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[Drama 2019-2020] Woman of 9.9 Billion, 99억의 여자


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4 hours ago, Ameera Ali said:

 I think the change was with the exit the should take way to Chuncheon IC 


I am sure he knew that there is a tracking device on the money. I think he had an accomplice. To steal money from a ganster/crazy mobster is not an easy job. He knew who was his family and I think he would have  planed something to take care of his brother first. That`s why I am not convinced that Tae Woo`s brother planed to take the money. I could be wrong. 


I still think that Tae Woo`s brother was in only car that took the different route. There are two scenarios in my mind right now.

1. Tae woo`s brother knew that the driver wanted to steal the money with his accomplices. When his plan did not worked, he wanted to get rid of Kang Tae Hyun. And accident happened when they fought in the car. 

2. Tae Woo`s brother wanted to steal money and the driver realised his plan and wanted to get rid of him.


Another thing.... My question is who framed Tae Woo`s bribe? Will we find out?


4 hours ago, Ameera Ali said:

I am still not buy undercover thing , maybe it do with the reason why he told his brother you still in the past ( was he taking revenge but it’s goes bad ) & what the past he talk about 


I appreciate that he still thought that his brother was wronged and wanted to do something (Tae Woo gave up and lived without a purpose) but man, if he planned everything what an unlucky guy!

So far it is a mystery and I am waiting to find out more information along with Tae Woo.

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Great drama. I love the intensity. Cho Yeo Jeong never shies away from challenging characters. The whole cast is great. Although the other husband who she is having an affair with could at times tone down his exaggerated expressions a bit. Maybe someone should tell him this isnt the usual kbs drama.

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@Fabbo and @sksen :wub:

I watched The Servant and The Concubine and Parasite 2019 movies too. I love this award-winning actress, Jo Yeo Jeong (“Woman of 9.9 Billion”) - she is my fav actress, i watched almost all her movies and drama. Her last drama, Beautiful World, i heard that this drama was very good from other source. Must watch one day.

@imgreatgal - don't give up this drama, you should find it intense after watching the two ep by now. I like the whole cast, Jo Yeo-Jeong and Kim Kang-Woo and the supporting actor, Lee Ji Hoon. For some reasons, I found Lee Ji Hoon charming not because of his look, but his unique and irresistible voice....something different from other actors. My personal opinion, if he isn't a bad guy in this drama, I will ship the female lead, Jo Yeo-Jeong and him :lol:...but based on this storyline, he will be likely the trouble maker or roadblock for Jo Yeo Jeong (Seo-Yeon)........

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Will watch last night’s shortly ....

I am here for the money :mrgreen:

oooo did she destroy her husband’s boat or whatever it was he was building ? Oh goody . 

preview for tonight 


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How unfortunate for SeoYeon now that the money is in JaeHoon's possession but not before that nasty incident at her employer's studio apartment. Now the woman is hurt, i can only assume she will be in a coma or suffer from amnesia.  For someone who didn't care about the money in the first place JaeHoon is starting to show his greedy streak. Surprisingly SeoYeon was calm in all of this. Maybe the years of abuse by her husband has numb her senses somewhat but i'm glad her conscience is still intact. There was a point where i wanted to shake her for example when JaeHoon call asking where she was she could have told him some lie. 


I'm waiting for SeoYeon backstory, how she ended up with an abusive husband and got entangled with that dolt JaeHoon. 

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@imgreatgal @Ameera Ali last night’s eps was so good.  The story moves real fast & I think my heart stopped a few times . Oh gosh I want her to take that money back from lover boy cuz his true intentions was made very clear. He’ll sacrifice her for the money , that’s a given . I think she trusted Jae Hoon too much . He was always very sweet to her during the affair so she let her guard down. 

I’m very scared for her every time she’s with the husband. The man’s a psycho . Pls let her be free of both men at the end of this drama . But I think we have to be prepared that she may hv to pay for her “crimes” at the end of the day . 

I think that cop - Park something, the one who’s backing Black Bear gangster is the one who set Tae Woo with the bribery charges. I wonder what was his nightmare about ? Looks like his partner or something died when they were going after some baddies . 


Sooner or later, the photographer will wake up & SY really has to be on the run then . Given the many problems, I don’t think she’ll ever get to spend a single cent :crazy:


What a sight ! Anyway can’t wait to see how she’ll get the money back tonight 

@lu09 This one plot wise is good & unpredictable 

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Haha who doesn't like money, we all love sudden windfall, but it just a matter how we measure our life goal and priority when come to money matter.


The paste was fast on today EP, money can turn people into ugly face....a good question about where is the missing of 100K? JH accused that amount was used up by SY, but i suspect there were two possibilities : :w00t:

1) the missing amount left over at the villa during the crash but the police had not found any yet,

2) it could be taken by the male lead's brother who died on the spot. The key (kept by SY) supposed to give to his brother could be the deposit of 100k into the safe? :D


It make more sense to have round up figure 10billion instead of 9.9billion....Just my speculation....:lol:


I really hope the two pieces of trash can end up in jail in the end. 

I could see she was struggling when she was being corner in that situation by both evil men, her eyes was in despair...I felt terribly sad for her....we all hope that she could run away with that huge money with a moment of joy but eventually she still need to make a U turn back no matter how because of ethical-conflict.


i could see her in ethical dilemma in many occasions : to save or not to save her part time employer, to steal or not to steal money. Her journey to hell has just begun.....a group of monsters will be chasing after her in the coming ep, let's see how she deal with it ......


Do you think money is the root of all evil? Or the lack of money is the root of all evil?



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