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[Drama 2019-2020] Woman of 9.9 Billion, 99억의 여자


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First script reading for 9.9 Billion Won Woman with Jung Woong-in, Jo Yeo-jung, Kim Kang-woo

by tccolb

Lee Ji-hoon, Oh Nara, Jung Woong-in, Jo Yeo-jung, Kim Kang-woo

New stills have been released featuring the cast and crew of KBS’s upcoming 9.9 Billion Won Woman, who gathered together this past August for their first script reading. Present at the reading were lead actors Jo Yeo-jung (A Beautiful World), Kim Kang-woo (Item), Jung Woong-in (Chief of Staff), Oh Nara (SKY Castle), and Lee Ji-hoon (Rookie Historian Gu Hae-ryung). The supporting cast included, among others, B.A.P.’s Young-hae and rookie actor Shin Soo-hyun.

The story of 9.9 Billion Won Woman is centered around Jo Yeo Jung’s character, Jung Seo-yeon, who seems to always be stuck in a life without hope. After suffering years of abuse, she finally finds escape from her violent father. She marries and leaves her family behind to start fresh with her husnand But her happiness is brief and life with her husband Hong In-pyo, played by Jung Woong-in, quickly becomes tense and suppressed. Just when she felt all hope was lost however, she somehow ends up with 9.9 billion won (around $9 million USD) by chance and she starts a fight against the world in order to live the life she wants.

Kim Kang-woo plays the role of “crazy cow” Kang Tae-woo. He was formerly a police detective in the violent crimes division, but has now devoted his life to uncovering the truth behind his younger sibling’s death. It’s during his investigations that he encounters Jo Yeo-jung, who now holds the key to 9.9 billion won.

Oh Nara plays Yoon Hee-joon, a character born with a silver spoon and is friends with Jo Yeo-jung, but the two have a complicated relationship. Her husband Lee Jae-hoon (played by Lee Ji-hoon) is ever the opportunist and caters to his wife in order to gain favor with her chaebol family.


more http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/10/first-script-reading-for-9-9-billion-won-woman-with-jung-woong-in-jo-yeo-jung-kim-kang-woo/

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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2019] Woman of 9.9 Billion, 9.9억의 여자 - Oh Yeo Jeong & Kim Kang Woo - Wed & Thu @ 22:00 KST - Premieres on November 27th


Kim Kang Woo






Kim Kang-woo's role in the play is Kang Tae-woo, a man who was once known as a “crazy boy” and a well-known gang detective, but he became a barracks for entertainment. He discovers the truth of his brother's death, and meets a woman named Jeong Yeon (Joe Yeo-jung) who holds a cash of 9.9 billion dollars.

The steel cut released this time shows Kim Kang-woo perfectly integrated with the character. Kang Tae-woo, who has resolved small incidents in the back streets of the nightlife and became acquainted with the gangs, looks at something with a colorful lighting bar and a stern look that arouses curiosity.
 (Google translate)



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1st teaser





November 8 2019

Teaser trailer & teaser poster for KBS2 drama series “Woman of 9.9 Billion”


Teaser trailer & teaser poster added for KBS2 drama series “Woman of 9.9 Billion” starring Cho Yeo-Jeong & Kim Kang-Woo. Caption on the teaser poster states in Korean “I will never miss this chance.”

“Woman of 9.9 Billion” is now scheduled to first air November 27, 2019 in South Korea (takes over KBS2’s Wednesday & Thursday 10PM time slot after “When the Camellia Blooms“).





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November 21 2019

Teaser trailer #2 & two main posters for KBS2 drama series “Woman of 9.9 Billion”


Teaser trailer #2 and two main posters added for KBS2 drama series “Woman of 9.9 Billion” starring Cho Yeo-Jeong & Kim Kang-Woo. In teaser trailer #2, Cho Yeo-Jeong’s voice appears around the 24 second mark and she states in Korean “With this money I can change everything.”

“Woman of 9.9 Billion” will first air November 27, 2019 in South Korea.





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Oh Na Ra, Jo Yeo Jeong, Kim Kang Woo, And More Prepare To Fight For 9.9 Billion Won In Posters For New Drama

Nov 25, 2019
by S. Pa

Individual posters have been revealed for “9.9 Billion Woman” (literal title)!

This upcoming KBS 2TV drama is about Jung Seo Yeon (played by Jo Yeo Jeong) who coincidentally gets her hands on 9.9 billion won (approximately $8.4 million) in cash and goes up against the world.

Before coming across this fortune, Jung Seo Yeon was living a hopeless life. After acquiring this wealth, however, she unwillingly enters an abode of demons where she has to fight to survive in order to protect herself and the money.

In the poster, leads Lee Ji Hoon, Oh Na Ra, Jo Yeo Jeong, Kim Kang Woo, and Jung Woong In have a fierce look in their eyes. They also look as if they’re hiding a secret and are shrouded in darkness.

Portraying a woman named Jung Seo Yeon who comes across 9.9 billion won and holds the key to this case, Jo Yeo Jeong draws viewers’ attention for her indifferent yet fierce expression. She also piques everyone’s curiosity as she gives viewers a glimpse at the malice and tenaciousness behind her vulnerable, kind appearance.

Kim Kang Woo’s fierce charisma pierces through the image as his character Kang Tae Woo, who meets Jung Seo Yeon while uncovering the truth behind his younger sibling’s death.




more https://www.soompi.com/article/1367909wpp/oh-na-ra-jo-yeo-jeong-kim-kang-woo-and-more-prepare-to-fight-for-9-9-billion-won-in-posters-for-new-drama

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Desperate and determined, Jo Yeo-jung fights against the odds in 9.9 Billion Won Woman

by tineybeanie


9.9 Billion Won Woman promises heart-pounding thrills and high stakes in its latest teaser. This mystery-thriller is about a woman who was living without hope. Somehow she happens to gain possession of 9.9 billion won and has to fight against the greedy world to keep it, and in the process, she finds her own strength. First of all, please be warned that some of the imagery may be triggering to those who have been in abusive relationships.

Featuring Jo Yeo-jung (A Beautiful World) as the titular heroine, the first scenes capture her being thrown to the ground by her husband, played by Jung Woong-in (Chief of Staff). She narrates “You don’t know anything…” as he cuts in to say “My patience is getting closer and closer to bottom.” He grabs her again in a tight hug, and she goes on to finish her statement: “…about how I’ve had to struggle to survive.”



Then, she’s shown trying to escape Lee Ji-hoon’s (Rookie Historian Gu Hae-ryung) grasp in a lake at nighttime. Lee Ji-hoon plays the director to a formidable organization, and a husband with a wandering eye. His wife is played by Oh Na-ra (SKY Castle), who is shown in the next scene, asking “Is that my fault?”


Then we have Detective Kim Kang-woo (Item), who is shown grieving at a mausoleum, vowing to catch the people who killed his younger brother.

In the next scene, Lee Ji-hoon caresses Jo Yeo-jung’s face, while telling her that from this moment on they are co-conspirators. She clenches her fist and pushes him away angrily, as she says to him: “No, I’m the one who started it.” He’s seen carrying away two large-sized bags, possibly containing cash (or bodies).

It’s announced that 10 billion won in cash has gone missing. Scenes of all our main characters flash by as Jo Yeo-jung tells someone that she’s hit rock bottom but that with this money she can change everything, and we end with her walking with grim purpose on her face.




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