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  1. And now for your karaoke interlude... Just for refresher, one of my quirky hobbies is to create English lyrics of popular K-Pop songs. Like many of us, our Korean is a bit rusty...actually, well, virtually non-existent. Also like many of us, we like to sing with our favorite songs. Unfortunately, the best we can do is to hum or do the "Da DAH, da DAH DAH" during the Korean language lyrics, and only sing the ubiquitous English words in the song as we listen on. While most K-Pop songs are translated to English, sometimes literally, from Korean, what doesn't comport is the syllables don't match the song cadence, so we have to refer to the "Da DAH" part, and it just doesn't have the emotional connection with the song. To that end, I've decided to take on many popular Korean songs, and develop English translations that match the exact CADENCE of the song. This way, you can sing English words that match the exact cadence and spirit of the original artist. I call this process "English Cadential Translation." The translation is not necessarily literal, but is as close to the meaning of the phrase as possible, and of course matches the cadence. Without further ado, here is "Black Diamond" (OST #1) by Lim Jeong Hee with English Cadential Translation. Note I wrote in syllables with emphasis to match Lim's performance cadence. ha haa,,ha ha,,uh uhhh To-NIGHT my LIFE is break-ing DOWN, NOW I NE-VER go THERE As NO-thing HAP-penned 'til the NIGHT, TIME You came to my dream FLY a-WAY, TO the SKY, FILL me WITH, YOUR de-SIRE YOU and ME, LET's es-CAPE, TO our OWN, PAR-a-DISE Black DI-oh-MO-O-OND Just YOU and I, TO, that PLACE Black DI-oh-MO-O-OND Go to our OWN, PAR-, a-DISE a-BOVE this DUST-y ci-ty LAND-, SCAPE We see the sun-RISE (sun-rise) If WE can GO and touch its LIGHT, RAYS Will ev'-ry-thing come TRUE FLY a-WAY, TO the SKY, TAKE me ALL, WAY to-NIGHT YOU and ME, LET us FLY, TO our OWN, PAR-a-DISE Black DI oh MO-O-OND Just YOU and I, TO, that PLACE Black DI oh MO-O-OND Go to our OWN, PAR-, a-DISE ha haa,,ha ha,,uh uhhh ___ One final thought. One cannot match the intensity, cheer, and pleasure of listening to the artists' brilliance sing in their natural language. As such, the only reason I created this is so we can join in the song on occasion. If anyone has any requests for other songs, I'll be happy to create an English cadence translation for that as well. Anything to share the fun!
  2. I've played Black Diamond several dozen times already, and now have to wait another week. Arrghhh!! LOL... Happy Chuseok Holidays, y'all!
  3. Black Diamond by Lim Jeong Hee (Drama: Graceful Family). Beautiful song, haunting tune. It's a bit short, though, wish it had a middle eighth and a key change finale; then it would be super hit. I'm working on English cadence translation now for Karaoke. ("English cadence" translation is not necessarily a direct translation, but rather the nearest translation that matches the cadence of the original singer's performance.)
  4. One of my observations of many dramas is the inclusion of the depiction of the flag of the United Kingdom, or the Union Jack, in background scenes. To a lesser degree, the Eiffel Tower seems to show up as well. Is there any history to this trope, or is this just one of those quirks that the writers and producers like to throw into the mix?
  5. While much of Korean (and in extension, most of Asian, both East and South) dramas are less diverse than their Western drama productions, with international fandoms popping up around the world, such caricatures DO present a sting to those affected no matter the relative pristine history insulating it (Asia) from African history and slavery compared to Western cultures. In addition, consider the fact that Asian dramas are now being expanded to international markets, which in fact include all races, countries, and ethnicities. While I am one who certainly stands up for individual rights, including creative artistic rights that may or may not offend others at certain times, consider the effect it has on others. As an example, one only has to look at Western (predominantly US) movies and even television portrayals from the 30's through the mid-60's of most references of Asia, with the sing-song music introduction of Asian locations or characters. Obviously, what was once considered normal trans-national associations is considered racist. Just a thought. EDIT: I just want to mention that the vast majority of Asians are, in fact, celebratory of all cultures, particularly the younger generation, in particular music and the arts. That is why the "cute Afro" references must be curtailed.
  6. Ep 57, about 21 minutes in, shows a very disturbing caricature of an African person by Korean females. Not sure if it's cool in Asia (Korea) to misappropriate other cultures, specifically African. While it's not specifically "blackface," nor is the afro-cized hair black, the denigrating and, frankly, racist caricature depictions of Africans is definitely not cool. "Cute Afro Woman / Chic Afro Woman" is NOT "chic!" Please do better, writers and producers. (On second thought, I'm not going to post the disturbing picture even though its straight off the DVR screen. Go to scene in the 21st minute where Lee Dong Joo is laughing at the text message he got from his sister and daughter.)
  7. Guess I'm a quibbler. While the CSI franchise may have been more popular in Miami than LA is not the point. In the first episode it was established that Sally was from LA, while in the first series Stella was from Miami. Now, being fellow Koreans it's not inconceivable that they knew each other, but the character origins should be canon throughout. Maybe I visit the "continuity" sections too much on IMDB ha ha. By the way, the "founding father" of the CSI franchise is Las Vegas, Nevada, the city of the original "CSI."
  8. I get more of a mutual friendzone, step-sibling relationship myself. He seems more compatible to be with Sally in the long run, even though their age difference is greater than his and Eun Sol. Baek and Sally share the same dourness that seem to attract to other dour people once each other's personalities is fully vetted. Speaking of Sally: She replaced Stella (Stephanie Lee), whose character was from Miami, Florida. Sally's character was from Los Angeles ("K-Town"), as she stated in the first episode of the 2nd series. However, the writers have probably mixed up the back story of Sally since then, more than once mentioning ties to Miami. They need to rectify this soon.
  9. Seasoned K-drama and other Asian drama production decision makers with regard to series extensions should always be cognizant of both the general storyline as well as the contract limitations of its primary actors, and be able to craft satisfying plot devices to ensure credible continuity and closure. Experienced writing teams, for instance, should always have credible plot sequences on hand for various extension lengths, and while for the most part actors are able to adapt at a moment's notice, too often I see writing not following suit. That said, all the professionals do the best they can with the tools they have at their disposal for the most part. K-drama is about as close to JIT ("just in time") production protocols as any in the industry, but I think with a bit more foresight, continuity and context can be improved from the producer's level.
  10. Random: The "pet noise" case that OYS was referring to in the US about the lawsuit that resulted in a $500,000 (not $500 MILLION as erroneously subtitled) judgment happened in Seattle in 2015. The complaint was about a dog that supposedly barked at a constant 128 db, which is louder than a chainsaw or even the takeoff of a military jet. Source of the story: https://whnt.com/2015/02/11/family-could-lose-house-over-500000-barking-dog-lawsuit/
  11. Random question: Character name "Esther" Is there some sort of subliminal PP going on with that name? It sounds vaguely cosmetic-ish.
  12. And here we go with the "present" being the future, in this case 2021. It will be interesting to see if the writers can insert some new tech, and possibly a reference to a news article about a newly elected American president, perhaps with a "she" or "her" thrown in...
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