and of course his meddling, bumbling, sly like a fox approach. With an ensemble cast, the reboot could be a fresh take on the iconic detective that really couldn't be replicated outside of Asian drama (it could work for J-Drama as well).
  10. My first drama was years ago, watching Iris. I was stuck in a VA hospital, and chanced upon a new service called Viki. When I saw the drama, I was impressed with the production level, I thought it would have been equivalent to foreign dramas I remember in the 90's. But the one song I remember was Baek Ji Yung's fantastic "Don't Forget Me" song. It was so good that a few years later I was invited to a Karaoke in LA at the Brass Monkey in the Korean district on Wilshire. I actually went to sing the song, but I had created English lyrics to the song so I wouldn't muddle the iconic renditioon that Ji Yung presented. So what I had done was to take the lyrics and create them in English, not just a literal translation, but a translation that matched the cadence of Ji Yung's soulful contribution. (An aside, would that be considered cultural appropriation? If so, let me know.) I still sounded like a 55 year old goofy male, but it went over so well that I had my next two drinks bought by some very nice ladies. All was good.
  11. My watercolor: "Bromance" If you would like the full-sized copy, let me know. I also consider requests from scenes from any show you like!
  12. OK, everyone...anyone in Seoul want to find if the production staff left an Easter Egg? In the last scene, held up GPS coordinates: ...which, on Google Maps, brings this up... ...which brings this on Street View. (I actually used a more accurate mapping program to get the EXACT SPOT to THE MILLIMETER, the center of the "x" is the exact GPS coordinates... Can anyone go to this spot and see if there's a Secret Prize?
  13. Got it, thanks. It's listed on Google Map as the Seoul Central District Court. I'm surprised it isn't more prevalent in searches. Thanks again! Here's a link to the google image location: Seoul Central District Court
  14. This building has been seen in many K-Dramas, and is used to depict Korean courts and prosecution offices. However, I can't seem to locate it on Google maps / streetview. Can anyone identify the building and location for me? Thanks! https://forums.soompi.com/en/applications/core/interface/imageproxy/imageproxy.php?img=https://i.imgur.com/JkF7rFX.jpg&key=5eac1b61ef6e323bbc8e3ceeb0d3ab75e4d999df238b9bf8973b6faaa7e7b305
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